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When the travel has become essential in our lives part, travel case status from the use of articles appear trite and insignificant upgrade to the” fashion” category. Today, more and more fashion handbags of whole-heartedly brands introducte both functional and stylish suitcase.

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46 paris grand-mercure-matzo-paris-small-suitcase-en

  1. 1. Luxury Heavenhttp://www.luxury-heaven.comParis Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS Small Suitcase[fashion handbags, stylish suitcase, functional suitcase, travel suitcase]When the travel has become essential in our lives part, travel case status fromthe use of articles appear trite and insignificant upgrade to the” fashion”category. Today, more and more fashion handbags of whole-heartedly brandsintroducte both functional and stylish suitcase.For short business trips often need a modern elite, the classic shape of a smallleather suitcase is undoubtedly the essential thing. Luggage capacity enough tohold two or three days of the pack, just enough to check the size of carry, rulesand elegant design and is coordinated with business dressed. page 1 / 2
  2. 2. Luxury Heaven http://www.luxury-heaven.com Unless it is to go out on business, you need to bring administrative clothing, if you just relax, then travel, avoid carrying a small suitcase, because it will greatly affect your cool and just positive flavor. Mobile with a large suitcase, you can put a suit of clothes, toiletries and small daily notebook. According to legend, 19th century, an Englishman named Worth, founded in Paris in a senior custom shop, at that time had a staff of 20 employees and help him finish to the customer quantity body is custom-built. "Only one, only as a guest service," because of this, advanced customization is equivalent to "noble status" symbol. Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS Haute holiday launch services for our valued customers to provide personalized custom services. Customization process tedious and rigorous, Paris Mercure MATZO PARIS Each package, by the procurement staff from around the world each year to the auction will purchase the finest leather, each piece of leather selected only after the best part of the election. Handbags for sewing from start to finish by a master, compiled on the number, engraved the names of craftsmen, customized unique boutique was born. The travel box raw materials are excellent selection of quality raw materials, to ensure that the rawhide quality and a soft comfortable touch. External use of classical upper calfskin with senior goatskin printing, such as the Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS produces colored suitcase, the use of texture is soft and light of the cortex, internal lining is the Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS signature black fine lines jacquard lining and collocation with the brand. page 2 / 2Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)