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Accion Blogs Subaru 07 Jd Ppt

  1. 1. Case Study Subaru Impreza Blogs Subaria November 2007
  2. 2. The blogossphere • Blogs have become the second most reliable source of information for europeans (24%), after the press(30%) and right ahead of TV ads (17%) and E-Mail MK (14%) • Half of the spanish Internet users have or have had blogs. • Spain is the third country which has more bloggers worldwide. • 40% of the bloggers have bought a product or service after reading about it in the blogosphere. • As an average blogs are read 3,4 hours per week, and 25% of the do it once a day at least and also follow an average 4,6 blogs . FUENTE: “Buscando al consumidor en el mundo digital”. Microsoft & Zed Marzo 07
  3. 3. The New Impreza
  4. 4. Goals Solutions Results
  5. 5. Goals
  6. 6. Goals: • Create a new scenario where the brand could talk directly with the consumer and percieve their feedback. • Improve the brand image in the Blogosphere. Reduce the negative reputation the Impreza was having in Internet. • Generate a unique experience among the future and actual Impreza owners • Make the Impreza more accesible for their potential buyer.
  7. 7. Solutions
  8. 8. How we did it: • We launched a PR actiona among the key automotive bloggers. • We created a specific blog for the brand and ths model: • Though the blog we Evento Especial exclusivo donde les presentaremos, casi en primicia, el nuevo modelo de la marca.
  9. 9. Timeline and Implementation
  10. 10. Óptico de Acciones:
  11. 11. Previous Analysis
  12. 12. Brand Study Search Engines (Information) There is a huge amount of info about the Subaru Impreza over the Internet. Typing Subaru Impreza in Google returned + 1,5, MM enrtries . Despite this amount of information the makers presence in Internet is merely testimonial. Subaru ´s blog increments the volume of controlled information about the brand.
  13. 13. Estudio de la Marca: Blogs (conversation): • Actual conversation: The conversation over thje Subaru Impreza were centered about the restyling of the model issue, generating a great amoiunt of buzz among oppinion leaders and consumers with Subaru not participating in this process. Subaru´s Blog is born to be the perfect brand spokesperson in front of the bloggers and onsumer who were the only ones speaking.. • Conversación permanente: Internet refleja la existencia de una red social en torno a Subaru Impreza, traducida en iniciativas colectivas y personales como clubs de fans, foros, blogs, convocatorias, diseños, juegos… Esta red social mantiene una conversación estable sobre Subaru Impreza, basada en la afinidad con este modelo. El Blog de Subaru permite identificar, participar en la conversación y fomentar la red social que se crea en torno a la marca.
  14. 14. Communication process
  15. 15. How we did it: • Though posts in different automotive blogs, we announced a brand new blog: http://w w w .m / http://w w w .m http://w w w otor.htm l http://w w w .es/ http://w w w / http://w w w http://w w w .diariom / http://w w w • Dentro del Blog, generaremos Post (noticias/comentarios) para darle continuidad y contenido al mismo. • Los usuarios podrán dejar sus opiniones (postear) acerca de lo que leen en Subaria e inclusive, ponerse en contacto con un Responsable de la marca.
  16. 16. In the press
  17. 17. The venue
  18. 18. The event • We limited the number of invitations to 30 bloggers. • The venue took place in a Subaru delaeship. • Different Impreza´s were shown. • Subaru Spain staff (Marketing Manger included) were there for interviews. • Oportunidad de charlar con los mecánicos y jefes de producto • Obsequio-regalo a cada uno de los asistentes • The oppinion was extremely positive according to the assintants: • Subaru “was tjhere for them” and was there dsite the bad critics received recently. • 1st. Auto brand to acknowlwdge the influence of the bloggers as oppinio makers. • High nexecutives were there to chat and answer questions directly. Subaru does not hide. • After the conference the posts turned from negativ to neutral and positive. • We overcame bad critics.
  19. 19. The venue. Photographs.
  20. 20. The event
  21. 21. Today
  22. 22. Qué pasa ahora: • is still active, alive and updated by users daily. • From the beginning , the blog has had great success among users: • More than 120 Post published in the nuestro Blog and more than de 100 mentions in other vertical blogs (Automotive, marketing, lifestyle, etc).
  23. 23. Repercusión en el Sector Publicitario
  24. 24. Repercusión en los Medios • El componente novedoso de esta acción y teniendo en cuenta que Subaru ha sido la 1ª marca de Automoción en realizar algo similar, supuso que un gran número de soportes especializados del Sector Publicitario se hicieran eco de esta nueva forma de comunicación.
  25. 25. Gracias