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Kea Influencer Relations Services
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Kea Influencer Relations Services


Kea Company is a global advisory firm that delivers influencer relations and strategic guidance for vendors of high tech products and services. We have analysed, developed and defined best practices …

Kea Company is a global advisory firm that delivers influencer relations and strategic guidance for vendors of high tech products and services. We have analysed, developed and defined best practices across mission critical capabilities that every company needs, to succeed in the market. We use our experienced industry insights - both as influencer relations professionals and IT analysts - to apply these proven practices to help our clients become leaders in their markets.

Published in Marketing , Business , Technology
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  • 1. Kea Analyst Relations Industry analysts play a key role in defining markets and educating buyers. We work with clients to identify and track the most influential and relevant industry analysts, and advise on strategies for engagement. Kea Public Relations A deep understanding of technology and the challenges vendors are facing is needed to efficiently communicate your USPs in the market. We support our clients to establish a presence in the relevant media. Kea Social Media Marketing On the Web, content and authority are key. We help you establish your company as a thought-leader and we position it effectively in all relevant social media channels to make your company an information hub for your technology area. Kea Influencer Relations and Marketing for High-Tech & Technology Providers
  • 2. Gaining market mindshare to drive sales and brand awareness is one of the key marketing goals of any growing company. Influencer marketing and influencer relations are of increasing importance in a world that is dominated by “push-advertising“ including an overwhelming choice of products and services that need to be evaluated by the buyer. Still, not all companies, including those that declare they have an integrated influencer marketing strategy, have the resources and expertise to keep track of the latest developments and best practices in this emerging field. Kea Influencer Relations for technology companies Influencer marketing is all about establishing relations with those individuals and organisations that can act as multipliers for your messages. All Kea Consultants have long standing relationships with the relevant influencers in the market, thus enabling us to help our clients gain mindshare with the people who matter in their respective coverage areas. From editors, analysts to online communities and bloggers; we specialise in managing your influencer relation activities for maximum impact. Kea Emerging Vendor Offering Our Kea Influencer Relations Services are designed to give technology vendors and technology service providers access to professional influencer marketing services in the following areas: With our Emerging Vendor Offering (EVO) we provide services tailored to meet the needs of start-up companies and emerging vendors. Analyst Relations Social Media Marketing Public Relations The services provide the basic components needed to facilitate the generation of market mindshare in the covered areas. Laying the foundation of influencer marketing at an early stage will provide a solid basis for future activities in the areas of PR, Analyst Relations and Social Media Marketing. Get social: Click on the icons for more information about Kea Company and Kea Consulting Services, or follow the Kea Company blog to learn about influencer relations best practices.
  • 3. Kea Analyst Relations With many sources offering information and advice, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to decide what data to rely on. Industry analysts are among the few remaining sources that are considered to be impartial and therefore are valued as trusted advisors. In this role the analysts have major influence on how a technology company and its products are perceived in the market. While the need for analyst relations is widely recognised by US-based companies, many European businesses are still struggling to leverage the great potential offered by efficient analyst relations activities. Given the potential impact, it is that much more astonishing that many parties have paid so little attention thus far to this discipline. Kea AR - Helping you to navigate the pitfalls along the way Any analyst relations activity is bound to be a long journey towards the set goals. Long term success and market impact rely on a solid foundation when engaging in any analyst relation activities. For this reason Kea Analyst Relations provides services tailored to the different stages of building up successful analyst relations activities: Kea AR Analysis Kea AR Strategy setting Kea AR Execution Kea Company will support you in any of these phases and will provide ongoing advice and support for your AR-activities. The Kea Team have comprehensive, hands on experience with analyst relations from multiple perspectives. We can demonstrate a track-record... associates within renowned analyst firms managers at successful technology providers IT and business managers at large enterprises With our support your company can build trusting and powerful relationships with the industry analysts who advise your customers and investors. Analyst Relations = Powerful Sales Support Selling complex technology to complex organisations is a recipe for a lengthy and expensive sales process. What if you could be introduced to more sales opportunities, while shortening the sales process and stand a higher chance of success at the end of it – all with one program? Your buyers are heavily influenced by research and analysts. Subject to respecting analyst independence and objectivity, you can indeed control analyst influence by exploiting the opportunities to share the information you want to convey. Analyst influence could mean a recommendation for your offerings, or coverage of your company in research read by your prospects. This is the potential of a successful analyst relations program. Analyst Relations = Increased Market Reach Industry analyst groups such as Gartner, Forrester and Ovum influence between 40% and 60% of commercial technology sales, according to Kensington Group researchers. This means that being mentioned by analysts - either in written research or in 1:1 inquiries - will open up indirect access to many new potential customers. Analyst Relations = Access to the Thought Leaders Research has found that analysts have even higher levels of influence than consultants, the media or vendor experts. Working with the Kea AR Consultants you will benefit from their experience and avoid focusing your resources in the wrong places. Analyst Relations = Superior Market Intelligence Critical business decisions, about product strategy, positioning and messaging, capitalisation, market segmentation, international expansion and so on, follow one another at an unprecedented rate. Better insight, of course, creates better decisions, but the availability of insight needs to be timely, preferably ‚on demand‘. Kea Company helps you leverage market intelligence into actionable insight. Analyst Relations = Access to vertical markets The impact of analyst relations activities also extends into vertical markets. Many analyst companies have dedicated analysts covering and influencing specific verticals like manufacturing, finance, healthcare and retail.
  • 4. Measurement It is our vast experience that a two-directional relationship with the analyst community, both providing and acquiring information, is highly effective and often key to successful analyst relations programs. Kea Company offers Analyst Relations professionals the necessary tools to increase productivity, measure KPI‘s and maintain meaningful relations with the relevant analysts. IDEAL Audit Engaging in analyst relations has a purpose and it is vital to know whether progress is being achieved. Conventional practice, if it includes benchmarking at all, rests on the volume of written coverage from analysts and their media quotes. While these are important, they fail to connect activity to outcomes. Kea Company‘s research methodology for analyst relations is the basis for our effective IDEAL audits. This is a detailed diagnostic interview which pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of your Analyst Relations programme, and gives specific guidance on how to optimise the five key Analyst Relations tasks: identification, development, engagement, alignment and leverage. ARchitect Database Identifying all relevant analysts from all relevant analyst firms is an extremely time-consuming and frustrating task for any Analyst Relations professional. Kea Company is a licenced reseller of the most powerful Analyst Relations tool: ARchitect. ARchitect is designed and built by Analyst Relations professionals to manage and streamline the day-to-day activities of an Analyst Relations professional. Kea Company‘s IDEAL audits are based on these factors but also includes feedback from the target analysts themselves, giving you a complete picture about how the programme is delivering. Impact Modelling Impact Modelling is Kea Company‘s method of using regional-specific base data and desk research, to validate and extend influencer lists, and to prioritise analyst houses and consultancies. Influencer Quadrant The Influencer Quadrant is a service that identifies which companies‘ profiles are on the rise, and which are on the decline, in the world of industry analyst research. With the Influencer Quadrant, we have created an easy-to-use tool for anyone involved in analyst relations wanting to get ahead and develop successful influencer marketing programmes. Attitude Survey Kea Company conducts annual benchmark surveys of the world‘s most powerful consultants and analysts on a range of issues important to suppliers in the enterprise software, information technology, telecommunications, and related services industries. Analyst Mindshare Benchmark The fastest way to show if you‘re winning more sales recommendations is to see if your firm is mentioned more in influential analyst research. One of the most important factors in addressing this important question is how your awareness with key market influencers is changing over time and how that compares with your competitors. Our benchmark shows how to refocus your effort on the analysts who influence sales. Relationship Maturity audit The Relationship Maturity audit (RM) involves a series of confidential interviews with your profile group in order to determine the current level of your relationships with the key houses.
  • 5. Kea Social Media Marketing When dealing with current trends in marketing there is no way to avoid the topic of social media and social media marketing. With 800 million people using Facebook, about 200 million users in professional networks like Xing and LinkedIn, and another 140 million users of Twitter, there is a good chance that your company’s audience is among them. In light of these numbers it is somewhat surprising to see that there are still many companies who are dealing with social media in a less than professional way. Even though the number of companies with Facebook pages and other social media profiles is growing fast, few of these companies have a social media strategy that is integrated with their general marketing strategy and their company values. Kea Social Media Marketing = Creating Credibility in the Community Social Media has created a platform for sharing your capabilities with a huge audience. Leveraging this potential by establishing your company as a thoughtleader is what the Kea Social Media Services are designed for. We will position your company effectively in all relevant social channels to make it an information hub for your technology area. Kea Social Media Marketing = Managing the Diversity The Social Media landscape is constantly changing and evolving. Kea Company will help you keep track of the relevant trends and will help you identify the sites, portals and networks that are most relevant for achieving your business goals. Kea Social Media Marketing = Acting not Reacting Ignoring a problem or customer complaint in social media can be a serious mistake. Listening and reacting is no longer optional as issues can escalate and get out of hand quickly. We support our clients in managing customer interactions and help to establish escalation procedures. Social Media Promotions We help our clients identify a target audience, and the relevant social media sites/groups to support their marketing strategy. Based on our analysis we will recommend the best social media management techniques and channel(s) for marketing of their products and services. Social Media Opinion Leader Establishing thought leadership in social media can have a huge impact on a B2B brand’s credibility. We help our clients to gain visibility at all relevant social media sites to increase visibility among the potential customers. Social Media Tracking With an increasing amount of people using social media, the volume of content and postings is increasing exponentially. We enable our clients to keep track of conversations about their company, their products and their target market(s).
  • 6. Kea Public Relations Kea is your partner for strategic planning and successful implementation of your marketing communications. We enhance the image and reputation of your company by positioning you in the right light in front of your target audience. No matter whether you are establishing a brand for a (new) company, promoting a product or service, or building a reputation, when you work with Kea, you will gain access to a wide range of public relation services with every campaign being tailored to your company‘s individual needs and business goals. Kea Public Relations = Building a Strong Brand Kea Public Relations Services support clients in building their brand and creating a positive perception of the organisation, its products and services in the marketplace. By positioning your organisation and communicating brand values in key customer groups Kea Public Relations Services help increase awareness of your organisation. Kea Public Relations = Deep Media Relations Having built strong relations with print and online media Kea PR services provide access to those titles and online platforms in your industry that are most frequently read by your customers. After all, editorial coverage in your target media is being perceived by readers as independent and unbiased, much more so than advertising. Your published information in form of product or company news, feature articles or success stories therefore help build credibility. Kea Public Relations = Access to Key Decision Makers Getting through to key decision makers in your multiple target groups across multiple vertical sectors can be challenging. Kea PR Services ensure that you reach ALL of your relevant customer groups - from influencer to intermediary to end user - with a tailored message, making PR a cost effective tool for you. Our start to finish service begins with your business goals. From these, we formulate and develop orientated communication objectives, including clear and coherent strategies that are successfully implemented into practice. Performance reviews and reporting are integral parts of our process. We understand your business. We concentrate on understanding your company, your industry and your solutions, because we are convinced that only a detailed understanding can achieve consistently good results. We are industry specialists. Our consultants have multiple years of experience in your industry. We focus on providing specialist international B2B-technology marketing solely for IT, telecommunications and high-tech providers. We form part of your team. We see ourselves as partners, an extended arm or virtual member of your marketing and communications team. We are pro-active, full of ideas and we focus on our job at hand to help you stay on track with your marketing communications objectives.