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Lang.Net 2009 proposed talk

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Lang Net

  1. 1. Survey of Tools & Languages in the “Outside World” Keith Curtis SDE 1993 – 2004    
  2. 2. About me Programmer at Microsoft  FoxPro, Quill, RichEdit, MIBU / Sendit  (Swedish sub), Spot watch Discovered Linux by accident after I left  Just finished a book describing its  advantages, and remaining challenges Tools is a huge part of this!    
  3. 3. My book NEW YORK TIMES: “Keith Curtis, an 11-year veteran of Microsoft, believes deeply that free software is the future of technology. He takes a programmer’s approach in Software Wars, attempting to systematically build a case that software can help pave the way for a 21st-century renaissance in many fields ranging from artificial intelligence (cars that drive themselves) to the human journey into space (space elevators). For Mr. Curtis, free software is all about leveraging our collective intelligence.”    
  4. 4. My book in 1 slide Case studies of Wikipedia, Linux kernel  & desktop The payoff is things like AI, cancer  research Proprietary software is pervasive, even in  universities    
  5. 5. Linux's advantage in 1 slide    
  6. 6. Okay, one more slide    
  7. 7. Anyhoo... That discussion is for another day     
  8. 8. Tool and Languages Ended up being a big part of my research  and thinking during the book-writing Some caveats:  IANALL: I am not a language lawyer  C# was a life-changing experience after 7  years of C/C++ & COM at MS I last wrote production code in C# 1.0  But I spent months learning all the details...     
  9. 9. Side note about C# 3.0 I saw AndersH's Lang.Net C# 3.0 talk  It started off fine, until...  “We take the projection of the lambda  function, and return it as an anonymous delegate to the closure of the expression tree.” seems like Code and Pray if your IQ < 160  Reminds me of COM / ATL     
  10. 10. Important idea I discovered All non-GC, non-kernel mode code should  be killed Everyone (here) knows the advantages, but  there isn't any coherent effort on this task Lots of excuses: inertia, perf, snobbery, etc.  My book spends 25 pages on this topic!     
  11. 11. Tools chapter in 1 slide Memory is important: the state of a  process GC is the only way to have reliable code  I detail memory leaks and buffer overruns  GC is necessary, if insufficient, for  the reliable code that we seek. I say that using C instead of Lisp was the  greatest mistake in the history of computing. Lisp invented GC in  1959!!   
  12. 12. GC changes programming GC requires a bunch of infrastructure, which enables a bunch of features COM Feature Name .Net Feature Name Reference Counting Garbage Collection BSTR Unicode strings Type Libraries metadata + IL IUnknown Everything is an Object IDispatch Reflection DCOM Remoting & Web Services Why?    
  13. 13. GC changes programming Increased reliability & security  Increased portability  Same binary on multiple platforms  Increased maintainability  Increased usability and functionality  Flows from increased maintainability  Code sharing will increase dramatically  Lack of this is the Achilles' heel of software,  esp. free software!    
  14. 14. Linux desktop Underpinnings are all C/C++  FireFox, OpenOffice, Apache, MySQL,  Gnome, KDE, etc. Just like Microsoft  IE, Office, IIS, SQL Server, Shell  VS.NET? C# compiler?     
  15. 15. Linux versus Windows Warring armies of patient cavemen, fashioning their world with stone tools I think the battle between Linux and Windows boils down to a tools battle    
  16. 16. Microsoft Advantages: Disadvantages   Leadership Older code   Money More complicated   code Marketshare  Smaller army  One platform (.Net)  Backward  compatibility constraints .Net is small in  scope (no physics engine, etc.)    
  17. 17. Linux Advantages Disadvantages   Army of millions Tools situation is a   fragmented mess Codebases 10  years younger Many duplicate  codebases and 10x smaller  More code overall  Understood by a  worldwide No push in this  community direction Gaining momentum     
  18. 18. Boiled down... .Net is limited by what MS envisions  Outside the walled garden is a barren  wasteland Linux isn't moving away from C/C++  very fast, and there is no clear place to go    
  19. 19. What is out there on the free desktop? Java  Mono  Python  Etc.     
  20. 20. Sun screwed the pooch Java have been free from Day 1  Sun focused on JCP, JSR  Sun fragmented Java  Wikipedia documents 34 Java runtimes (not  including embedded ones!) Sun sued Microsoft for adding features  In C, adding features was encouraged:  “__inline” Making it free hasn't noticeably changed  its trajectory    
  21. 21. Java complexity action, actionPropertyChanged, add, addActionListener, addAncestorListener, addChangeListener, addComponentListener, addContainerListener, addFocusListener, addHierarchyBoundsListener, addHierarchyListener, addImpl, addInputMethodListener, addItemListener, addKeyListener, addMenuDragMouseListener, addMenuKeyListener, addMouseListener, addMouseMotionListener, addMouseWheelListener, addNotify, addPropertyChangeListener, addVetoableChangeListener, applyComponentOrientation, areFocusTraversalKeysSet, bounds, checkHorizontalKey, checkImage, checkVerticalKey, clone, coalesceEvents, computeVisibleRect, configurePropertiesFromAction, contains, countComponents, createActionListener, createActionPropertyChangeListener, createChangeListener, createImage, createItemListener, createToolTip, createVolatileImage, deliverEvent, disable, disableEvents, dispatchEvent, doClick, doLayout, enable, enableEvents, enableInputMethods, equals, finalize, findComponentAt, fireActionPerformed, fireItemStateChanged, fireMenuDragMouseDragged, fireMenuDragMouseEntered, fireMenuDragMouseExited, fireMenuKeyPressed, fireMenuKeyReleased, fireMenuKeyTyped, firePropertyChange, fireStateChanged, fireVetoableChange, getAccelerator, getAccessibleContext, getAction, getActionCommand, getActionForKeyStroke, getActionListeners, getActionMap, getAlignmentX, getAlignmentY, getAncestorListeners, getAutoscrolls, getBackground, getBaseline, getBaselineResizeBehavior, getBorder, getBounds, getChangeListeners, getClass, getClientProperty, getColorModel, getComponent, getComponentAt, getComponentCount, getComponentGraphics, getComponentListeners, getComponentOrientation, getComponentPopupMenu, getComponents, getComponentZOrder, getConditionForKeyStroke, getContainerListeners, getCursor, getDebugGraphicsOptions, getDefaultLocale, getDisabledIcon, getDisabledSelectedIcon, getDisplayedMnemonicIndex, getDropTarget, getFocusCycleRootAncestor, getFocusListeners, getFocusTraversalKeys, getFocusTraversalKeysEnabled, getFocusTraversalPolicy, getFont, getFontMetrics, getForeground, getGraphics, getGraphicsConfiguration, getHeight, getHideActionText, getHierarchyBoundsListeners, getHierarchyListeners, getHorizontalAlignment, getHorizontalTextPosition, getIcon, getIconTextGap, getIgnoreRepaint, getInheritsPopupMenu, getInputContext, getInputMap, getInputMethodListeners, getInputMethodRequests, getInputVerifier, getInsets, getItemListeners, getKeyListeners, getLabel, getLayout, getListeners, getLocale, getLocation, getLocationOnScreen, getMargin, getMaximumSize, getMenuDragMouseListeners, getMenuKeyListeners, getMinimumSize, getMnemonic, getModel, getMouseListeners, getMouseMotionListeners, getMousePosition, getMouseWheelListeners, getMultiClickThreshhold, getName, getNextFocusableComponent, getParent, getPeer, getPopupLocation, getPreferredSize, getPressedIcon, getPropertyChangeListeners, getRegisteredKeyStrokes, getRolloverIcon, getRolloverSelectedIcon, getRootPane, getSelectedIcon, getSelectedObjects, getSize, getSubElements, getText, getToolkit, getToolTipLocation, getToolTipText, getTopLevelAncestor, getTransferHandler, getTreeLock, getUI, getUIClassID, getVerifyInputWhenFocusTarget, getVerticalAlignment, getVerticalTextPosition, getVetoableChangeListeners, getVisibleRect, getWidth, getX, getY, gotFocus, grabFocus, handleEvent, hasFocus, hashCode, hide, imageUpdate,fireMenuDragMouseReleased isBorderPainted, init, insets, inside, invalidate, isAncestorOf, isArmed, isBackgroundSet, isContentAreaFilled, isCursorSet, isDisplayable, isDoubleBuffered, isEnabled, isFocusable, isFocusCycleRoot, isFocusOwner, isFocusPainted, isFocusTraversable, isFocusTraversalPolicyProvider, isFocusTraversalPolicySet, isFontSet, isForegroundSet, isLightweight, isLightweightComponent, isManagingFocus, isMaximumSizeSet, isMinimumSizeSet, isOpaque, isOptimizedDrawingEnabled, isPaintingForPrint, isPaintingTile, isPreferredSizeSet, isRequestFocusEnabled, isRolloverEnabled, isSelected, isShowing, isValid, isValidateRoot, isVisible, keyDown, keyUp, layout, list, locate, location, lostFocus, menuSelectionChanged, minimumSize, mouseDown, mouseDrag, mouseEnter, mouseExit, mouseMove, mouseUp, move, nextFocus, notify, notifyAll, paint, paintAll, paintBorder, paintChildren, paintComponent, paintComponents, paintImmediately, paramString, postEvent, preferredSize, prepareImage, print, printAll, printBorder, printChildren, printComponent, printComponents, processComponentEvent, processComponentKeyEvent, processContainerEvent, processEvent, processFocusEvent, processHierarchyBoundsEvent, processHierarchyEvent, processInputMethodEvent, processKeyBinding, processKeyEvent, processMenuDragMouseEvent, processMenuKeyEvent, processMouseEvent, processMouseMotionEvent, processMouseWheelEvent, putClientProperty, registerKeyboardAction, remove, removeActionListener, removeAll, removeAncestorListener, removeChangeListener, removeComponentListener, removeContainerListener, removeFocusListener, removeHierarchyBoundsListener, removeHierarchyListener, removeInputMethodListener, removeItemListener, removeKeyListener, removeMenuDragMouseListener, removeMenuKeyListener, removeMouseListener, removeMouseMotionListener, removeMouseWheelListener, removeNotify, removePropertyChangeListener, removeVetoableChangeListener, repaint, requestDefaultFocus, requestFocus, requestFocusInWindow, resetKeyboardActions, reshape, resize, revalidate, scrollRectToVisible, setAccelerator, setAction, setActionCommand, setActionMap, setAlignmentX, setAlignmentY, setArmed, setAutoscrolls, setBackground, setBorder, setBorderPainted, setBounds, setComponentOrientation, setComponentPopupMenu, setComponentZOrder, setContentAreaFilled, setCursor, setDebugGraphicsOptions, setDefaultLocale, setDisabledIcon, setDisabledSelectedIcon, setDisplayedMnemonicIndex, setDoubleBuffered, setDropTarget, setEnabled, setFocusable, setFocusCycleRoot, setFocusPainted, setFocusTraversalKeys, setFocusTraversalKeysEnabled, setFocusTraversalPolicy, setFocusTraversalPolicyProvider, setFont, setForeground, setHideActionText, setHorizontalAlignment, setHorizontalTextPosition, setIcon, setIconTextGap, setIgnoreRepaint,     setInheritsPopupMenu, setInputMap, setInputVerifier, setLabel, setLayout, setLocale, setLocation, setMargin, setMaximumSize, setMinimumSize, setMnemonic, setModel, setMultiClickThreshhold, setName, setNextFocusableComponent, setOpaque, setPreferredSize, setPressedIcon, setRequestFocusEnabled, setRolloverEnabled, setRolloverIcon, setRolloverSelectedIcon, setSelected, setSelectedIcon, setSize, setText, setToolTipText, setTransferHandler, setUI, setVerifyInputWhenFocusTarget, setVerticalAlignment, setVerticalTextPosition, setVisible, show, size,
  22. 22. Java complexity
  23. 23. Mono Built by a community (unlike Java!)  Mono works well on Linux  I run Mono apps every day, Java: never  Core language and class libraries have  little community input Mono is richer than .Net, but also  somewhat of a barren wasteland outside ¡¡Enormous!! FUD about Mono...      Causes programmers to choose Java, etc. 
  24. 24. Mono FUD (Examples) “Maybe they are not going to sue for having an implementation of .Net, but because they own a patent which is used in the implementation. That is a different issue.” “The problem with Mono will probably not occur tomorrow but at a later point in time. Or maybe they want a lot of people to install Mono and use it to have influence on Linux (I think Microsoft would like to get money from everyone that installs Linux).” “I see Mono as a threat for Linux, and that can easy be solved by not installing Mono.” “For me, C#/Mono is not the right platform, not because it is technically bad, but simply because I don't like MS being around and potentially blocking things one day, or simply ruling it from behind with suspect purposes toward free software.”    
  25. 25. Mono FUD 2 <them> Mono is dangerous because it is covered by patents <me> So are lots of Linux apps. Why is Mono special? <them> They’re MICROSOFT patents! <me> There are lots of Microsoft patents in things. Why is Mono special? <them> It is inconvenient for me to acknowledge that those exist, so i will pretend they do not. However, Mono is special because it goes out of its way to emulate patented Microsoft software! <me> Really? Don’t things like Wine do that too, without such bile-filled reaction? And unlike Wine, Mono implements a published standard <them> The standards are a trap! They can charge you for patent license fees! <me> True. But they’ve said they won’t. And that’s more than you’ll get out of most people who own patents which are, to all extents and purposes, violated in Free Software projects <them> But if you start to rely on Mono, then Microsoft can disable you down the line when they suddenly sue! <me> And that’s different from loads of other software in GNU/Linux how exactly? Smarter people than me or you have a “don’t worry about maybes” attitude.  <them> But Mono is dangerous because it is covered by patents!
  26. 26. Python Most popular language on Linux after C/  C++ Language with a rich community  Gaming, scientific community, etc.  Almost every non-trivial piece of C/C++ has  Python wrappers Under the radar...     
  27. 27. Python community    
  28. 28. Python, downsides No standard IDE & debugger  Considered too slow for serious apps,  even by fans Python runtime is written in C  Dooh!  IronPython runs slower than CPython?!  Also doesn't support Pyd wrappers  There are some JITs but they are  “research” projects    
  29. 29. On the Web On the Web  It is PHP's world, we just live in it  You all might laugh at the language, but it is  infinitely better than C Simple, rich, reliable, with a big community  and set of libraries Java, .Net, Ruby inside enterprises  Ruby's success is b/c of Rails     
  30. 30. The rest Shell scripting: glue for the OS  Perl: Slashdot written in it  Lisp, Scheme, OCaml: never seen it     
  31. 31. Conclusion It's just a survey, what do you expect?  Okay...     
  32. 32. Some thoughts Mono FUD hurts C#  Sun should dump Java  We need better tools to automatically  wrap C/C++ codebases More important than Linq, etc.  Check out Boost / Py++  Is 99% interpreted good enough?  If Mono copies .Net and gives it away...     
  33. 33. Thanks!! Buy my book to learn lots more ;-)  Microserfs: Install Ubuntu 9.04 