Critical review video easy edit in windows movie maker


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How to perform the necessary "editing" in Windows Movie Maker and provide the needed information for the Museum Critical Review Video.

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Critical review video easy edit in windows movie maker

  1. 1. Critical Review Video Easy Edit in Windows Movie Maker
  2. 2. First, open Movie Maker
  3. 3. Click “title”
  4. 4. Video title should be Critical Review of (artist’s last name artwork title, year of artwork) as in the example below. Don’t worry on video about not using italics for the title. Font formatting is applied to all text. Just be sure to correctly format in the transcript.
  5. 5. Then add your video from the museum. 1. Click on home to see this view 2. Click here to search for video file on your device or computer. Hint: it is best to transfer video file to the computer before editing in this program. Move this cursor/marker bar where needed before clicking “add video” button. Items are added wherever this is located. So slide it to the right until reaching end of title slide.
  6. 6. Then add your video from the museum. Choose video by doubleclicking it or clicking once and then clicking “Open” below.
  7. 7. It should now look something like this. Note: It may take a few minutes for the file to be “ready” in the project file. While it is being processed, you will see a clock icon over the film images.
  8. 8. Now, add credits. Place the cursor/marker bar where needed before clicking “credits” button.
  9. 9. Now, add credits. CREDITS Student One Name Student Two Name (if applicable) ARTS-1301 Art Appreciation (Semester Year) (College Name) Professor Jenkins Special thanks to the (Name of Museum) Works Cited (MLA citation 1) (MLA citation 2) (date)
  10. 10. Change credits duration. First, on “Video Tools” and “Duration” from 5 second default to 12.50
  11. 11. Change credits duration. Then, on “Text Tools” and “Text duration.”
  12. 12. It’s always good to save your project file. But, you can’t upload the project file onto the web. It’s just an empty placeholder for all the parts you’ve assembled.
  13. 13. Time to convert it to a movie! 1. 2. 3. Choose either “Recommended for this project” or as shown here, “Standard-definition” Important: Do not try using the YouTube upload buttons in Movie Maker. I’ve never had a student successfully upload that way.
  14. 14. Save the movie file. I recommend saving your new movie file along with the other project files. Video file shot at museum New video file name You will need to name this new movie as something different from the video file you inserted to make the movie!
  15. 15. Go log in to YouTube and upload your new video file. It will take a while, so start early and be patient. Follow the directions in the following video to put captions into your video through YouTube (faster and easier through YouTube than Movie Maker or other editing programs).