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Full Manual for the EZSwimmer Product

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EZSwimmer Instruction Manual

  1. 1. EZ Swimmer® Instruction Guide Congratulations on your purchase of the Ultimate Water Workout™, the world’s finest multi-functional aquatic OUR GUARANTEE resistance training (water calisthenics), aptly named the EZ Swimmer®. American Son Products, Inc. (ASP) is American Son Products, Inc. is proud of this state-of-the- very proud to present this innovative water calisthenics art product aptly name the EZ Swimmer® because it allows tool. To give you maximum benefit, we have provided you to exercise in the water without getting sensitive areas this short guide to serve as a starting point. Within this of your face in the water. The ASP Team has designed the guide, the ASP Team has provided information about EZ Swimmer® specifically to help you exercise, to add re- the product, about your heart rate and water exercise, sistance to your aquatic training program and to allow you the benefits of resistance training and also two varia- tions on one of our most popular exercise movements, to effectively target your optimum heart rate. This Instruc- the Seated Balance. Combine this instruction guide tion Guide is provided to you as a starting point for the very with our Exercise Poster and you now have over 7 dif- best aquatic resistance exercise program available. Com- ferent exercises. That’s plete satisfaction is guaranteed. If for any reason, you are just the beginning! Many not completely satisfied, please return the product within other exercises are also 30 days for a full refund. See our return policies for more possible with this innova- details. tive tool. Consult your per- sonal trainer for other beneficial exercises. Like American Son Products, Inc. is pleased to bring this fine all sports, exercise is a skill product to you and we love hearing from you. Please con- and best accomplished un- tact us and share your experiences with us. der the direction and guid- ance of a personal trainer. This instruction guide is not meant to be comprehen- EZSwimmer.com sive; it is meant merely as a starting point. 1.877.4EZ.SWIM Exercise does more than just help you look good. It alleviates stress, elevates mood, improves the qual- EZ Swimmer® ity of your sleep, enhances your overall health. The Ultimate Water Workout!™ 124 ©2007 American Son Products, Inc.
  2. 2. EZ Swimmer® PERSONAL SAFETY REMINDERS • Always consult with a physician before attempt- A Soft, Comfortable and Safe ing or engaging in this or any new exercise pro- Aquatic Resistance Tool! gram. • Resistance exercises carry inherent risks, good The EZ Swimmer® is proudly manufactured in the posture prevents injuries. USA. Through our innovative manufacturing process • Always put safety first. the EZ Swimmer® is formed from injection molding to provide a single • The makers of this product are not responsible piece of self-skinning marine foam. for injury caused during the application of these ex- With your complete comfort in ercises. mind, this foam is the softest in • This product is an aquatic resistance tool. As the industry and is non-latex. with all tools, skill is required. You are encouraged to establish your exercise routine in conjunction The EZ Swimmer® has been with a Personal Trainer. specifically engineered for: • As with all stretching exercises, closely monitor • Toning your muscles your body. without impact on your If working with a physical therapist, please consult joints. that individual prior to attempting any exercises. • Targeting your heart rate. • Keeping sensitive areas of Helpful Hints for Safety: your face/head above the • Dont hold your breath during resistance exer- water. cises. Doing so could affect your blood pressure. • Use smooth, steady movements at all times. The EZ Swimmer® effectively combines Avoid jerking or thrusting movements. the buoyancy of the water and the resis- • Avoid locking the joints of your arms and legs tance/displacement of the water with into a strained position. Breathe in as you exert your body weight for a truly customized and breathe out on the return movement. workout. • Muscle soreness lasting a few days and slight Proudly Made in the USA fatigue are normal after muscle building or resis- tance exercises. Fun is what makes the difference between a pro- gram that gets off track and program that lasts. Never ignore pain. Exercising with proper posture should not cause pain. 232
  3. 3. ® EZ SwimmerWhile Away: Hotel Access The World’s Finest Resistance Training Tool Resistance training is the core workout of every elite athlete. American Son Products, Inc. has received Resistance training builds muscles. Muscles create energy. Aquatic resistance training programs are finally coming of age with the intro-many requests to create an inflatable EZ Swim- duction of the world’s finest aquatic training tool – the EZ Swimmer.mer® for use while traveling. We have resisted Yes, there are severaldue to the fact that inflatable products pose aquatic training tools outsignificant safety problems. More important, in the marketplace. What makes the EZinflatable aquatic devices do not provide the ® Swimmer better? Be-same level of buoyancy and comfort as the cause it is multi-durable closed cell foam. functional. All in one small buoyant tool, the For your convenience, we reccommend ® EZ Swimmer allowscontacting your hotel you to flatten your ab-concierge prior to your dominal muscles, build your biceps, and targetstay and explaining your your heart rate.fitness needs. The hotel EZ Swimmer® provides you with a customized aquatic work-concierge’s main function ® out. EZ Swimmer is the fitness companion that brings together youris to address your needs body weight, the buoyancy of the water combined with the resistance ®and will make the of this buoyant tool. Many users now count upon the EZ Swimmernecessary arrangement if to tone and sculpt their muscles thus mimicking the resistance train- ing the elite athletes and bodybuilders have done for decades onthe needed fitness tools land. How is this accomplished? Building muscle is created with re-are not currently available. ® sistance, as an aquatic resistance tool, the EZ Swimmer is unparal- leled for its resistance and displacement of the water. And unlike Arthritis suffers can ® other products, the EZ Swimmer is comfortable and multi-functional.benefit from water Push ups with this advanced aquatic resistance tool are comfortablecalisthenics. The EZ because your wrists are no longer bent. When you push the EZ ® ® Swimmer down into the water, you will note that the ergonomic de-Swimmer helps sign allows for more pressure. Why? Because you have a greaterstrengthen muscles that support our joints. transfer of energy with the comfortable grip and not bending your wrists. The EZ Swimmer® makes so much sense for water The EZ Swimmer® was designed by a biomedical exericse, quickly it will become as common as engineer and sized specifically for adult fitness rooms and internet access in your hotel. water exercise. 322
  4. 4. 2 Minutes for You™ EZ Swimmer® - Is it a Kickboard, We were trained as Barbell, or an Aquatic Balance Ball? children to wash our face, Yes, the EZ Swimmer® is all of these things and more! brush our teeth and comb The EZ Swimmer® is a multi-functional aquatic calisthenics our hair every morning. tool—made specifically to add resistance to your water workout. And yet, the 640 muscles As a result, to describe the EZ Swimmer® as a float is mislead- in the human body are ing because it demands movement. completely ignored in the morning and sometimes the entire day. • Stretching should not hurt. • Hold each stretch for 10-30 seconds. • Your muscles need to be warm. Reminders: Never Stretch unless you have warmed up. American Son Products, Inc. challenges you to take 2 Minutes for You™ a challenge to While buoyant, ASP’s Team of biomedical engineers set dedicate just 2 minutes every morning to your out to create a multi-functional training tool that demands move- muscles. ment in order to properly work the muscles of the body. Note: Your muscles need to be The EZ Swimmer® was specifically designed and sized to make adult exercise easier; it is not designed to replace warm, jog in place or do jumping swimming. ASP firmly believes that swimming is an essential jacks for 1 minute before attempt- life skill. Imagine experiencing the same value of land calisthen- ing any stretching exercises. ics right in the water. Stretching is a vital part of any exercise program. Muscles The EZ Swimmer® is water calisthenics at its very that are stretched properly on a consistent basis are more best and makes a great addition for resistance train- flexible and less prone to injury. Hold each stretch to a point ing both for master swimmers and water aerobics. of mild tension for 10-30 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times. 214
  5. 5. INVEST IN YOURSELF Your health is your most valuable asset While the EZ Swimmer® has Water Calisthenics – At Its Best! been very popular as a gift, it is important to remember to Calisthenics by definition uses a invest in yourself. Exercise person’s own body weight for the purpose of must be a priority and only building strength, power and balance. By you can invest the time and adding water and an EZ Swimmer® to this effort. equation, the effectiveness of your workout is Stay the Course - If you enhanced. The displacement of the water are beginning this aquatic resistance program with the and the buoyancy of the EZ Swimmer® allow EZ Swimmer® with the goal of losing weight, please be you to exercise and tone more effectively conscious of the fact that as you build muscle, initially while greatly reducing stress on muscles and you will gain weight. Don’t panic, stay the course. Build- joints. Clearly the EZ Swimmer® is an impact- ing muscle creates energy and this added energy will free workout that has a dramatic impact on help you achieve your goals. Research states that for each pound of muscle gained, we burn an additional 35 your health and body! to 50 calories a day. Resistance training offers the quick- est results for weight loss and/or body sculpting; aquatic resistance training (water calisthenics) offers the same benefits – only without the impact on your joints! Remember, success is comprised of 80% follow- through. Consistency is the key. Treat your training time the same as your other responsibilities. Set a date and time and stick to it. Never miss a scheduled work- out. Your body will thank you and in the long run you will have more energy, sleep better and a better mental out- Need further guidance? Consider investing in a personal trainer. A quality personal trainer can provide: • Motivation - To Keep Going. • Goal Setting - To Take You to the Next Level. • Achieve Your Goals Quicker, Easier and Injury Free. Exercise does more than just help you look good. It alleviates stress, elevates mood, improves the quality The EZ Swimmer® will tone your abs, biceps and of your sleep, enhances your overall health. core easily right in the water! 520
  6. 6. Build Your Biceps™ (Water Push-Ups/Downs): For years push-ups have been the benchmark of fitness. Now, for the first time ever, this basic exercise movement is available to you in the water. The ergonomic design of the EZ Swimmer® affords a comfortable grip, its flat surface allows for excellent water displacement and, with close to 2 pounds of buoyancy, this small tool takes advantage of your own body weight for a truly customized exercise. Besides customizing your push-ups with your own weight in the water, the EZ Swimmer® also allows for a better transfer of energy transmission from your arms and chest; far better than the old fashion version that required your wrist to be bent – safer and more comfortable too. Directions: Locate a shallow area in your pool. Place the EZ Swimmer® sculpted side up; grip the EZ Swimmer® on each side. Position your body diagonally as you would for the land version of push-ups while keeping your back straight. Posture is important, don’t hyperextend your neck or your back. TIP: It may be helpful to turn your head to one side in order to keep your neck straight. Inhale and count 1,2 as you move the EZ Swimmer® deeper into the water; exhale and count 1,2,3,4 as you slowly return the fitness tool. Repeat these steps, Count and Track Your Repetitions. Don’t allow a bounce return and remember your goal is a slow controlled movement. The slower your movement, the greater the toning and sculpt- ing effects; remember you are in control. The military and sports coaches are correct, push-ups are the best exercise for toning your upper body. Land Adaptation Wall/Vertical Push-ups: No swimming pool access? Try the Build Your Biceps™ exercise with your EZ Swimmer® on your wall for wall/vertical push-ups. Limited wall space? – try the re- frigerator door. Another great benefit - NO BENT WRISTS FOR PUSH-UPS! 196
  7. 7. Seated Balance™ Move- ment-Variation 2: As you use the EZ Swimmer® you will quickly learn that if you don’t Bobbing Movement move, the EZ Swimmer® will move away from you. EZ Swimmer’s unique Another variation of the Seated ergonomic design comfortably allows push-ups, sit-ups, and Seated Bal- Balance™ exercise* is the Bob- ance ™ exercises – all right in the water. For sample exercise diagrams and instructions be sure to review our Exercise Poster. bing Movement which allows you to continue to work on your bal- ance. Because this movement en- gages both your arms and legs, it makes an excellent warm-up exercise. Much like the bi- cycle movement, this variation has the preliminary qualifi- cation that you have effectively mastered the Seated Bal- ance™ exercise movement. For proper posture, please see our posters that diagram both the wrong and the correct body positioning. Directions: This movement may be used in shallow or deep water. Place the EZ Swimmer® sculpted side up un- derneath you as you would for the Seated Balance Move- ment. Sit comfortably and feel free to lean back as long as you remember to maintain that imaginary line between your ear and waist. Periodically, check your posture to make sure you are not hyper extending your neck or back. Once you have achieved your balance, place your legs straight out in front of you. Slowly bend your knees and bring your knees to your chest. At the same time as you are bringing your knees closer to your body, push your arms down in the water. Keep your arms as straight as possible. For the return movement, slowly straighten your legs while bringing your arms to the upper level of the water. Appropriately named EZ Swimmer®, this exercise tool *Advanced Movement allows you to exercise in the water without getting sensitive areas of your face and/or head directly in the water. The Seated Balance™ assumes the advanced de- The only part of the human body which is velopment and engagement of your abdominal not buoyant is our head. 718
  8. 8. Seated Balance™ Exercise – Variation 1: Bicycle Movement One variation of the Seated Balance™ exercise* is the Bicycle Movement which allows you to continue to work on balance and ton- ing of your legs in a fashion very similar to the bicycle. Yes, you can create your own aquatic bicycle. Remember the Seated Balance™ is an advanced movement. Once you have effectively mastered this skill, add the bicycle movement to your exercise routine and enjoy bicycling right in the water. The EZ Swimmer® makes a comfortable bicycle seat and effectively works on your balance at the same time. This movement, much like the Bobbing Movement, increases your heart rate and helps build cardiovascular strength. Directions: This movement may be executed in either shallow or deep water. Place the EZ Swimmer® sculpted side up; place the EZ Swimmer® underneath you as you would for the Seated Balance™ Movement. Sit comforta- bly and feel free to lean back as long as you remember to keep that imaginary line between your ears, shoulder and your waist. Periodically, check your posture to make sure you are not hyper extend- ing your neck or back. Once you have achieved your balance, slowly bend your knees and alternate moving your legs in a circular motion similar to riding a bicycle on land. The EZ Swimmer® is a great addition to your Abdominal crunches are just the beginning of a core water aerobics routine. strengthening program. Abdominal crunches set the foundation for a full core workout program. 178
  9. 9. EZ Swimmer® A Balance Ball for Water Calisthenics – At Its Best! the Water FLATTEN YOUR ABDOMINALS With our exclusive Your body is the most Train Your Abs Crunch™ using the soft and comfortable EZ Swim- miraculous invention on mer®. This exercise combined with the buoyancy of the water pre- earth. Natural balance, vents strain on your neck or back. for instance, is one of the many wonders. Sci- BUILD YOUR BICEPS Tone your bicep muscles with entists have proven that we can train the body aquatic push-ups. Use the natural buoyancy of water, the resis- to be more agile and to achieve greater bal- tance of the EZ Swimmer® combined with your own weight for com- ance through proper exercise. fortable and effective push-ups right in the water. Balance, besides being a basic skill, is needed in every sport. Balance also BUILD YOUR BALANCE Tone your core muscles and serves us well as we age by preventing inju- challenge your balance with our Seated Balance™ by using the EZ ries. As we age, we naturally lose this youth- Swimmer® just as you would an exercise ball on land. ful gift of balance. However, if we remain ac- tive we can increase and/or maintain our agil- ity or balance even as we age. TARGET YOUR TRICEP™ Even before you have mas- tered the advanced movement of the Seated Balance™, you can From golf to tennis to baseball to target your triceps muscles by using the EZ Swimmer® just as you football, quickly and efficiently changing our would a chair for triceps dips. center of gravity is critical to becoming or re- maining a great athlete. Actively challenging TARGET YOUR HEART RATE Tone your legs and in- crease your heart rate using the EZ Swimmer® as your bicycle in your balance while in the water will improve the water with the Seated Balance™ Bicycle Movement. Or for your agility. beginners, try our Cuddle Core™ exercise by simply hugging the soft fitness tool (sculpted side next to your body) and kick your feet. Instruction Tip: Keep your body in a di- Cuddle Core™ is more fun than water walking, lower impact and provides you with greater control for targeting your heart rate. agonal position with your knees always lower than your waist. This position best engages your core muscles. As in weight lifting, proper form is key to engaging the correct muscle groups. The Seated Balance™ offers the same great qualities of the balance ball — only better — in the water! 916
  10. 10. Proper Posture Counts! Our human anatomy is comprised of over 640 different muscles, the heart muscles being the larg- est and the most important. Our heart muscle is re- The foundation for a fit and healthy body is threefold sponsible for delivering both blood and oxygen - diet, exercise and good posture. Whenever we exercise, throughout our body. it is important to continuously review your body alignment. Bad posture is often the root cause of many injuries. Inju- If we target our heart rate, we will exercise ries and the resulting pain cause us to become sedentary most efficiently. After all, we would not bake a cake and often lead to weight gain and costly downtime from without a thermometer would we? So too, we are work and play. As my Grandfather’s doctor always ad- wasting our valuable time we do not target our heart vised, you don’t see many old people who are overweight. rate when we exercise. The most accurate way to Be good to your body and it will be good to you. Perfect target your heart rate is a treadmill test administered posture allows you to breathe more effectively, keeps your by a professional. internal organs in their proper place and helps you stay bal- anced. Remember safety first. All muscles in our body love exercise—and our heart muscle too! Bad posture is often the root cause of many injuries. An injury is not just painful but also time-consuming. Share your pool, Keen attention to proper posture will save you both time share your exercise time and money. Good posture is a comfortable alignment or a – team with a friend or straight line from your ears right down to your feet; your two for the greatest ex- ercise program ever! ears, shoulder, hips, knees and ankles all should be in alignment. When sitting, your ears, shoulder and hips should all be in alignment. You can lean back, just make Safety Note: Never sure you maintain that imaginary line between your ears swim alone. Invite a friend to exercise with and your hips. Your body has provided you with a natural you and you will auto- curve at two spots, your neck and your back. Picture an matically be safer but, imaginary vertical line and you will not only perform at your more importantly you will optimal level but also serve your body well to prevent in- look forward to your juries. swim fitness training. A great way to measure whether you are working too hard (and Reminder: Proper Posture is Critical— One of the “3 Nevers” actively targeting your heart rate) is by trying to carry on a is never hyper extending your neck or your back. conversation—if you cannot talk comfortably—you should dial back your workout. 1510
  11. 11. Team Fitness—Target Your Heart Rate with the Talk Test The EZ Swimmer® is a great exercise program for you and your friends. Why? Be- cause one way of gauging your exertion level is the talk test. The talk test is simply targeting your heart rate and seeking vigorous exercise up to a point where you can still carry on a conversation with a friend. . Exercise intelligently, target your heart rate. Water offers more than non-impact exercise, water alsoenables your heart to work more efficiently due to the uniquebuoyant quality of the water. When we exercise in the waterour heart beats 10-15 beats per minute lower than when weare on land. Water and its natural buoyancy removes the ef-fects of gravity upon our body. If you have been sedentary for several years, are over the age of 35, overweight, or have a history of heart disease in your family, consult first with your physician before beginning a fitness program. A sedentary individual has a higher risk of developing heart disease than someone that is obese, diabetic or has high blood pressures. 11 14
  12. 12. Wrong and Right Posture for Abs Crunch Wrong and Right Posture for Seated Balance Note Back is Rounded in Order to Best Engage the Abdominal Note Knees are Lower than Hips in Order to Best Engage the Core EZ Swimmer® EZ Swimmer® The Ultimate Water The Ultimate Water Workout!™ Workout!™ 1312