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Evaluation 2 Evaluation 2 Presentation Transcript

  • From the start of our research, we knew we wanted the video to be brightand eye catching when it comes to colour and effect. When we shot ourperformance parts in the studio, we decided to use lights from the sideinside of one beaming light, this was because even though the artist is themain thing, we didn’t want to look like we were trying too hard but havingthis massive light shining straight on her face and by using the side lights,we were able to add brightness evenly throughout the shot which makes itlook a lot more believable.
  • As you can see in the performanceshots, the lighting sets the colourto look slightly orange or ‘tanned’which we decided we wanted touse for our digipak so it can tietogether. We liked the idea ofusing a slightly higher contrast toadd this effect because it showshow we’ve added our own twistinto the style. Katy Perry usuallyuses pastel colours pink and blueto give herself a childlike touch toadd to her innocence where as wechose the pastel of orange whichcould be daring but we wanted toput our own mark onto it. Thegood thing about orange is it canmake everything seem brightertoo so when it came to making ourdigipak, it’s useful for making theimage stand out more for thepublic.
  • When it comes to theme, we each created ourown lyric analysis for the song which we thenjoined together to create one big one full of ourideas.http://www.scribd.com/fullscreen/72034591?access_key=key-24oj8b4muhdau6ljds8lThis was how we decided on what style we wouldgo for which then lead to our storyboard. Wedecided from our research from Katy’s previousvideos that we would focus on a playful story thatwould be easy and fun for the audience to follow.Because the audience we aim are quite young,we didn’t want to create a video being toocomplicated, we thought a simple “teen drama”story would be perfect. We had to then link thisinto the digipak so we decided that each sidewould be a taste of the story to encourage thebuyer. For the digipak we then produced a shootusing the same styles, colours, accessories fromthe video so it all links together. View slide
  • The fonts across the digipak titles and magazine ad were kept the samestyle so they would be recognisable to the audience. We chose a swirlystyle because it seemed very teen and girly which fit into the appeal forour target audience. As well as the style, we had the option of bringing acolour into it. We decided to fit in with the images chosen and colourscheme, we would add an orange back colour for the titles to keep allthings linked. View slide
  • In Katy Perry’s past videos, she tends to play with different settings tokeep her story believable. Her last video ‘Last Friday Night’ she used atypical American family street which is recognisable to our targetaudience as it is used in a lot of movies which are also aimed towardsthe same people. This intertextual reference is used so that the publiccan understand from the very start in the opening credits of the musicvideo. For our video, we used a few scenes to back up our stereotypingview of the characters. For the geek we used a library which our viewerscould find comical as they would pick up the idea and understand moreabout the geek wanting the ‘hottie’.
  • This idea was also used for the jock scenewhich was a lot more American style based(which just adds to the usual scenarios of KatyPerry). We used a locker room, used forfootball games and cheerleaders to mix as thecool kids. As you can tell, we focused a lot ofour scene decisions on American interpretationbecause this is quite well known throughoutPerry’s previous videos. Our final and main place we recorded was the pier scene which we used to create a teen scene hangout for our audience to recognise. This again was influenced by American styled living by focusing on an ice cream parlour because its a playful environment where a lot of teens would spend their time.
  • When it came to choosing whichsetting to use for our digipak, wedecided to use the studio because wecould then pay more attention tohow she looks instead of having toworry about natural lighting and thescene taking more attention. By usingthe images of her in the studio, itcreated more of a link between herand the audience which is what weaimed for. The idea of selling theartist was what we pushed for in themagazine ad and digipak becauserecognising the artist is more likely toentice the public.
  • For our music video, we used a lot ofstereotyping to create the costumes we woulduse for each scene. When it came to decidingthe outfits for the digipak, we didn’t want tospecify to one scene in particular so wedecided to think more along the lines of ourstudio shoot ideas. Because we had alreadychosen the font ideas and colour scheme, wechose a simple vest top matching with this totie it all together. The idea of a vest top is quiterevealing to attract some attention butobviously doesn’t give the idea of being ‘slutty’.This relates to how Katy Perry tends to portrayherself mixing the idea of sexuality andinnocence which we have also donethroughout our video and simply carried thisidea over so everything made sense together.
  • Overall, the magazine ad, digipak and music video have all got to the pointwhere they are recognisable together and seem to follow the conventionsfor the pop genre which we’ve been able to achieve by focusing on what webelieve the target audience would see as eye catching. The ancillary tasksseem to have really fit in with the music video; positive feedback fromothers has also shown how everything has fit together and that theyrepresent the video/artist just as well as the video.