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Ted talk evaluation presentation Ted talk evaluation presentation Presentation Transcript

  • SARAH-JAYNE BLAKEMORELeader of the DevelopmentalCognitive Neuroscience Group atthe institute of CognitiveNeuroscience at the UniversityCollege of London.Co-Author of The Learning Brain:Lessons for Education.Studied Experimental Psychologyat Oxford University and then gother PhD at UCL.
  • The Mysterious Workings of t Adolescent Brain Her thesis is that human brain development is not all over in early childhood and instead the brain continues to develop right throughout adolescence and into the twenties and thirties.
  • Sarah-Jane caught the audience’sattention firstly by opening with anassumption that she later disprovedwhich was that fifteen years ago it wasbelieved that brain developmentoccurred only in the first stages ofadolescence.
  • She then continued ina way that seemedlike she had alreadystarted talking andwas continuing whatshe had saidmaintaining theaudiences attention.
  • Dynamism4/5I gave Sarah-Jayne a 4 outof 5 because she wasinformational and had herpresentation put togetherwell and she had a gooduse of visuals as well asshort humorous sayings.Perhaps her presentationwould have been better ifshe was more humorousand had opened with aninteresting story.
  • Garr Reynolds or Nancy Duarte Sarah-Jayne used a far amount of visual representation. She also used a quite a bit of movement in her presentation.Though she did not use very many interpersonal stories in herspeech.
  • I learned that the audience ismore responsive to relatableinstances and jokes.Also visuals are important butnot necessary.I also learned that I shouldmake the audiencecomfortable by tellingpersonal stories.
  • Similarities Both Sarah Jayne Blakemore and Sir Ken Robinson seem to be very enthusiastic about their topics. They both care about education.
  • Differences Sir Ken Robinson focuses on schools and the knowledge the schools teach while Sarah-Jayne Blakemore focuses on how people learn the knowledge. As a speaker they differ quite a bit were as Sir Ken Robinson seems to be more comfortable and confident in front of crowds and had the audience laughing a lot more.
  • TipsTrying to be relatable to your audience isimportant so I would suggest trying to break upany tension with appropriate and funny jokes.Also telling a personnel and relevant story couldalso be helpful. And visual representation is alsoimportant.