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  • 1. 2009 Traffic Safety Culture Index Survey
  • 2. AAA Foundation
    • Established in 1947
    • 3. 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit
    • 4. Research affiliate of AAA/CAA
    • 5. North American Focus
  • Mission
    • Identify traffic safety problems
    • 6. Foster research that seeks solutions
    • 7. Disseminate information and educational resources
  • Funded through the generosity of
    and its members
  • 8. 2009 TSC Index Survey
    • Initial Release July 2009
    • 9. Surveys conducted by Abt SRBI Inc
    • 10. Fact sheet available at
  • Purpose of the Index
    • To investigate the public’s traffic-safety-related knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and experiences
    • 11. To create a baseline measure of traffic safety culture in the U.S.
    • 12. To continue monitoring America’s traffic safety culture over time through surveys
    • 13. To guide traffic safety research and education
    • 14. To foster dialogue about traffic safety and how to improve it
  • About the Index
    • Random sample telephone survey of the American public
    • 15. Sample included landline and cell phone
    • 16. Interviews conducted in English and Spanish
    • 17. Conducted April 15, 2009 – May 12, 2009
    • 18. Interviewed 2,501 U.S. residents ages 16+
    • 19. Statistics weighted to be representative of U.S. population
    • 20. Margin of error +/- 2.5% (approx.) for statistics based on full sample, higher for subsamples
  • Background
    • The AAA Foundation defines traffic safety culture as a social climate in which traffic safety is highly valued and rigorously pursued
    • 21. In 2008 the AAA Foundation conducted the first Traffic Safety Culture Index
  • Overview of Results
    • Majority of drivers do not feel safer than they did five years ago
    • 22. Distracted driving was major reason cited by those who felt less safe now than 5 years ago
    • 23. Drivers agree that using a cell phone while driving is a threat to safety
    Note: Results presented here are only a small subset of all information that can and will be gleaned from the 2009 Traffic Safety Culture Index throughout the year.
  • 24. Threats to Safety
    • 35% of drivers reported that they feel less safe than they did five years ago
    • 25. Of those who felt less safe, 31% cited distracted driving as the reason
    • 26. 87% of respondents rated texting or emailing as a very serious threat, second only to drinking while driving (90%)
    • 27. 58% also rated talking on a cell phone as a serious threat
  • Driver Behavior
    • 67% of drivers admitted to talking on a cell phone while driving in the past month
    • 28. 28% who admitted to this said they did so fairly often or regularly
    • 29. 95% of drivers saying texting while driving was completely or somewhat unacceptable
    • 30. 18% of those same drivers reported having text messaged while driving in the past month
  • Driver Behavior (cont)
    • 71% rated talking on a handheld cell phone while driving as unacceptable
    • 31. 30% of those drivers admitted to doing this and another 27% admitted to using a hands-free phone, which studies have shown are no safer
  • For more information, visit:
    At Kelly Auto Group we care about your safety. Please drive safe.
  • 32. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is a 501(c)(3) public charity located in Washington, DC that is dedicated to saving lives and reducing injuries. It is supported by donations from AAA/CAA Clubs, AAA/CAA members, and other organizations associated with AAA/CAA.
  • 33. Learn More About Kelly Auto Group
    To learn more about driving safe and choosing a protective automobile, visit