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MIT Tech Review Names Tesla CTO Innovator of the Year
By: Jennifer Kho                                  “The popularity

           Lawmakers Back Boost For Alternative Research
    Bipartisan group hopes to fund...

                      WHY WE NEVER NEED TO BUILD ANOTHER
                           pOLLUTING pOWER ...

                  Nissan Teams With Tenn. On Electric Cars
                           With Renault, ...

  Sanyo to Mass-produce Li-ion Batteries for plug-in Hybrids in 2011
By Kouji Kariatsumari, Nikkei Electronics...

               Growing Pains Hinder E-Bike Growth
                                 Summary of the May Event in ...

               Our EV Video Clips are Now Available!
In order to more effectively deliver our          Someti...

       Fleet of Electric Water Taxis for Erie Canal Harbor?
By Jessica Vosgerchian NEWS STAFF

Available Now!!
                                        Prius+ PHEV Kits

                                      Now at a L...

By Steve Rosenbaum                               Here...

a city with great public transportation more
than 10 years ago. I didn’t do any of those              ...

     RTEV: From Golf Carts to Electric Cars
That’s the vision of Mike McQuary,             ...

few years. He isn’t sure if RTEV will
break even this year. “If we grow as
fast as I want to...

 CARB Rules May Pull Plug on Plug-in Conversions
Published on Hybrid Cars (http://www.      ...

  Plug-in Hybrid Elecric Vehicle (PHEV) Tours America
The Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)...

Nissan Tests, cont. from page 1
But Nissan faces competition from other
automakers, including Gener...
Nissan Shows New Green Technology Vehicle Models
Nissan Shows New Green Technology Vehicle Models
Nissan Shows New Green Technology Vehicle Models
Nissan Shows New Green Technology Vehicle Models
Nissan Shows New Green Technology Vehicle Models
Nissan Shows New Green Technology Vehicle Models
Nissan Shows New Green Technology Vehicle Models
Nissan Shows New Green Technology Vehicle Models
Nissan Shows New Green Technology Vehicle Models
Nissan Shows New Green Technology Vehicle Models
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Nissan Shows New Green Technology Vehicle Models


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When Nissan Showed off their new Green Technology Vehicles and Zero Emission Models recently, they established Nissan Cars and Trucks as amongst the most environmentally friendly vehicles sold anywhere in the world today. These environmentally responsible Nissan cars, trucks and SUV's will be available from Kelly Nissan, located in Easton, PA. Kelly Nissan is one of America's best Nissan Dealerships as measured by sales and service customer satisfaction. The Kelly Nissan dealership sponsors the unique social network based Kelly Automotive Community website at http://www.KellyCarCommunity.com. You should visit and join this automotive social network to receive special discounts on Nissan new and used vehicles, genuine Nissan accessories, parts and Nissan repair and maintenance service. Kelly Nissan also hosts a more typical dealership eCommerce website located at http://www.KellyCar.com where their entire inventory of new Nissans, including a huge selection of 2010 Nissan models, as well as their large inventory of Certified Pre-Owned Nissan cars, trucks and SUV's is updated daily, providing car buyers with full details including prices and optional equipment descriptions.

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  • This Current Events News document contains news stories, articles and press releases from Nissan that showcase environmentally responsible Nissan cars, trucks and SUV’s. This new family of green vehicles will soon start arriving and be available for inspection and purchase consideration at Kelly Nissan, located in Easton, PA. Kelly Nissan is one of America’s best Nissan Dealerships as measured by sales and service customer satisfaction. The Kelly Nissan dealership sponsors the unique social network based Kelly Automotive Community website at http://www.KellyCarCommunity.com. You should visit and join this automotive social network to receive special discounts on Nissan new and used vehicles, genuine Nissan accessories, parts and Nissan repair and maintenance service. Kelly Nissan also hosts a more typical dealership eCommerce website located at http://www.KellyCar.com where their entire inventory of new Nissans, including a huge selection of 2010 Nissan models, as well as their large inventory of Certified Pre-Owned Nissan cars, trucks and SUV’s is updated daily, providing car buyers with full details including prices and optional equipment descriptions.
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Nissan Shows New Green Technology Vehicle Models

  1. 1. Electric Auto Association CURRENTEVENTS Sepbember 2008 Promoting the use of electric vehicles since 1967 Vol. 40 No. 9 NISSAN SHOWS TEST MODELS, ELECTRIC & HYBRID YOKOSUKA, Japan - Nissan concerns about soaring recently showed a spiffy electric gas prices and global car packed with a battery warming. Electric vehicles developed by the Japanese are zero-emission. automaker to deliver more power than the type common in today’s Last month, Tokyo-based hybrids. Nissan, with French partner Renault SA, announced The electric vehicle, set for sale a partnership with the in 2010, carried a 300 kilogram Portuguese government (660 pounds) lithium-ion to sell electric vehicles battery and still zipped around there in 2011. Separately, a Nissan Motor Co. test course, Nissan has announced accelerating more quickly than deals with Project Better comparable gas-engine cars. Place, based in Palo Alto, California, to mass market It was extremely quiet, absent Nissan showed its EV-01 electric car, foreground, at its test course in electric vehicles in Israel of engine noise — a trademark Yokosuka near Tokyo. Photo: Shizuo KambayaShi / aP and Denmark in 2011. of electric vehicles. Details such as cruising range are yet to be determined, hybrids, Nissan has made the electric vehicle Nissan’s electric vehicle, is being promised Nissan officials said. the pillar of its green strategy. to go on sale in Japan and the U.S. in 2010 and globally by 2012. Having fallen behind Japanese rivals Toyota Automakers around the world are trying to Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. in develop ecological products amid growing continued on page 18 GM-Volt Wait List Volt Update • VOLT Photos RELEASED: Bob Boniface, Director of Design for Chevrolet Volt, Generation 2.0 wrote a blog entry on the Volt’s new exterior design including the first photos of the 33,000+ Members production vehicle. Interested? http://blog.gmnext.com/?p=229. • CHAT with Bob Boniface: Bob will also be doing a chat on Tuesday from 3:00 to as of 4:00 p.m. –All are welcome! Just go to www.gmnext.com/LiveChat.aspx and register on the site with your e-mail address. August 12th, 2008 • Electric Vehicle Video: The new video in GMnext’s Alternative Fuel Solution Series on electric vehicles has been released. The video featuring, Frank Weber, answers Details at questions like, “where do you plug in an electric vehicle?” and “how much does it cost to recharge the battery power in an electric vehicle?” Watch it at: http://www.gmnext. http://gm-volt.com com/Details/Videos.aspx?id=5ea6d2e9-60ee-4e3f-8ddd-803f98f0f884
  2. 2. IN THIS ISSUE BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2008 Articles Chairman, CE Publication: Ron Freund 1 NISSAN SHOWS TEST MODELS, ELECTRIC & HYBRID — Growing concerns about soaring gas prices and global chairman@eaaev.org warming create urgency for tests. 1 VOLT UpdaTE — GM boasts waiting list. Membership: Will Beckett membership@eaaev.org 3 MIT TECH REVIEW NaMES TESLa CTO INNOVaTOR OF THE YEaR — JB Straubel, chief technology officer for electric- car startup Tesla Motors, gets the top award. Secretary: Dennis (Brandy) Brandenberg 4 LaWMakERS BaCk BOOST FOR aLTERNaTIVE RESEaRCH — Bipartisan group hopes to fund $20B effort to help secretary@eaaev.org automakers develop new technology. 5 WHY WE NEVER NEEd TO BUILd aNOTHER pOLLUTING pOWER pLaNT — Using current energy more efficiently could Treasurer: Lisa Ireland be the answer. treasurer@eaaev.org 6 NISSaN TEaMS WITH TENN. ON ELECTRIC CaRS — The deal with Tennessee is similar to a partnership that Renault Co-Chairman, Plug In America: concluded earlier with Portugal. Marc Geller 8 GROWING paINS HINdER E-BIkE GROWTH — Power-assisted bicycles (“e-bikes”) skyrocketing popularity accents problems with local government regulations. CE Advertising Manager: ceadvertise@eaaev.org 9 OUR EV VIdEO CLIpS aRE NOW aVaILaBLE! — Delivering our message regarding the benefits of electric vehicles. 9 MakING SURE CONNECTICUT SEES MORE ‘GREEN’ TaxIS — Metro Taxi now features a 2008 Ford Escape hybrid Chapter Relations: electric vehicle. Will Beckett, Jerry Asher, Karen Jones chapterrelations@eaaev.org 10 FLEET OF ELECTRIC WaTER TaxIS FOR ERIE CaNaL HaRBOR? — Water taxi service envisioned that would travel from Grand Island to the harbor and help revitalize the waterfront. Elections/Board Calendar: Karen Jones 12 STEVE ROSENBaUM THINkS HE kILLEd THE EV — Can we really expect significant innovation now — and fast electionadmin@eaaev.org enough - to make a real change in both the economy and the ecology around the automobile industry? Earl Killian, Don Francis, 13 MEET THE ELECTRaFLYER — ElectraFlyerC makes its debut at AirVenture. Arthur Keller, Jim Stack 14 RTEV: FROM GOLF CaRTS TO ELECTRIC CaRS — RTEV [which stands for Ruff & Tuff Electric Vehicles], will be one of the first companies to come to market with a full-speed electric car Board Appointees 16 CaRB RULES MaY pULL pLUG ON pLUG-IN CONVERSIONS — California Air Resource Board (CARB) could create an obstacle for small companies selling plug-in hybrid conversion kits. Jerry Pohorsky PHEV-SIG Chairman 17 pLUG-IN HYBRId ELECRIC VEHICLE (pHEV) TOURS aMERICa — Close encounters with the people who are out there. Tom Dowling - EV Charging Infrastructure 19 IN COLORadO: SWISS dRIVER CIRCLING GLOBE ON ONLY SOLaR, BaTTERY pOWER — Solar Taxi’ latest adventures. charging@eaaev.org 22 EV CLUB OF THE SOUTH pRESIdENT MakES IT TO CNN — CNN picks up on the growing popularity of conversions. Jay Friedland Education Grant Manager Columns Terry Wilson & Darryl McMahon Awards& Historian 2 EAA BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2008 historian@eaaev.org 24 EAA CHAPTER LISTINGS — Need to tell someone where to go for info? Elliot Lane - Webmaster 26 EAA MEMBERSHIP FORM webmaster@eaaev.org 27 EV CONFERENCE AND EAA CHAPTER EVENTS CALENDAR EAA Board Contact: board@eaaev.org 415-861-7278 Photos provided as noted in articles. ©2008 Current EVents is a publication of the Electric Auto Association. All rights reserved. While Current EVents and the Notice: IRS requires us to ask for a full Electric Auto Association strive for clarity and accuracy, we assume no responsibility for usage of this information. Permission disclosure by the donor for donations of to copy for other than commercial use is given, provided that full credit is given to originator of material copied. This permission $1000 or more. This should include Full does not extend to reprinted articles. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. Name, Complete Address, Phone Number, and Social Security or Tax ID Number. Current EVents is printed on recycled paper (30% post consumer waste), using soy-based inks. The press chemicals are non-toxic. CE STAFF Publications Committee: Advertising Manager: National EAA: E-mail: contact@eaaev.org CE Advertising: ceadvertise@eaaev.org Web Site: www.eaaev.org or electricauto.org Contributing Editors - Bob Oldham, Ron Freund, E-mail: contact@eaaev.org Marc Geller, Forbes Bagatelle-Black, Earl Killian, Article Submissions: Mailing: CE Comments Doug Korthof, Jerry Pohorsky, Linda Nicholes, The deadline for articles is the first of every month for 847 Haight Street Lee Galbraith, Daniel Davids, Jim Bohorquez, consideration in the next issue of CE. Articles received San Francisco, CA 94117-3216 USA Felix Kramer, Paul Scott after this date will be retained for future issues of CE. Contact the Publication Committee for more info at Membership/Address Changes: Managing Editor - Dorothy Foglia CurrentEvents@eaaev.org. E-mail: membership@eaaev.org Book Reviewers - Warren Winovich, Jack Swartz Mailing: EAA Membership Advertisements: 323 Los Altos Drive Photo Credits: Author of article, except as noted. A full advertiser’s information package and Rate Aptos, CA 95003-5248 USA Sheet can be sent by U.S. Mail or E-mail. Please Calendar of Events: contact Advertising Manager or CE Staff for details. electricauto.org E-mail: CurrentEvents@eaaev.org 2 Current EVents / September 2008
  3. 3. MIT Tech Review Names Tesla CTO Innovator of the Year By: Jennifer Kho “The popularity in the press and The MIT Technology Review revealed that initial sales of this it has selected JB Straubel, chief technology incredibly expensive officer for Tesla Motors, as its Innovator of car has pushed the Year. a lot of people to reexamine the The publication chose Straubel for his viability of electric engineering work on the company’s all- cars, including electric Roadster, citing his leadership of the major automakers,” development of the “groundbreaking car’s” Jonietz said. “We battery, motor and digital-control systems. think it has the potential to have a “People have looked at electric cars for a really big impact on long time as a way to reduce greenhouse- transportation and on gas emissions and other toxic emissions the environment.” from cars, and generally speaking, they just haven’t sold well and they have been viewed The award is part as underpowered, short-range vehicles,” of the Technology Erika Jonietz, senior editor for the MIT Review’s annual JB Straubel, chief technology officer for electric-car startup Technology Review, said Monday. “With TR35 list of 35 Tesla Motors, gets the top award in the Tech Review’s the engineering JB has led at Tesla, the “outstanding” annual TR35 list. company has really changed the way people innovators under the view electric cars.” age of 35, who were picked from a field of year. The publication also picked six clean- more than 300 submissions, according to the technology innovators last year. The company has pioneered systems that use announcement. commonly available lithium-ion batteries Jonietz said the Technology Review didn’t and found a way to make them safe in a It’s the second year in a row that the make a particular effort to pick clean-energy high-risk environment where cars crash and publication has picked its top winner from winners. batteries explode, all while delivering higher the greentech arena. torque, she said. “We set out to pick the young innovators Last year’s top innovator was David Berry, who we think are going to have the greatest a principal at venture-capital firm Flagship impact on the way we live and work in the Current EVents Ventures, who won for his work developing future,” she said. “Increasingly, people who Back Issues on the Web microbes that make renewable petroleum. work on these problems are having that sort His work was the basis for the microbes LS9 of impact. It’s really just a reflection of our The EAA has put most issues of Current is developing (see his TR35 profile here). goal with the package.” EVents from 2001 to 2007 on its website. Please visit http://eaaev.org/ and then click on “Newsletter” on the left hand Straubel is one of six greentech-related navigation bar and then select a year. innovators included on the TR35 list this Access to back issues is for EAA members only. In each current issue of Current EVents we will publish the user name and password for access. This access pair will be good until the next issue of Current EVents is mailed. Confusion? Are you confused and bemused about all these Three Lettered Acronyms This issue’s access information is: (TLA’s) herein that aren’t meaningful to you? We like to reduce your abuse user = ce200809 so here are some clues to use! pass = wicks3ivy Please go to our website, in the menu click on ‘EV Information’ then select If you have comments, please send them to ceeditor@eaaev.org. ‘EV Glossary’. Or follow this link: http://eaaev.org/Info/eaaglossary.html September 2008 / Current EVents 3
  4. 4. ALTERNATIVE RESEARCH FUNDING Lawmakers Back Boost For Alternative Research Bipartisan group hopes to fund $20B effort to help automakers develop new technology. Congress is nearly out of time to The group of senators pushing the energy do much more before they adjourn compromise includes: Saxby Chambliss, to go home and campaign. R-Ga., John Thune R-S.D., Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., Mary Among the program’s key Landrieu D-La., Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., components: Bob Corker, R-Tenn., Mark Pryor, D-Ark., and Ben Nelson, D-Neb. • $7.5 billion for research and development to overcome Sen. Barack Obama, the likely Democratic major technological barriers presidential candidate, praised the effort, to developing alternative fuel while the White House was noncommittal. vehicles, such as those what could operate on advanced batteries. “We will take a look at it and see if there Members of a bipartisan coalition of senators discuss are aspects of it that we could embrace. I’m their energy plan Friday on Capitol Hill in Washington. • $7.5 billion to help U.S. sure there are some things that are in line Photo: SuSan WalSh, aSSociated PreSS automakers and parts makers with what the President would like to see,” “re-tool and re-equip to become spokeswoman Dana Perino said. David Shepardson the world leader in making alternative Detroit News Washington Bureau fuel vehicles.” Michigan Democrats on Friday said they sent a letter to congressional leaders, urging WASHINGTON — A bipartisan group of • Offer revised hybrid tax credits of up to more help for the embattled domestic auto 10 U.S. senators has proposed an $84 billion $7,500 per vehicle to encourage Americans industry. energy package that would boost oil drilling to purchase advanced alternative fuel and allocate $20 billion to help automakers vehicles (those that run primarily on Their plea came on the same day General develop the next generation of advanced- non-petroleum fuels); there would be no Motors Corp. reported a staggering $15.5 technology automobiles. cap on the number of vehicles eligible billion second-quarter loss. by manufacturer. And up to $2,500 in tax The group, led by Sen. Kent Conrad, credits to consumers who retrofit existing Michigan congressional staff members were D-N.D, said it also would work to convert vehicles with advanced alternative fuel in talks last week to convince the entire the nation’s automobiles to non-oil fuel engines. delegation to sign the letter. sources by funding a $20 billion “Apollo Project” type effort to “support the goal of • Extending and expanding the $2,500 tax Michigan’s House Republicans, however, transitioning 85 percent of America’s new credit for hybrid electric vehicles; some have balked at signing because of the motor vehicles to non-petroleum-based fuels popular hybrids, including the Toyota inclusion of a call for more health care within 20 years.” Prius, no longer qualify for federal tax funding, something they said has nothing credits. to do with the auto industry. “Our country faces a critical challenge because of skyrocketing energy costs,” • $500 million for research and The Michigan Democrats want a series Conrad said. “This is not a Democratic issue, development of new materials and of provisions to aid both Detroit’s Big or a Republican issue. ...The time for delay other innovations to improve vehicle fuel Three automakers and the state’s growing is over. We need to act now.” efficiency and $2.5 billion to research unemployed population. the next-generation biofuels, such as The latest proposal to aid automakers is the cellulosic ethanol, and the necessary The letter notes that the Wolverine State most significant concrete sign that after more infrastructure. has the nation’s highest unemployment rate than a year of debate, Congress may finally be at 8.5 percent. ready to spend a significant amount of money • Tax incentives for the installation of to help automakers retool and make advanced alternative fueling stations, pipelines and In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section vehicles a reality — especially in light of the other infrastructure. One major hurdle for 107, this material is distributed without profit Big Three’s mounting financial woes. wider use of E85 ethanol has been a lack to those who have expressed a prior interest in of gas pumps that sell it and the fact that receiving the included information for research But any financial help would most likely it must be shipped by truck or rail, rather and educational purposes. have to wait until a new president is elected. than through pipelines. 4 Current EVents / September 2008
  5. 5. ENERGY CONSERVATION WHY WE NEVER NEED TO BUILD ANOTHER pOLLUTING pOWER pLANT Coal? Natural gas? Nuke? We can wipe them all off the drawing board by using current energy more efficiently. Are you listening, Washington ? By Joseph Romm electricity demand as Californians currently can make money when their customers Jul. 28, 2008 | salon.com do, we would cut electricity consumption 40 save money. That puts energy-efficiency percent. If the entire nation had California’s investments on the same competitive playing Suppose I paid you for every pound of much cleaner electric grid, we would cut field as generation from new power plants. pollution you generated and punished you total U.S. global-warming pollution by more for every pound you reduced. You would than a quarter without raising American The cost of efficiency programs has averaged probably spend most of your time trying to electric bills. And if all of America adopted 2 to 3 cents per avoided kilowatt hour, which figure out how to generate more pollution. the same energy-efficiency policies that is about one-fifth the cost of electricity And suppose that if you generated enough California is now putting in place, the generated from new nuclear, coal and natural pollution, I had to pay you to build a new country would never have to build another gas-fired plants. And, of course, energy plant, no matter what the cost, and no matter polluting power plant. efficiency does not require new power how much cheaper it might be to not pollute lines and does not generate greenhouse-gas in the first place. How did California do it? In part, a smart emissions or long-lived radioactive waste. California Energy Commission has promoted While California is far more efficient than Well, that’s pretty much how we have run strong building standards and the aggressive the rest of the country, the state still thinks the U.S. electric grid for nearly a century. deployment of energy-efficient technologies that with an even more aggressive effort, it The more electricity a utility sells, the more and strategies — and has done so with can achieve as much additional electricity money it makes. If it’s able to boost electricity support of both Democratic and Republican savings by 2020 as it has in the past three demand enough, the utility is allowed to build leadership over three decades. decades. a new power plant with a guaranteed profit. The only way a typical utility can lose money Many of the strategies are obvious: better Serious energy efficiency is not a one-shot is if demand drops. So the last thing most insulation, energy-efficient lighting, heating resource, where you pick the low-hanging utilities want to do is seriously push strategies and cooling. But some of the strategies were fruit and you’re done. In fact, the fruit that save energy, strategies that do not pollute unexpected. The state found that the average grows back. The efficiency resource never in the first place. residential air duct leaked 20 to 30 percent gets exhausted because technology keeps of the heated and cooled air it carried. It improving and knowledge spreads to more America is the Saudi Arabia of energy then required leakage rates below 6 percent, people. waste. A 2007 report from the international and every seventh new house is inspected. consulting firm McKinsey and Co. found that The state found that in outdoor lighting for The best corporate example is Dow improving energy efficiency in buildings, parking lots and streets, about 15 percent Chemical’s Louisiana division, consisting of appliances and factories could offset almost of the light was directed up, illuminating more than 20 plants. In 1982, the division’s all of the projected demand for electricity nothing but the sky. The state required energy manager, Ken Nelson, began a yearly in 2030 and largely negate the need for new new outdoor lighting to cut that to below 6 contest to identify and fund energy-saving coal-fired power plants. McKinsey estimates percent. Flat roofs on commercial buildings projects. Some of the projects were simple, that one-third of the U.S. greenhouse must be white, which reflects the sunlight like more efficient compressors and motors, gas reductions by 2030 could come from and keeps the buildings cooler, reducing or better insulation for steam lines. Some electricity efficiency and be achieved at air-conditioning energy demands. The state involved more sophisticated thermodynamic negative marginal costs. In short, the cost of subsidized high-efficiency LED traffic lights “pinch” analysis, which allows engineers to the efficient equipment would quickly pay for cities that lacked the money, ultimately figure out where to place heat exchangers to for itself in energy savings. converting the entire state. capture heat emitted in one part of a chemical process and transfer it to a different part of While a few states have energy-efficiency Significantly, California adopted regulations the process where heat is needed. His success strategies, none matches what California has so that utility company profits are not tied was nothing short of astonishing. done. In the past three decades, electricity to how much electricity they sell. This is consumption per capita grew 60 percent called “decoupling.” It also allowed utilities The first year of the contest had 27 winners in the rest of the nation, while it stayed to take a share of any energy savings they requiring a total capital investment of $1.7 flat in high-tech, fast-growing California. help consumers and businesses achieve. million with an average annual return on If all Americans had the same per capita The bottom line is that California utilities continued on page 20 September 2008 / Current EVents 5
  6. 6. PARTNERS LINING UP Nissan Teams With Tenn. On Electric Cars With Renault, firm links with locales for future outlets, power. Christine Tierney / The Detroit News Japan and in California, which is requiring major manufacturers that sell cars in the FRANKLIN, Tenn. — First Israel, then state to also offer zero-emission vehicles Denmark, Portugal and now Tennessee. In that year. Nissan expects its electric-vehicle one locale after another, Renault SA and sales to number in the hundreds in 2010, Nissan Motor Co. are lining up partners to rising to the thousands in 2011 and tens of provide outlets and power for the electric thousands in 2012. vehicles that the two automakers hope to sell in substantial numbers in the next few Several automakers are now working with years. battery specialists to develop smaller, yet more powerful batteries that can suffice as Nissan announced Tuesday that it was the sole source of power. teaming with the state of Tennessee to encourage demand for ultra-clean electric “The advantage, compared with a hybrid, cars and other zero-emission vehicles in the is that you’re not using a fossil fuel. fifth such agreement concluded this year by You’re reducing dependence on oil. the auto-making alliance. Another advantage is that you’re using one powertrain instead of two,” said “We’re moving to zero-emission because Mike Omotoso, senior manager of global we think the environment has changed powertrain forecasting at J.D. Power and dramatically in the last few years,” Carlos Associates. “The disadvantage is that Ghosn, CEO of both Renault and Nissan, Ghosn speaking at the 2008 World they’re still working on the driving range said at the formal opening of Nissan’s North Economic Forum meeting in Davos of the vehicles. Most electric vehicles I’ve American headquarters here. Photo: WiKiPedia heard about have a driving range of 200 miles or less,” compared with 300 to 600 Ghosn said electric car sales would be emission, battery-powered electric cars. miles for gas- and diesel-powered vehicles, modest initially, but would grow. “We think In May, he said his objective was to make he said. there’s a very big market for electric cars in Renault-Nissan a world leader in zero- the United States.” emission vehicles, a category that also In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section includes fuel-cell cars. 107, this material is distributed without profit Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen said the state to those who have expressed a prior interest in would study ways to support the introduction The deal with Tennessee is similar to a receiving the included information for research of electric cars, such as helping to provide partnership that Renault concluded earlier and educational purposes. charging stations, in the central Tennessee with Portugal. The Portuguese government region around Nashville. With gas prices agreed to study ways to set up a nationwide hovering around $4 a gallon and concerns network of charging stations by 2011, when In an EV, you can have speed and mounting about climate change, interest in the French automaker will begin selling range but that’ll cost mightily. cleaner vehicles is growing rapidly. All major electric vehicles there. Nissan also has an automakers are developing environmentally accord with Kanagawa prefecture where its You can have range and little cost, friendly models even though it is not clear new Japanese headquarters will be based. but you won’t get speediness. which technologies will become dominant, Nissan and Renault previously announced or when. deals with Palo Alto, Calif.-based Project Better Place to mass-market Renault-brand You can have little cost and high Compared with its Japanese rivals Toyota electric vehicles in Israel and in Denmark speed, but your range will be very Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co., Nissan in 2011. short. has lagged in marketing hybrids and other clean vehicles powered by alternative Nissan and Renault will each produce their technologies. But Ghosn announced last own electric cars, but share the drivetrain pick any two. October that the alliance partners would technology. Tokyo-based Nissan expects to focus their efforts on producing zero- start selling electric cars in 2010, initially in Thanks to David Roden 6 Current EVents / September 2008
  7. 7. BATTERIES Sanyo to Mass-produce Li-ion Batteries for plug-in Hybrids in 2011 By Kouji Kariatsumari, Nikkei Electronics In regard to the high-temperature characteristics, the battery ensures a power Sanyo Electric Co Ltd announced May retention ratio of 80% after 400 days in a 28, 2008, that it started the development 60°C environment when measured under the of Li-ion rechargeable batteries for use in condition where the state of charge (SOC) plug-in hybrids and is planning to begin is 100%. mass-production in 2011. As a result of cycle life characteristics Sanyo unveiled it at the press conference Automotive Li-ion rechargeable batteries on measurement conducted by charging/ where the company announced it will display: These display models do not include discharging at a rate of 2C in the range of provide Li-ion rechargeable battery systems the system that will be supplied to the VW 3.0-4.1V in a 60°C environment, it was for use in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) Group, the company said. found that the battery ensures a power to the Volkswagen (VW) Group. retention ratio of 80% or higher after 10,000 To improve the ternary system, the company cycles. Based on the results, Sanyo explained The automobile Li-ion rechargeable added its proprietary additives, etc to the that its new battery can endure the use over batteries that will be mass-produced by materials of the system. As a result, the latest 10-15 years in a hybrid vehicle. Sanyo are reportedly based on so-called battery is superior in safety, durability and three-component (ternary) system, which low-temperature characteristics, compared Although Sanyo did not unveil the details uses a mixture of Ni, Mn and Co for the with the batteries using the existing ternary of the rechargeable battery unit and cell positive electrode. system. for HEVs, the current capacity of the cell is expected to be about 5Ah. According to continued on page 27 September 2008 / Current EVents 7
  8. 8. E-BIKES Growing Pains Hinder E-Bike Growth Summary of the May Event in Loudon, NH Jessica Mcdiarmid, THE CANADIAN PRESS TORONTO - While politicians and entrepreneurs complain that some governments have been too slow to act on allowing the use of emission-free, power- assisted bicycles, others say it’s just a case of growing pains. The use of power-assisted bicycles, widely referred to as “e-bikes,” has risen Photo: courteSy of Veloteq exponentially since Transport Canada amended its regulations in 2001 to allow because they’re worried the provincial were first introduced. Canadians to have battery-powered motors government could ban the use of them after on their bicycles. the pilot project expires. But he said police eventually caught on, and he now hears few complaints from riders, John Stonier, spokesman for the Vancouver He said further problems have arisen who have been helped by manufacturers Electric Vehicle Association, said the because while riders don’t need insurance putting on plates identifying the vehicles as popularity of the bicycles in British Columbia or licence plates, the bikes have confused a power-assisted bicycle. — one of the first provinces to allow their police who mistake them for scooters, which use — is skyrocketing, with an estimated are considered motorized vehicles. Juergen Weichert, president of the Electric 10,000 or more riders. Vehicle Council of Ottawa, said he supports Every time an e-bike rider has been charged the pilot program in Ontario and is confident “And that’s increasing very quickly,” for failing to have insurance or licence it will progress to full approval for the said Stonier, adding that current fuel plates, the charges have been thrown out, bicycles. prices, coupled with growing concerns he said. over emissions and climate change, create a The problem, said Weichert, lies in “perfect storm” to encourage e-biking. “The ministry really has to realize that the communication. Neither police nor the scooter style is working, the open frame is public have been properly informed about While some provinces, such as B.C. and not,” Dawidowitz said. the bikes and don’t always recognize them, Quebec, were quick to allow the bikes on he said. the roads, others have been slower to follow He was joined at the Ontario legislature suit. Friday by NDP consumer critic Andrea “These are police who at 300 paces can Horwath, who called on the government to tell the difference between a Camaro and a One of the laggers is Ontario, where e-bikes allow electric cars and bikes on roads — Mustang,” Weichert said. “Why can’t they are currently legal for use — provided they except highways — immediately. tell the difference between a scooter and an meet a set of standards — during a pilot electric bike? It’s just one of interest and project ending in the fall of 2009. She said the pilot program should immediately communication. be made a permanent commitment to give A Toronto-based entrepreneur complained retailers and consumers certainty. “That is why you’ve got people getting Friday that government rules are thwarting tickets.” widespread use of e-bikes, and consequently, “What’s preventing these from proliferating cutting into sales as well as people’s options ... is that the marketing is hesitant because at Under Transport Canada’s regulations, to use cleaner, more environmentally the end of the day, who knows how the pilot e-bikes must not go faster than 32 kilometres friendly forms of travel. project will end up?” Horwath said. per hour or have a motor that exceeds a total output of 500 watts, and must be equipped Larry Dawidowitz said people are wary of Brian Hazard, a retailer in Comox, B.C., said with handlebars and pedals. They are legal purchasing the bikes he has for sale, which there were problems with police mistaking in eight Canadian provinces. range in cost from about $1,500 to $2,200, the e-bikes for motorized vehicles when they 8 Current EVents / September 2008
  9. 9. EAA VIDEO Our EV Video Clips are Now Available! In order to more effectively deliver our Sometimes the video playback is not smooth mode by clicking on the link just below the message regarding the benefits of electric on the initial viewing but is usually better “number of views” counter). vehicles to the public, the EAA has produced on subsequent viewings with the “replay” a couple of video clips and has plans to button. Another video was made last year by a produce a few more. These were made at reporter called the “Hippie Gourmet”. no cost to the EAA members thanks to a 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xul- He visited the Annual Electric Car Rally recent grant received from PG&E, a utility H4HsMw and Show sponsored by the Silicon Valley company headquartered in San Francisco . Chapter and captured the highlights. 2. http://www.youtube.com/ Here are the links to these short videos so watch?v=w7EyDZ-iH2Y 3. http://www.youtube.com/ you can watch them on your computer and watch?v=uEOepSoeIKE send them to others who may be interested. (You can select the “watch in high quality” MAkING SURE CONNECTICUT SEES MORE ‘GREEN’ TAxIS By Andy Shapiro, Special to the Register after accelerating to 20 mph or 25 mph. According to Scalzi, rising gasoline prices have greatly affected Metro Taxi’s drivers WEST HAVEN - Don’t be surprised if the “People call me direct on my cell phone,” and the company. next cab that rolls up to get you after dialing Miller said. “I’ve recently driven a couple to all those sevens looks a bit different. Brooklyn (N.Y.) several times and they ask “It affects their ability to make money and, for me (and the hybrid) specifically.” consequently, we’ve made concessions to Metro Taxi now features a 2008 Ford the drivers,” Scalzi said. “We’ve begun Escape hybrid electric vehicle, which will Metro Taxi has adopted other “green” purchasing gas and selling it to the drivers be displayed at the 2008 Connecticut Folk business practices in addition to the hybrid. at wholesale rates, so they can get it Festival and Green Expo. The company has been recycling motor oil considerably cheaper from us.” since 2001 and using it to heat its service The event is being held Sept. 14 at Southern department. Miller said he is fortunate to have won the Connecticut State University in New raffle to drive the company’s lone hybrid, Haven. Scalzi said recycling the oil and other fluids and passengers enjoy riding in it. from his cabs ensures the hazardous waste The company’s introduction of a hybrid is reused or disposed of safely. “People get in the car, and they ask all types mirrors similar efforts in New York City, of questions about it,” Miller said. where more than 1,000 of the vehicles are “Recycling the oil is good for the on the streets. environment, as well as our pocketbook,” And does the unique cab provide a boost said Scalzi, who estimates a savings of when it comes time to tip? “People are very More are likely to come following a mandate $20,000 annually from re-using fluids. generous.” that all New York taxis must get at least 30 miles per gallon by 2012. Scalzi said he eventually would like to put ©New Haven Register 2008 more hybrids into service, but the next big Metro Taxi Founder and President William energy-saving option is natural gas. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section Scalzi held a raffle to select a driver for the 107, this material is distributed without profit special car, and the winner was Richard “That’s where we have to go, for the to those who have expressed a prior interest in Miller. environment and to fight fuel costs,” said receiving the included information for research Scalzi. “The government has to get involved and educational purposes. Miller, 50, said some customers specifically and make natural gas fueling stations. If request the hybrid, which switches to electric they make the infrastructure, we’ll adapt when the car is idling and resumes gas use our vehicles.” September 2008 / Current EVents 9
  10. 10. ELECTRIC BOATS Fleet of Electric Water Taxis for Erie Canal Harbor? By Jessica Vosgerchian NEWS STAFF REPORTER It is based on designs from 1901, but the White Electra might just be the future of boating on the Buffalo waterfront. The 28-foot electric boat is the prototype for a fleet of electric water taxis envisioned for the waterfront, said John Montague, executive director of the Buffalo State Maritime Center. Montague said the boat’s design — in both looks and power — hearkens back to Buffalo’s first foray with electric boats — at the 1901 Pan- American Exposition. The boats were all but forgotten, in favor of the gasoline engine. John Montague, right, executive director of the Buffalo State Maritime Center, and Tony Diina of the Buffalo Rotary Club prepare to embark on the “Buffalo is kind of the mother of electric White Electra, a new electric boat. Photo: John hicKey/buffalo neWS power,” he said. Constructed by Maritime Center volunteers, the battery-run boat will depend exclusively The boat’s first passengers were members Wynne said he envisions a water taxi service on solar and wind energy once a powering of the Maritime Center, the Rotary Club of that would travel from Grand Island to the station is built near Erie Canal Harbor, Buffalo and the Buffalo Yacht Club, which harbor and help revitalize the waterfront. Montague said. had all helped to fund the more than $30,000 project. “Our waterfront can become vibrant again,“ Montague said free rides on the White he said. “I just hope that one day we see a Electra may be offered once a docking Onboard, the boating enthusiasts marveled bunch of nice restaurants up and down the location is secured at the harbor. at the 12-passenger boat’s electric engine, a water.” noiseless device about the size of a toaster. Until then, he said, the boat will be used Another positive aspect of water taxis, to take out local politicians and potential “It’s like sailing, right?” Rotary Club Montague said, is that they would allow investors in an attempt to convince them member John Wynne said. “You don’t hear people without access to private boats an that a fleet of electric water taxis would be anything.” inexpensive way to get on the water. an asset for the waterfront. White said the boat has a top speed of 10 mph jvosgerchian@buffnews.com “Our intent is to make it available for people and can travel 50 miles before its batteries who have special interest in it,” Montague need to be recharged. said. “We’re really trying to open up the In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section discussion on the whole issue.” But after solar panels are added to the roof, 107, this material is distributed without profit White Electra will be able to stay out longer, to those who have expressed a prior interest in Frank White, the boat’s architect and the Montague said. “Boats sit out in the sun for receiving the included information for research namesake for the White Electra, took the and educational purposes. hours and hours and hours versus the time boat out for its maiden voyage Wednesday they’re being used.” at Erie Canal Harbor. 10 Current EVents / September 2008
  11. 11. Available Now!! Prius+ PHEV Kits Now at a Lower Price! PbA (lead-acid) PHEV conversion based on Calcars’ Open Source Prius+ Technology. • Future proof! Upgrade to LiFePO4 batteries when available. • Reliable performance and durability. • 10-15 miles All Electric Range. • Provides access to spare tire. Complete system includes batteries, battery box, charger, and wire harness. Price: $4,995 Shipping extra. Installation extra. New Feature! Switch for EV operation up to 52 mph. It works great! Check our website for a dealer near you! We are recruiting dealers! Call or email anytime: info@pluginsupply.com Plug-In Supply Inc 707 849-2422 September 2008 / Current EVents 11
  12. 12. EV HISTORY REVISITED STEVE ROSENBAUM THINKS HE KILLED THE EV By Steve Rosenbaum Here’s a clip you should see: http:// a plastic interior. It was cheap and ugly. We http://www.huffingtonpost.com whokilledtheelectriccar.magnify.net/video/ were told the vehicles they had were built to Who-Killed-the-Electric-Car-P-3 be converted into taxi cabs. We passed. So, who really killed the electric car? Sadly, I think I did. Here’s why: While the film hints at some dark conspiracy We tried Honda. We drove a Prius. We liked — and there’s certainly some reason Toyota a bunch, but they had a super-long Rick Wagoner was interviewed the other to believe that a company with a huge waiting list and frankly the gas mileage day and said — “The future of GM and the infrastructure and that has a sunk cost in wasn’t any better than I remember my Dad American Automotive Industry is in electric the combustion engine doesn’t benefit from getting with our red Volkswagen hatchback cars”. The ABC News report mentioned a shift to radically new technology — the back in 1974. something about a failed prior attempt question remains: Who killed the electric called the EV1. car? And, can we really expect significant In the end — it was a tipping point for my innovation now — and fast enough - to family and me. We’re getting rid of our car. Well, as much as Rick may being honest make a real change in both the economy For good. We’ll bike. We’ll ride the subway. about his hopes of saving GM — the 100 and the ecology around the automobile We’ll rent when we need to take long trips. year old automaker has had more than a few industry? But we’re removing ourselves from the years of a head start to pay attention. automotive owners club. It’s hard, frankly. Think for a moment about what the world It will limit some things we can do. It will Let’s jump back. would be like if EV News was a must read fundamentally change the way we live. And for every automotive executive back in we’re ready for that. The year was 1979. And I was looking to 1979, rather than high school students and buy my first car, a senior in high school. hobbyists. What would battery technology So when Rick Wagoner stands and confidently look like today if GM had put their huge predicts that the Volt will save GM — I think And here’s my subscription to Electric R&D efforts behind electric storage and it’s time to sell your GM stock. GM had a Vehicle News (EVN). delivery? But that didn’t happen. Looking to 30 years head start to see the future, and quash innovation and stall new technology, evolve the company to meet it. They waited GM bought themselves 30 years of healthy too long, and now it’s too late. Some feisty gas burning profits. And here we are entrepreneurs may build a great new electric today. car. So, I don’t own an electric car. I own an So why do I think I killed the electric car? SUV. And six months ago, my family and Because, back in 1979 I got it. I knew what I decided it was time to get rid of it. So we I needed to do. I was 17 years old, and there went searching for a hybrid. My first stop was no talk of Global Warming. It just made on the shopping trip was GM. I wanted to sense, cars were going to hurt the planet. drive the Ford Escape. But, in New York And I wanted to buy one that didn’t burn City, and in one of the largest company- fossil fuel. I ignored my EVN subscription owned showrooms in the nation, I was told and my gut. Years later I could have invested that they didn’t have any, didn’t expect any, in a company that was building them (or First, did you know there was a magazine and that I could maybe drive a one-year-old investigating battery technology). I could called EVN almost 30 years ago? white (used) hybrid with ‘low miles.’ My have bought stock. I could have made a film. family and I got as far as sitting in it. It had I could have gone ‘car free’ when I moved to Second, long before Al Gore made the conversation about the climate crisis a dinner table conversation — why was a high school kid able to figure out that replacing gas with electric was a good idea? And what happened in the intervening 30 years to stall, obscure, and some would say torpedo the innovation that should have allowed the the EV industry to flourish. Here’s the Reva, the MiEV, and the Zapp 12 Current EVents / September 2008
  13. 13. ELECTRIC AIRPLANES a city with great public transportation more than 10 years ago. I didn’t do any of those MEET THE ELECTRAFLYER things. Sure, big companies are going to hold their ground and stifle innovation - we know that. But entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists we can turn the tide. We can embrace bold new ideas. We can buy new products and rally early adopters. Sure the Tesla Roadster is neat, but come on — guys — that’s not what’s going to change the world. When I see Jason Calcanis blogging about his Telsa, well frankly, that’s really ElectraFlyerC makes its debut at AirVenture not going to help the environment a bit. Now, if Jason were excited about a SMART By Susan Wilson is quiet. Neighbors won’t be irritated car, or the Tata — then thought leaders will Tech.Blorge, August 10, 2008 by the noise of your plane nor will local be really leading. livestock. With all of the new battery technologies So, today — I took the first step. I got rid of and new electric cars, it was only a matter Besides cutting down on the noise pollution, my gas guzzling SUV. Sold. Gone forever. of time before electric planes would be the electric plane produces very little soot And I’m not replacing it. So I may have taking to the skies. Once such electric plane, or pollution. Overhauling the plane is easy killed the electric car, but I’m not going to the ElectraFlyerC gave onlookers at the and running the thing only costs about 60 buy one of GM’s Volt either. I would have, AirVenture in OshKosh, WI quite a show. cents a charge. but now I’m passed the tipping point, and I’m not going back. According to Wired, the plane received Compared to most small airplanes taken its airworthiness certificate in April. The up for a joy ride, this plane is remarkably Instead, I bought a bike. plane which is small, has a 5.6 kWh lithium friendly for the environment on all levels battery with a lifecycle of 1,000 recharges. from noise pollution, to air pollution. *** It provides juice for a motor driving a 45- Flying a plane that is quieter than many Here’s a page from EVN, 1977. Take a look inch superlight PowerFin propeller made of lawnmowers could only decrease the at what they were thinking back then. a foam core surrounded by an outer shell of resentment of any airport neighbors. carbon fiber and glass fabric. Having a flying time of only one and a half Once in the air, the ElectraFlyerC can fly for to two hours makes this a plane for weekend one and a half to two hours at 90 mph. Stall hobbyists and not commuters. It would be speed is 45 mph. The plane can be recharged interesting however, to add laminated solar in six hours from a 110v outlet, easily found cells to the wings and body since they in any home. Using a 220v outlet allows wouldn’t add much weight and see if that recharging in just 6 hours. improved the flying time. One of the marvels of the plane is its silence. This would be a fun plane to fly. More than Unlike most small planes that require some a glider but not as complex as your basic form of ear protection, the ElectraFlyerC fuel guzzling small plane. The 2008 CAFE Foundation Electric Aircraft Symposium, San Francisco, California April 26, 2008 The CAFE Foundation’s 2nd Annual it has filed a request for the FAA to allow Electric Aircraft Symposium saw electric propulsion in low cost aircraft. presentations that justify the rapidly increasing interest in Green personal air The event was well-attended by members of travel. Sponsored by Foundation Capital, the science and technology media. Updates the April 26, 2008 meeting assembled an on the Aviation’s Green Prize will be posted In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit outstanding faculty to discuss the many soon on the CAFE website. In all, the 2008 to those who have expressed a prior interest in aspects of electric-powered flight. It EAS made the dream of a 100 MPG PAV receiving the included information for research included an remarkable announcement by look a lot closer than most thought. and educational purposes. the Experimental Aircraft Association that September 2008 / Current EVents 13
  14. 14. WHAT’S HAPPENING OUT THERE RTEV: From Golf Carts to Electric Cars That’s the vision of Mike McQuary, Competing Against the Giants “Golf Carts on Steroids” whose experience managing Web service Mindspring is helping him run a small Still, the odds of success for McQuary’s McQuary got into the business through startup in South Carolina latest venture are about the same as for, a friend who had recently talked with a well, an Internet startup. Right now, battery South Carolina entrepreneur looking for BusinessWeek.com technology is not advanced enough to financiers to back a startup to design and By Diana Holden power a full-size sedan for a long distance, sell golf carts made in China. After a bit of and with McQuary admittedly relying on research, McQuary concluded that making As the Internet revolution gained steam in “off the shelf” technology, he won’t have carts was a losing proposition: The golf- the mid-1990s, Mike McQuary walked away a competitive edge when more powerful cart market was flat and dominated by two from a comfortable career as an operations batteries do become available. Then there’s entrenched players. But he was intrigued by manager for Mobil’s chemical division to the cost: Because of the currently hefty cost the possibility of using the technology for join a small Atlanta dial-up service called of electric batteries, the 35-mph, two-seat other electric vehicles. In 2006, McQuary Mindspring. That career gamble paid off model McQuary will launch in 2009 will run approached the entrepreneur, Bo Huff, in 1999 when the Internet service provider something less than $30,000 — more than and proposed retooling the business to announced a merger with California-based double the current price of a gas-powered sell a broad line of electric vehicles — EarthLink (ELNK) — leaving McQuary, compact, such as the Toyota (TM) Yaris or including cars. “We started throwing by then Mindspring’s president, “enough Hyundai Accent. numbers around,” Huff says, and the outfit money to do anything,” as he says, “but not soon had a new direction, with McQuary as enough money to do nothing.” Even then, McQuary will have to convince chief executive. consumers that RTEV’s cars are as reliable as But what to do next? After seeing the merger electric cars being developed by such giants The Winnsboro [S.C.] company sells a through, McQuary, who is now 48, left as General Motors (GM), Nissan (NSANY), line of what McQuary calls “golf carts EarthLink, started a small record label, and and Chrysler, as well as such well-funded on steroids.” These can be used as utility dabbled as an angel investor. But he didn’t and higher-profile startups as Tesla Motors, vehicles by outdoors-based businesses. One really find his next calling until he stumbled whose sleek roadster zooms from zero to fast-selling model is a four-wheel-drive cart on Who Killed the Electric Car?, the 2006 60 mph in 3.9 seconds. “The history of the called the Hunter that has become popular documentary that chronicled the short life of auto industry is filled with companies like with sportsmen: It’s painted in camouflage General Motors’ (GM) EV1 electric car. As this,” says James Hall, a principal at 2953 colors and allows hunters to travel up to 50 he watched the film, McQuary was struck by Analytics, a Detroit auto-industry consulting miles on a single charge. By yearend, RTEV the zeal that the customers who leased the firm. Hall says consumers shy away from hopes to roll out a line of “Wheego” scooters EV1 had for the project. “That passion — smaller automakers because “[they] may that can hit 40 mph. The low-speed street car the only other time I’d seen that was in the have a nice early vehicle, but you may find is slated for next year. early days of the Internet,” he recalls. they’re not around after a while.” What’s more, building cars is “psychotically capital Electric vehicles are starting to gain traction Soon after, McQuary bought a stake in a intensive,” Hall says. “I wish him luck.” with consumers. A rival, Global Electric small South Carolina company that made Motorcars, a subsidiary of Chrysler, sells six golf carts, and he has spent the past two McQuary is confident that his company can models with a top speed of 25 mph for urban years remaking it into a platform for his compete, even with less capital. “You’ve got settings. RTEV hopes to sell 2,500 of its next big venture: the launch in early 2009 to make sure you’re spending wisely and electric vehicles this year and 4,000 in 2009, of a low-speed — but street-legal — electric being smart,” he says. From his experience as it is struggling to turn out enough vehicles car. By 2010, McQuary hopes that the at Mobil, he says big companies have some to meet demand. “We’re way oversold,” company, RTEV [which stands for Ruff & inherent disadvantages in a fast-moving says Preston Wrenn, RTEV’s vice-president Tuff Electric Vehicles], will be one of the market. RTEV will be able to do things more for engineering and product development. first companies to come to market with a quickly, he judges, than a large company. Revenues are small but growing: Last full-speed electric car. “We can make great year RTEV, with 22 employees, booked $8 cars that customers can actually get excited million in sales, and McQuary believes the about,” McQuary says. company will hit $12 million this year and is capable of growing 50% each of the next 14 Current EVents / September 2008
  15. 15. WHAT’S HAPPENING OUT THERE few years. He isn’t sure if RTEV will break even this year. “If we grow as fast as I want to grow, we may lose a couple of million dollars,” because of costs to boost production, he says. “Certainly, next year we will be cash-flow positive.” The Battery Problem But for McQuary and RTEV, the big payoff will come if they can design and develop a street-legal electric vehicle that can give consumers relief from $4-a-gallon gasoline. The company has several prototypes for a low-speed street vehicle that can go up to 35 mph and be used by urbanites making short trips around town. One model is a two- seat hatchback called the Noble, which was converted from a gas- powered car sold in China. McQuary admits that a big challenge has been that most of the electric batteries available aren’t powerful enough to provide the creature comforts most drivers by the minute right now.” He sees potential a breakthrough, Hall, the auto industry are accustomed to. “Air conditioning is a in lithium ion batteries, which RTEV is consultant, notes that battery companies big draw of electricity and power, so our test testing. Small versions of the batteries have been making big promises for years. cars don’t have them. In the very first cars, are used in laptop computers, but they “There are liars, there are damned liars, and we probably won’t have a very sophisticated aren’t capable of powering cars over long there are battery engineers,” he says. heating and cooling system. Eventually we distances. “It requires a lot of complicated will, as technology evolves,” he says. technology to maintain the thermal stability Copyright © 2008 The McGraw-Hill of those batteries,” Wrenn says. And while Companies Inc. All rights reserved. Wrenn says battery technology is “changing the battery makers claim they’re nearing September 2008 / Current EVents 15
  16. 16. WHAT’S HAPPENING OUT THERE CARB Rules May Pull Plug on Plug-in Conversions Published on Hybrid Cars (http://www. The work of plug-in cheerleaders and kit optimally designed to contain evaporative hybridcars.com) manufacturers has been a key factor in emissions, won’t have a measurable effect Published August 11, 2008 inspiring—or prodding, depending on your on air quality. Let’s not make California the view—major car companies to pursue plug- only state in the nation where you can’t buy In recent years, the State of California in hybrids. But rules designed for the big a plug-in car because of over-regulation.” has become the unofficial capital of car companies to bring a vehicle to a mass plug-in hybrid technology. But proposed market may end up preventing these small Two other points of contention with the CARB certification standards from the California conversion companies [2] from putting the proposal are the standardization of a Yazaki Air Resource Board (CARB) could create first wave of plug-in hybrids on the road. charging coupler (PDF) [5] and a maximum an obstacle for small companies selling four-hour charging time. Plug-in advocates plug-in hybrid conversion say the specification of one kits. The kits—which manufacturer is too narrow allow owners of today’s and does not allow for future hybrids to boost their fuel developments, while the economy to as much as four-hour charging rule 100 mpg or higher—could actually runs counter to the have unintended negative typical overnight charging consequences, according plan for most plug-ins. to CARB. Tests of some In other words, it could plug-in hybrid conversions keep plug-in hybrids from at the Argonne National utilizing the simplest source Laboratory revealed of electricity—a standard increased levels of air wall outlet. pollution. Apparently, changing a hybrid’s battery While the proposed control system can also alter the vehicle’s environmental and consumer protections electronic emissions system. Plug-in Hybrid Over-Regulation may make sense in the long run, many plug-in advocates worry that the tough rules CARB officials want to see additional testing “Let’s take this step by step and not could kill an embryonic industry. Their push and to require consumer warranties for the shut down the small innovators,” said back was strong enough that CARB delayed kits—regardless of the cost. The agency Ron Gremban, technical lead at CalCars consideration of the new rules from October currently requires that all aftermarket parts [3], the most prominent plug-in hybrid to December of this year. In the meantime, affecting a vehicle’s emissions meet high advocacy group. “Conversions, when sold anyone considering converting a Prius may standards, but no certification process in significant quantities, will need to prove have a limited window of opportunity to get has been established for plug-in hybrid in some way that they do not increase the work done in California . conversion kits. criteria emissions. But in order to avoid a high cost of entry that would prevent small, Source URL: http://www.hybridcars.com/ Consumer demand for plug-in hybrids is innovative, shoestring-budget operations incentives-laws/carb-rules-may-pull-plug- rapidly climbing. Major auto companies from starting out, there is high value in plug-conversions-08112.html like GM, Ford, Daimler, and Toyota say tolerating small quantities of conversions their plug-ins are coming, but not for at least with lower-level oversight.” He argues that Links: a couple of years. Plug-in conversions of for small volumes—fewer than 1,000 units [1] http://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/zevprog/h today’s hybrids could fill the gap. per year—the stringent criteria proposed by evtest/071608aftermarketpartsdraftrev.pdf CARB should not be required. [2] http://www.hybridcars.com/plug-in- The proposed regulations (PDF) [1]would hybrids/availability-plug-in-hybrids.html require conversion companies to follow “Why throw the baby out with the bathwater?” [3] http://www.calcars.org/ a test regimen similar in scale to those said Daniel Sherwood, president of 3Prong [4] http://www.3prongpower.com/ followed by automakers for new vehicles. Power Inc. [4], a plug-in hybrid conversion [5] http://www.yazaki-na.com/uploads/ They would also force manufacturers of startup based in Berkeley , California . In an HV_2P 2p_DC_Power_Connector.pdf plug-in conversion equipment to provide interview with HybridCars.com, Sherwood warranties of seven to 10 years. said, “A few hundred cars, even if not 16 Current EVents / September 2008
  17. 17. EAA EVENTS OF INTEREST Plug-in Hybrid Elecric Vehicle (PHEV) Tours America The Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) nothing like experiencing a that is traveling All Around America [3A], drive in a PHEV or EV to make www.phev3a.com, has scoured parts of a believer out of a skeptic. the South and has visited the Northeast and is now (mid-August 2008) in Canada, The trip has seen people with educating the public about the benefits of solar panels that want to give plug-in hybrids and all electric vehicles. the Spirit a charge, met people Owner and driver Jerry Asher, backed up by who invite Jerry to dinner or his support team at home and on the road, has pay for a tank of gas or give a visited 16 state capitols and about a dozen contribution to this non-profit, EAA chapters or about-to-be chapters. tax-deductible adventure. At each major city, the PHEV3A team has However, the trip has not endeavored to garner press coverage, reaching been without problems. The the wider audience that only the media can CANview computer read-out has been on the as he can, and invites you all to call him on touch. In a summer with record high gas blink a time or two, but as luck would have his cell phone 202-486-5450, or email him prices, the PHEV3A message is often seen as it, some computer whiz would happen along at evjerry@usa.net to invite him to stop by newsworthy. Radio, TV and print media have to fix it. Many people have been encountered for an EV event of your choosing (press all covered this historic drive. who have never heard of PHEV, but want conference, dinner, party) in your state. to learn. Jerry has offered drives and rides in his plug- Only 34 more states and about 40 EAA in hybrid, called the Spirit of DC. There is Jerry is eager to meet as many EV enthusiasts chapters to go. Stay tuned. Gorilla Electric Vehicles TM CHIMPTM CL E A N POWERFUL QUIET see our webpage about Solar Charging and our ads in Our new stand-up utility HOME POWER vehicle for security, MAGAZINE warehouse, and recreational rentals. Gorilla Electric ATVs Satisfied customers around the world use Gorillas for hauling, towing, and just getting around on farms, ranches, mines, malls, airports, marinas, constructions sites, etc. DORAN info@GorillaVehicles.com Gorilla Vehicles Doran Motor Company, Inc. PLEASE SEE OUR WEBSITE 5842 McFadden Ave., Unit R Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Gorilla Miscellaneous 1. Plans for car available on www.GorillaVehicles.com Ebay (search “electric vehicles”) 2. Molds for car body for sale. or call for a brochure package 3. GV is actively seeking (714) 377-7776 Since 1999 qualified investors. September 2008 / Current EVents 17
  18. 18. CONTINUING DISCUSSION Nissan Tests, cont. from page 1 But Nissan faces competition from other automakers, including General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. of the U.S., which have developed electric vehicles. Also Wednesday, Japanese rival Mitsubishi Motors Corp., working with Japanese battery maker GS Yuasa Corp., said it was building a plant in Japan to mass-produce lithium- ion batteries for its electric vehicle, planned for rental next year and sale the following year. Nissan also offered test-drives of its hybrid. Hybrids deliver better mileage than comparable gas-engine vehicles by switching between an engine and an electric motor. Nissan now purchases its hybrid system from Toyota for the Altima hybrid sold in Nissan Motors staff shows their hybrid car’s engine at their laboratory in the U.S. but is promising vehicles with its Yokosuka, near Tokyo, Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2008. Nissan offered test-drives of its own system by 2010. hybrid. Hybrids deliver better mileage than comparable gas-engine vehicles by switching between an engine and an electric motor. Photo: Shizuo KambayaShi / aP Nissan’s hybrid system still has some bugs to work out. Shown on an Infiniti luxury model, it seemed to lurch a little when the gas engine kicked in as speed picked up. “Fill rate” is directly affected by power factor of the Nissan engineer Mikio Nozaki said the mains charger. If an EV has usable 35 miles range with system delivers the mileage of a compact car, although he refused to give numbers. a charger that takes 7 hours to fill the pack up — its The hybrid comes with Nissan’s lithium-ion charger “fill rate” can be stated as 5 miles per hour. battery, although they are much smaller than Similarly, if a 110 mile range pack takes 5 hours to fill, the version in the electric car. it’s charger delivers 22 miles per hour fill rate. We are keeping you posted on the Solar Taxi’s journey across the globe. Chapter participation in greeting him is urged as Solar Taxi Arrives… he crosses the USS beginning in July. Below is a partial list of the appearances. Keep in mind that because of unforseen circumstances, the schedule is tentative. We will publish more updates in subsequent issues. More into at: www.solartaxi.com/ Location Approx. First date distance in location (miles) Washington D.C. September 1, 2008 0 Baltimore September 3, 2008 110 Philadelphia September 4, 2008 122 New York September 6, 2008 122 Hartford September 14, 2008 122 18 Current EVents / September 2008