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Mobile gaming sxsw


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  • 1. T-Mobile GamesMobile Gaming5/9/2012
  • 2. The Mobile LandscapeIndustry Refresher
  • 3. Feature PhonesThe traditional carrier storefront existed on java phones. Despite astrong user base for feature phones the markets are moving to smartphones. – Global Feature Phone Penetration 85% – Users and developers are moving to smart phones – Content is still selling on these storefronts4 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 4. Smart Phones“iOS dominates mobile gaming but Android will claim the top spot in thenear future as developers embrace Android and Google continues to ironout its payment process.” – 2012 Casual Games Sector Report – Global Smartphone Penetration: 15% – US Smartphone Penetration: 31% – 80% of our contract customers are choosing smart phones – Revenue by smartphone OS • iOS: 50% • Android: 30% • Other: 20% – Windows – BlackBerry5 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 5. Mobile Storefronts iOS Android App Store Google Play 25 billion downloads 10 billion downloads 550,000 apps 400,000 apps Carrier T-Mobile Mall, AT&T App Center, Verizon App Store… Other 3rd Party Windows Marketplace Amazon, GetJar, AndroidPit, Developer BlackBerry App World D2Cs, Game Hub, TegraZone, etc., etc.6 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 6. Mobile Storefronts7 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 7. Business ModelsMobile games are blazing trails on providing different ways to monetize. – Premium • Estimated 2012 revenue 2012: 37% – Advertising • Estimated 2012 revenue 2012: 6% – In-Ap Purchases (Paymium & Freemium) • Estimated 2012 revenue 2012: 55% – Other • Subscriptions • Rentals • Premium SMS8 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 8. The Road Ahead
  • 9. Where’s it Going? Who’s Playing?Today there’s a big gap between traditional and casual gamers.Casual Gamers (“I don’t play games”) – Social – Hidden Object, Ville’s, Puzzles, etc.Traditional Gamers (“Why do you do this $@!& Leeroy!?!”) – MMOs – Console Quality10 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 10. Where’s it Going? Types of GamesDifferent games appeal to different audiences and platforms. – Social – Physics – Villes – Hidden Object – Racing – Cards & Casinos – Puzzles – Etc.11 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 11. Where’s it Going? Platforms & ConvergenceMobile strategies are continuing to evolve and will greatly impactour industry. – Facebook – Google + – Sony Playstation – Microsoft Xbox – Online – PC12 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 12. Where’s it Going? Console & HandheldsMobile hardware is improving faster then consoles. – “Console Killing” – Accessories – NUIs – Multiplayer (Real time head to head play) – In game Voice ChatDedicated gaming devices are losing ground. – Nintendo – Sony13 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 13. Where’s it Going? CloudCloud services are providing new ways to play and promote games. – OnLive – GaiKai – iCloud14 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 14. Where’s it Going? Game NetworksGame-specific social networks increase awareness and retention aswell as facilitate social gameplay. – Gree / OpenFeint – Mobage – Papaya – Playphone – Heyzap – Zynga – EA15 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 15. Where’s it Going? HTML5There are a lot of challenges to solve before the promise of HTML5 canbe realized.Challenges – App discovery – Browser fragmentation – Mobile paymentsThe buzz – Cross-platform development – Game engines – Native applications – Changing the storefront model16 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 16. Where’s it Going? Brands & LicensingBrands – Angry Birds – Where’s My Water? – FarmVille – Etc.More than games – Apparel – Candy – Toys – Videos, Movies – Etc.17 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 17. T-Mobile
  • 18. About T-MobileIn a world full of busy and fragmented lives, we at T-Mobile USA, Inc.,have this idea that wireless communications can help. The value of ourplans, the breadth of our coverage, the reliability of our network, andthe quality of our service are meant to do one thing: help you sticktogether with the people who make your life come alive. That’s whywe’re here. – TMO Customers – 33.2M – More customers are taking advantage of 4G speeds. Today, 80 percent of new contract customers are choosing smartphones. And nearly 60 percent of our contract customers now carry smartphones, which is well above the U.S. industry average of 50 percent according to Nielsen. – T-Mobile smartphone customers are consuming 760MB of data per month on average. That’s 30 times more vs. just three years ago.19 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 19. Brand Update T-MOBILE.COM/TESTDRIVE Proprietary and Confidential
  • 20. Our Customers Play Games Mobile Game Buyer Penetration by Carrier Mobile Game Penetration of Buyers by Carrier Q4 2010–Q4 2011 Q4 2010 (n=55,655), Q1 2011 (n=55,302), Q2 2011 (n=56,289), Q3 2011 (n=55,641), Q4 2011 (n=57,870)21 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 21. Games Play Better on Great Hardware22 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 22. Games + HardwareT-Mobile is a tech leader with a long history of pushing the envelope.And moving forward we’re working to provide “better-then-console”hardware. – T-Mobile launched the T-Mobile G1, the world’s first Android smartphone – starting the Android revolution! – T-Mobile launched the world’s first Dual Core processor, the NVIDIA Tegra 2 in the G2x – a 4G device built for gaming. – T-Mobile has partnered and launched high-end technology devices like the Galaxy S2, HTC Sensation & HTC Amaze – all 4.3-4.5” screens with Dual Core processors and 4G speeds – arguably some of the best mobile devices to date for Gaming – T-Mobile has built great Accessories like the T-Mobile Micro HDMI Cable and the MHL Connection kit that help gamers take their experiences on the small screen to a full HDTV – T-Mobile continues to work with developers and partners large and small to deliver the best gaming experiences from casual to Console quality gaming.23 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 23. Game BaseFind and play the best in mobile gaming.From hi-def racing action to challengingpuzzle and word games for you and yourfriends. – Preloaded on Android Phones – Launched in March 2012 – Major update in June 201224 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 24. T-Mobile MallOur storefront on Android and Java phonesoffers games, apps, ringtones and wallpapers. – 4M installs on Android – 1.5M New App – 700K Users per week25 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 25. T-Mobile Top PicksOur section in Google Play to promote gamesand applications. – Launched 12/2009 along with carrier billing – T-Mobile has 25 slots to highlight apps in a simple to view list26 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 26. T-Mobile Bonus AppsOur section in Google Play to promote gamesand applications. – Launched 12/2009 along with carrier billing – T-Mobile has 25 slots to highlight apps in a simple to view list27 Proprietary and Confidential
  • 27. T-Mobile’s Perspective
  • 28. What we really want is… Great Games!We’re looking to create a better user and gaming experience through acombination of plans, hardware and content. Highlight the games ourcustomers are looking for and would like to play.Games – Exclusives, New & Cool – Showcase titles (show off network and hardware) – Social, Freemium, etc.Game Partners – Open dialog, Work together – Analytics – Learning and growing29 Proprietary and Confidential