Thailand Traveling Tips For The Active Traveler


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Thailand Traveling Tips For The Active Traveler

  1. 1. Thailand Traveling Tips For The Active TravelerMy 75-year old aunt loves the typical Asian tours, with hordes of like-minded seniors comfortablytraveling in gigantic, air-conditioned buses. Of course, there are advantages to this type of travel: Onehas a greater expectation of safety and expects to see the highlights of the destination withoutwasting much time in trying to find them. Another point to note is the unavailability of literature (atleast for non-English speakers) in describing what they are looking at. A guide for a particular groupwill most likely be able to communicate in the groups language, making the whole spectacle thatmuch more understandable.The tourists who make the Bangkok tours should not miss the chance of visiting the temple of WatPho, which the largest as well as the oldest Buddha temple. This temple has a reclined Buddhastatue of about 46 meters. A special massage therapy is also done here to attract visitors. InBangkok, Chatuchak market is very famous for its shopping and it is opened on weekends only. Youcan also have some fun in the Dusuit Zoo. The bank of the Thonburi River also gathers attention ofthe visitors. Taskin monument is the main attraction. The statue of King Taskin is there in thismonument. The museum of Royal Barges has a collection of the kings Golden Swan and his personalboats.Anyway, Thailand is a world in itself, so be prepared to be amazed and have all your normal logicalthinking replaced with ongoing illogical and strange behavior. In other words, Thailand is a completelyweird place. Just remember that when you travel to a foreign country, after you get there, youbecome the foreigner...The country is well knows of its pristine beaches, friendly people and authentic cuisine. English iswidely spoken and for many nationalities no visa is required to enter the country. Despite the recentunrests, travel within the country is considered to be very safe.Is it recommended for kids?Kanchanaburi: Just 3 hours west of Bangkok is Kanchanaburi province, covering a great expansethat borders up to Burma. With its 7 National Parks, Kanchanaburi offers the active traveler a greatchoice of activities from river rafting to wild jungle treks. Famous sites include: Bridge on the RiverKwai, a hike on the tiered Erawan Waterfall, and The Tiger Temple.Finally for this best Thailand Travel Guide is the southern region, the slimmest and longest area ofThailand. This region is the land in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea so thatbeaches are the highlights of this area. Tourists are guaranteed to experience amazing beaches,stunning beautiful tropical islands and sparkling blue water. Moreover, many alternative western-standard accommodations are available from world-class hotels to backpacker places that can bematched with every taste and budget. Due to the existed beautiful reefs and underwater creatures,Scuba diving and snorkeling are normal activities visitors often choose to enjoy in this area.
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