Week 2 presentation: Identifying the problem & troubleshooting


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used to compliment in-class lecture on case analysis focusing on identifying the problem and troubleshooting (part of a 6 step process of case analysis)

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Week 2 presentation: Identifying the problem & troubleshooting

  1. 1. EDF 1005 Week 2 Identifying the ProblemAnalysis and Trouble Shooting
  2. 2. Review: Title Page
  3. 3. Case Analysis in Action: TheProcess observation Problem Suggestions Collection for a solution of datafor the problem
  4. 4. Review: Case Analysis Process 2: 3: 1: Identi- Under- 4: 5: 6:Defining Offering fying the standing Finding Detecting Interpretations the facts in the Assumptions Arguments and solutionsproblem the case problem
  5. 5. Educational Problems containfactors that are Social Philosophical Political Economic Psychological Legal
  6. 6. Identifying the Problem Requires a solution No problem is Question or solved by situation that dealing only presents with its uncertanity symptoms. Problem
  7. 7. Review: Novice vs ExpertNovice Expert Identify problems Identify problems in using principles by terms of surface which you can solve elements. Ex.: "This is them. an inclined plane problem." Ex.: “This is a friction and gravity problem.” Move on to the next After solving problem without problems, review why considering possible the question was connections between important, asking why them or the concepts the professor gave the that may inform them. assignment.
  8. 8. Step 1: Defining the Problem Tentatively NOT symptom – defined in this symptoms are step caused by the Helps one problem. highlight the major element(s) of the case.
  9. 9. You are a teacher in a suburban high school. You feel that theperformance of the students in your class is poor and you give themajority of the class C, D and F grades in spite of the fact that theclass is considered college preparatory. The father of one of yourstudents, to whom you gave a D grade for the semester, comes todiscuss his child’s progress and the grades given in your class.He is very concerned about the low semester grade and does notbelieve his child deserved to get such a low grade. He suggests toyou that you should be more flexible in your evaluation of studentsand you should change his child’s grade to at least a C, so that hischilds chances of getting into a good college will not be ruined.He makes a point of stressing the fact that his child is a hardworker but not a quick learner, a point you openly agree is true. Atthe end of the conference, the father mentions that he is anestablished, influential member of the community and has friendson the school board. What will your reaction be?Taken from: Brukbaker, D.L. & Simon, L.H. (1993). Teacher As Decision-Maker: Real-Life Cases to Hone Your People Skills. California: CorwinPress (144)
  10. 10. Review Practice Case• In Groups spend 10 minutes reviewing the practice case that was passed out at the end of class.
  11. 11. Trouble Shooting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAgFIbncaE A
  12. 12. Practice Case• In Groups spend 10 minutes identifying the problem in the practice case.• Share problem(s) with the class.
  13. 13. Case II• Case assigned to each group. It is posted on Blackboard.• Spend the next 15 minutes reviewing it in your groups.• Identify the problem.
  14. 14. Assignment 1: Due September 7th • Assignment 1 Due September 7 at 11:30PM Group Assignment: Individual Assignment: Group Assignment: Meeting Standards Group Performance Case Analysis Template Template Evaluation• Title Page • Learning Objective #1 • Evaluate Each Member• Problem Section in your group• Facts • Assignments should be submitted on Blackboard in the Dropbox provided. DO NOT EMAIL OR SUBMIT HARDCOPY ASSIGNMENTS.
  15. 15. Reminders• Assignment 1 Due September 7 at 11:30PM• Visit the Office of Clinical Experience• Complete Field Hours• Bring Laptop/Tablet to class to assist with in class writing exercises.