A Vision for the Toledo Museum of Art


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At the American Alliance of Museum's annual meeting in Seattle, WA, Director Brian Kennedy, Associate Director Amy Gilman and Chief Operating Officer Carol Bintz presented the vision for the Toledo Museum Art.

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A Vision for the Toledo Museum of Art

  1. 1. A Vision for the Toledo Museum of Art Brian P. Kennedy, Director Amy Gilman, Associate Director Carol Bintz, COO
  2. 2. Toledo Museum of Art Monroe Street Façade, 1912
  3. 3. We receive up to 90% of our information with our eyes.
  4. 4. Everything we see is an image
  6. 6. VISUAL LITERACY The ability to read, comprehend, and write visual language.
  7. 7. It is the key sensory literacy. We must teach it. VISUAL LITERACY
  8. 8. Baby Tours and Toddler Tours School Tours TEACHING VISUAL LITERACY
  9. 9. Using Visual Literacy to Engage School Tour Audiences 13 TMA School Tours
  10. 10. TMA Docent-led Tours In the past 12 months: Over 115 volunteer docents led over 1,000 tours for over 11,500 K-12 Students 14
  11. 11. 16 #1 Attraction in Toledo -Trip Advisor “Best Institution to Show Off” -Toledo City Paper “America’s Favorite Art Museum” -Tyler Green, Modern Art Notes, ArtInfo.com “Best Art Classes” -Toledo City Paper TMA Highlights
  12. 12. On-Site Attendance Metropolitan Statistical Area Toledo Museum of Art 371,866 651,429 57.1% Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 1,210,980 4,552,402 26.6% Indianapolis Museum of Art 369,163 1,756,241 21% Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art 412,574 2,035,334 20.3% Walker Art Center 588,677 3,279,833 17.9% San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 635,636 4,335,391 14.7% Dallas Museum of Art 498,200 6,371,773 7.8% On-Site Attendance | MSA Figures, 2010
  13. 13. Solar Canopy Off the Grid
  14. 14. The Toledo Museum of Art has launched vislit.org, a website about Visual Literacy.
  15. 15. The 2014 International Visual Literacy Association Conference The Art of Seeing: From Ordinary to Extraordinary November 5–8, 2014 Toledo Museum of Art Image Credit: John T. Hrosko
  16. 16. November 2014 TMA hosts the 47th International Visual Literacy Association Conference 21
  17. 17. All our activity must involve art. Our people are our best asset. Integrate art into people’s lives. Always seek to add value. Plan, implement, evaluate. Money follows good ideas. Create an environment that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion. Design Principles
  18. 18. Typical Art Museum: Purposeful / Intentional Collections Audiences Resources Purpose
  19. 19. TMA Model: Activity Based Collections Audiences Intellectual Property Activity Art Staff Buildings Funds Knowledge Expertise Experiences
  20. 20. Methods of Leading Change: • John Kotter’s 8 stages • Strategy | Structure | Staffing • Polishing the Gem • Use Traffic Light System: Stop | Start | Continue • Quality Control • Plan | Implement | Evaluate
  21. 21. 26 Establish a sense of urgency Form a powerful guiding coalition Create a vision Communicate the vision Empower others to act on the vision Plan for and create short-term wins Consolidate Improvements and produce more change Institutionalize new approaches 8 Steps To Successful Change -John Kotter
  22. 22. 27 Successful Teams Competing Values 1.Create 2.Compete 3.Control 4.Collaborate Performance Management Predictive Index - all staff, all recruits Hire Smilers Methodology to Create Teams
  23. 23. STAFF RESTRUCTURING Form Follows Function
  24. 24. Curatorial Registration Exhibitions Visual Resources Publications Library Rights + Reproduction Archives Conservation Docent Program Family Center Teacher Resources Public Classes Public Programs Community Outreach Educational Media Finance Facilities Museum Store Culinary Services Security Utilities + Grounds HR Glass Studio Special Events IT Grant writing Major Donors Planned Giving Business Council President’s Council Director’s Circle Promotional Publications Press Relations Social Media Marketing Internal and External Communications Membership Visitor Services Graphic Design Expanding Access to Collections Teaching Visual Literacy Increasing Visibility Developing Museum Assets Working with Artists Director Associate Director Senior Curator Executive Assistant Strategic Objectives Chief Operating Officer Chief Curator Director of Education Director of Development Director of Marketing and Communications BoardofDirectors Organizational Structure: July 2011 We are structured to deliver our Strategic Objectives across all departments.
  25. 25. Objectives 2011-2012 Each Objective will be lead by a member or members of the senior staff, who are responsible for overseeing all activities for that Objective. 31
  26. 26. Strategy Development | 2012 Museum Director Chief Operating Officer Associate Director Strategic Objectives 32
  27. 27. Executive Team: January 2013 COO Chief Systems Officer CFO Facilities Director Director of Education Chief Curator Senior Curator Head of Engage- ment Group Associate Director
  28. 28. Organizational Chart: January 2013 Board of Directors Director Resources/ COO Finance Assistant Controller Special Events Retail Tech/AV Equip TSO Human Resources Management /Training HRIS/Payroll Protective Services Volunteers Development Dev Coordinator Asst Director Membership/ Visitor Services Facilities Maintenance Grounds Utility Asst Manager/ Capital Projects Information Asst Systems Officer Systems Analyst Asst Network /Software Management Head Librarian 2 PST assistants for area Fellows/ Assistants Content Engagement/ Assoc Director Chief Curator Curators Conservator Visual Literacy Docents Outreach/ Family Center Assistant Director Visitor Engagement Exhibitions/ Publications Glass Studio Interpretation & Editing Design Studio Communications Social Media PR & PI 2 PST assistants for area 34
  29. 29. Information Group Chief Systems Officer Assistant Systems Officer/ Registrar Associate Registrar Art handlers Union staff Database Manager Database/Archives Manager Library Cataloguer and Museum data entry Asst. for Network and Software Management Museum Systems Analyst Head Librarian Circulation Staff 35
  30. 30. Staff Restructure: Executive Team COO Chief Informati- on Officer CFO Facilities Director Director of Education Chief Curator Senior Curator Head of Visitor Engage- ment Associate Director Assistant Director Mellon Fellows March 2014
  31. 31. Director ResourcesContent Visual Literacy Development Campus Finance People Systems Collections Communications Education Engagement Exhibitions
  33. 33. Budgeting by Objective Strategy Support = Funding • Increasing Visibility • Teaching Visual Literacy • Working with Artists • Developing Museum Assets • Expanding Access to the Collection 39
  34. 34. Budgeting by Objective Resource Allocation • People submit budgets based on achievement of objectives • Resource allocation based upon needs to achieve objectives • People • Money • Equipment • Facilities • Intellectual Property 40
  35. 35. Focus on Objectives • Funding Follows Planning • Action Plans Created – State resources needed and how objective is supported – Resource allocation based upon needs to achieve objectives • Staff: who and how many • Equipment and space needs • Deadlines for achievement • Project manager with responsibility and accountability for results 41
  36. 36. Work Space Design Exposure to Natural Light Adjacencies Open work areas Gathering Space Energy Efficiency 42
  37. 37. 44 Result: Energy Savings Practical: Lights, motors, VFD’s Micro- Turbines added Solar added
  38. 38. May 2013: TMA Goes Off the Grid 5/13/13 8 am 12 pm 5 pm Off The Grid
  39. 39. It’s a Work In Progress 2010–15: Strategy / Structure / Staffing 2015–20: Strategy / Structure / Staffing
  40. 40. Questions or Comments? Ideas or Thoughts?