Building energy modeling & analysis for significant energy savings


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What is Energy Modeling and why should you opt for it? What
do you gain from it?
These questions might concern you as saving energy has become a necessity
today. Accomplishing goals with minimum/optimum energy consumption
is a task that requires a lot of hard work into achieving it.

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Building energy modeling & analysis for significant energy savings

  1. 1. BuildingEnergyModeling&AnalysisforSignificantEnergySavingsVisit us: Email us:
  2. 2. Visit us: Email us: info@hitechcaddservices.comBuildingEnergyModeling&AnalysisforSignificantEnergySavingsWhat is Energy Modeling and why should you opt for it? Whatdo you gain from it?These questions might concern you as saving energy has become a necessitytoday. Accomplishing goals with minimum/optimum energy consumptionis a task that requires a lot of hard work into achieving it.£People in energy field should ensurebuilding energy-efficient models forestimating initial and eventual energy costsavings.£Energy estimation before setting up anenergy-based project is imperative for aninvestor.Image Source:
  3. 3. Visit us: Email us: info@hitechcaddservices.comWhyshouldyou,atall,optforEnergyModeling?£Risk introduction:Investing into any business is risky.£When you decide to set up a business and investmoney in it, you are unaware of whether it will offeryou good returns or not?£Why is it advised to opt for initial energy costsavings estimation?£It is so because if the structure you build fails togive you good returns and projected cost savingsare not met, all your money will go down the drain.£This is one way of introducing risk in a project.£The loss incurred is heavy and to avoid getting into the same situation again, youshould first build an energy model and analyze its cost savings structure.The other way through which risk is introduced in a project is via inefficient andineffective process-execution and underperformance of energy-efficient components.Image Source:
  4. 4. Visit us: Email us: info@hitechcaddservices.comWhatistheroleofafinancialanalysthere?£A financial analysts involvement is of highimportance in helping build an energy-efficientmodel.£Failing to provide correct information about whatis considered a potential risk while dealing withenergy-based projects, leaves the financial analystin lurch.£The financial analyst is left with no other meansto price fairly the rate of return.£With the help of building simulation software, you can know in advance more aboutenergy use and costs savings.£The software enables you identify and characterize a buildings geometry and itsmaterials thermal characteristics.By working on these features, an Energy Modeling expert calculates associated risks andbenefits of energy-efficient components, structure design and availability of extra space.Image Source:
  5. 5. Visit us: Email us: info@hitechcaddservices.comEnergyModeling£Energy Modeling associated with design ofhigh performance structures looks atestimated solutions worked upon to meetenergy saving targets.£Comfort analysis should be carried outproperly.£Financial analyst and energy modeler aretwo key positions in an energy firm. Thejob demands several high-performanceresponsibilities to be met withoutcompromises made on the quality.Image Source: ways of Energy ModelingOut of the many ways of Energy Modeling one deals with new designs; second onefocuses on retrofits and the third one is actuarial-based technique that explores resultsfrom simulation and field data.£In the actuarial method, data from simulated energy efficient projects is used andcategorized under certain parameters.£Later the data is fed into a database from where it is drawn upon to decide about thecosts saving estimates and related uncertainties.
  6. 6. Visit us: Email us: info@hitechcaddservices.comRiskManagement£Risk is avertable. It can be managed well at project level.£Designing an energy efficient building is dependent upon application of best-practices including risk assessment analysis.£On the other hand, ignorance and poor implementation can lead to underperformance, operational problems and increased costs.Image Source: to improvise?To rectify underperformance, concerned project management team should seek servicesof proficient service providers and keep a tab on actual energy performance.
  7. 7. Visit us: Email us: info@hitechcaddservices.comWhatisamust-haveforBEM?£BEM is one of the main modules of an integrated operation chain that producesenergy-efficient and low-energy & low-cost buildings with high energy performance.£Experts into Energy Modeling should introduce their design teams to a detailedfeedback during the design phase.£Building Energy Modeling is a not-so-complex process and the professionals are freeto work creatively.£Optimizing energy use has a positive impact on the cost savings of buildings andemission of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.Image Source: to an emerging need ofBuilding Energy Modeling (BEM)backed practices, consistentimplementation of Energy Modelingapplications including energy-efficient strategy and owning a greenbuilding certificate is essential.
  8. 8. Visit us: Email us: info@hitechcaddservices.comWonderedwhy,oflate,energy-efficientbuildings/greenbuildingshavecaughtfancyofenergyfirms?£The reason is the consistent rise in the global atmospheric temperature. GlobalWarming has led to the warming up of the planet Earth. This is hostile to the vitalsustenance of mankind.£This has, however, pushed everyone to contribute his/her bit in reducing thedamaging effects of Global Warming. This is the reason why innovation in designingand building energy modeling is given high priority over others.In addition to this is another trend — Building simulation technology central to climatechange alleviating approaches.
  9. 9. Visit us: Email us: info@hitechcaddservices.comWhyisthereanovertinclinationtowardsenergy-efficientdesigns?Energy Analysis£Carrying out an energy analysis is one way of judging the relative energy performancedesigns in new and existing buildings.£The companys management should ensure its employees possess enough knowledgeof current technology and energy products before giving out details of low-energyanalysis and design services.£Prerequisite for building any energy-efficiency structure requires the companysexperts to be well acquainted with concepts of thermal principles of heat-gain/loss.Image Source: energy-efficient structures reduces facility operating costs.
  10. 10. Visit us: Email us: info@hitechcaddservices.comTAKEAWAYS£BEM is a major component of an integrated operation chain that gives rise to low-energy & low-cost energy efficient buildings.£Energy-efficient buildings are the future.£Risk analysis and energy cost savings are very important aspects of BEM.£Use of Building Simulation Software enables an energy firm know more about energyuse and consumption.£Risk is avertable.£Correct analysis is priceless.£It is essential to keep a check on the energy performance of an energy firm.
  11. 11. Visit us: Email us: info@hitechcaddservices.comCOMPANYPROFILEHi-Tech Outsourcing Services is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and privately owned firm,established in 1992. With current employee strength of over 700 professionals, thecompany offers services in BPO, Architectural Engineering Construction Services,Engineering Solutions and Software Solutions. Hi-Techs primary customer base is USA,Canada, UK, EU, Australia, Middle-East and other countries. Outsourcing your projectsto Hi-Tech will save 60%-70% on clients costs.Hi-Tech is affiliated with several national and international business groups and industrialbodies. This enables the company to stay connected with its clients across the globe.£U.S. Chamber of Commerce£Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC)£U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)£Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)£Computer Society of India (CSI)£Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)£National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM)£Gujarat Electronics & Software Industries Association (GESIA)Hi-Tech is affiliated to the following:
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