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Finding Consort Ch 3
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Finding Consort Ch 3


Published on

Still looking for Consort as a tangent turns into a subplot!

Still looking for Consort as a tangent turns into a subplot!

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  • 1. Still looking for Consort as a tangent turns into a subplot! Chapter Three
  • 2. Ch 3: ThresholdWelcome back to FindingConsort Redux by Kelyns!It’s the same old silly story,now in PowerPoint! Thischapter was originallyChapters 4 and 5, in caseanyone was wondering,and let’s get to it. I believewe left off with Veronicaturning into a vampire…
  • 3. Im glad youre smiling Contessa, because Im not. Welcome back to FindingConsort, a story about me, Veronica, and my quest to find Consort Capp. Whenwe left off last time, I was turned into a vampire in the middle of my party, andlet my tell you, it was not pleasant.
  • 4. "AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?"Becoming a vampire is quite painful.
  • 5. But I wasnt the only one Contessa Breanna bit, though. Carmen here joined theranks of the undead, too. Serves her right after not stopping Contessa frombiting me.
  • 6. Carmen didnt seem too happy about her transformation, though. In fact, shelooked quite pissed.
  • 7. Contessa Breanna, on the other hand, was thrilled."Alas, shes complete! My plan to take over Veronaville with an army ofvampires has only just begun! MUWHAHA!"
  • 8. Ravi: "Did you just see that? Contessa just made two unsuspecting sims intovampires, and theyre not even knowledge. That ought to be a crime."
  • 9. Goneril: "Definitely, I agree. That should totally be considered a crime. Why, theContessa ought to be locked up!"Ravi: "Want to do something about it?"Goneril: "Nope, not really. Maybe after our game of chess."
  • 10. So when the party was over I called the matchmaker. I dont have anythingagainst vampires, but Im fortune, okay? Besides, I didnt think Consort would betoo thrilled to date a vampire.
  • 11. Matchmaker: "Here you go, honey. Its just what you need."
  • 12. V: "Youre sure this thing will turn me back to normal?"MM: "Yup."
  • 13. V: "I dont know... My mother always told me never drink anything that looksfunny or glows..."Veronica, you dont have a mother, you were made in CAS, remember?Besides, there are some things that glow that are good for you, like smart milk,for instance.V: "But its still purple..."MM: "Look lady, you gonna buy the potion or not?"V: "Alright, alright. I take it. Geez."
  • 14. V: Hmpf, I still dont know how this thing is supposed to cure me, it looks funny.
  • 15. Veronica, YOU look funny. Now take the stupid potion!V: Alright…
  • 16. *Gulp, Gulp*
  • 17. V: Uh oh, I feel strange...
  • 18. V: Hey?! Thats it? This stupid things not working. See I knew—
  • 19. AARRGGHH!
  • 20. Hmm... I cant tell if shes in pain... or doing an interpretative dance.
  • 21. That certainly doesnt look too good.V: Well, I dont feel too good!
  • 22. V: AAAHHH!
  • 23. V: Phew. I feel much better. Its so good to be back to normal.Umm, Veronica...
  • 24. V: What?Never mind.
  • 25. V: Yippee! Im not dead!Veronica, you never—oh, just forget it. Carry on.
  • 26. I decided to celebrate my return from the dark side by going downtown.
  • 27. I decided to go some place new, somewhere edgy.
  • 28. ... A place with a cool fire show? Whatever. The place was called P.U.R.E. forParty Until Really Early. Im sure I could make jokes about that name, but Im toolazy to think of one.
  • 29. I hung out for a while, doing the usual. You know, watching my drink get stolen(GRR)...
  • 30. Riding the sphere...
  • 31. Watching people make fools of themselves dancing. Is that Gilberts mom?Whats she doing in a night club?
  • 32. But then the Contessa showed up. Were still best friends and all, but I was so notin the mood to be bitten twice in one night, so I decided to go...
  • 33. Bowling!
  • 34. Newcomer to the game, Veronica Norwood lines up her shot. Will she be anygood? Well, folks, lets find out.
  • 35. She takes a shot...
  • 36. And its a strike, ladies and gentlemen!
  • 37. YEEEESSSS!
  • 38. V, singing to herself: Oh, yeah! I got a strike!
  • 39. I kicked bowling pin butt!
  • 40. Yippee!
  • 41. Im the best... Oh, yeah...
  • 42. And its my birthday!
  • 43. Are you finished yet?V: Uh huh.
  • 44. Nope, wait, I lied. Go me!
  • 45. Yippee! Wasnt that a great shot? Im the greatest arent I?
  • 46. ARE YOU DONE NOW?V: Okay, okay, sheesh.
  • 47. Hmm, I wonder how much money you can make in professional bowling...
  • 48. And she lines up her next shot...
  • 49. Just look at that perfect form and technique....VERONICA!Okay, okay!
  • 50. And its another strike! Ladies and gentlemen, shes on a roll!
  • 51. Yesss! And I would like to take this time to thank you oh, great plumbbob, formaking me so great...
  • 52. V: How about another round of applause for me, huh, ladies and gentlemen?Oh, shut up! Youre making me sick.
  • 53. V, muttering to herself: Im still the best fortune sim ever...SHUT UP! No more bowling for you! Youre leaving!V: Oh, please, you know you love me.*Sigh* Unfortunately I do. But youre still leaving.
  • 54. After I left, I ran into Regan, Consorts other daughter.V: "Oh, hey Regan. I was wondering, do you think you could introduce me toyour father, because, even though Im best friends with Goneril, she neverbrings him around...R, a little frightened: "Um, who are you?"
  • 55. Well, Regan decided to leave after that. I wonder why. Perhaps I came on toostrong? Anyways, I concentrated on making friends with Amber here. Why? Formy promotion, of course. :)V: "Say Amber, do you know Consort?"A: "Sorry, after the Great Townie Rebellion-"V: "The what?"
  • 56. A: "The Great Townie Rebellion. Happened just after Open For Business wasinstalled. It was chaos. Townies vs. Downtownies vs. Bluewater Townies... Eachgroup fought for power and control of the townie federation. Downtownies hadthe most money, you see, so they thought they should be above everyone else.But the Bluewater townies had money, too, and more importantly they had newtechnology like sentrybots, servos, evil kites, and evil snapdragons. Their armiesalmost wiped everyone out."(What? Dont YOU wonder what the townies do when youre at home? :)
  • 57. V: "What, you mean to tell me there was this massive destructive war going onand no playable sim ever knew?"A: "Yup."V: "But what happened? You guys are still here. And what about the Unitownies?"A: "Im getting to that. Sheesh, can you let a girl tell a story without interruptingevery five seconds?"
  • 58. V: "Sorry."A: "Thank you. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, so the Bluewater Townies almostwipped us out, but then General Crumplebottom—”V: "General Crumplebottom???"Amber glared at me.V: "Sorry, sorry."
  • 59. A: "Yes, so General Crumplebottom, Commander in Chief of the Townies, triedto enlist the help of the Uni townies, but they said no. They wanted to stayneutral like the NPCs. So General Crumplebottom took them over—”V: "What, just like that? Dont they have the Cowplant and the Bone Phone?"A: "Pfft, please! Theyre college kids! They were too busy blowing bubbles anddrinking juice; they never saw it coming. Crumplebottom snuck up on themand took them all out with her knitting needles.”
  • 60. A: "She formed an alliance with the Uni townies and the Downtownies, whoseforces by then were almost completed depleted by the Bluewater armies. Withthose extra forces she was finally able to take the Bluewater townies out andGeneral Theresa, a.k.a General Evil Pigtails, surrendered. After that, all townieswere forced to sign the Townie Pact and swear allegiance to Crumplebottom."V: "Really?"A: "Yes, and by her decree as of last Monday, all townies are legally obligatedto refrain from discussing Consort with you.
  • 61. Hmpf! I knew the Keep Veronica Away From Consort Foundation was real!Anyway, after I kicked Ambers butt at pool, who should I see but...
  • 62. V: "Crumplebottom! You cant fool me anymore, what do you really have inthat purse?! Swords, knives, guns, bombs? What is it, huh?"
  • 63. CB: "What nonsense are you talking about? I just have my knitting needles."V: GASP. "Knitting needles?!"CB: "Yes, knitting needles. Cant an old lady enjoy a leisurely walk on a niceday and knit peacefully?"
  • 64. V: "Yeah, regular old ladies can, but not you! You cant fool me! I know whatweapons of mass destruction those needles really are! Youre probablychecking up on your followers, making sure they stay in line!"CB, muttering to herself: Dang, who told her about the Townie Pact? Someonesgoing to pay for this...
  • 65. CB: "Listen up hussy, dont go sticking your nose where it dont belong. Now juststay away from Consort, if you know whats good for you. I got connections youcan only dream of. I can make your life a living hell!"V: "Please, Im not scared of you!"
  • 66. But just to be safe, I left and went to the Crypt O Night club.
  • 67. I rode the electrosphere for a while to boost my spirits. First Dagmar, and nowthis whole Crumplebottom Townie Federation thing. I thought I was tough, but Ididnt know if I was tough enough to take on a whole federation. AndCrumplebottom is said to be immortal...Enoughs enough. I had to cheer up. And I know theres one thing that alwaysmakes fortune sims happy...
  • 68. Making money!V: "Alright everybody, DJ V is in the hiz-house! Lets get ready to make somenoise! Now, tell me, are you guys ready to ROCK?"
  • 69. Guy in trenchcoat: "YEAH!"
  • 70. Hmm, there arent a lot of people on the dance floor... But I suppose the crowdwill warm up eventually, and then people will start dancing... right?
  • 71. Guy in trenchcoat: "Oh, yeah, baby. You know Im bad, Im bad—you know it."Waitress, rolling eyes: "Yeah, a bad dancer. What a loser."
  • 72. Guy in trenchcoat: "Watch out, now! Everybody back up, I need room for mysmooth moves!"Oh, geez. Dont worry about finding room, mister. You got the WHOLE dancefloor. Good thing I get paid no matter how many people are dancing.
  • 73. Oh, look, people!Old guy in orange: "Hey, lady, you gonna dance?"
  • 74. Lady in red: "I dont know, that guy is kinda scaring me."Trenchcoat guy, singing: "And the whole world has to answer right now just totell you once again, whos bad!"*Bad lyrics courtesy of Michael Jackson.
  • 75. Old guy in orange: "You think we should call the fashion police?"Lady in red: "No, I think we should just leave. And get really far away from him."
  • 76. Things picked up later, though."Alright, I have a dancing crowd! Are you guys ready to rock?"Crowd: "Yeah!"Hmm, how come all of them are bad dancers? Oh, well. BTW, that guy in thered coat was bitten by Contessa Breanna. She really is taking this whole takingover Veronaville thing too far. Either that or she just really likes to bite people.
  • 77. "My shift is over, so peace out everybody, and remember, keep on dancing.No matter who makes fun of you."
  • 78. Before I left, I met Lee here who wanted to know what it was like to be avampire. But that was still a sore subject for me, so I quickly changed thesubject by asking him if he knew Consort.
  • 79. Lee: "Consort? Consort, who? Whats a Consort? Nope, never heard of him."*Glances around nervously**Sigh* Stupid Crumplebottom and KVAFCF...
  • 80. I decided to go to the Corner Shoppes. Maybe buying something would cheerme up.
  • 81. I browsed around for a while, keeping an eye out for Consort.
  • 82. But, of course he wasnt there. Yup, it seems like the KVAFCF is keeping him inhiding. Man, I would never have this much trouble finding Mortimer.
  • 83. Oh, look. Theres General Evil Pigtails now.Waitress: "Look, lady, youre in a RESTAURANT. You cant use the chefs stove tomake a TV dinner! If you wanna eat, go to the podium and wait to be seatedlike everyone else."Evil Pigtails: "No! I refuse to support this establishment! I will thwart all yourattempts to become a successful restaurant by making my own food!”
  • 84. It was getting late, so I decided to go home.
  • 85. I played some chess while I thought things over.
  • 86. Oh, geez, what am I gonna do? Me... against Crumplebottom... and ALL thetownies...
  • 87. Hmpf, I bet Dagmar was in on it this whole time, too!
  • 88. But what about all my other townie friends? Could I trust them? Or were theysecretly working for Crumplebottom?
  • 89. Hmm, I guess Ill just have to sort these things out later, after work.
  • 90. With work came a ray of sunshine. Look at that platinum plumbob! That, myfriends, is what the top of the show business career and a nice fat check will doto a fortune sim.
  • 91. Veronica, what are you doing?V: Throwing away the paper.But you havent looked in it yet.V: So?
  • 92. So?! So, you have to look for the business career track!V: Now, why would I want to do that?Because, oh, I dont know, maybe because its your LIFETIME WANT! And whatabout Consort, huh? How are you supposed to meet him now, with all thetownies conspiring against you?V: But the show business career lets me buy nice things...
  • 93. See, look at my living room.
  • 94. And heres a better view that lets you see my $5,000 TV. Or well, maybe youcan’t see it. But it’s there, I swear!
  • 95. I even had enough money to get a grandfather clock.
  • 96. V: Cant I stay at the top of Show Business and earn a bit more money? Please?You can be my best friend...*rolls eyes* Okay, but only for a few more days. I have to admit, the moremoney you have, the less suspicious Consort will be.V: YEEESSS!
  • 97. Now to take care of one more problem...V: "Hey, can you come over? We need to talk."Yup, it was time to deal with...
  • 98. Dagmar! How does one get rid of a crush, but stay friends? For all Dagmarsantics, I didnt really want to end up being enemies with her.
  • 99. "Dagmar, good to see you, we need to talk."
  • 100. And thus began the irritation."Dagmar, you are the worst tennis player on the planet.""Wha? But sims dont play tennis..."
  • 101. And look at those negative signs fly! It didnt take much for me to get rid of mycrush. It helped that we hadnt talked in a while, but I know it was reallybecause my heart truly belonged to Consort.
  • 102. Dagmar though, was a different story."And what about toys, huh? You dont even have a toy making badge! Whatkind of sorry sim are you?"
  • 103. "But Veronica, you dont have any badges either."
  • 104. "Thats not the point! I still have a lot of skill points, but what do you have, huh?A point here and there, thats what! You dont even have a house! You wanderfrom lot to lot living a sorry, lonely existence."
  • 105. "Stop it, Veronica! I know what youre trying to do! Youre trying to ruin ourfriendship, but I wont let you! I know you dont really mean those things. Mylove for you is so deep, it cant be tarnished by petty arguments!"
  • 106. V: "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?"D: "Why, absolutely nothing."
  • 107. "Are you sure, because I have irritated you, like 10 times and you still haventgiven up your stupid crush!"
  • 108. "Pfft, please. You think that can fool me?"
  • 109. "I told you Veronica, Im not going to let silly arguments ruin our relationship!And dont call my crush stupid. It signifies a lack of respect for our love."
  • 110. "Okay, okay. Dagmar, lets be reasonable and talk about this like two calm,rational adults.""Sure, okay."
  • 112. "Im not stupid, Veronica. I know that I love you, and you love me—”"Oh, brother." What is this? An episode of Barney?
  • 113. "GET THIS THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD WOMAN: I DONT LOVE YOU. I LOVECONSORT!""Dont be silly, Veronica. You havent even met Consort."
  • 114. "Thats not the point. The point is I DONT LOVE YOU. I just dont feel that wayabout you. I only want to be your friend!"
  • 115. "Pfft, you cant be serious!""Yes, I can.""Wha? Really?""YES!"
  • 116. And slowly, SLOWLY, Dagmar started to see the light, and FINALLY gave up hercrush on me."Im sorry, Veronica, I didnt know you really felt that way.""Thats okay Dagmar."
  • 117. Dagmar and I made up and decided to stay friends, despite the wholemisunderstanding.
  • 118. "See you later, Dagmar.""Bye, Veronica."
  • 119. "Hmpf! Not in love with ME? Please! I know shes lying, its written all over herface! Not to worry, Ill just bide my time and wait for her to get over this thingwith Consort. She really doesnt want him, just his money. Shell realize the trutheventually: its me she loves. I just have to make sure that old man stays out ofmy way."
  • 120. I felt much better now that Id cleared things up with Dagmar. I relaxed for therest of the night, until it was time to go to work in the morning.
  • 121. V: Ah, the sweet sound of success! Dont you just love helicopters?Yeah, sure.
  • 122. V: Oh, no. Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no, OH NO!Dont worry, V, the helicopter will be gone soon.
  • 123. V: Its not that. That little witch tricked me! Look in my memory!*GASP* Dagmar... that hussy...
  • 124. V: SHE KISSED ME! Remember that goodbye kiss she gave me, after she lost hercrush on me?The one I didnt take a picture of because I thought it was another weird Maxisglitch and wouldnt come to any harm?V: Yeah, that one. NOW ITS FOVEVER STUCK IN MY MEMORY!
  • 125. That little... snot, tried to brain wash me! She probably thought it would makeme get used to the idea of us being together! I cant believe I believed all herstupid lies about just being friends!
  • 126. V: If she thinks she can get one over on us, shes got another think coming!*Dials furiously* "Dagmar, get your butt over here!"
  • 127. V: No way that tramps gonna mess with me. Im gonna kick her butt!"And that, my friends, is the end of the old chapter. Will Veronica forgiveDagmar, or is this the end of their friendship? How will she deal withCrumplebottom? And will she ever find Consort? Find out—in a couple of slides!But first…*****
  • 128. Break Time!We now interrupt this story to commemorate the Great Custom Content Purgeof 2008.V: Why the hell would anyone ever commemorate such a thing?Well, this part of the chapter was originally chapter five and back then I put thispicture in along with a few others. And while there’s no reason to include theother, irrelevant pictures—at least, not here anyway—the opportunity toembarrass the heroine of my story is just too good to pass up.
  • 129. V: Great, so I get to be embarrassed twice.Yup! I still think you without your CC is hilarious.V: Hardy har har. You know I have embarrassing secrets about you that I couldbring up. How about I go back to making fun of your story writing and picturetaking abilities, huh?Okay, touchy! Back to the story in progress.V: Thank you.
  • 130. Townie RebellionBut first a word from our sponsor:Ever wonder what the townies are up to when you’re at home? Ever wonderwhat townies do all day? Well what if they were waging a war?Townie Rebellion—A new sim story coming to a computer near you.Eventually. Maybe. Hopefully.
  • 131. Now back to the story. Take it away, Veronica.V: AHEM. So, last time I left you guys, I had just looked in my memory panel anddiscovered that Dagmar left a certain imprint...Uh, Veronica, the readers aren’t that behind. Like I said, there’s no chapterbreak here anymore so—V: ANYWAY, LIKE I WAS SAYING…Sigh. Never mind.*****
  • 132. Dagmar: "Hey whats up, V? Wanna play-"V: "NO! I do not want to play red hands with you, psycho! You tried tobrainwash me!"
  • 133. "I thought you were my FRIEND. I thought you had resolved your issues."
  • 134. "But as soon as you leave, what do I find in my memories, huh? HUH?"
  • 135. "A stupid little icon saying that we kissed!""So?""SO?""Yeah, like, so what? I did kiss you goodbye."
  • 136. "AND THATS THE PROBLEM! That kiss should have never happened. And after allmy hard work, trying to stay pure for Consort and trying to tell you that I DONTLOVE YOU without hurting your feelings, you turn around and betray me byKISSING ME GOODBYE!"
  • 137. "But like, why wouldnt I kiss you goodbye, Veronica? I love you."
  • 138. "NO YOU DONT! You fell out of love with me! I saw that thought bubble. TheWHOLE WORLD saw that thought bubble!""Veronica, I have no idea what youre talking about. I never fell out of love withyou. You fell in love with me. Thats why we kissed."
  • 139. Oh. My. GOSH! I had never met anyone so freakin-frackin INFURIATNG. I tookdeep breaths, and tried to calm down."Okay, Dagmar, lets try to jog your memory, mkay?"
  • 140. "Here look at this. Now do you remember? That big heart with the X over itmeans you dont love me anymore."
  • 141. "Nope. I have no recollection of that event whatsoever. That picture must befake."
  • 142. "Are. You. KIDDING ME? That picture is NOT fake! Its real and it happened. Iknow cuz I WAS THERE!"
  • 143. "Oh, come on, Veronica. Of course that picture is, like, totally fake! Look at thatgirl, she doesnt even look like me! And I would never fall out of love with you!Our love is, like, eternal.""AAAAARRRGGGHHH!"
  • 145. "You know, Veronica, you might as well confess. Denial isnt good for you. Itonly makes you stressed out. Besides, I already know the truth. You are—”
  • 146. "NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU! Do you need to hear it again, huh? How many timesdo I have to say it? I dont want you. Because I am not in love with you! For thelast time Dagmar, I love Consort! C-O-N-S-O-R-T! What does that spell? NOTYOU, but Consort!"
  • 147. "Consort, Consort, Consort! I am so sick of hearing about some puny, crusty oldcrackpot you havent even met yet!"
  • 148. "Give it up, Veronica! The guy is a loser. Hell never appreciate you like I can!How can you be so attached to someone you dont even know? But youll see,Veronica! Were meant for each other! How else could you explain me callingyou on the first day you moved in? It could have been anyone who called you,but it was me. Face it, Veronica, it was fate. Were destined to be together!"
  • 149. Why me, why me, WHY ME? Out of ALL the sims, in ALL the neighborhoods, inALL the games in ALL of the world, *I* have to be the one with the psychostalker who never lets go. Sigh. WHY???????????????????????
  • 150. "Listen up, Dagmar. I think youve been hitting up the bubbles WAY too hard! Idont know why you think were supposed to be together, but I dont have anyfeelings for you! And I never once led you on, or gave you any reason tobelieve that I—”"Yes, you did."
  • 151. "What?""You did lead me on. You threw food at me. It was the most romantic, mostheart-felt—”"IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! It was not a sign that I like you! If anything, it was a signthat I dont like you! This never would have happened if it wasnt for stupidMaxis coding!"
  • 152. "But you took me to the most romantic restaurant for our date! We had a darkcozy booth—”"IT WAS NOT A DATE! It was an outing! And there were two other people there!""Dont be silly, Veronica! There wasnt anyone else with us that night."
  • 153. "Although, I must admit, whenever Im around you, I feel as though were theonly two people in the room, heehee!"
  • 154. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! That is SO gross!""Dont call our love gross, Veronica. Thats, like, so immature. You have to learnthat its okay to accept the feelings you have for me. Dont be scared, V! Wewont be the first gay couple on the exchange."
  • 155. Oh. My. PLUMBBOB! "Dagmar, I dont have any feelings for you! I dont want tobe a couple! I just I dont feel that way about you."
  • 156. "Ive told you from the beginning that I want to marry-""Consort, yes, yes, I know. But get serious, Veronica, its chapter five and notonly have you failed to even meet him, but you havent gotten a job in thebusiness track, either. Give it up, youll never meet him."*GASP* "Dagmar, how could you say that?"
  • 157. "Come on, Veronica! You dont need that silly old man! You can make lots ofmoney without him! Think of it. Ill move in and well join union, and we couldadopt lots of babies! And maybe even a puppy, too! Or a kitten. Or both! Wedbe one big happy family!"
  • 158. *SOB* What I have gotten myself into? I cant do this anymore! *Sigh*
  • 159. "Look, Dagmar, enoughs enough, already. Ive given you plenty of chances,but you just cant face the facts."
  • 160. "I dont want to be friends with you anymore. In fact, I never want to see yourcrazy deranged self again! Youve caused me enough grief."See this is where I should have known something was wrong... Cuz Dagmarstarted to hyperventilate...
  • 161. "Wha? W-what d-do you mean you d-d-dont want to friends with me?"
  • 162. "I mean Im through with you. Im done being your friend, and Im tired of tryingto convince you that I dont love you. Plus, I cant be friends with someone whothinks I cant achieve my dream."
  • 163. "This is it Dagmar. I dont ever want to see you again. Stay out of my life."And this is when Dagmar started to flip out on me...
  • 164. "OH, HELL NO! Who do you think you are, huh? You think you can play with myemotions, toy with me, then casually cast me aside? Think Again. News Flash,Veronica. I made you, and I can break you."
  • 165. "Why do you think Crumplebottom has been so lenient with you, huh? Let meguess, you thought it was because you werent on a community lot! Such atypical, naive, CAS sim! Crumple Bottoms powers transcend community lots!No, she hasnt touched you because *I,* her most trusted loyal servant told hernot to! Why? Because I LOVE YOU!"
  • 166. GASP "You work for C-C-Crumplebottom?""Of course, I work for Crumplebottom. I am the perfect operative because noone ever suspects me. I mean, come on! Who else could have the skill andcunning to make sure Consort didnt show up when you were on a communitylot?”
  • 167. "Who else would keep tabs on all the friends you made, making sure they dontleak any information? Who else would follow you, and frequent your popularhang outs to make sure you didnt show up unexpectedly? Who do you thinkbribed Sim City Times to make sure the Business track never showed up in thepaper? And who do you think told Crumplebottom you were looking forConsort, anyway? I mean, COME ON! You walked up to me and said Hi, ImVeronica, Im looking for Consort, have you seen him? HELLO, how stupid canyou get? And people always think CAS sims are so smart, so superior! Youre allidiots, I say!"
  • 168. "Y-you did... y-youre in... with the... KVAFCF?"
  • 169. "I FOUNDED THE KVAFCF! Crumplebottom trusts me so much, she let me lead thewhole organization. Only *I* didnt give it a stupid, asinine name... KeepVeronica Away From Consort Foundation, pfft, only further proof of CASstupidity... now I have stupid sims running around calling my prestigiousorganization a ridiculously long acronym!""Y-you betrayed me... this whole time... I thought you were my friend..."
  • 170. I wanted to cry. I never felt so... so... well, I didnt know how I felt. I just couldntbelieve that one of my best friends had been betraying me and spying on meto Crumplebottom this whole time.
  • 171. "Hey, where do you think youre going, huh?""No wh-"
  • 172. "This aint over til I say its over!"
  • 173. "And Ive had just about enough of you and your Consort this and Consortthat! The man is CRANKY, PERVY, AND SENILE, Veronica! Give it up already,Veronica! His children will never let you touch his money!"
  • 174. "AND WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU WANT TO MARRY A MAN WITH FOURCHILDREN AND WHOS RAISING THREE OF HIS GRANDKIDS? HOW DARE YOU PICKHIS RAGGEDY SAGGY A-DOUBLE S OVER ME!” Dagmar had to stop and take abreath. “I’m the one who gave your story the drama it desperately needed! I’mthe one who befriended your sorry butt and introduced you to others so youcould get your stupid promotions! Me!”
  • 175. “And do you even know what I had to do to get Crumplebottom to lay off you?You are SO UNAPPRECIATIVE! All you do is take, take, take! AND NOW YOU TELLME YOU DONT WANT TO BE FRIENDS? After all I did for you? Well, Im not goingto let some snotty, uppity CAS dimwit ruin everything I worked so hard for!"Geez, I always knew Dagmar was off her rocker, but I never would haveguessed shed be so... so... well, mean.
  • 176. "Listen up buddy, heres the deal. I am NOT going to let you ruin my plans for aperfect life. So, Im gonna move in, were gonna get married and then weregonna go on our honeymoon to Twikkii Island!"
  • 177. "And were gonna have babies! Lots, *poke* and lots *poke,poke* of babies*poke,poke,poke*!"
  • 178. "... And what if I dont want to?"
  • 179. "EXCUSE ME?""I said, what if I dont want to get married to you and have lots of babies?"
  • 180. "THEN YOU WILL DIE!"
  • 181. "So, move me in already, loser."
  • 182. "Thats it, Dagmar. Youve struck my last nerve."
  • 183. *SLAP*"Im not gonna let you or anyone else push me around, and if you thought Id letyou bully me into marrying you, then you dont know me at all."
  • 184. *GASP*"How DARE you slap me! IM the boss around here, missy!" *SLAP,SLAP,SLAP*
  • 185. "Dont you EVER talk to me in that tone again, either!"*SLAP,SLAP*
  • 186. "Im not going to tell you again, Dagmar. Stop hitting me and leave."
  • 187. "Oh, yeah, what are you gonna do about it?"*SLAP*
  • 188. "THATS IT! Bring it on expletive, expletive!"
  • 189. "Youre going down!"
  • 190. D: "You think you can beat me?" *SLAP* "Think again, expletive!" *SLAP,SLAP*
  • 191. V: "Yeah, Ill beat you and wipe that smug smile off your face, too!"
  • 192. "Stupid CAS sim, FEAR MY WRATH!"*Slap fight*
  • 193. *GASP* OMGWTFBBQ? She... just... beat Veronica...HOW???????????????????????????
  • 194. Ouch. Right into the pole, that had to hurt.V: "IT DID, so would you SHUT UP?"Okay, okay, no need to get hostile, V.
  • 195. D: "What was that you were saying? I couldnt hear you, as the sound of yousmacking into the pole was so loud! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA."
  • 197. "And theres more where that came from, so dont think even about disobeyingme again!"
  • 198. V: How could this happen?I honestly dont know, V.V: I HAVE TEN BODY POINTS!I know, I know. I cant believe it either.V: I DEMAND A REMATCH!You got it.
  • 199. "Listen, you cheating hussy, I dont know how you beat me, but its not gonnahappen again!"*SLAP,SLAP,SLAP*
  • 200. GRR "I TOLD you not slap me!"
  • 201. V: "Nanny nanny boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo!" *Tackles her*
  • 202. "Didnt you get enough last time? Stupid CAS sims, you never learn..."
  • 203. "Give it up now, and you can still marry me!"
  • 204. "Ill never marry you, psycho!"
  • 205. D: "Oh crap."
  • 206. "Thats right, how do ya like that now, huh?"
  • 207. Now thats what I call justice.
  • 208. "Now, for the last time, Dagmar, get your scrawny butt out of here, before I getthe Grim."
  • 209. "Oh, please! Like Im scared of you. Crumplebottom has the Grim in her backpocket."
  • 210. "Plus, you couldnt find Consort if he was standing two feet from your face. Thisaint over, Veronica. You will be mine, one way or another."
  • 211. WHAT IS WITH THIS CHICK? She becomes my enemy, but she still wants to marryme? Sigh.
  • 212. Dagmar had left, but I hadnt forgotten a word she said. I couldnt believe shewas in league with Crumplebottom.
  • 213. If those two think they can get the best of me, they have another think coming!Im the best fortune sim ever, for Plumbbob sakes!
  • 214. Drat, its not here...
  • 215. No matter, Ill look online...
  • 216. HA! Those 1000 aspiration points are for me getting the BUSINESS TRACK!Take that, Dagmar! You want a fight, Ill give you a fight!*****
  • 217. For shame, Consort, picking on a pregnant lady!And this random picture must mean it’s the end of the chapter! Also, it’s just toshow you readers that Consort exists. Yeah, I cant get him to meet Veronica,but hell gladly slap anyone who owns a telescope in Veronaville... Hmm...Does anyone else see a lightbulb flashing? Eh, never mind. Anyway, thats it fornow! So, now that Veronica has a job in the business track, will she finally meetConsort? And what about Dagmar? Will she get anymore crazy andpossessive? Find out next time. Later, simmers. :)