The White Legacy--Generation 3, Chapter 2


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The White family welcomes a new addition and attends a family barbecue.

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The White Legacy--Generation 3, Chapter 2

  1. 1. Crash and Burn The White Legacy: Generation Three, Chapter Two
  2. 2. Alright, welcome back! We didn‟t cover much last chapter as far as timeline goes (the real chapter, not the spares update), but there were nonetheless a few important events. Dez and Isis got married, and promptly upon Isis becoming pregnant with their firstborn (Chalcedony), Dez‟s little sister Merry stormed in and tried to kill them all. She and Dez got into a magical duel, and they ended up transported to the Astral Realm, whatever that is. They managed to get back through the help of their aunt Arie, and Dez had properly intimidated Merry into leaving them alone for now. The White home estate is now covered by an evil repellant spell, and right at the end of the chapter, Toro, our beloved Gen 2 heir, passed away of old age.
  3. 3. SimMe: “Sorry about the custom content. Or, you know, the lack thereof.”
  4. 4. SimMe: “I tried to stay true to your original choices as much as possible, Ani-Mei, but I‟m afraid it… didn‟t happen. I wasn‟t sure where to get most of your CC.” Ani-Mei: “It‟s fine, I guess.” SimMe: “Let me know if you have something in particular that you want changed, alright?” Ani-Mei: “Sure.”
  5. 5. SimMe: “Anyway, welcome to Riverblossom Hills! I can‟t tell you how great it is to have another simself around! It was getting mighty lonely around here.” Ani-Mei: “I‟m really excited to be here. I happen to know that I‟m the first simself you‟ve ever imported into—” SimMe: “Great! So let‟s get on to the immigration paperwork, huh?” Ani-Mei: “Immigr—” SimMe: “Step into my office!”
  6. 6. Ani-Mei: “Name, birthdate, blood type, favorite food, favorite color, favorite music, opinions on… Keika, this is 442 pages long!” SimMe: “I tried to keep it condensed to the important things.” Ani-Mei: “At least when I‟m done, I‟ll get to live forever in a mansion like this one or the ones you‟ve set Merry and Par up with, right?” SimMe: “Sort of. Keep working on that paperwork, Ani-Mei. And don‟t read the fine print.”
  7. 7. Ani-Mei: “‟Did you bring any drugs, guns, illegal glitches, meat, fruit, vegetables, or living tissue into the neighborhood…‟ Is that even possible in The Sims?” SimMe: “See how happy she is, folks? All this and more can be yours if you volunteer your simselves up to be legacy fodder—I mean, valued citizens of this mini-verse‟s Riverblossom Hills! Ani-Mei was the first to willingly (note, willingly) volunteer! Don‟t let her live alone forever!” Ani-Mei: “‟By checking this box, you sign over all rights to your simself, your firstborn child, and your left kidney. You agree to undergo whatever jokes, subplots, children, spouses, and/or torment Keika sees fit to write for you…‟ Keika, what is
  8. 8. Ani-Mei: “Great, I‟m finally done with paperwork. Now, let‟s see… Keika‟s Guest House… this must be it, the place where I‟ll be living during my stay in Riverblossom Hills with any other simselves who decide to drop by. I‟ll bet it‟s big, laggy, and gorgeous.”
  9. 9. Ani-Mei: “…what.”
  10. 10. Let‟s follow Ani-Mei around as she explores her new home, huh? This is the lobby. All guests of the simselves must come through here and be checked in. They even get a little name tag that says, “Hello, my name is…” Ani-Mei: “What‟s up with the glass wall?”
  11. 11. If anyone gets contaminated with toxic chemicals, or comes in with toxic chemicals on their bodies already, they can shower it off here. Ani-Mei: “What are you expecting to happen!?” This is—or will be—a simself household, Ani-Mei. I‟m preparing for any and every contingent.
  12. 12. See? This place isn‟t so bad! You get your own room! Ani-Mei: “…what‟s it like on the inside?”
  13. 13. I think you‟ll be pleased with it, Ani-Mei. It‟s very cozy. Bed, dresser, chair, cinderblocks… just like my college dorm. Ani-Mei: “I notice there‟s no curtains. On any of the windows in this entire building.” Of course not! How else do you think the readers will get to see you!?
  14. 14. The skill-building room has a lovely view of Merry‟s mansion of evil. Ani-Mei: “If you can see over the back wall.” We‟ve got to keep the rabid fans out somehow. Don‟t worry, Ani-Mei, I think you‟ll like the last room.
  15. 15. This is where you and the rest of the simselves will be spending all day, every day pushing out new chapters to your challenges. Ani-Mei: “What are the cacti for?” Inspiration. Nothing is more inspirational than a cactus. Ani-Mei: “…right. I‟ll be… going back to Hidden City* now.” *Hidden City is where Ani-Mei‟s finished legacy, The Quest For Peace, is located.
  16. 16. Right, now that we‟ve finished exhibiting the luxurious life of Riverblossom Hills simselves, let‟s go see what the Whites are doing, huh? We pick up the story again literally seconds after the final scene in the previous chapter. Callie there is a brand- new newborn, Brie and Dez are irritating me with that stupid bow again, and Snow is coming in for a visit. Let‟s see who she decides to scare!
  17. 17. No one, apparently. You‟re letting me down, Snow. Dez: “…”
  18. 18. Brie: “Thank you for meeting me here, Dez. There‟s been something I‟ve been meaning to… to tell you. It‟s very important.” Dez: “…”
  19. 19. Bzzt! Brie: “Psyche! HAHAHA!!”
  20. 20. Dez: “…grandma?” Snow: “Don‟t mind me, just going to go haunt your bathtub…” Snow‟s never been a terribly vicious ghost, but she‟s usually not so shy about scaring people. Maybe having Callie in the house is quieting her down? She is a Family Sim, after all. Also, I notice Dez is really good at turning to look at her when she floats by. I thought ghosts were invisible to sims?
  21. 21. Here we go. It‟s about time, Snow. Snow: “Don‟t rush me! I‟ll do what I want when I want! I‟m dead now, Author, you have no control over me!” Brie: *GASP!* “It‟s my dead mother-in-law!”
  22. 22. …yeah, there‟s no bad joke here. I just think Dez makes a really adorable father.
  23. 23. Brie: “Today‟s the Day, Evil Snowman. You are going Down.” Old ladies going ninja on snowmen. This should be a meme.
  24. 24. There.
  25. 25. Dez: “…” Voice On Telephone: […hello?] Dez: “…” Voice On Telephone: [Is this Dez? Dez, go get Mom.]
  26. 26. Brie: “Hello?” Voice On Telephone: [Hi, Mom. It‟s Cygnus.]
  27. 27. Brie: [Cygnus! How are you, baby? How are Elle and all of my grandbabies?] Cygnus: “We‟re all doing great, Mom. Elle says that she doesn‟t want to do pregnancy again, though. We‟re thinking about adoption.” Brie: [So long as I get more grandbabies.]
  28. 28. Elle: “Is that your Mom?” Cygnus: “(Yeah.) So, Mom, I was calling to invite all of you to my big family barbecue! There‟s going to be hamburgers and hot dogs and all of your grandchildren…” Brie: [We‟ll be there!] Cygnus: “Great! Par and Emily‟re already coming, but I‟ve still got to call Arc. Did you hear he and Anne had a baby?”
  29. 29. Brie: [What!? No! That boy, not telling his poor mother that he‟s given her a grandbaby! When? Is it a boy or girl? What‟s his or her name?] Cygnus: [You know, I don‟t actually know. We only know because Emily caught Arc on his way out to work, and she and Par passed the news on to us. Apparently Anne had a pretty rough pregnancy, and the kid has been pretty sick himself.] Brie: [Well, if he had told me, I could‟ve brought some of Snow‟s comfort soup over! Are they going to be at the barbecue?] Cygnus: [They‟re going to try to make it. Arc got his job back, and his hours so happen to end halfway through the party. Anne says she doesn‟t want to come unless Arc is with her, and they‟re going to try to bring the baby with them and introduce him or her to us.]
  30. 30. Brie: “…I remember when we took these pictures. It was the night we got engaged.” You okay, Brie? You‟re not dying, are you? Brie: “No, not yet. My life meter‟s filling up, but it‟s not quite to the end yet. I‟ve still got some juice left in me.”
  31. 31. Isis: “You okay, Mom? You sound kind of depressed.” Brie: *lightbulb*
  32. 32. Brie: “Oh, I suppose I‟m starting to outgrow these old bones. My spirit longs to be free, and with my beloved husband Tory again. It‟s rather sad, really. I tried for a long time to deny I was getting any older, but I guess it‟s getting obvious now. I‟ll be heading off into the sunset soon enough, and then it will be time for you young ones to take over. And I must say, Isis, you and Dez are well suited to the job.” Isis: “Um… thank you…?”
  33. 33. Bzzt! Brie: “Haha! I guess my bones aren‟t so old after all!” When the buzz wears off, Isis, could you grab Dez and join me in the dining room, please? Isis: “Sure thi~i~i~inggggg….”
  34. 34. I don‟t remember inviting you to the new couple‟s portrait show-off, Brie. Brie: “I painted it, I get to see how they react to it.” So? What do you think, Dez, Isis? I think it‟s cute. Dez: “…” Isis: “It‟s wonderful, Author.” Thank you, Isis. I went through a couple of different possibilities for the pose, and liked this one the best. Brie: “You mean I went through a couple of different possibilities. I painted them, remember?”
  35. 35. Spinel: “You‟re it!” Celestine: “Not fair! No tag backs!” Elle: “Girls! Play nice! Your cousins will be here soon!”
  36. 36. Anne: “Hurry home. I don‟t want to miss Cygnus‟s burgers. I remember when he made them in college, and he only had a frying pan to cook them in then! Can you imagine what he‟ll do with a grill?” Arc: “Yes, hon.” Anne: “Well, have a good day of work.” Arc: “Sure. I‟ll see you in a few hours.”
  37. 37. Anne: *humming*
  38. 38. At Cygnus and Elle‟s house, the party was just getting underway. Everyone had arrived and settled into the backyard, despite the slight bite in the air, and the smell of Cygnus‟s famous hamburgers was beginning to tease everyone‟s stomachs.
  39. 39. Cygnus: “…what was that.” It was prose. I‟m an Author. It‟s what I do. Cygnus: “It sounded stupid. Who narrates real life like a romance novel? Just stick to your regular style, and everyone will be happy.” Hmph. Fine. I‟m tired of sims who snark back.
  40. 40. Brie: “I hear I have a new granddaughter. And I haven‟t met her.” Emily: “Oh, Nepheline? She‟s right over there, Mom. She‟s so cute—she looks just like Par!” Nepheline: “NO! No huggles!!” Calcite: *sniff*
  41. 41. Skip: *crunch* *crunch* *is cute* *crunch*
  42. 42. Celestine: “My turn with Uncle Par! Come on, Zircon! You have him all the time!” Zircon: “Dad, pick me up! Pick me up!” Par: “The monkey thought „twas all in fun… POP goes the weasel!!” Aquamarine: “Higher, Sulfur! Higher!!” Sulfur: *push* Aquamarine: “Wheeeeeee!!”
  43. 43. Elle: “Hey, Dez. You gonna kick the ball, or are you just going to stand there idle animating?” Dez: “…” Isis: “Don‟t blame him. He‟s a warlock. It‟s in his coding.”
  44. 44. Cygnus: “Burgers are ready! First come first serve! Come and get „em!” Arie: “Hey, do you smell something?” Cygnus: “Just my expert cooking and manly barbecuing skills.” Arie: “No, not that… it smells like smoke…” Brie: “I don‟t smell anything. I don‟t know about you, but I’m getting a burger!”
  45. 45. Brie: “Cygnus, these burgers are great!” Cygnus: “Oh, it‟s only because I made them.” Arie: “And you‟re so humble!” Cygnus: “What can I say? I‟m just that great. I‟m the best at everything. I‟ll bet that if there was such thing as skiing, I‟d be great at that, too.”
  46. 46. Brie: “This was a great party, sweetie. We should do this a lot more often.” Cygnus: “Well…” Brie: “Before I‟m dead.” Cygnus: “Oh, yeah, yeah, sure, Mom. Yeah. Of course.” Par: “Wasn‟t Arc supposed to come? He never did show up, did he?”
  47. 47. Par: “Oh hi, Arc! You know, you‟re really late! The party‟s already over!”
  48. 48. Arc: “You were all here… the whole time… you were two houses away… and you let her die!”
  49. 49. Arie: “Arc, what are you—” Arc: “My wife! My son! My whole life! And you didn‟t do a thing!”
  50. 50. Arc: “Gone… they‟re all gone…” Zircon: “Uncle Arc… we didn‟t—”
  51. 51. Social Worker: “Well, aren‟t you a lucky one…”
  52. 52. Social Worker: “Don‟t worry, we‟ll find a nice new mommy and daddy for you… and in the meantime, let me tell you a story, about a very nice lady who loved children, but who died in a fire. Her name was the Gray Woman…”
  53. 53. Social Worker: “…and she must be watching out for you, little Feldspar.”
  54. 54. Isis: *sniff* “My baby is growing up.” Oh, look. Isis is pregnant. … What!? Isis! When did you pop!? I was going to take a picture! I had a clever caption in the works!!
  55. 55. Snow: “Point to us! I like that granddaughter-in-law of mine, don’t you, Patrick?” Patrick: “Of course, ma cherie. May I tempt you with more Tiki punch?”
  56. 56. Since Brie is the reigning grandmother in the house, she gets the honor of tossing the first Gen Four into toddlerhood. Isis: “Also, she wouldn‟t take „no‟ for an answer.” Brie: “Darned right.” Dez: *tooooot*
  57. 57. HOLY FLAMING BALL OF CUTE, BATMAN!! Callie: *grin*
  58. 58. Let‟s take a closer look here… Without the cute birthday smile, it looks like Callie has a lot of Daddy‟s features. That‟s not to say she‟s going to act like her daddy, though. She has all of one nice point. That makes her the meanest White personality points- wise so far.
  59. 59. Brie: “I‟m pretty sure that when I did this with my own children, my back didn‟t hurt so much.” Knowledge Sim Brie is all over teaching Callie her skills. She rolled Wants for all of them, including the nursery rhyme. I can‟t explain this one away as Family Sim leanings, since she‟s acted like a Pleasure Sim all her life, so this is probably actually her being a Knowledge Sim. Who‟da thunk it?
  60. 60. Spring has sprung. Sort of.
  61. 61. Impressive, Brie. Brie: “It‟s just a snowman. It‟s not even done yet. What‟s so impressive?”
  62. 62. Looking back, I don‟t think I ever mentioned that Dez got a job. He really Wants Six Grandchildren (not sure I‟ll follow through on that one), but I stuck him in Education because I really, really wanted that bookshelf. Sorry about the uniform, Dez. Love the bowtie. Dez: “…”
  63. 63. I love having children in the house again. It‟s been too long since Dez and his siblings were little and cute. Not that you aren‟t still cute, Dez. Dez: “…”
  64. 64. Getting bigger… missed the pop again…
  65. 65. Brie, why are you retiring? Does this mean you‟re— Brie: “I AM NOT DYING!! I‟m too young! I‟m just tired of working! I‟m a Pleasure Sim, I was never meant to hold a job!” Technically, you‟re a Knowledge Sim. Brie: “Same diff!”
  66. 66. Callie: {Father, I do not need a bath. I am adorable without it. See this smile? Please do not put me in that water.}
  67. 67. Father-daughter bonding. I love these precious little moments. Callie: {DO NOT WANT.}
  68. 68. Grandma-granddaughter bonding. Callie: “Ehehehe!!” {DO NOT WANT. DO NOT WANT!!}
  69. 69. Mother-in-law—Daughter-in-law bonding. Brie: “It is not! I‟m bonding with the grandbaby!” Isis: “Haha, you‟re tickling it to death! Stahp!!”
  70. 70. Mother-daughter bonding. Will the bonding never stop!?
  71. 71. Callie: “Don‟ wan‟ be bes‟ fwiends!!” Isis: “Someone is tired, isn‟t she?” Callie: “NOT TI‟ED!!”
  72. 72. Outside. That‟s a new one. At least it‟s not a bathroom baby. Isis: “STOP BEING ANALYTICAL AND OOOOOOOOWW!!” Dez: *shock smile*
  73. 73. Isis: “I had another girl.” Yes, yes you did. Isis: “I‟m not going through that again. No more children.” But I thought you were a Family Sim? Isis: “NO MORE CHILDREN.”
  74. 74. I guess that makes Jade here the last of Gen Four, then. She got her daddy‟s blue eyes and her mommy‟s brown hair.
  75. 75. Brie: “There you are, Callie, nice and clean! …Grandma loves you, sweetie. Remember that.” Callie: *hiccup* “Wuv g‟andma.”
  76. 76. Dear Family, I am a coward. Everyone before me has called a big family meeting the day they die, but I couldn’t bear it. I couldn’t stand to see your faces while you said goodbye and watched me leave with the Grim Reaper. So instead, I’m writing you these letters. This is just the main family one; you’ll all have one special one for you alone in your e-mail inboxes. Parents of my grandbabies, you also have their letters. Give them to them when they’re old enough to understand them.
  77. 77. I want you all to know that I love you very much. As a cow mascot, the one thing I wanted most in my life was a family. I saw all the legacy heirs and spares come through Sim State—got shot by a laser gun more than once, too—but I stuck around because I wanted what they had. Because of my dear Tory, I got it. This has been the most amazing time of my life. There’s nothing more wonderful in this world than having your family around you. Remember that. Well, that’s it. I’ll see many of you at the Luau, I guess. Take good care of my grandbabies, or I’ll come and haunt you one.
  78. 78. Love, Brie
  79. 79. Dez: “…you been here all day?” Brie: “Why Dez, that‟s about the longest thing I‟ve ever heard you say! Isn‟t it, Callie?” Callie: “BOO! Hehehe!!”
  80. 80. Butler: {Photo-bombing is fun!} Brie: “I love you, Dez. I seem to have forgotten my joy buzzer, but I love you.” Dez: “…” Brie: “Check your e-mail.”
  81. 81. Toro: “Brrriiiiiiieeee!!”
  82. 82. Brie is laid to rest right next to her husband. Maybe I should have changed her aspiration late in life so that the one she always pretended to be (Pleasure) showed up on her grave marker. Instead, she‟s the Knowledge platinum grave in the foreground there.
  83. 83. Oh, Brie. What to say? You were an absolute blast to write for. A Knowledge Sim that insisted on being a Pleasure-Sim-slash-Family-Sim, a cow mascot that would frequently show up to parties and community lots in costume, and a relentless prankster. You had an upfront and blunt way of speaking and were hopelessly devoted to Toro. Maybe I should have put up an elder portrait of you so that your pink (excuse me, light red) hair would be immortalized forever? That nose you slipped in under the radar will certainly be immortalized in Par‟s line. Nonetheless, you will be missed. Brie is survived by not only her five children, but also all ten of her grandchildren. And she‟s not really a Family Sim.
  84. 84. Would you know, Brie died on the very same night that Callie had her birthday. Couldn‟t she have held it off for two more sim hours?
  85. 85. Mostly because of this. Callie: “Grandma! Noooooo!!” Poor kid. Birthday upstaged, grandmother gone. Just not the greatest of nights.
  86. 86. Here she is, all nice and child-ified. And no, those are not her Aunt Merry‟s old clothes. They‟re only from the same set. And I think she might just have won the genetic lottery. Look at that face!
  87. 87. Callie: “Grandma, why did you have to go!? I don‟t understand! Why!?”
  88. 88. Dez: “…” Callie: “…hi, Daddy.”
  89. 89. After a thoroughly unremarkable day, it‟s Jade‟s turn to blow out the candles. Well, sort of. Daddy might have helped just a little bit.
  90. 90. Dez and Isis make some freakin‟ adorable children.
  91. 91. Snow: “I am your great-grandmother! Booga booga!” Callie: “Whaaaaaaa!!”
  92. 92. Callie: “That was a ghost! I can‟t believe it! That was a ghost! A ghost!!”
  93. 93. Callie: “That was so cool!!”
  94. 94. Merry: “Heh heh… heh heh heh heh… heh heh…” *doorbell* Merry: “Eh?”
  95. 95. Arc: “…I‟m in.”
  96. 96. Arc: “I want to see that whole family crash and burn.”
  97. 97. Elle: “Adoption is such a great idea! Look at him, he‟s adorable!” Cygnus: “And with a name like Feldspar, he‟s going to fit right in around here! Aren‟t you, Spar? Aren‟t you?” Spar: “Heehee! No tickles!!”
  98. 98. And that‟s where I‟m going to leave off for now. See you next time!
  99. 99. For anyone who might have never read the description on the statue of the Gray Woman, this is the little bio back- story thing for why Spar survived the house fire.