Pitney Bowes Software - Overview for US Mailing (04.02.2013) Orlando

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  • 1. Keith Joeris,Business Development Consultant – America’s SMBField Sales Manager – South USMonday, May 27, 2013Pitney Bowes SoftwareOverview
  • 2. Pitney Bowes Software• Founded in 1965• Acquired by Pitney Bowes, July2004• Headquarters in Lanham, MD• Nearly 700 global employees, morethan 3,000 customers worldwide• Primarily led by Group 1 Software,Pitney Bowes achieved $202 millionin software revenue in 2006, $219 in2007• Recognized as the 128th largestsoftware company in the world in2007• Founded in 1986• Acquired by Pitney BowesNovember 2007• Leading global provider of locationintelligence solutions• Headquartered in Troy, NY• 900 employees worldwide, 24offices worldwide• More than 7,000 globalorganizations in an array ofindustries• MapInfo achieved $185 million inrevenue in 2007MapInfo Group 1 SoftwareIn April 2008 Group 1 Software and MapInfo merged forces. In January2009, we established Pitney Bowes Software.
  • 3. Pitney Bowes Software• Over 25 years providing software solutions• Over 1,700 employees worldwide– Americas – 1,000+– EMEA – 400+– Asia Pacific – 300+• Offices in the Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific• Strategic partners and distribution channels in 60 countries worldwide• Vertical market focus: Insurance, Financial Services, Public Sector,Communications, Retail/Real Estate/Restaurants, Natural Resources,and Emerging Markets• Revenues ~$500M• Strategic growth component of Pitney BowesAmericasInternational
  • 4. The industries that we enableInsuranceUtilitiesHealthcareTelecommunicationsFinancial ServicesRetail
  • 5. Our CapabilitiesInsightUnderstanding andpredicting customerbehaviorDataIntegrating andenrichingindividualcustomer dataStrategyDeciding andexecuting on thecustomer best-next-actionCommunicationsManaging andconnecting the cross-channel customerdialogue
  • 6. PBS Capabilities - DataData Enhancement• Demographic data• Psychographic data• Social-economic dataData prep & composition• Data integration• Data cleansing• Data standardization• Identity Relationships• Data profiling360°CustomerViewInsightDataStrategyCommunicationsLocation Intelligence• Address validation• Address cleansing• Global Geocoding• Tax data• Risk data
  • 7. PBS Capabilities - InsightCustomer Analytics• Customer segmentation &targeting• Propensity to churn andpurchase• Customer lifetime value(CLV) analysisCampaign Analysis• Offer management• Uplift modelling• Contact optimizationLocation Intelligence• Target market definitions• Market analysis• Site-locations analysis• Sales and delivery routing• Risk analysis• Territory and tax-areaassignmentsInsightDataStrategyCommunications
  • 8. PBS Capabilities - StrategyOrganization Strategy• Location strategy• Performance Management• Direct marketing• Campaign managementCustomer Strategy• Customer strategy andgovernance• Offer management• Contact optimization• Real-time decisioningInsightDataStrategyCommunications
  • 9. PBS Capabilities - CommunicationMulti-channel output• Document composition• Doc archiving/retrieve• Interactive doc comp• Print production mgmt• Mail efficiencyCross-channel interactions• Campaign management• Customer lifecyclemanagement• Connected, consistent cross-channel dialogues• Integrated customer fulfilment• Real-time recommendations• Inbound offer managementInsightDataStrategyCommunications
  • 10. Profile customersIdentify best customersReach right prospects Predict risk of churn Identify and addresschurn/ defections Preempt withretention offersPredict future needsDeliver proactiveservice resolutionDecisions for best-nextactionPredict future lifecycleeventsRecommend up-sell/cross-sell offersConfigure accountstrategies to meetcustomer needsDetermine best channelReflect customerpreferencesOur solutions enable customer lifecyclemanagement
  • 11. Result: Maximize Customer Lifetime ValueAcquire > Convert > Serve > Grow > RetainProfitability$0Optimized Customer LifecycleTypical Customer LifecyclePBS ValueCustomer Lifetime• Acquire profitablecustomers• Make customersprofitable faster• Reduce cost toserve and drivemargin• Cross-sell/up-selland drive revenue• Reduce number ofunprofitablecustomers• Focus onretention, loyaltyand engagementto driveprofitability
  • 12. LocationIntelligenceData QualityAnalyticsMDMData IntegrationCurrent Solutions:• Multiple Vendors withcompeting, overlappingcapabilities• Too complex• Too expensivePitney BowesSoftware Vision:• Single unifiedframework• Insight built onmanaged data oncustomer, locationand assets• Simple• Cost effectiveDelivering the Goods…12Spectrum Technology Platform
  • 13. Working togetherWhat we do:Operational IntelligenceMailing Efficiency/DiscountsList Processing/Data Normalization/Duplicate Identification &ResolutionCustomer Data QualityLocation IntelligenceLat/Long assignment (to rooftop)Spatial Analysis (distance, point in polygon)MappingTax jurisdiction assignmentCommunication ManagementDocument creation (physical/digital)eMessaging (real time messaging)Document storage/retrieval (Vault)EBPPPredictive AnalyticsSite Selection (where do I put my next store)Direct Consumer Marketing (who is my best customer)Who we serve:Field based coverageServe all verticals/marketsMajor Accounts Reps:Very Large Named AccountsEnterprise Reps:Vertical BasedSmall number of NamedAccountsTerritory Field RepresentativesNon-Named AccountsSell full product suiteMedium/Large businessfocusEmerging Markets focus
  • 14. Working togetherIncremental PBS Value:• On-demand/SaaS offerings• Address correction/validation• Location Intelligence• Tax Jurisdiction• List Processing/Mail Outsourcing• Visualizing data(turn lists of data into visual experience)What is in it for US Mailing:• Additional functionality to complete aSolution• Differentiation to competition• Single vendor solution – no 3rd partycomponents• Enterprise caliber components(processing volume)
  • 15. Working togetherAreas that we have already helped US Mailing:• On-Demand/SaaS Mapping and routing solutions• Geo-coding• High volume data cleansing – Spectrum• On-Demand/SaaS address validation (US, Canada, International• High volume CCM• Marketing Solutions/Data Visualization -Portrait
  • 16. Working togetherExamples:On-line (pop-up) Address validation• Send Suite Live handoff to reduce return mail – especially certified• Validate address at point of collection via web appEnhanced email delivery of statements – Plug in to Planet Press• Provide complete statement portal• Intelligent email delivery with receipt upon opening• Complete payment integrations• Internal customer service statement viewing and step by step assistance.
  • 17. Contact Information• Keith Joeris – Field Sales Manager – South US– Cell: 830-481-3580• South Central – Monica Norman– Phone 704.796.7717• South East - Dave Fogarty – Inside Sales– Phone: 518.285.7127• My Territory– South USNM, CO, TX, OK,KS, MO, AR, LATN, MS, ALGA, SC, FL
  • 18. We would be happy to help.Do You HaveAny Questions?18