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  • 1. “BECOME THEC.E.O. OF Y.O.U” April 5, 2011 Presented by Kelly Green
  • 2. What Is A PersonalBrand?? WHO do you serve? WHAT do you do best? WHY do you do what you do? HOW are you going to establish yourself as the EXPERT?
  • 3. Why You Need A PersonalBrand As An Entrepreneur PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE! Establish expert status & credibility in your niche Attract Your Ideal Client Delivers a Consistent Message Makes an Emotional Connection With the Audience YOU ARE THE PRODUCT YOU’RE SELLING!
  • 4. Top 5 Mistakes ofNew Entrepreneurs1. Trying to cater to everyone2. Going with “What’s Hot” and not being true to you3. Being too “me” centered4. Inconsistent marketing messages5. Not knowing the problem your audience has
  • 5. 1st Question to Ask YourselfWho do I serve?
  • 6. How to Define Your Niche (This is the #1 reason you’re NOT attracting your ideal client!) Look for a hungry market What problem does you’re your product or service solve What are the benefits you provide *** Remember: Your audience is buying the benefits you provide
  • 7. What is the Problem Within Your NicheWhat are competitors doing wrongWhat makes you special to yournicheHow are you going to do it betterthan your competition
  • 8. Solve the Problem What is Your Compelling Offer?!
  • 9. Learn More onHow to Become the C.E.O of Y.O.U (Chief Executive Officer of Your Own Uniqueness)
  • 11. Lesson #1BLUEPRINT What are people saying about you Is it in-line with how you want to “show up” Identify the goal for your BRAND What are your passions & purpose How can you monetize the two
  • 12. Lesson #2RECOGNIZE, REMOVE, REFRAME Adopt The Entrepreneur Mindset Overcome the underlying “fear” keeping you from taking positive action Recognize & Remove the “gremlins Reframe your negative thought patterns
  • 13. Lesson #2ASSESS Clarify Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) What is the competition offering Refine your unique offerings to line up with what your target audience needs
  • 14. Lesson #3NICHE Identify a problem within your niche How are you uniquely qualified to “solve” that problem Define ways to connect with your niche that will establish you as the “go-to” person
  • 15. Lesson #3DELIVER Your irresistible, compelling offer on a grand scale Identify best practices for reaching your target market Consistently deliver value and quality content Convert!
  • 16. B.R.A.N.D.SUCCESS SYSTEM http:insiderbrandingsecrets.com/ brandsuccess/ APRIL 26th – MAY 17th Only $197!!!