TPC Spring 2012 Newsletter


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This newsletter is packed with tips and ideas to help you and your advisory business.

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TPC Spring 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. Follow usTel: 519-576-2262 Spring 2012 If you would prefer an email Tips and ideas for your business.A Client Success story... 2012 Marks the 10th Anniversary “Now I feel like I will be nothing but successful! for The TPC helped me with my confidence, talked me through Personal what I was doing and showed me how to improve.” Coach! Kris Dureau, CFP, CHS Latest News Insurance and Retirement Specialist at Marlatt Ltd., started his financial services business 2.5 years ago. & Events The Personal Coach is pleased to announce that we are presenting at the IFB Summit.The Personal Coach Interview to educate myself as much as I could but I would IFB Torontowith Kris Dureau, CFP, CHS get sidetracked easily and was losing direction. I November 6-7, 2012 was trying to do everything and I needed someone IFB CalgaryAs an advisor you are in business for yourself to help me streamline my focus. I needed help November 20, 2012and your firm. So why is it so difficult to grow with clearing out the “noise” that was taking me We will discuss effectiveand succeed by yourself? You are working in your away from what I should be focusing on. I didn’t marketing strategies to putbusiness every day so it can be difficult to step want to be making costly mistakes.back and problem solve. This is when it helps to your practice a step above thehave a third party in your corner – a coach that TPC: What were the top techniques you learned rest in this competitive market.can listen and guide you. when working with a coach? Dureau, Insurance and Retirement Specialist Kris: One of the biggest things TPC taughtat Marlatt Ltd., started his own me to have was structure and Webinars 50 RECOGNITIONfinancial services business 2.5 years process (from a client phone call We are offering bothago. Kris is a great example of how 44,000 to implementation). We really complimentary and pricedcoaching can significantly impact your 40 focused on that and it helped monthly webinars. Thesebusiness. His recognition credits went me increase my confidence. webinars will be facilitated byfrom 16,000 to 44,000 in 2011, 2.8 YEAR I have more control with my our coaches as well as some 30 2011 clients now. Each client and eachtimes more than the previous year special guest speakers. Checkand his income tripled! As for 2012, solution is different; however, out our home page at the 20Kris is already more than half way 16,000 with a sound process I can carry bottom of the left column forto surpassing his 2011 results after out my business consistently and a full list of topics. Email us at 10only the first quarter. Read on for his confidently. Also, I learned how confidence@thepersonalcoach.interview with TPC. to ask for referrals as part of 0 ca to sign up and save yourTPC: What were the challenges INCOME TRIPLED my process. Before, asking for spot today! referrals was difficult. Now I’myou were faced with when you were extremely confident in asking for them and I getreferred to The Personal Coach? more referrals than ever before. I also learned howKris: I had left a large insurance company and to focus my efforts on what was mostthe initial training was quite helpful. However,after that I really felt like I was on my own. I tried Continued on page 2
  2. 2. important and not waste my time on the day to do you really know until you have someone elseday administration. looking into it? The rewards are huge.TPC: With the help of a coach, what have you TPC: Do you think working with a coach fromdiscovered about yourself and your business? The Personal Coach is a good idea for someoneKris: As tough as this business can be fairly new in the business?sometimes, I’m confident and feel I have the Kris: Yes. When you work with a lot of people,proper resources. Now I feel like I will be you have directors and managers there to helpnothing but successful! TPC helped me with my but it’s a biased internal opinion. With a coach,confidence, talked me through what I was doing you have someone in your corner. A coachand showed me how to improve. Issues that sees other practices and they see other ways ofseemed like a big deal became less of a problem. making things work. Things are tough when you Articles first start out. When I was having a rough time I Our team writes articles forTPC: What would you say to someone whois hesitant to look into customized one-on-one had a coach to listen to my concerns. My coach every month.coaching? would give me a pep talk to help me build my Most recent articles have been confidence. written by April-Lynn Levitt,Kris: I just referred TPC to a friend of mine. Fortunato Restagno andHe is very successful but I said to him, if you do To speak to a coach to get started today, please Kelly Weichel. Search theirwhat you always do, you will get what you always email us at names and let us know whatgot. You may think you are successful but how you think! New Affiliate The Personal Coach has teamed up with Jim Ruta, Performance Consultant for financial advisors in the Art of High Performance. Jim Ruta has been in the financial services industry since age 22. He led Canada’s largest When you dial their number, have a goal in Jim Ruta mind and be flexibleThe 5 Minute Phone CallA Simple Idea to Get Prospects to Return Your Call or EmailIt can be challenging to get a hold of prospects. The best approach is to request a shortphone call. It’s much easier to get a “yes” when you aren’t asking for too much of their time.You can have a productive prospect phone call without overdoing it. Bill Cates, President ofReferral Coach International, has it down to 5 minutes!Here is a Summary: agency at the time, with moreMinute 1 - Acknowledge the referral source, their relationship, and perhaps why the source than 250 employees. Jimthought this would be a valuable call for the prospect. is now the author of fourMinutes 2-4 - Ask them a few questions. Hopefully your referral source told you one or two books and a contributor tothings of importance in their life and your products and services can have a positive impact in online and offline magazinesthose areas. This will help stimulate further conversation. around the world. Jim is aMinute 5 - Suggest next steps - When you dial their phone number, have a next step goal in mind Million Dollar Round Tableand be ready to be flexible (e.g. setting up a longer meeting or in-person meeting). Main Platform Alumni. His high-energy, high-contentFor the full excerpt on The 5 Minute Phone Call, email For more information presentations have highlightedregarding the Referral Coach Solution, please visit or email info@referralcoach.comfor more information on how to get quick tips on improving your practice through more and better referrals. Continued on page 3tel: 519-576-2262
  3. 3. Creating top sales of leadership programs around the world.the Ultimate He can inspire any audience.Website For more information onDriving Your Online Jim Ruta please visit his websitePresence at www.jimruta.comA website design is oneof the most important Social Mediamarketing and branding Mistakestools you can have. You Make the most of your socialmay use social media or media marketingprint materials, but they Social Media has changedalways lead your audience the way organizations andback to your website. It’s individuals communicate.what your audience uses to 5. Prove You’re the Expert As an advisor, you can’tqualify you and eventually contact you. On your home page include information that predict the exact time thatHere are some handy tips to create the positions you as knowledgeable and helpful. your prospects are ready tobest website for your business. Offer tips or ideas or a professional video. commit. All you can do is1. Know Your Audience Offer links to other helpful websites.All the clients we coach have had the most 6. Quality Content with Key Wordssuccess when they identify who they do their Provide high-quality content. Don’tbest work with and then focus on that market. compromise. Well written content will attractIf you aren’t targeting anyone you are wasting more visitors. Make sure you provide youryour time marketing to too many people. website design company with key words to2. Create a Stimulating and help people find you (e.g. your services, team Unique Brand members, community involvement to nameYou don’t want to blend into the crowd and be a few).forgotten. Building a unique and stimulating 7. Use Google Analyticsbrand that tells a compelling story may be the This is a great service that allows you to seebest investment an advisor can make. Hire a how many people have visited your site andprofessional that knows the science of brand also when and what they are viewing. If you aredevelopment, knows your industry and can doing any type of promotions, articles, emailbuild a brand for your business and budget. campaigns or social media, it will help you make sure you are constantly3. Get to the Point determine if that strategy is leading people to present so you are always topReaders don’t want to spend a lot of time your site. of mind. Here are the topgoing through your website. They’ll scan it for 8. Call to Action mistakes people make withsomething that catches their interest. So your social media. This is the most important part of yourhome page should quickly communicate why website. Create a call to action. It could be a 1. You only use one typeyou do what you do, what you do and for who. free consultation that gives exceptional value. of social media.The use of images and compelling headings It could be telling people how to get started Leveraging is key. You cancan help hit the mark. or discussing a hot topic. It could also be an link most of your social4. Put Your Links in Groups on-line check list, application or questionnaire media outlets together andFor easy navigation, categorize your links under for potential prospects to fill out. The options they will all help to send out3 headings (in this order): are endless. a more effective message to your connections. You don’t (i) Links about your firm There are so many features that can be added need to use every outlet. (e.g. About Us, Our Team) to your website. If you are starting out or Choose what makes the most (ii) Links about your services are re-doing your website you don’t need to sense for your business. (e.g. What We Offer, How We Help) do everything at once. Start off with what’s important. 2. You don’t have time. (iii) Information links For more information about website development Initially putting yourself (e.g. Newsletters, Articles) or our MasterPoint™ Branding services for “on the map” won’t cut it. advisors, email Continued on page 4 tel: 519-576-2262
  4. 4. Productivity Tip For example, in the Time for a Clean Sweep! Twitter world if you aren’t participating or providing The concept of “work-life balance” is on the value to people, they may stop minds of many people as we try to juggle our following you. Remember you multiple roles at work, home and in our need to stay in the mind of community. A recent article in the the prospect. Globe and Mail, written by Barbara 3. You only promote Moses, advises against trying to achieve yourself. a perfect balance. She tells people instead to focus on what is most There is such a thing as social important at the time and accept media etiquette and your connections will quickly getSocial Media Marketing that we may be out of balance annoyed if you are simplyThe Personal Coach now offers a package sometimes. advertising your our clients including: When coaching, we Social media is a sharing• Social Media Assessment use a simple tool called platform to provide value. (Current vs. Future Analysis) “The Clean Sweep” that Marketing yourself indirectly• nitial Roll Out or, if Already Existing, I can help you identify where by sharing will be more a Clean Up you are out of balance. This effective. questionnaire has you rate different 4. You think social media• ocial Media Training S aspects of your life in 4 areas: physical is a trend. It’s not part ofWe also offer a monthly package, where environment, health and emotional balance, your marketing strategy.TPC will manage your social media for you. money and relationships. You rate yourself on statements like, “My weight is in the ideal If you don’t plan, how canFor more information on our full package, please range” and “I am consistently or easily on you effectively execute? Aemail time.” social media plan should be in place as part of yourPIECE OF MIND You then track the areas that need work over marketing plan. Determine the next 90 days or next 365 days. This breaks your goals and which tools what can seem overwhelming into bite-sized will be most effective for your chunks which are easier to handle and keeps business. Also, plan what you motivated. You may not have a completely information you are going “balanced” life, but incremental improvements to share with your followers. can help reduce your stress and increase the Your social media needs to be feeling of control in your life. updated everyday so careful thought needs to go into this by Fortunato Restagno If you would like a copy of this tool, email strategy. Personal Phrase of the Day “You can’t just ask customers what Follow us they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.” Steve Jobs Job interview in progress Tel: 519-576-2262 Email: