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Frontier Bed Ext

  1. 1. NISSAN FRONTIER SLIDING BED EXTENDER KIT #40575 (INSTRUCTIONS) The installation of this kit allows the bed extender to function with the roll-up cover kits #317 and #318 TOOLS NEEDED: a) #5 mm allen wrench b) #13 mm socket wrench c) T-20 torx wrench d) protective eyewear Remove bed extender from cage 1 from carriage brackets. Measure LOOSEN THESE CLIPS and record width of cage. Use #20 Torx to loosen retainer clips on tubes and pry loose. Then slide telescopic tubes together- to make extender narrower by 4 inches -from original width. Re- tighten torx bolts and set unit off to side. ILLUSTRATION 1 Remove carriage bracket by loos- 2 ening thumbwheel and sliding to front of box until assembly comes out of track system. Carriage Bracket ILLUSTRATION 2 PAGE 1 ©2008 Agri-Cover, Inc. All Rights Reserved Part No. 40539RevB 042508
  2. 2. Disassemble carriage bracket hardware and save existing pieces - except Carriage Replace both carriage brackets 3 Slide Block with short bolt -for reassembly as per diagram in Illustration 3. Insert 4 at front of box and slide to rear. new long bolt with lock washer into new metal slide block and tighten with jam nut. Mount bed extender to brackets. Then use new pieces with existing pieces and reassemble with 2 inch spacer tube as Make sure the stop block at rear shown. Tape spacer tube end plugs in place. Repeat procedure for carriage bracket of track is tight to prevent bed ex- on other side. tender from sliding too far back. Stop Spacer tube Block Existing carriage slide end plug block with short bolt is not used with this kit New jam nut Existing washer New square ILLUSTRATION 4 metal slide block New 8mm x 85mm Thumb wheel bolt with lock washer Rotate bed extender to set on tail- Existing nut 5 gate and adjust length of safety New bolt 5/16 x 3/4 Existing roller straps to fit tailgate latch. Check bed extender for proper operation New flat washer Existing sleeve and check all bolts to ensure they Strap attached to bracket are tight. Existing button head bolt New spacer tube New lock washer and nut Carriage bracket ILLUSTRATION 5 ILLUSTRATION 3 - TOP VIEW OF CARRIAGE BRACKET (PASSENGER SIDE) PAGE 2 PAGE 3
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