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  • 1.
    • Presented by:
    • Julie Meyers Pron :
    • Shannon Ott :
    • Kelly Whalen :
    Public Relations 101
  • 2. Public Relations for Bloggers
    • Presented by Julie Meyers Pron
    • @justprecious
  • 3. What is Public Relations?
    • Public Relations (or PR ) is a field concerned with maintaining public image for high-profile people, commercial businesses and organizations, non-profit associations or programs.
    • Used to build rapport, influence, announce and connect with community
    • Generally free or a reduced cost
  • 4. Ummm… there’s this thing? Its called the World Wide Web
    • PR 1.0
    • Vertical Relations
    • Outstanding releases with upstanding eloquence
    • Little Feedback, Little Conversation
    • PR 2.0
    • Viral Relations
    • Authenticity and truth
    • 24/7 conversation, unexpected feedback
  • 5. Marketing
    • PR
    • Job is to get free publicity
    • Advertising
    • Job is to locate and pay for ad space
  • 6. What’s a Media Kit?
    • Package of information sent to the Media on behalf of a company from Public Relations to announce an event, product, activity or something relevant to the company
    • Purpose is to present to media who a company is, what company does, and why media should care
    • Bloggers, as media, accept Media Kits as fodder
  • 7. What’s an Ad Card/Blog Package?
    • Includes:
    • Advertising Rates
    • Statistics
    • Demographics
    • Blogger Reach
    • Proposals
  • 8. What PR Professionals Really Want From Bloggers
    • Replies
    • Honesty
    • Proposals with clear, precise plans
    • Relevance: Your blog should relate to their needs
    • True understanding of your own blog:
      • Elevator pitch
      • Sum it up in less than 10 words
  • 9. Characteristics of a PR Friendly Blogger PR Friendly Blogger Recognizes the difference between PR and Advertising Respects the limits of a Public Relations Professional Responds to pitches, briefly is fine Makes relevant pitches that help both the blogger and the agent Has a strong following of other influencers & a rapport with her audience Is influential, and recognizes her areas of influence Engages consistently in social media and has a clear understanding of acceptable standards
  • 10.
    • Shannon Ott, Co-Owner
    • @PhilaburbanMom
    Engaging with PR Professionals
  • 11. “ Think Globally, Act Locally” -Sarah Pinnix (@RealLifeSarah) via Twitter
    • Recognize your influence and be able to articulate that influence
        • Move beyond the stats and define influence in terms like engagement
        • A smaller, engaged audience is preferred to a larger one in the local/regional space
    Working with PR from local/regional perspective
  • 12. “ Think Globally, Act Locally” - Sarah Pinnix (@RealLifeSarah) via Twitter
    • Harness the power of the “everymom”
    • Network, Network, Network
        • Partnerships/Collaborations
    Working with PR from local/regional perspective (cont)
  • 13.
    • Engaging PR Professionals for Local/Regional events
    • Brand-sponsored Events
        • Important for nationally and locally focused blogs
    • Personal Brand Event
        • Seeking national and regional sponsorships
        • Focus on reach, charity involvement, brand message tie-ins, etc.
  • 14. “ Think Globally, Act Locally” -Sarah Pinnix (@RealLifeSarah) via Twitter
        • In addition to PR, don’t forget about the smaller, local companies that do not have official PR representation.
        • Reach beyond just the advertising placement (although that is very important!)
            • Build relationships
            • Help build social media plans for them
            • Work on ambassador programs
            • Be a voice
    More on Connecting with Local Companies
  • 15. PR & Monetization
    • Kelly Whalen
    • @CentsibleLife
  • 16. Monetization Basics
    • Set up an advertising page, and make a rate sheet or media kit which includes stats & advertising rates.
    • Approach companies you want to work with, small businesses, local businesses, or set up CPM ads (IE Google).
  • 17. Know your value
    • Your blog is work-whether it's paid or not.
    • Know what you want to get out of your work.
    • Keeping in mind what your blog is, and your audience will inform every decision you make about earning money.
  • 18. PR Etiquette
    • Always respond with an email to PR pitches.
    • If you agree to something, make sure you follow through. If you can not fulfill your obligation email the PR person.
    • Remember not every contact has funding-many can only offer information and product samples.
    • Maintain relationships through followup emails,on twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • 19. Thank You!