207 the most-elegant-analysis-of-the-style-of-the-duchess-of-cambridge-en


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Winner of the vote "the most elegant woman of 2011” is the wife of Prince William of England who knows how to win with her sophisticated taste in dress

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207 the most-elegant-analysis-of-the-style-of-the-duchess-of-cambridge-en

  1. 1. Luxury Heavenhttp://www.luxury-heaven.comThe most elegant: analysis of the style of the Duchess of Cambridge[Catherine Middleton, Hats, Jewelry, Alexander McQueen, Long Dress]Winner of the vote "the most elegant woman of 2011” is the wife of PrinceWilliam of England who knows how to win with her sophisticated taste in dressHow could you call the style of Catherine Middleton? Duchess of Cambridgecould say that is classic, discreet ... and very sophisticated. In fact, she has justbeen chosen as the most elegant woman of 2011. And no wonder, because inevery public appearance, she has been able to captivate all without breakingyour personal taste, even before her wedding to Prince William. Moreover, manypeople have always seen her as an example of style icon. This happened in2007: the signature dress that carried the day of her 25th birthday was quicklysold out in stores.With a closet where they have room for all kinds of brands, from some low cost page 1 / 8
  2. 2. Luxury Heavenhttp://www.luxury-heaven.comas Zara to other less accessible to the public, such as Alexander McQueen (oneof her favorite companies, in fact, was the one who signed her girlfriend dress),Catherine Middleton knows tailors to each situation. Want to know what are thekeys to its elegant and always with the best style?Hats:As for accessories, Catherine is passionate about hats. Any style is welcome inher eyes. She also looks wonderful wearing them. Of course, when it comes tomore formal occasions like a wedding, with a brimmed headgear, a hat that isslightly tilted to one side can bring you an extra sophistication. In addition, highboots are also on her taste.Jewelry:Regarding jewelry, discretion is more than apparent. Discard pieces that are tooflashy, but it would still attract the attention of all eyes. It happened with herengagement ring. It was not because it is of very ornate design or ornate style,but the symbolic nature of it: the same as Diana of Wales.Alexander McQueen:Signature header is in your closet. In fact, she opted for the design of bridal page 2 / 8
  3. 3. Luxury Heavenhttp://www.luxury-heaven.comgown. And its not the first time that royal brides opt for this brand, with SarahBurton as its creative director after the death of its founder in 2010. During herofficial visit to Canada, the Duchess of Cambridge opted for design of vintagestyle of this house British sailor, a creation that was launched in 2006.Chic Lady:Catherine Middleton never lost her femininity. Moreover, she fascinates cuttingdesigns of lady chic. page 3 / 8
  4. 4. Luxury Heavenhttp://www.luxury-heaven.comMarking Style:With this dress from top shop, Kate Middleton knew that she could make ittrendy. The model was sold in all stores after these images appearing. page 4 / 8
  5. 5. Luxury Heavenhttp://www.luxury-heaven.comLong Dress:When the occasion calls for long dress, she would show her most elegant gowns.She favors dress that is clear on the style. Above all, bet on very sheer fabricdesigns, wide skirts are flying; shoulders and waists are marked by enhanceddrapes and are knotted ribbons or bands that mark the waist. page 5 / 8
  6. 6. Luxury Heavenhttp://www.luxury-heaven.comCoats:If you feel fascination with coats, do not hesitate to take risks with designs inbright colors or cuts trend, even cutting trench. And if it really is a model that youlove, why not try it again? page 6 / 8
  7. 7. Luxury Heavenhttp://www.luxury-heaven.comColor:As for the colors, neutral tones and brown caught her attention. Although there isno mistake, your wardrobe is not sober; it often feels like her predilection forclothes in red, purple and, above all, in blue. In fact, this color was chosen forthat, along with William of England, announce to the media commitment. It was asignature creation ISSA, one of her favorites. page 7 / 8
  8. 8. Luxury Heaven http://www.luxury-heaven.com page 8 / 8Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)