01. IFG Brochure


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01. IFG Brochure

  1. 1. The Cost-EffectiveCash Flow Solution for Your Business Providing working capital for business
  2. 2. Your invoices represent one ofyour most valuable business assetshowever, until they are paid, they are not contributingto your cash flow. However positive your sales may be,you can’t continue to grow without good cash flow.A fast, flexible, cost-effectivesolution to cash flow andworking capital problemsYou need a solution to enable you to:• Pay your creditors on time• Qualify for prompt supplier payment discounts• Maintain your credit rating• Continue your business growthIn these difficult economic times your bank may beunable to help, turning your invoices into cashis just good business sense.
  3. 3. Invoice DiscountingThe Interface Financial Group provides a simple, proven,internationally accepted and trusted solution to cash flow funding,commonly known as invoice discounting, often called ‘spotfactoring’. The Interface solution is not traditional factoring– where a business is funded from its debtors ledger – it’smuch simpler and more user-friendly. Most importantly,no contractual commitment is required to use theservice. The benefits are tangible, cost-effective andmost importantly only days away. As your businessgrows, our service will grow with you. YOUR COMPANY 1 2 3 4 PROVIDE ISSUE SELL FUNDS GOODS/ INVOICE INVOICE INVOICE SERVICES THE INTERFACE FINANCIAL GROUP PAYS INVOICE ON DUE DATE YOUR CUSTOMER 5The Interface Financial GroupA user-friendly servicePut simply, we purchase one or more of your currentinvoices at a discount. You don’t have to wait for yourcustomer payment – that’s our role. When your customer’sdue date for payment arrives, they pay the full invoice valueto Interface.
  4. 4. Once you contact us, we undertake a due diligence programme that typically takes a few days. Once completed, you are at liberty to offer one or more invoices to us for purchase. On receipt of these invoices we check the credit of the debtor named on the invoice and also that the sale represented by the invoice has been completed satisfactorily. Once this is completed the debtor is advised of the purchase by IFG and you are paid for the invoice. At the end of the credit period the debtor makes payment directly to IFG and the transaction is complete.With your cooperation, we can complete an initial A solution to fund your growthfunding transaction very quickly. Subsequent If you have a sound business and your customersfunding transactions can be completed in as little are other businesses (not consumers), we canas 48 hours – as our initial due diligence of your work with you. The Interface invoice discountingcustomer and the initial documentation has been service is not restricted by industry or by scale ofexecuted, our process and documentation is transaction. Funding can be provided for virtuallystreamlined. any business selling a product or service on regular credit terms to other businesses and all fundingJust imagine – within days of issuing the invoice requests are considered.you have the cash available to buy more materials, Unlike banks or factors, we do not flatly reject youacquire additional stock, take on more staff or as a potential client merely because you have notsimply just pay those important creditors. been in business for at least two years.A cost-effective service Some of our clients have, in fact, only been inOur fees are simply a small percentage of the business for a few months. And we do not instantlyinvoice/s we purchase. There are no other costs reject you because you have a weak balance sheetinvolved. Unlike other solutions, we can buy single or because you have experienced a negative creditinvoices or as many as you like, it’s completely up event in your recent past. We focus more on theto you. We will buy invoices for any value. financial strength of your customers (the accountNo minimums or maximums. debtors), those businesses who have an obligation to pay your invoices. As your sales escalate, so does the available funding.
  5. 5. Use it as you need it Unlike conventional lending sources, like banks and factors, what makes the Interface solution unique, is that it is a user-friendly ‘use it as you need it’ financing alternative in a cost effective framework. Becauseeach invoice purchase is a separate transaction anddoes not form part of a portfolio lending approach,Interface leaves you in control of your business and incontrol of how much you use the service – there are no long-term commitments and no monthly minimums. You sell us outstanding invoices only when you want or need to. If you only need one-time funding, we can provide it. Providing working capital for business
  6. 6. Start to reap the benefits now Starting to improve your cash flow couldn’t be simpler: • We will discuss your requirements and send you an application pack. • We will then review the paperwork, complete the necessary checks, and ask for any additional information should we need it, which doesn’t require any cost or commitment. • You then supply Interface with copies of invoices and we verify the details. • We will arrange to visit your office to finalise the process. • When everything is accepted we process your payment. • Funding can be transferred to your account. “ Developing a strong working relationship with Interface has allowed me to stop worrying about cash flow. Any time I choose I can turn a portion of my invoices into ” cash. The process is very simple and straightforward. “ Interface has been a strong business partner in allowing our service-based company an opportunity to realise immediate payment, when our industry standard seems to be 40 days. We value IFG as a business partner in our continued growth ” in our market. I would personally recommend IFG to anyone needing their service. Just call us now onProviding workingcapital for business 0844 257 2348 fax  0845 519 7863 e-mail kdolby@interfacefinancial.com or visit www.interfacefinancial.co.uk/dolby to take control of your expansion and growth. Interface is the leading alternative funding source for small business with offices in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and the US.