NCTE 2012 Presentation B.22- Igniting the Love of Reading in Your Struggling Readers


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Two elementary, a middle and two high school teachers join with an author of young adult literature to share the ways they’ve made reading cool and accessible for the students who struggle with reading the most. Attendees will leave with ideas and strategies they can implement immediately in their classrooms.

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NCTE 2012 Presentation B.22- Igniting the Love of Reading in Your Struggling Readers

  1. 1. Igniting the Love of Reading in Your Struggling Readers Kellee Moye Katherine SokolowskiGordon Hultberg Beck McDowellJennifer Fountain Lynne Eichel Twitter hashtag for Q&A- #B22
  2. 2. Kellee MoyeMiddle School Intensive Reading, ESOL Developmental Language Arts, & Yearbook Teacher @KelleeMoye
  3. 3. Setting the Mood & Expectations• Build up your book knowledge o READ! o Blogs o Twitter o Goodreads o Pinterest• Books central from the start• Set high expectations• Building relationships• Passion• Excitement• Time• Choice!
  4. 4. Classroom Library• Essential!• Sources: o Scholastic Book Orders o Scholastic Warehouse Sales o Donations o Library sales o Used book stores o Donors Choose o ARCs Float On
  5. 5. Getting Books into Students‘ Hands• Book Surveys• Conferencing• Book Pass/Paths• Book Commercials/Book Talks• Book Reviews• Social Networks o Edmodo o Scholastic Reviews o Biblionasium
  6. 6. Kids Will Thank You"I read more this year than I ever did in all my school years which I think is a big improvement.""I do read more than I did before because I used to find reading not fun at all, but since the beginning of the year til now I have read more than I did ever and I really enjoy it now.""I love reading. The more time I have [to read] the more time I have to enjoy myself reading.""The more time you read, you finally get to the best part in the book.""Mrs. Moye has time for us and she lets us read. I read 19 books this year and last year I read like 5 or 6 books.""Now I like to read because I can read any books I want and last year I didnt like to read because sometimes I didnt like the book or didnt know what it was about."
  7. 7. Gordon Hultberg High School English @pradlfan #B22
  8. 8. Offer Choices• Interesting• Enjoyable• Structured
  9. 9. Place Tools in their HandsModel good reading habits Share authority for decision-making Show them how to lead
  10. 10. Let Them Decide How to Reflect on Learning
  11. 11. Let them have fun
  12. 12. Lead them forward“A huge accomplishmentfor me was actuallyfinishing that book.I would never havethought I would actuallyfinish a book on my own.” Jen, 17
  13. 13. Jennifer Fountain 8th grade Writing and English I @jennann516
  14. 14. Importance of ChoiceReaders Bill of RightsAny book. Any genre.Revisit old favoritesPermission to abandon
  15. 15. Make Time for Independent ReadingWe make time for whats important.Huge difference between student buy-in atbeginning of the year vs. the end. "Five more minutes!!"
  16. 16. Independently TogetherUse independent reading to supportconcepts learned in class.Students build community bybonding over books.
  17. 17. Empowering ReadersCurrent students are empowered:"Miss, do you have any other books like this?""Miss, I actually read four chapters last night at home.""Miss, I finished...can I go to the library?"Former students still come back!"I miss your class because we got to read.""Ms. X doesnt let us read in class.""Will you leave me some books because I dont know what to read."
  18. 18. Katherine Sokolowski Fifth grade Teacher @katsok
  19. 19. Creating a Classroom of Readers
  20. 20. Classroom Space
  21. 21. ChoiceAny book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him. Maya Angelou, author
  22. 22. ChoiceThe students choose:• Genre• Format• Length of time to spend with a book• To reread or not• How many books to read
  23. 23. Choice extends to...How we respond to our reading• Sketch/Comic• Summary• T-chart• Letter• Animoto• VoiceThread/Audioboo• Blog - videos• BiblioNasium
  24. 24. RelationshipsThe single most efficient path toward success as a teacher lies in knowing your students in important ways. Penny Kittle, teacher and author
  25. 25. Relationships• Conferences (Evernote, Kustomnote, Livescribe)• Knowing them as readers• Helping them to know themselves• Letting them get to know me
  26. 26. Beck McDowellFormer Middle/High School TeacherAuthor, This Is Not a Drill (Penguin) Last Bus Out (Enhanced E-Book) @beckmcdowell
  27. 27. Reading: A Choice, Not a ChoreWhats holding us back:1. "Canon only" thinking2. Belief that discussion is necessity3. Fear of censors4. Uncertainty over grading logistics
  28. 28. Individual Conferences: Why and How•• Kids love to have your full attention.• Accountability: Grade is 0 or 100.• Flexible assignment for time management.• Extra credit for "earlies" and extra reading.• One-on-one conversations build relationships.
  29. 29. Bring Them into Reading CommunitiesNotRequiredReading:Reviews offerincentive, helppeers, build habits.YouTube: TrailersFavorite WritersGuest ReadersBookcrossing
  30. 30. Changing World of Teen Books • Compelling opening - (from reading “bite-sized” info ) • More mature content (access to global news, complicated issues) • Appeal of alternating viewpoints - (exposure to all sides online) . • Use e-books to attract techie teens to reading. • Documentation of non-fiction with links adds meaning
  31. 31. See for InfoSee for more on reading program, projects, reviews and trailers, and safety tips for classrooms and school libraries.
  32. 32. Lynne EichelIntervention Specialist @eductwitt
  33. 33. Book Bandits
  34. 34. Stealing Time to ReadThe Power of Community
  35. 35. Freedom from Structure
  36. 36. Make it Special
  37. 37. Share the Passion
  38. 38. Passion is Contagious
  39. 39. Reach Out
  40. 40. Expand Their World
  41. 41. Community of Readers
  42. 42. Bliss
  43. 43. The Results Are In!! South Elementary OAA Designation• 2006 Academic Watch• 2007 Continuous Improvement• 2008 Continuous Improvement• 2009 Continuous Improvement• 2010 Effective ****Book Bandits Implemented• 2011 Effective ****Highest Reading Scores in the District!!!
  44. 44. Toot Your Own Horn!
  45. 45. ResourcesEdmodo- Secure Social Learning Network for Teachers and Students http://www.edmodo.comScholastic reviews- Share what you’re reading Kids Share Book Recommendations http://biblionasium.comAnimoto- Easy way to create and share videos http://animoto.comDonor’s Choose- An online charity that makes it easy to help students and teachers in need http://www.donorschoose.orgReach a Reader- Resources for schools and libraries for book donations, school visits and virtual visits The world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations http://www.goodreads.comPinterest- A content sharing service http://pinterest.comNerdy Book Club- YA and children lit readers’ home online http://nerdybookclub.wordpress.comEvernote- Note-taking program that can be used across devices http://evernote.comKustomnote- Professional note-taking for Evernote http://kustomnotes.comLivescribe- Smartpen http://www.livescribe.comVoice Thread- Collaboration tool http://voicethread.comAudioboo- Mobile and web platform that allows you to record and share audio http://audioboo.fmTwitter hashtags: #titletalk #rwworkshop #engchat #elemchat #edtech #kidlit #nerdybookclub #mschat #d5chat #blackedu #edchat #ntchat
  46. 46. PowerPoint and HandoutOur PowerPoint and a handout with contact information as well as resources that were mentioned during the presentation can be downloaded from the NCTE Connected Community website as well as from SlideShare at