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Smart bear & Jones Apparel - IRCE 2013 - Finding the small things that can make a big difference
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Smart bear & Jones Apparel - IRCE 2013 - Finding the small things that can make a big difference






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  • This material is really mostly from Forrester Research, Kerry Bodine and Harley Manning and their new book Outside In.I’m not standing here and saying all traditional retailing – branding and logistics – are dead.But…the internet, social, mobile and always connected, as well as competition are changing the rules about the way customers find and learn about the products and services they want.To quote from their book…Whether we know it or not, we are all in the Customer Experience business!
  • This is also from Kerry and Harley’s book but it was originally from some HCI research at Carnegie Mellon.What is customer experience?Customer experience is how your customers perceive their entire interactions with your company. For many of us here today the segment of Cust Ex that we are honing here this week is UX which defines how customers perceive their digital relationship with your company.But…What I’m really trying to show here is that ”I was able to get it done” is not enough anymore.Our iPhones and iPads and Apps have spoiled us.To deliver really high quality user experiences we need to make it easy and fun and ultimately to have our customers be delighted by their interactions.
  • So who are we today!We are the southernmost business unit of SmartBear software.We have 2300 customers.There are 80 worldwide geographies in AlertSite’s monitoring network including mobile carrier networks.We have the industries most advanced synthetic monitoring capabilities using REAL BROWSERS – FF, IE, ChromeWe can monitor: DNS, Email, and other basic IP services others cannot.We’re about to release the industries most capable Web Service and API mointoring (talk more in a few minutes)We support mobile web performance monitoring.
  • What is performance?How do you measure that today?Story about DejaClick architect – Today’s web pages are like a move. Constantly changing.How do you measure performance in those situations?Technical Performance will tell you how long it takes to get ALL of theMaturity Levels.
  • Why is there more to it? Because it is now truly a multiscreen world.I read this Ad Age piece asking a couple weeks back, “Is your brand ready for Generation-SCREEN. It talked about how young children, say 5 and below, will never know a world without screens.It made me laugh for 2 reasons – It’s not Gen-Screen but Gen-SCREENS and it’s not just the kids.If you saw my house at 9P you would see for yourself what a multi-screen world it is.The Mrs. Checking or repsonding to email on her iPhone, the TV on, my oldest teen daughter on the couch diong homework on her laptop and texting and FBing on her iPhone.And then a few days later I came across this fantastic research from Google on The New Multi-Screen world.But my point here is as retailers we have to learn to interact, with continuity, in this new multi-screen world in a way that delights our customers.Feel free to email me or tweet at me if you want me to share the link to thie Google research. It’s worth consuming.

Smart bear & Jones Apparel - IRCE 2013 - Finding the small things that can make a big difference Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Finding the small changes thatcan make a big difference.Delivering amazing customer experiences
  • 2. About Michael HinesMichael HinesVP, E-commerce technologymhines@jny.com
  • 3. About Ken GodskindKen GodskindVP, Monitoring Products@KenGodskindKen.Godskind@SmartBear.comFlorida Keys fanatic :)
  • 4. The Age of the Customer
  • 5. The Customer Experience Pyramid*1992 KR Sanders, Human Computer Interaction, CarnegieMellon
  • 6. Online Performance Is Business PerformanceAberdeen Group:Impact of a 1-second delay in response time: 11% decrease in page views 7% decrease in conversions 16% decrease in customer satisfactionTRAC Research: 4.4s = website response time when bus. performance declines $21,000 = average revenue loss from 1hr of downtime $4,100 = average revenue loss from 1hr of slowdown Slowdowns occur 10x more frequently that outages
  • 7.  What does performance mean today? Which are the right performance metrics to focus on?Understanding True User Experience:WHAT DOES SPEED MEAN?The “Network” The “Browser” The “User’s Eyes”To manage User Experience you need allthree!
  • 8.  Network Timings: Fullpage Time – 5.44s Browser Timings– DOM Load .69– Page Load: 1.66s Visual User Perspective Timings– First visual render: 1.29s– Above the fold load time: 2.49sUnderstanding True User Experience:www.amazon.com
  • 9. Very Big Retail Sites – Case StudyFullpageTimeBrowserPageLoadFirstPaint Abovethe FoldApple 1.26 1.30 1.05 1.34Dell 2.02 1.88 1.12 1.81Walmart 4.06 2.27 1.25 2.70Staples 4.82 3.38 0.89 3.15Amazon 6.78 1.91 1.19 2.79 Sites begin to visually render in around a second Technical metrics and visual experience can be very differentData collected during Dec 2012 using real-browser monitoring collected every 15-min from 5 US cities.
  • 10. JNY: Performance PracticeA long-term, strategic performance practice iscomprised of a few related components: Uptime monitoring Periodic review and analysis Strong partnership with your platform provider An analyst and performance specialist Load testing to ensure scalability
  • 11. JNY: Uptime MonitoringAlertSite is also a very good blood pressure monitor:
  • 12. JNY: Downtime Alerting Phone Alerts enables my team to respondinstantly to downtime events. In the case of slowdowns instead of dark sites,SmartBear’s Alertsite UE monitoring enablesme to see what my customers areexperiencing. I can see instantly if my fixes are working forreal world users.
  • 13. JNY: Performance Trend AnalysisCompare across large spans of time, monthly,and seasonally.2008 2013Scale: 0-5s Scale: 0-2s
  • 14. JNY: Performance Trend AnalysisAnd across major changes
  • 15. Mobile: The New Multi-screen World*Google – The New Multi-screen World - research
  • 16. Top Retailers: Desktop vs. MobileDesktopFullpageMobileFullpageMobileover theairTarget 3.52 1.02 4.41Sears 5.64 .74 2.55Walmart 2.97 3.53 6.28Best Buy 2.93 1.72 4.76Amazon 4.81 1.41 4.15Data collected during May 2013 using real-browser monitoring
  • 17. JNY: the mobile channel Our mobile businesshas become the size ofa Large Pie Slice We have an integratedmobile experience Next phase: drivingtraffic to stores andincreasing conversionthrough paymentmethods and UE
  • 18. Benchmarking: understanding relativeperformanceA standard or point of reference against whichthings may be compared or assessed AlertSite Industry Benchmarks: Retail & others Custom benchmarking studies Look beyond the home page Competitive and historical
  • 19. JNY: BenchmarkingPeer Benchmarking uses the same tools you use to track yourown performance.
  • 20. JNY: BenchmarkingYou may do well or badly against your peers.But don’t just look at the raw numbers. There areother variables involved: Platform differences Performance goals vs Marketing goals Budget differences
  • 21. JNY: Improving – part 1Even if you are doing well, there is always room for Periodic,Incremental, Performance ImprovementsNineWest.com
  • 22. JNY: Improving – part 2Even if you are doing well, there is always room for Periodic,Incremental, Performance ImprovementsSite ENineWest.com
  • 23. JNY: Improving – part 3The most gains to be made are in First Byte andFirst PaintTotalResponseTimeFirstByteContent FullpageResponseTimeFirstPaintAboveFoldDOMLoadPageLoadNW 2.11 0.66 1.43 2.82 1.64 2.09 1.43 2.08SITE E 1.95 0.003 1.93 2.67 1.05 1.96 0.86 1.59First Byte delivery time is dependent on the efficiencyof the platform and the code that composes thepage.
  • 24. ContentViews – Managing Third-Party ContentThird-party content is everywhere!CDNs, syndicated data, ad networks, visitor tracking“I don’t want to be alertedat 3:00 am because anad didn’t load on oursite.”Is there a way for me toreport on how long theads are taking to load onmy pages?”How can I ensure myCDNs are delivering perour SLA without having tofilter through everythingon my report?”I only care about the xxxportion of my website.Other parts belong to thexxx department. Cannotifications be sent justfor this portion?
  • 25. Third Party – Case Study – Retargeting TagFullpage BrowserPageLoadFirstPaint Abovethe Fold3rd Party 3.10 2.63 2.13 3.66No 3rd Party 2.69 2.12 2.22 3.53 Network and browser shows .4s+ slowdown Negligible affect on Visual User Experience Technical metrics still meaningful because…
  • 26. JNY: 3rd party content Our 3rd party content is overwhelmingly “tags”. Very hard to manage the myriad tags We aremoving toward a TagMan solution We currently have some 3rd Party content viaAJAX call. We’re pushing them to Akamize it.
  • 27. Tips: the changes that make a difference Test and monitor the meaningful metrics Make sure you don’t forget about mobile Use benchmarks to help identify trouble spots Manage 3rd party content Practice, practice, practice…
  • 28. Thank YouStop by booth 1303Let us show you how we canhelp you deliver high qualitycustomer experiences