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Photobucket Powerpoint Assignment for CIS100 Kelly Jarvis
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Photobucket Powerpoint Assignment for CIS100 Kelly Jarvis


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Getting Started with Photobucket

Getting Started with Photobucket

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  • 1. BY: K E L LY J A RV I S
  • 2. WHAT IS PHOTOBUCKET? Photobucket is an Image and Video Hosting website. You can also create slideshows and Share your media.  Founded in 2003 Alex Welch and Darren Crystal received funding from Trinity Venues. It was then acquired in 2007 by Fox Interactive Media.
  • 3. FEATURES Upload Images and Pictures from your Computer, Smartphone, Web and Digital Camera. Create New Pictures, Images, Slideshows and Much more with your Pictures. Store All your Images for life with Photobucket. Share all your best pictures, images, graphics, icons, and videos, then share them by email or link them to your favorite websites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • 4. HOW TO REGISTER FOR A FREE PHOTOBUCKET ACCOUNT 1. Go to 2. Fill in the form. 3. Choose “No Thanks”, to get your free account. 4. Start Enjoying Facebook and all of its Features!
  • 5. CREATING YOUR FIRST ALBUM How to Create your First Album: 1. Sign into your Photobucket Account.2. Click on the down arrow next to the words "All Albums" and then on "All Albums" when the sub-menu pops up. 3. Click the words "Create new albums“ 4. Enter a title and description for you album and then click on "Create album“ 5. Customize and Share your Album with others!
  • 6. UPLOADING IMAGESLearn How to Upload Images by watching the Video Below:
  • 7. EDITING IMAGES By selecting an Image and clicking the “Edit” Tab, you can use Photobucket’s extensive editing tools to edit your photos and videos. Use Some of the Basic Editing tools to edit your images like Crop, Fix Red-Eye, Resize, Contrast, Flip. Photobucket also offers many other editing tools you can use like Decorate, Effects, Animations and much more. With these Editing Tools you can draw on your pictures, add color’s, add stickers, clipart and all around change the look and feel of your Photo to suit your *After editing with Photobucket* liking.*Before editing with Photobucket*
  • 8. GENERATING A SLIDESHOW Learn how to create a Slideshow using Photobucket in the video below:
  • 9. WANT TO SHARE YOUR MEDIA?You can share individual photos, videos, and slideshows, or share entire albums: On social networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) On blogging sites like By email By sending link codes via IM, MMS, or any other method.
  • 10. PHOTOBUCKET ON YOUR PHONE  Snapbucket lets you snap a picture, edit it, and share with friends; all from your mobile phone! Its the easiest way to style a picture YOUR way and share it with Photobucket, or to Facebook & Twitter.Android App Iphone App Blackberry App
  • 11. EXPLORE AND ENJOY Now that you know more about Photobucket you can Explore Photobucket more in depth yourself and Enjoy!