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  • 1. Progress of STeLA Forum As of 06/05/2010
  • 2. Table of Contents: 1. Thematic session 1.1 Agriculture 1.2 Energy 2. Group Project 3. Leadership session 4. Site visit 5. Keynote speaker
  • 3. 1. Thematic session(Agriculture)  Technology Transfer & the Green revolution <Goal> * What and Whom was the green revolution for? * How should we evaluate this revolution?  What we’ve done so far: -researched “green revolution” -decided the approach for the Thematic session  What we need to do: -make the scheme for Thematic session -decide the specific topic for introduction of Green Revolution
  • 4. 1. Thematic session(Agriculture) Speaker <Goal> *to learn the new Agricultural Technology in China. *think what was/was not improved and why some problems are still not improved. What we’ve done so far: - Selected the speaker : Mr. Imai from JICA, working on the project” sustainable development of agriculture technology in China” Farmers in China overuse agricultural chemicals to increase agricultural productivity, even though it pollutes the soil and water. Mr. Imai developed new agricultural technology to improve such situations.
  • 5. 1. Thematic session(Energy)  Goal: To convey to participants the feeling of how complex even a seemingly small issue can be when there are stakeholders with different interests involved.  Role play ~Clean coal technology~ Stake holders Developed Role 1. Government Representative countries Role 2. Responsible citizen (Professor in coal technology) Role 3. Investor Developed countries Role 4. Government Representative 2 Role 5. Scientist Role 6. Environmentalist  Speaker Not yet selected.
  • 6. 2.Group Project  Activity: Construct a solar energy collector  Workshop @Beijing Institute of Technology
  • 7. 3. Leadership session  Joe ,Vivek and keli are making leadership contents.
  • 8. 4. Site visit  Gas power plant  Education base of energy technology for students  Miyun Reservoir (water power plant)  Ferrotec (Plant making solar power devices)
  • 9. 5. Keynote speaker  Business:  We have secured the VP of Monitor Group.  Politics:  Sam will contact someone from list (such as Xu or Wan)  Academic:  Sam will contact Prof. Xue to ask to speak as a keynote for the forum