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Capstone red rocks pp



A slide show on Red Rocks Amphitheater.

A slide show on Red Rocks Amphitheater.



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Capstone red rocks pp Capstone red rocks pp Presentation Transcript

  • Kelley Hoopes-GEO 111
  • Red Rocks was once part of theancestral rocky mountains. As thisgreat mountainous range wasweathered and eroded, sedimentswere deposited in the valley below. Itis below the surface where RedRocks began to form (Stammer,2012). http://en.wikiped _Mountain_Natio nal_Park Then about 320 million years ago during the Pennsylvanian Period, the ancestral Rockies uplifted again exposing Red Rocks.
  • Once exposed Red Rocks was eroded and weathered due to the natural elements like wind, rain, and ice. This erosion smoothed the rocks. A weathering agent that has helped shape Red Rocks is called frost wedging (Hess, 2011). This means water falls into exposed cracks and freezes pushing the rocks apart further. Eventually this causes rock portions to fall off. http://geophys 1114/notes/w eathering/wx_ soil.html
  • Believe it or not the http://www.geocachinancestral Rocky Mountains to be a glacial ails.aspx?guid=07eac1 b3-64e4-474c-ae0c-mountain. The glacial ice e4e64a814695moved slowly downhillpicking up rocks and debriswhich was drug along the Glacial Plucking: The action in which rockbottom of the glacier debris beneath the ice is attached to the iceeroding the underlying rock sheet by the freezing of melted water and then pulled from the ground (Hess, 2011).further. Over time thisprocess of abrasion andplucking eroded what iscalled a U-valley (Diop,2011). across-39th-parallel-in.html
  • It is in this U-valley that the magnificent landform was exposed. Thesesediments were built up, compressed and then uplifted to create Red Rocks (Stammer, 2012).
  • One of Red Rocks uses is for a beautiful setting for a wedding. Another use is movie night. They play old and new movies during the Colorado summer. summer-movies
  • And of course…… http://www.redr
  • Overall… Red Rocks is a beautiful natural landform that has some cool geological history and is now enjoyed by thousands. If you have not been there it is a trip worth taking!