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iPhone Error 23 occurs when an iDevice user tries to restore iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This error code indicates that iDevice is unable to enter into restore mode. The users receive following error message on their device screens:

The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (23).

Follow the solution steps given below to resolve this error amicably.

Install latest version of iTunes:

iPhone error 23 can be resolve by installing latest version of iTunes.
·Type the below mentioned URL in your browser’s address bar /download/
· File download window will appear | Click Download button
·Download latest version of iTunes and install it

Restart iDevice in DFU mode and then restore:

Restarting iDevice in DFU mode can resolve the iPhone error 23.
· Open iTunes and then connect your iPhone to computer through USB cable
· Press Home and Sleep/Wake button at the same time for 10 seconds
· Now hold the Home button and stop holding Sleep/Wake button
· You will see a window saying “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode”
· Now press Ok button and you will see a blank screen
· You are in DFU (Device Firmware Mode)

Take backup and restore iPhone:

You are required to take backup and restore iPhone in DFU mode to iPhone resolve error 23.
· Go to left column of iTunes to select iPhone
· Right-click iPhone, you will see a pop-up menu
· Select Back Up from options
· Wait a while until iPhone fully backed up
· Now right-click iPhone from Devices menu
· Select “Restore from Backup” from the menu
· Complete restoration will repair iPhone error 23

Update router and/or modem firmware:
Check your router and/or modem firmware. You are required to update your router or modem firmware if it is out-of-date. Download the latest version of firmware from manufacturer web site and install it to resolve iPhone error 23.

Run Diagnostics to know the exact issue:
PC contains a built-in feature of diagnostics to check connections and generate reports. You are required to run diagnostic to know the exact issue if all the above mentioned solutions would not work for you.

· Close all active programs and Open iTunes
· Go to Help menu and select Run Diagnostics
· Check the Network Connectivity Tests is selected if yes then click Next
· There will be two test options as mentioned below
· Network connectivity test & iTunes connectivity test
· Perform both tests
· After completion of tests you will see status light next to each test
· Green light means no issues were found
· Red and yellow light means an issue with test

Note: Network connectivity test will give you results based on the status of your computer network hardware and software. iTunes connectivity test will give you results based on internet connectivity and connectivity to the iTunes store.

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How To Fix Error 23 iPhone, iPad, iPod

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