Kimbal...5th Annual minin Reunion


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Kimbal...5th Annual minin Reunion

  1. 1. "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." Oops sorry wrong show.
  2. 2. This show should start off with in 2006 and Idea came to be fruition for a 50 th birthday party hosted at Gig and Brads in Tempe Arizona.
  3. 3. From there a tradition was born In 2007 our next stop was Barre Vermont where Patty and Connie were gracious enough to host the event.
  4. 4. For the third reunion in 2008 Crystal & Manny opened their home in Peachtree City Georgia to everyone. Look Some how Deb got inside the plane and everyone said she did not make it this day because she was not feeling well.
  5. 5. In 2009 it was back to Michigan for our 35th class reunion that Shellee and Deb help put together. All the mini reunion members also got together
  6. 6. In 2010 preparations in Ponchatoula Louisiana were being made to have the group come to the deep south for the 5 th annual reunion
  7. 7. All preparations were finished just in time for our first arrivals, John and Froan . We all got in the Reunion family van and made our way to the airport to pick up the group.
  8. 9. Arriving at the airport you had to be in the van. If you look real close at the sign on the right you will see we are going the wrong way. Ask John or Froan to explain.
  9. 10. First to arrive Brad & Gig
  10. 12. I sure am glad we did not have to wait long for everyone else to arrive we were running out of room on the table to put the empties. Kimball Knights shirt given to me by Brad and Gig. Way too cool.
  11. 13. L e t t h e P a r t y B e g i n !!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 15. This person does not seem to appreciate the fun we are about to have.
  13. 16. After everyone checked in at the hotel a stop at Bohnings Supermarket to pick up a few items for the party.
  14. 19. After a stop at the supermarket we all went to the house where everyone got something to drink of their favorite libation put together a plate of food found a seat and relaxed for some great conversation.
  15. 27. After a while the party gravitated into the kitchen where the Margarita machine and the bottle of Corazon Tequila were located.
  16. 34. The next 6 photos is a series of what the night started to turn into. I have no words to describe what happened next. You had to be there to appreciate it.
  17. 41. After that everyone moved the party out to the pool. No photos available thank God. When the party ended for the first night a few of the group made a stop at Johns favorite place before retiring to the hotel.
  18. 45. Thursday Thursday started off with Manny spending some quality time with Pookey.
  19. 47. A few photos before we start out for the day.
  20. 49. At Ponchatoula City Hall waiting for the Mayor but where is John.
  21. 50. There he is watching from the side lines
  22. 51. Bob Zabbia Mayor of Ponchatoula
  23. 52. Just after the Mayor presented the group with honorary Ponchatoula Citizenship.
  24. 55. After the group was done inside we got ready to leave when John went outside and over to the Bell for the USS Ponchatoula.
  25. 56. A great time for a photo with one of the youngest Chief of Police in the United States Bry Layrisson
  26. 57. After all that the group walked back to the house where we all got in the Van. As you can tell from Brads expression he was very excited because he found out we were going to go on a swamp tour.
  27. 59. Jane seems to be enjoying what the alligator is doing.
  28. 60. Time to load up on the boat for the swamp tour with the best tour guide in the south MELVIN
  29. 62. MELVIN!!!!
  30. 63. Dragon fly knees
  31. 73. Here comes the gator
  32. 78. Here gator, gator, gator
  33. 79. There he is
  34. 80. John doing Elton Johns impression of the crocodile rock.
  35. 84. 5 star hotel on the bayou
  36. 92. We put this out for you Deb but you never showed.
  37. 107. Coming back to the dock where we started
  38. 108. Time for Lunch!
  39. 116. After lunch it was back to the house for a few drinks and some R & R talking with our friend and watching the Saints game.
  40. 120. Friday morning started of at Paul’ s Café a local family owned restaurant. Homemade Strawberry Daiquiris were the drink of choice. It seemed to go great with pancakes and eggs
  41. 124. Some Local Rum giving to me by Paul the owner for the group to try.
  42. 130. If you can’t stop traffic by waving at them
  43. 131. Then show them your ass
  44. 132. John just can’t believe Lorri just did that.
  45. 133. So after that little show the day became all about Lorri
  46. 134. Manny is not sure what this is
  47. 135. So the best thing to do is to ask Shellee
  48. 136. And if that was not good enough Brad comes over to add his thoughts .
  49. 137. Back at the house for a little breather before we leave for Oak Alley Plantation.
  50. 140. We almost forgot the Winger.
  51. 141. I am really not sure what this was all about. The Ne w Orleans area brings out another side in people.
  52. 144. I just love this one. Read the sign and then look across the street. If that’s not Kimball people then I don’t know what is.
  53. 149. Lunch at the Oak Ally Restaurant
  54. 154. And this is why they put us in the back room of the restaurant
  55. 155. Jayne was not impressed with fried alligator tail.
  56. 161. After an afternoon at Oak Alley Plantation we went back to the house to relax by the pool and get ready for a Southern style dinner put on by Joanne. Also Shellee and John took time to spend a few quality moments with the boys.
  57. 167. Those area some big @*S sausages
  58. 168. Some relaxation in the pool before the water show.
  59. 169. Just when we all thought it was safe to go into the water the Waffle House synchronized swim team showed up.
  60. 170. Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  61. 171. After everyone had dinner we all pitched into clean up before the night festivities started. Then it was into the dining room for a little celebration
  62. 172. Crystal and Brads BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
  63. 176. A few moments to relax before the night really gets going.
  64. 178. OK here we GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  65. 181. Playing the game of Left, Right, Center.
  66. 182. This is like Fox news, we take the photos you come up with a caption
  67. 185. The WINNING ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!
  68. 186. Rob won but I think Kim ended up with the money
  69. 187. After Rob won everyone's money we went into the living room for a sing a long with Froan as the choir director and John on guitar.
  70. 188. A nice ending to a fun day.
  71. 189. Time to start a new day
  72. 190. The best way to start the morning off before leaving to spend the day in the French quarter
  73. 192. Some photos of Hurricane Katrina damage
  74. 194. You just can’t leave Brad alone for a minute.
  75. 196. Time for more Drinks
  76. 197. Café Du Monde the best place for Café au lait and beignets
  77. 199. What can I say……. Tourists
  78. 204. The French Quarter brings out your most hidden inhabitations
  79. 209. Jayne is so very happy that she is at Pat Obrien’s
  80. 210. Again one of those we take the photo you come up with the caption.
  81. 212. A great group of friends.
  82. 213. If seeing Manny was not enough.
  83. 214. A trip to Pat Obrien’s would not be complete without the Winger 2 step.
  84. 231. Dinner at Pat Obrien’s
  85. 232. A photo in front of the water fountain at Pat Obrien's before leaving to walk down Bourbon street and make our way back to the car to go home.
  86. 233. A walk down Bourbon street at night.
  87. 235. This is what happens when you forget your keys and you are locked out of the house.
  88. 237. Thanks to Froan and John for the shirts. This was a great end to a very special time with some fantastic friends.
  89. 238. 2010 reunion was a blast. Here is to all our friends that could not make it. God willing we look forward to seeing everyone next year at Froan and Johns in Florida.