Faith and maintenance

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  • 6000 man years!Passage aligns with winter solstice sunrise
  • Cult of the afterlifeAnother huge investment
  • Continuity since Solomon’s timeAll 3 of the People’s of the Book still present


  • 1. Faith and Maintenance
    Why do we put ourselves through such difficult times?
    Keith Underdown
  • 2. Phase One: Repairs c. 1999-2000
    c. £85,000 paid mostly from church funds (sale of church hall)
    West Window, all clerestory windows and lower windows as necessary removed, re-leaded and re-installed.
    Exterior troughs to aisle roofs taken out and re-leaded. Aisle roof tiles removed, aisle roofs repaired and felted, tiles put back and replaced where necessary.
    Structural repairs to the north side of chancel arch.
    Re-plastering and re-decorating of internal walls of nave and aisles
  • 3. Phase 2: St Teilo Arts Project 2002-2010
    External Funding
    £35,532 Arts Council Wales,
    £7,025 Prince’s Trust/ Entrust,
    £5,000 Garfield Western Trust,
    £1,000 Church in Wales,
    £500 Atlantic Foundation
  • 4. Rehearsal space
    Rehearsal space
    Nave pews made moveable.
    Choir stalls made moveable.
    90 rehearsal chairs provided.
    Choir stalls made moveable.
    Theatre-style dimmable lighting to nave and choir.
  • 5. Improving Accessibility
    Conversion of priest’s vestry into male and female toilet blocks, with storage above.
    Major associated exterior drainage works.
    Disabled ramp and handrails to west end doors.
    Provision of a disabled ramp and widening of entrance to back of organ and vestry.
    Fire escape with handrails to new tower exterior door, and glazing to window.
    New gate to Woodville Road entrance opening inwards.
    Provision of sound induction loop
  • 6. Utilities
    New glass screen and doors to main Woodville Road entrance. Leaded windows installed to make watertight.
    Electricity supply to light.
    New notice board
    Provision of new main distribution board to church.
    Main cable and distribution board to vestry and new toilets.
    Provision of power sockets in the aisles.
    Emergency lighting. Fire escape signage.
    Screens on rear wall moved forward to provide storage space at back of church.
    Provision of cupboards in vestry.
  • 7. Disabled toilet (2004)
    £5,000 St Teilo Arts
    Replacement of original disabled toilet and enlargement of room to current regulations.
    Reversal of exterior door to open outwards.
    Modification of external ramp to allow disabled access
  • 8. Porch repairs (2007)
    £4,900 St Teilo Arts
    Re-leading of west gutter.
    Replacement of tiles and ridge.
    Repairs to roof timbers.
    Repair/replacement of floor slabs.
    Replacement of downpipe.
  • 9. Electrical works
    £2,000 St Teilo Arts
    Ongoing phased replacement of electrical wiring.
    New main cables and distribution boards to boiler room and organ.
    Extra electrical sockets to rear of nave and organ.
    Re-use of old organ-blower box for electricity cupboard for safety.
  • 10. Pigeon works & internal re-decoration (2007)
    £3,600 Church funds, donations, St Teilo Arts
    External works to prevent pigeon entry into chancel roof space.
    Internal scaffolding and painting to east wall to repair pigeon damage.
  • 11. New fire exit/ Community Gardens (2009)
    £1,700 BIFFA, and St Teilo Arts
    Creation of new opening in wall to Woodville Road and installation of new gate.
    Paved area.
    Seating area.
  • 12. Railings (2009)
    £500 CADW
    Painting of external railings and gates.
  • 13. Side aisle floors and heating system 2010
    £31538 St Teilo Arts & Church Funds
    Complete replacement of wooden elements of side aisle floors
    Provision of 3 replacement heaters
    New gas main & heating pipes
    Associated Electrical Works
  • 14. Nave Floors & Associated Works (2011)
    St Teilo Arts £8000
    Church Funds £15000
    Anonymous Donation £1300
    Complete replacement wooden elements of Nave floor
    Provision of 8 floor mounted double electrical sockets
    Renovation of tiled areas re-using tiles where possible. New tiles “distressed” to match
    New carpeting at rear of nave and play area (paid for by an anonymous donor)
    New loft ladder
    Removal of three overgrown trees in garden and heavy trimming of shrubs
    Repair of large hole in guttering on South side
    Clearing of low-level gutters
  • 15. Regular Maintenance/Mandatory Inspections
    Annual inspection and servicing of boiler
    Regular inspection of electrical installation
    PAT testing of mobile electrical devices
    Inspection of Fire Extinguishers
    Fire Risk Assessment
    Organ Tuning & Maintenance
    Garden Maintenance
    Gutters and downspouts
  • 16. What’s Still to Do
    About 30 items remain from last QR
    Penetrating Damp
    Need to upgrade heating system further
    Sort out drainage
    Organ Restoration project
    Let’s take a walk and look
  • 17. Religious Constructs throughout History
    Cave Paintings
    Go back 30000 years at least
    Found on every continent
  • 18. Religious Constructs throughout History
    Megalithic Tombs
  • 19. Religious Constructs throughout History
  • 20. Religious Constructs throughout History
    The Temple
  • 21. Religious Constructs throughout History
    The Pantheon
  • 22. Religious Constructs throughout History
    Celtic Llan
  • 23. Religious Constructs throughout History
    European Cathedrals
  • 24. Religious Constructs throughout History
    Victorian Revivals
    Paternalism (e.g.Oxford Movement)
    St German’s
    St Margaret’s
    St Mary’s the Docks
    St Teilo’s
    Nonconformist Revivalist Chapels
  • 25. What’s behind all this?
    Sense of the “numinous”
    Sense of the afterlife
    Sense of Community
    Places of refuge
    Self-aggrandisement ( Boo!)
    Giving glory to God (Hurray!)