The White Legacy--Generation 5, College (Part 1)


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The Generation Five kids go to college.

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The White Legacy--Generation 5, College (Part 1)

  1. 1. Murphy’s Law The White Legacy: Generation Five, College (Part One)
  2. 2. Alright, we’re back at Sim State! This is Andr… um, I seem to be missing a sim.
  3. 3. Andi: “So you’re saying that we’re all living one big conspiracy, and that the Author is at the head of it, toying with our lives?” June: “That’s the gist of it.” Andi: “Whoa. That just blew my mind.” Um…
  4. 4. Andi: “You know what, June? I think you’re onto something. I saw this simself standing on the lawn as I was coming in…” June: “What!? Really!? Where is it!?”
  5. 5. June: “Hey Andi, I don’t see anyone. You’re sure she was out here?” Andi: “Positive!” *click* June: “Did you just lock the door!?” Bye, June! June: “Hmph! I knew you were behind this!”
  6. 6. Alright then. Now that June’s out of the way, we can officially introduce the oldest of the Generation Five kids! Andromeda “Andi” White is a 7/4/9/4/1 Popularity Sim. Her LTW is to Become Mayor, and she loves sports. The constellation Andromeda was first officially recorded in the second century by Ptolemy, but it has been recognized since antiquity. Legend goes that Andromeda was a princess tied to a rock as a sacrifice to a sea monster. The Ancient Greek hero Perseus swooped in [literally] and saved her at the last minute. Theirs is a very rare happy ending; they fall in love, get married, and when they die, both Andromeda and Perseus are immortalized by the gods as constellations. The constellation can be seen the best in the northern hemisphere, and its brightest star is the aptly named Alpha Andromedae.
  7. 7. Andi: “Yeah, thanks, Aunt Arie. You had a lot of fun as a Biology major. Sure. Cool. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks. Talk to you later.”
  8. 8. Andi: “Hi, is this the registrar’s office? I’m Andromeda White, and I want to declare my major so my aunt will stop trying to get me to follow in her footsteps. I want drama. Yeah, thanks. Bye.” No joke, Andi rolled a Want for the drama major and a Fear of biology right after getting off the phone with Arie. Funny coincidence, that.
  9. 9. Hey, Andi? Andi: “What’s up, Author?” Once you’ve finished your dishes, why don’t you head outside? I’ve prepared a little surprise for you in return for you rolling your major so quickly.
  10. 10. Andi: “YES. Now would you mind landscaping out here, too? This backyard is ugly.” Sheesh, I get no gratitude.
  11. 11. Random Townie: “The Jonathan is too sexy for this place. I’m just going to look dramatically off into middle distance with my smexy bowl cut over one eye.” Who is this guy? Andi, come kick his butt off the property.
  12. 12. Andi: “Oooh baby, this guy is sexy!” Random [Sexy?] Townie: “Hey babe, mind letting go of The Jonathan’s arm?” I will never understand sims.
  13. 13. Andi: “So, uh, do you wanna go out sometime?” Jonathan: “Hm. Maybe The Jonathan will consider it.” Andi, open your eyes! Have you seen this guy’s profile!?
  14. 14. That’s… awkward.
  15. 15. Andi: “YES.” I think that facial expression right there says it all, don’t you? Andi: “YEEEEES.”
  16. 16. Andi: “Blizzard, you are one ancient womrat. Mom said you were here she was, and Grandpa before her, and Great-Grandpa before him!” Blizzard: {Keep pouring, slave. I want ten bucks worth of food in that drawer.}
  17. 17. Murphy’s Law: The TV won’t glitch and break until the sports party is on…
  18. 18. …reducing the guests to this.
  19. 19. Andi: “Hey, Jonathan. Listen. I’m not going to mince words here.” Jonathan: “Whatcha need, hot stuff? The Jonathan is all ears.” Jane Stacks: “Hehe, I love this kind of thing.”
  20. 20. Jonathan: “Mmph!” Well, I still think she can do better, but… they are kinda cute together.
  21. 21. Andi: “Hey guys, I got the TV working! The game is on!! …guys?”
  22. 22. Andi… Andi: *snore* ANDI! You’re supposed to be at your brother’s birthday party RIGHT NOW!! Andi: *snort* “Huh-whaaa…?”
  23. 23. Andi: “Ooh, it makes me so mad that Latimeria and Arctos think they can just walk in and steal our ancestors whenever they want!” Hyde: “Yeah.” Andi: “I know! Hyde, why don’t you and I find out where they live and steal Grandpa’s grave back, and maybe toilet paper their lawn and blow up a few of their toilets while we’re at it? Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?” Hyde: “Sure. Do we have a game console here?”
  24. 24. Andi: “Unbelievable.”
  25. 25. Please join me in welcoming generation five heir Hydrus “Hyde” White to Sim State! How do you feel, Hyde? Any thoughts? Hyde: “Eh, not really.” Okay then. Hyde is a 10/9/4/3/9 Popularity Sim who, like his father and older sister, thinks he wants to Become Mayor for his LTW. The constellation Hydrus is kind of small, and is named after a male water snake (the female water snake constellation is called Hydra). It sits in the deep southern portion of the sky, and its brightest star is Beta Hydri. VW Hydri, which lies close to Hydrus, is one of the brightest dwarf novae in the skies.
  26. 26. Hyde: “Awesome! There’s a bunch of cakes and pie in here!” Andi: “Yeah… knock yourself out. I don’t dare touch that ancient stuff.” Hyde: “Your loss.”
  27. 27. I’m impressed, Hyde. Political Science? Hyde: “Eh. It gets me out of Aunt Arie constantly calling and talking about how great biology was.” No joke, Hyde rolled a Fear of Biology, too. I think I need to talk to Arie.
  28. 28. Andi: “So, want to come with me to Peachtree Valley and steal back Grandpa’s grave?” Hyde: “What, now?” Andi: “Yes, Hyde! Now!” Hyde: “Eh, I’m tired. Let’s do it tomorrow. Hey, d’you think we could convince the Author to get a telescope?”
  29. 29. Mascot: “Badda su la gorp! Badda su la grop! The player playing black is so lame, lame, lame! Hyde! White! Gooo Hyde!” Hyde: “…why don’t you, like, go talk to Andi? She’s on the basketball team, I bet she’d love to see you.”
  30. 30. Andi: “So, Jonnie… I have a great idea for what we can do together on this date.” Jonathan: “The Jonathan is all ears, baby.”
  31. 31. Fwomp!
  32. 32. Hyde: “Hey, Mom. No, everything’s cool. I’ve been *cough* studying, Andi’s talking about sports with her boyfriend at this very minute, we’re fine. We haven’t seen anybody who wants to, like, rip our hearts out or eat our eyes with toast or cut our heads off and feed them to barn animals. …Yes, I have been playing The Shambling Hordes of the Undead 3 again, why do you ask?”
  33. 33. Hyde! Hyde: “What’s up, Author?” You turned the computer OFF! Hyde: “Yeah… I figured it was about time I did something other than play The Mims on the computer.”
  34. 34. Hyde: “See, S-EA just came out with a great new console version of The Mims 3 that I want to try out.” Don’t you have a paper to write for your class? Hyde: “Sure, sure, I’ll do it.” Sure.
  35. 35. Jonathan: “The Jonathan is seriously missing his girlfriend right now. He needs a buffer between himself and this monument of nerd that is her brother.” That’s not very nice, Jonathan. Hyde: “Meh. I don’t really care. Like Dane says, geeks are cool.” Jonathan: “The Jonathan does not understand this guy.”
  36. 36. Andi: “I’m so glad you’re willing to play ball with me, Jonnie. Hyde’s not really interested in moving more than a few feet from his couch, and my siblings won’t get here for another semester.” Jonathan: “For you, baby, The Jonathan would take on Michael Jorsim, even though this is the first time The Jonathan has ever held a basketball.” Andi: “Aw, that’s so sweet, Jonnie.”
  37. 37. Blizzard: {You. Male human. I require food and snuggles this instant.}
  38. 38. Hyde: “Mmm, I am so glad that finals are finally over.”
  39. 39. Hyde: “It’s such a great evening. And the greatest part of it is that there’s never any reason to look ahead or to either side of me; I can just stare at the sky allllll day long.”
  40. 40. Hyde: “WHAAA!! It’s raining fireballs, just like in that one movie!!”
  41. 41. Merry: “Dangit, I missed.” Arc: “Give it another shot. I don’t think he’s going anywhere, are you, Hyde?”
  42. 42. Hyde: “Seraphine! Please, you gotta help me! They’re gonna kill me!” Seraphine: “Sorry, kid. I’m in as much of a corner as you are.”
  43. 43. Hyde: “Wh-what!? But… but… Seraphine!” Arc: “Seraphine, I will speak with you later.”
  44. 44. Merry: “Now hold still this time.”
  45. 45. Merry: “Ouch!!”
  46. 46. Lyra: “Get out of here, Hyde!!” Andi: “HEY!! Leave my brother alone!!”
  47. 47. Seraphine: “Oh, darn. He seems to be getting away.” Arc: “SERAPHINE!! Go after him!!” Merry: “Ow… my head…”
  48. 48. Andi: “You!! Where is my grandfather’s grave!? What do you plan to do with it!?” Arc: “My house is in Peachtree Valley. Come and find out. Merry?”
  49. 49. Merry: “You. I won’t be forgetting this.”
  50. 50. Lyra: “Huh!?” Andi: “NO!! Get back here!!”
  51. 51. Andi: “They’re gone, Hyde. Are you okay?” Hyde: “Fine… I guess.” Lyra: “Good thing my taxi was, like, late, huh Andi? Otherwise we might not’ve been here on time.”
  52. 52. Alright, Lyra has come to college! She is a 10/3/3/10/8 Family/Popularity sim with a LTW of Becoming General (and based on that kick in the last scene, she might just have a good shot at it). She was a cheerleader, student body officer, and overall over-the-top in high school, and has picked up some of her father’s speech patterns. Like Andromeda, the constellation Lyra was one recorded by Ptolemy. Like Hydrus, it’s also kind of small. Its brightest star is Vega, which has the distinction of being one of the brightest stars in the sky. Some of its other distinctive stars include Sheliak and Sulafat. Lyra is bordered by Draco, Hercules, Vulpecula, and Cygnus. It takes its name after the Orpheus myth; after his untimely death, Zeus ordered not only Orpheus but also his lyre to be set in the sky. It has also been called King Arthur’s Harp, King David’s Harp, and the Lyre of Zurah.
  53. 53. Andi: “…” Lyra: “…” Blizzard: {I demand attention. Now.}
  54. 54. Andi: “I hope you know that stint of us working together to rescue Hyde doesn’t change anything.” Lyra: “Like, totally. I still think you’re a total dork.” Andi: “The feeling’s mutual.” Lyra: “Come on, Andi! I am SO not a dork! I’m a cheerleader!” Andi: “And that doesn’t make you a dork… how?”
  55. 55. Andi: “…” Lyra: “…” Blizzard: {Apparently they can’t hear me. I may have to resort to Plan B.}
  56. 56. Lyra: “But that kick was, like, totally epic, wasn’t it?” Andi: “Eh, sure, for a cheerleader. If I’d run a little faster, I would’ve knocked her out cold.” Lyra: “She was on the ground, wasn’t she? Is that not, like, knocked out enough for you?”
  57. 57. Blizzard: {Plan B initiated.} Lyra: “Ew! What is that smell!?” Andi: “Oh, Blizzard, gross!” I like that womrat.
  58. 58. Hey, Hyde! Hyde: “ACK!!” Nice to suddenly pop in on you, too. Stop dancing and go upstairs onto the balcony, I bought you your telescope. Hyde: “Cool.”
  59. 59. And since I’m in a giving mood, here’s a ballet barre for you, Lyra. Thanks for saving Hyde’s butt back there. Lyra: “You’re welcome, but why don’t we, like, have one of these at home!? I could’ve used this in high school!” There’s no room for one. Lyra: “We have, like, a whole mansion, Author!” Details, details.
  60. 60. Coach: “Keep moving, butterball! Kick those knees up! Higher! HIGHER!!” Hyde: “Author, why are the couches always picking on me?” Coaches, you mean? Hyde: “Uh, yeah. Isn’t that what I said? Could you please answer my question, Author?”
  61. 61. Um… I dunno, Hyde. Coach: “Don’t lie to the boy. He can take it!” Get out of here, Couch.
  62. 62. It’s eleven in the morning at Sim State. And where are all my college-bound half-vampires?
  63. 63. One…
  64. 64. Two…
  65. 65. Three. Yep, all accounted for. Hey wait a minute, this one should be at class!
  66. 66. Oh, Andi, come on. Food poisoning? Right before finals? Really? Andi: “Hmm. Not bad.” *crunch crunch* *sigh* College students. At least we have comfort soup in the fridge.
  67. 67. Oh, great. Just peachy. Meadow Thayer Burglar: “I shall steal their TV, and their refrigerator, and their hot tub, and I shall put them all in Santa’s bag, which I have also stolen. Bwahaha! Not even Useless Cop can stop me now!!” Just move it along, will you? Honestly, the first time I finally get all these sims in bed at night, and this happens… We’ve seen all this happen before plenty of times, so I don’t think we need anymore pictures. Useless Cop won, we got the measly bit of reward money, everyone but Hyde went back to bed. He sat down and watched TV.
  68. 68. And cried.
  69. 69. Lyra: “Who’s, like, Mommy’s little angel? Blizzard is! Blizzard is!” Blizzard: {Kid, you ain’t my mommy. I’m about four times older than you are.} This picture is brought to you by Lyra’s devotion to the house womrat. Seems like every time she’s left on free will, she comes into the living room to cuddle Blizzard. And I’m sure he loves it. Blizzard: {Now get your filthy hands off me!} Yes indeed, he sure does. He can’t get enough of it.
  70. 70. Andi, fix the tub. Andi: “But isn’t it so much more productive to eternally mop up the puddles that the tub creates because it’s broken?”
  71. 71. Andi: “Lyra, get off the phone already! You’re not the only one with a social bar!” Lyra: “Andi, pipe down! I’m, like, on the phone!” Andi: “I know!!”
  72. 72. Hyde: “Oops. I, uh, didn’t do that.”
  73. 73. Hyde: “Ohnoohnoohno!! I was cooking hamburgers in an inch of oil and they BURST INTO FLAME!! Somebody get some water!!” *facepalm*
  74. 74. CONGRATULATIONS, HYDE!! Hyde: “I just finished finals… there’s nobody standing under that tree this time, is there?” Hyde just became a junior and rerolled his aspiration, and he got PLEASURE!! Hallelujah, I was worried he would reroll as a Family sim, which not only doesn’t suit him, but would be the same aspiration his mother and grandfather had before him. His LTW is now to Become a Game Designer. I can’t tell you how happy I am right now.
  75. 75. Andi: “Dane! Welcome to Sim State! You need a shave, friend.” Dane: “You know, Mom said the same thing? Funny, since Dad has so much beard himself.” Andi: “Anyway, join me in the dining room. Lyra and I are having a war meeting. We were just waiting for you.” War… meeting? I have a bad feeling about this…
  76. 76. Eridanus White, aka the Great Dane, is a 10/3/10/3/9 Virgo Knowledge sim. On record, his LTW is to Become the Hand of Poseidon. Maybe he’s hoping the sea god will help him enter the acting world, I don’t know. Eridanus is the Ancient Greek name for the Po River. It lent its name to the constellation Dane was named after, which kind of winds around in the sky… like a river. Go figure. It was also first listed by Ptolemy in the second century, and is the sixth largest of the recognized constellations today. Its brightest star, Achernar (which, by the way, means “River’s End”), is also the flattest known star. Also, apparently the game Halo takes place in the Eridanus constellation, and some Star Trek maps place the planet Vulcan there as well. Cool, right?
  77. 77. Dane: “So where’s Hyde? I figured he’d be at something like this, since he’s, you know, kind of the heir.”
  78. 78. Lyra: “You’re kidding, right? Hyde? Be interested in something other than, like, the TV screen or the telescope?” Andi: “Besides, he’s already been threatened once, and if he dies, one of us has to be heir.” Dane: “Cold.” Andi: “Logical. He would only slow us down, anyways.”
  79. 79. Andi: “Alright, Dane, here’s the plan as it is right now. Lyra and I have been planning this since Hyde was attacked.” Dane: “Hyde was attacked!?” You’ve been planning war strategy behind my back!? Andi: “Sorry Dane, Author. We didn’t want to worry Mom and Dad, and we wanted to make sure the Author wouldn’t go telling everyone and their dog about our plan.” Like I would do that! *cough*
  80. 80. Andi: “Here’s what we’ll do. I am a senior now; tomorrow I’m going to throw a toga party, ostensibly in celebration.” Lyra: “When the party’s starting to wind down, the three of us will sneak away and hop in a cab for Peachtree Valley…” Andi: “Lyra, quit interrupting! I’m explaining this!” Lyra: “It’s my plan too, Andi! You can’t, like, hog all the spotlight!” Dane: “For a minute there I thought they were getting along…”
  81. 81. Lyra: “So, Arc said his house was in, like, Peachtree Valley, and that’s got to be where they’ve got Grandpa’s grave. We’ll sneak in, find the grave, and like, hightail it out of there. They’ll never know we were even there.” Dane: “…that’s it? That’s your whole plan?”
  82. 82. Lyra: “That’s it. It’s, like, a perfect plan, isn’t it? Nothing is going to go wrong!” See you in Part Two! *waves*