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Kathryn B - GP Presentation Kathryn B - GP Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Genetic Engineering By: Kathryn B.
  • Interest
    • Why did I choose genetic engineering?
  • Paper
    • Driving Question:
      • How do genetically modified organisms effect the environment, people, and countries?
    • Thesis Statement:
      • Genetically modified organisms have helped multiply the amount of food and medical care to sustain the worlds growing population and there have not been any known health risks from genetically modified organisms.
  • Facts
    • The United States is the leader in genetically modified organisms
    • If the genetically modified organism is equivalent to it’s counterpart, then it is said to be safe.
    • Pro: Genetic Engineering could increase genetic diversity, and produce more variant alleles which could also be crossed over and implanted into other species
    • Con: Could interfere with natures food chain.
  • Product
    • Product Description
      • I taught the Sophomore’s at Craven Early College about Genetic Engineering
    • Mentor
      • Ms. Hamilton
        • I worked with Ms. Hamilton once or twice a week to let her know what I had planned and where I was with my product.
  • Connection Between Paper and Product
    • The connection between my paper and product is teaching students in a biology class setting about what genetic engineering is and how it is used.
    This slide to the right was part of the presentation I showed while teaching Genetic Engineering
  • Success and Challenges of GP
    • Successes
      • Staying focused whenever I sat down to work
      • Working with a mentor
      • Deadlines
    • Challenges
      • Procrastination
      • Putting my nerves aside to be able to teach effectively
      • Facts
  • What I Learned..
    • The different stances on Genetic Engineering (for or against)
    • How to use wikispaces
    • What I, personally, think about Genetic Engineering
    • How hard it is to complete a lesson plan and teach
  • Future Applications
    • As of right now I do not have any plans to go forth with genetic engineering as a career path, but I’m glad that I got a chance to expand my knowledge on the topic.
  • Works Cited
    • &quot;Genetic Engineering.&quot;  Genetics: Digging and Carving Through Our Past . Web. 7 Apr. 2011. <http://www.odec.ca/projects/2007/nand7t2/geneticengineering.html>.
    • This presentation has been prepared under the fair use exemption of the US Copyright Law and is restricted from further use.