Finding Consort Ch 2
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Finding Consort Ch 2



After a short break, Veronica continues her mission to find Consort, but is having bad luck.

After a short break, Veronica continues her mission to find Consort, but is having bad luck.



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    Finding Consort Ch 2 Finding Consort Ch 2 Presentation Transcript

    • After a short break, Veronica continues her mission to find Consort, but is having bad luck. Chapter Two
    • Ch 2: Another NightWelcome back to FindingConsort Redux by Kelyns!It’s the same old silly story,now in PowerPoint! Thischapter was originallyChapter 3, in case anyonewas wondering, and let’sget to it. I believe we left offwith Veronica on fire…
    • Last time, our heroine Veronica had a little accident when she tried to use theweathernaught, and we were all left wondering how she was going to getherself out of this mess. It looked pretty grim; I mean, the flames got her andeverything. And we all know that once that happens, youre a goner.... Oh,wait, it seems Veronica wants to say something.V: "You cant just continue the story like nothing happened! Come over here, Iwant to talk to you.!"Well... okay.
    • And Im proud to introduce me, Kelyns, my newly created simself.K: "Hey, whats up, V? And whats with the nod?"
    • V: "Whats with the nod? You mean you really dont know?"
    • K: "Umm, no. Did I miss something?"
    • V: "YES! You know Ive got a bone to pick with you."
    • V: "Hmm, where should I start?"
    • V: "How about the fact that you abandoned me for like, ages!"
    • V: "And then theres the fact that the exchange wasn’t working and no onecould view the older chapters, leaving any potential newcomers in the dark!"
    • K: "Oh, please, dont remind me. I still dont want to think about it. Let’s just callall that old news and move on."
    • V: "Yeah, but you didnt have to wait so long to upload it again, especiallysince you had saved a copy in Word."
    • K: "Well, I was busy. I have school you know, and finals are in two weeks."
    • V: "Thats not what I heard! There are rumors that you were partying."K: "So, I took a little break. Whats the harm in that?"
    • V: "Uh huh, and what about the bubble-blowing?"
    • V: "And the dancing, hmm?! You took a break for weeks!"
    • K: "Well, everyone needs to blow off some steam every now and then. Besides,now that Im refreshed I can put some new life into your story."V: "Yeah, right. You cant fool me, you forgot half the things you wanted to sayabout my pictures."
    • K: "Heh heh... Well, I remember the important stuff and the new material will be10 times better, okay?"
    • V: "Yeah, but that still doesnt make up for the fact that you left me festering inanger over my fight! I have a lot of pent up anger to relieve, you know!"
    • K: "Shh, V. The readers arent supposed to know about that until the nextchapter. And Im SORRY, okay?"
    • K: "Besides, we will get that sim back. Dont you worry, V. I have a special littlesurprise in store for them."
    • V: "Hmm, well, okay."K: "Great, now can we get back to the story?"V: "Sure."
    • Well, Veronica died alright, there was no saving her from the flames. Therewasnt a fire alarm outside. Actually, there wasnt even one in the house, sheonly had a sprinkler.
    • But I did get to find out what the Grim does in his spare time. Having fun there,Grim?"Yup, its not often I get to kick back and relax. I hardly ever get to watch TVanymore, all those legacies people write got me working overtime."Well, Im glad I could help, I guess.
    • But, dont fret, I just exited the house without saving and got Veronica back, noproblem. We wont be messing with aspiration rewards when youre in the greenanymore, will we, V?V: "You got that right."
    • Well, except just one more time. We still needed it to be fall. But no meteors thistime, thank goodness.V: "Are you done yet?"Whats your problem?V: "IM supposed to be narrating this story, remember? Get you nosy butt out ofhere!"Sheesh, okay. Im going, Im going.
    • FINALLY!Well, after that little escapade, I got the paper. Guess what wasnt there:Business! Im not kidding either; I guess the KVAFCF (Keep Veronica Away FromConsort Foundation) is still active.
    • So, I set to skilling, and pretty soon it was night. Instead of going out again, Idecided to make a townie come to ME in order to make friends.
    • Contessa Breanna was the lucky victim. How else was I supposed to get toknow her? I wasnt about to waste my time roaming all over downtown lookingfor her, then finally finding her at daybreak. She didnt want to come over atfirst, but I made her see reason. She learned the hard way that you cannot resistthe call of friendship from a CAS sim.
    • V: "Isnt that right, Contessa?"C: "Uh huh." *Sigh*
    • Stupid Maxis... No No Pets! sign... grumble, grumble..."I HATE STRAYS!"Sorry for the interruption, I just had to let that out.
    • Anyway, the next night I was able to get my promotion.
    • You know, I even started to stop minding the fact that business refused to showup in the paper. I mean, I did have a great incentive: MONEY. Yup, showbusiness was paying off really well, as you can see by the money sign over myhead.
    • Yup, still no business. That darn KVAFCF got me again.
    • So, I continued to skill up for show business.
    • See, more skilling.
    • Are you tried of these skilling pictures yet? I know I am. Who keeps taking themanyway?
    • V: "Hello, didnt I just say stop with the skilling pictures?"Sorry! But you have to admit that one is cool... Theres no way I could do that inreal life... not in a million years...
    • Okay, I decided to escape the boredom of skilling by going downtown tomake friends for my promotion.*AHEM.*Oh yeah, and to look for Consort.
    • As I was getting to know the bartender...BTW, please tell me the pictures get better in later chapters.K: Sorry, Im an amateur, so sue me....I saw a disturbing sight.
    • It was Dagmar... and patches of sky!
    • Alright Veronica, thats enough. I told you Im new at this and a lot of thesepictures were taken a while ago, so theyre not as good as the new ones. So, onemore crack from you, and Ill cowplant you.V: "Oh please, you dont even have a cowplant."Maybe not on YOUR lot, but I happen to have a hungry cowplant sitting in myinventory.
    • V: *YAWN* "Yeah, Im so scared. Like creaters havent threatened to cowplanttheir sims before."Are you wondering what youd look like if you were a zombie? Because I am. Idoubt Consort will look at you then.V: "Okay, okay. Geez."
    • Now back to Dagmar.V: "Dagmar, what are you doing here? ... Have you been following me?"
    • D: "HAHAHA. No, of course not. Dont be silly Veronica. Its just purecoincidence that were both here. Honestly! I just wanted to play cards, andwell, the Lucky shack is the only place you can do that."V: "Hmm, well, ok. But I cant hang out with you tonight, alright? I have to makefriends for my promotion."D: "Thats ok, I didnt expect you to, I didnt even know youd be here,remember?"
    • But later on that night, as I was chatting with Trista, I caught her sulking at thebar.
    • Dagmar, mumbling: "Hmpf! Finding Consort, yeah right. Shes too good for him.When is she going to realize OUR love?"
    • But like I said, I was busy chatting with Trista, so I couldnt hear what she wascomplaining to the bartender about. Then I saw someone I just had to goirritate.
    • Mrs. Cumplebottom!K: Man, I swear every time I see her, I have to try to talk to her. Just think of thecool stories I could write if one of my sims got to be friends with her!
    • Cumplebottom: "So youre the gold-digging hussy thats trying to marry Consort.Well, Ive got news for you missy, Consort is gonna be mine, so keep yourgrubby little hands off! Who do you think you are anyway? Youre not goodenough for a man of his caliber, youre just some piece of scum nobody fromCAS! You ought to be ashamed of yourself, trying to scam an innocent man,whos too old for you anyway... Dont let me catch you with him, or I swear thatwill be the end of you!"
    • V: "Ooo Cumblebottom, Im so scared!"
    • "Please! Youre crazy if you think that Consort is gonna give up a chance withall this good stuff for a wrinkley old hag like you. I bet youre the head of theKVAFCF, arent you? Well, Im on to you, and if you think Im just going to let youwin, youve got another think coming!"And thats when I decided to leave. Between Cumplebottom and Dagmar, Idhad enough.
    • The next morning I headed off to work.
    • Veronica, to herself: "Give up this sweet ride for the bottom of the businesstrack? Phst, yeah right!"
    • Oh, yeah! A promotion!
    • No, business track, gee, Ill guess Ill just have to go for that next promotion.(And it really wasnt there, so there. :P)
    • With my money, I redecorated the kitchen, everything except the fridge. I wantto use up all the food first. I dont want to waste money.
    • I spent so much time skilling, I almost forgot about my needs.
    • Hmm, I guess Ive been working Veronica too hard.V: "Ya think?"
    • "Im so tired I wont even mention that patch of sky in this picture."Oh shut up and get the phone.
    • "Is that the bathroom?"VERONICA!"Okay, okay. Oh hey, Tracy, do I want to go on an outing? Well, sure, I guess. Ialways get this mysterious need boost whenever I go downtown."Which will stop immediately, if you dont stop making fun of me.
    • So I go on an outing, and yay! Theres grown up people! Not like with Dagmar...
    • Theyre all adults except for her. Seriously Maxis, do you think its smart to sendthis kid out with all these crazy townies running around?V: "Little girl, wheres your mother?"Girl: "I dont know. Who are you? Where am I? How did I get here? And why isthat man staring creepily at that lady?"
    • V: "You know thats a good question. So, why is that?"
    • "Lady, youd stare too if you were an ugly townie, and were standing next tosomeone this hot. We dont get any action."V: "Fair enough."
    • Since I had already made friends with Robert, I sent him to take that little girlhome, while I said goodbye to the creepy guy.
    • It was just us girls left.V: Why is that by the way? And most of my friends are girls, too. Are you tryingto insinuate something?No. You just havent met too many of the guy townies I like to introduce my simsto. Besides I almost anyways have my sims make more friends of his or hersame gender, so they dont get any ideas when theyre married.V: Oh. Okay then.
    • Anyway, I made friends with Carmen while the rest played cards with someteen.Teen: "Hey, I have a name!"V: "So?"
    • Moving on...I almost made friends with everyone and got a rockin score. ALMOST. You see,SOMEONE refused to make friends with me and caused negative signs to flyfaster than a sim running to a fire. So my outing was only super. AGAIN.V: "Are you happy now, Marie?"M: "Yup. Evil is my middle name. Me and Cumplebottom are best buds."
    • V: "So youre one of them, huh? Dont worry Ill get you someday. Im gonnabring you and the KVAFCF down."M: "Humpf, yeah right. You dont have the power or the skill. LONG LIVECUMPLEBOTTOM!"
    • Thats it, I need a drink! Stupid Cumplebottom incarnations!Later on, I went upstairs to eat dinner.
    • Veronica! Shame on you! You shouldnt gossip about people youre trying to befriends with. And shes probably in the room too. Man, sims are horrible.V: "What? Youre the one who told me to gossip. I have 7 nice points, I dontgossip on my own, you know."I was just about to leave when something else caught my eye.
    • Okay buster, whats the deal? WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO? You dont have anyreservations! All of your customers are standing around waiting for you to get offthe phone! Except now they probably left after waiting so long to get a table.
    • See, this place is empty.
    • Even the hot tub. And everyone knows sims are drawn to the hot tub likewedding guests to the champagne bottle.
    • There was only this poor lonesome guy downstairs, drinking coffee.
    • I decided to try and liven this place up.V: "Hey DJ, change it to-"K: "The stock market?"V: "Yeah, havent you heard that song?"K: "Umm, no, but whatever."
    • And this is me getting my smustle on. I couldnt get anyone else to join in, but Iwas determined not to let anyone else ruin my fun.
    • And see, all my body points meant I was awesome on the electosphere. Butsoon after that, it was time to go home. I had work to do.
    • Sigh. I had to skill. BORING!
    • I decided to throw a party instead. I had a great turn out, as you can see.
    • Hmm, I dont even have words to describe this picture. That dance is just tooweird. But youll notice whos not here: Dagmar. Look, that girl is just plainpsycho, ok? Always following me around, hoping Ill take our relationship to thenext level... I mean, Im still her friend, but just because I dont want to go to thetrouble of making extra friends for my promotion. But I certainly dont want tosee more of her than I have to.
    • I almost succeeded in getting everybody in a group smustle. Some people justinsisted on doing their own thing.Gilbert: "Hey, Veronica, look its Consort!"V: "Where?! Hey, I dont see him. Thats not funny you guys."
    • "Alright, people, partys over.""Aw, come on officer, theres only a little bit more time left. Hey, youre kindacute. You sure you dont want to join us?""Yeah, Im sure. Everybody go home NOW."
    • Hmpf! He didnt have to be so rude. But its okay, I still had a great party.
    • But now that the party was over, it was back to skilling. *Sigh* Think of themoney Veronica, think of the money.
    • Wow, you mean I can earn that much in my next promotion? Suddenly, I grewa love for skilling.
    • After a quick, or rather slow, energizer,
    • I ran off to work.
    • V: Alright! More Money!K: Veronica, go look in the paper for business.V: Do I have to?K: YES! Now move it!
    • V: *Sigh* Its not fair....1 minute later:V: YIPPPPEEEEEE! No Business!K: Enough, is enough already! Why wont business show up?
    • Anyway, I wanted to buy a new fridge with the promotion money, so I cookedup a storm to use all the food in the old fridge.
    • And finally, my finished kitchen!
    • Hmm, now that I think about it, the living room could use some work... And socould these pictures, but Im not supposed to be talking about that.
    • Viola! A little upgrade; I dont have enough money for the TV I want yet.
    • But I did get a new chess set. Man, Im going to miss the old one though... wehad some good times. *Sniff*
    • Some things, however, did not change."Ugh, GO AWAY! Stupid stray..."
    • After a quick look in the paper (no business, yippee. Thank you KVAFCF), Ilooked outside...
    • And it was snowing! It was winter, and, no I wont be changing it back to fall.Ive had enough of the weathernaught for a while.
    • And then this little guy showed up! I love penguins. They dont dig stupid holeslike that one in the corner that I was too lazy to clean up.V: "Hey, what are you doing so far away from home, Mr. Penguin?"Penguin: "I wanted to see the house where the lady burned herself to deathbecause she was too stupid to know not to use aspiration rewards when in thegreen."V: "Oh, great..."
    • I skilled for the rest of the day by practicing my speech.V: "And now that I have proven that the current government has beencorrupted by the Cumplebottom Administration, I will move on to my nextpoint: impeaching the government officials and naming me as the new leaderof Simerica."Oh please, like anyone would believe that crap. Youre in show business,Veronica.
    • V: "Yes, but now I can use my master rhetorical skills to persuade anyone."Whatever, just go skill.
    • I said skill, Veronica!V: I am skilling, I never learned bust a move, remember?Oh, fine.
    • Look, Veronica, its Consort!V: Where?! Hey, you know thats still not funny...Sure it is.
    • It was kind of lonely dancing all by myself,
    • So later on I invited some people over.
    • GASP. Veronica, did you just-V: Bust a move? Yup.
    • V: Arent you proud of me?You know, I actually am.
    • V: "Hey, Contessa Breanna, look what I can do!"
    • V: "See me jumping in mid air? Isnt awesome?"
    • V: "Uh, Contessa, whats with the face... I thought my bust a move was great..."
    • Veronica, stop that! Dont look into the light!V: "But purple light is pretty..."You there, Carmen, dont just stand there with that stupid smile on your face! DOSOMETHING!
    • Too Late. Gulp.
    • V: "Somethings coming over me..."
    • "...I feel kinda funny."
    • Damn you, Contessa. Look at you! Youre so pleased with yourself arent you?"Yes. Heh, heh."
    • "I vant to suck vour blood. Bleh, Bleh!"Oh, Geez. Can this story get anymore screwed up? Finding Consort reallyshouldnt be this hard; this was supposed to be a nice simple story... Sigh.Well, will Veronica like her new life among the undead? Will the business trackEVER show up in the paper? And what about that crush on Dagmar, when willshe get rid of that? And when, for the love of plumbbob, will she ever findConsort? Youll just have to find out the answers to these questions next time.