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SME Innovative Solution, Brief Description
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SME Innovative Solution, Brief Description


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Innovative ecosystem solution for small and medium enterprises

Innovative ecosystem solution for small and medium enterprises

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  • 1. Call to Change SME Innovation in 21st Century Brief Solution Description Considering all data, an innovative holistic solution is needed which is aligned with the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2010 and The McKinsey Report 2010 that indicate where to focus on improving productivity and innovation of management, process and products and closing the skill gaps in the areas of new management techniques, strategy skills and R&D. Combined with a methodology that has the approval of the Euro Institute of cultural evolution and management innovation, among other relevant and innovative methodologies, further aligns and incorporates the best of innovation centers worldwide. Call to Change “pilot program” solution includes the "business model"—simpler for customers and more accessible to customers—and the “management model”—back to productivity. Through an eco-system approach that integrates the private, public and government sectors working together, an educational program for the 21st Century combined with practice by action learning, we can create an innovative system that that brings economic development, increased prosperity, stability and quality of life for your community encouraging capital investment and job creation—a strategy that cares about culture, has social responsibility, protects the environment and has economic sustainability with diversity as a core value. The pilot program design is scalable and applicable to any geographic location. Contact: Maureen Kelsey, Senior Global Strategy PM Consultant and certified International Development Consultant in US and Europe, Skype: maureen.kelsey1 SMEs and Innovation in the 21st Century published by Kinaxis, December 2010 innovation-in-21st-century Strategy developed and description authored by Maureen Kelsey
  • 2. Translation: SINTESI - DESCRIZIONE DELLA SOLUZIONE Considerando tutti i dati, una soluzione innovative olistica e necessaria, costruita utilizzando un approccio sistemico, allineato con gli elementi chiave indicati in "IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2010" e nel rapporto McKinsey 2010. Entrambi questi rapporti indicano dove concentrarsi per il miglioramento della produttività e per l'innovazione del management, dei processi e dei prodotti e per colmare le lacune di competenze nei settori della nuova gestione, strategia e R & S combinando questi elementi con una metodologia che ha l'approvazione dell'Istituto Europeo di Evoluzione Culturale e di Innovazione Gestionale, tra le altre metodologie rilevanti e innovativi e si allinea ulteriormente e integra i migliori centri di innovazione nel mondo. Il "programma pilota" di Call to Change include il "business model" più semplice e più accessibile per i clienti e il "management model" che riporti al centro un ritorno alla produttività.