2010 Kiyaana Link To Learning Ece Teacher Registration Advice & Guidance Programme

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Basic information about how Kiyaana Link - to - Learning can support YOU to attain Full Teacher Registration

Basic information about how Kiyaana Link - to - Learning can support YOU to attain Full Teacher Registration

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  • 1. Introduction to the Kiyaana Link – to – Learning ECE Teacher Registration Advice and Guidance Programme (2010) Kiyaana Link – to – Learning K ey I nteractions Y ield A n A bsolute N atural A dvantage Contact: Kay McLean- Email: [email_address] Website: www.kiyaana.co.nz
  • 2.
    • The Intellectual Property
    • Of
    • Kiyaana Link - to - Learning
    • Belongs to
    • Kay McLean [email_address]
    • Photocopy or electronic copy of Kiyaana Link – to – Learning material and resources
    • may not be made unless requested in writing and written permission is given by Kay McLean
    • Information has been resourced and collated from
    • http:// www.teacherscouncil.govt.nz /
    • http://www.minedu.govt.nz/
    • and created
    • into an innovative, robust and transparent Teacher Registration Programme only for teachers
    • enrolled in the Kiyaana Teacher Registration Programme
  • 3. About Me
    • My Name is Kay McLean. My father was Jugolslav and my mother a 2nd generation New Zealander whose maiden name, interestingly, was also McLean.
    • I was married and divorced by age 26. I spent 22 years as a solo mum dedicated to my own early childhood education centre in West Auckland which I opened in 1974 and sold in 1996.
    • I have one son who was aged 3 at the time I separated in 1974 which is when I started in ECE – Paul is married to Carol who attended my centre for a year when she was 3yrs old. They live in West Auckland. They have two daughters Gemma (March 2007) and Jessica (September 2008)
    • I remarried in 2003 to Ian --now a retired dentist He has 3 adult daughters and one grandson Nathan (April 2000)
    • We “retired” to Northland and I began studying extramurally. I completed one Degree and two Graduate Diplomas between 2000 and 2005.
    • I established Kiyaana Link – to – Learning in 2005
    • I am committed to playing a part to support teachers in Early Childhood Education.
  • 4. We live at Whatuwhiwhi on the hill overlooking Tokerau Beach in Doubtless Bay
  • 5. We live here because of this.
  • 6. My Qualifications
    • Graduate Diploma of ICT in Education 2005
    • Graduate Diploma of Teaching - Primary 2005
    • Bachelor of Education 2000
    • Diploma of Teaching ECE (NZCA 1981)
    • (Equivalency 1991)
    • Adult Teaching Certificate 1995
  • 7.
    • Experience
    • 1974 to 1996 Childcare Centre owner/supervisor in West Auckland
    • 1997 to 2000 Independent Owner / Supervisor of Before and After School Programmes in 3 Primary Schools in Auckland
    • 2001 to 2004 Set up Independent Transition to School Programmes in 3 Primary schools in Northland
    • 2001 to 2004 Distance Learning Tutor for NZTC ECE Diploma
    • 2005 Primary Teaching Oturu School
    • 2005 Established Kiyaana Link – to – Learning ECE Consultancy & Teacher Registration Programme
    • 2006 Online Tutor for ICT in ECE with Christchurch College of Education ----- now Canterbury University
  • 8.
    • To promote excellence in teaching and learning in Early Childhood Education through guided support, advice and guidance / mentoring to encourage registered teachers to become reflective practitioners of “Best Practice” as set by the Ministry of Education and Teachers Council of NZ.
    • To support teachers to integrate the technologies of the 21 st century as promoted in the MoE “Foundations of Discovery” in their teaching and learning
    • To facilitate registering teachers to develop a network of professional colleagues with whom they may continue professional discussions throughout and after the period of the programme including the innovative online website
    • CONECTR ( C onnecting O ur N etworks for E arly C hildhood T eacher R egistration)
    • Teachers are encouraged to share knowledge and experiences about their early childhood education teaching and learning practice with other teachers in the registration programme, and with trained and untrained teachers in their own centres.
    Kiyaana Link - to – Learning Vision
  • 9. Kiyaana Link - to – Learning Philosophy
    • To provide individual and group advice and guidance in meaningful and practical ways that supports, enhances and inspires each teacher in their practice, enthusiasm, enjoyment and satisfaction of continued learning.
    • To support teachers participation in the Kiyaana programme in good faith throughout with a commitment to my own and their personal professional development.
    • Teachers are encouraged not to regard this programme as an obligatory exercise to gain Full Teacher Registration but to take full opportunity to reflect on and improve their daily teaching practice.
    • Within the realms of Registered Teacher Criteria registering teachers are encouraged to base their professional development goals to support personal interests, strengths / weaknesses / challenges, the centre in which they work and their own career aspirations.
    • To encourage creative and innovative ways of documenting teaching and learning for a unique and diverse group of multicultural teachers who each have their own perspectives, values and beliefs and philosophies in teaching and learning.
  • 10. Kiyaana Link - to – Learning Mission Statement Teachers are encouraged to choose goals which relate to current ECE research, theory & practice, centre philosophy and curriculum goals, and their individual centre staff appraisal to gain the most relevant and realistic professional development throughout the programme. Professional development goals should be of benefit to the registering teacher and the centre / children / family / whanau for which they work. Teachers professional development specifically enhances learning outcomes and environments for children and families and is linked to MoE “ Best Practice”. The Full Registration Application form for Teacher’s Council will be endorsed by the A & G supervising teacher when the registering teacher has met the negotiated Kiyaana Link – to – Learning Advice and Guidance Programme including full payment of Kiyaana programme fee and Teachers Council “Registered Teacher Criteria” for Full Teacher Registration.
  • 11. Kiyaana Link – to – Learning Teacher Registration Programme
    • What do you Receive with your enrolment?
    • A Resource Kete with folder, clear information of what to do, templates, examples, access to readings and supporting documents
    • Personal file and login password to CONECTR site (Connecting Our Networks for Early Childhood Teacher Registration) the membership only website to upload work/evidence for written advice and guidance
    • Self-paced Professional Development Online Tutorials and communication with other registering teachers
    • Online Kiyaana support files/resources/ links/ to other support sites, network to other teachers in Kiyaana programme
    • Individual and group support throughout the process. (personal meetings, email, phone, Online – 24/7)
  • 12.
    • What are the Kiyaana A & G Programme Requirements to attain Full Teacher Registration?
    • Requirements are based on Teachers Council “12 - Registered Teachers Criteria” and Key Indicators and Over Two Years include:
    • 3 Observations/meetings of your Teaching Practice with mentor -- in each of Year 1 & 2
    • Attend 3 Professional Development Network Meetings – in each of Year 1 & 2
    • Attend 3 Centre Visits Organised --- per year (may be combined with PD meetings)
    • Maintain a Reflective Journal
    • Upload ONE reflection to the Online CONECTR site per “Registered Teachers Criteria” (12 RTC) ----- specific support provided
    • Upload documentation as required per “Registered Teachers Criteria” (12 RTC) and Key Indicators (2 RTC every 4 months) ----- specific support provided
    • Complete one Online Peer Review in each of the “Registered Teachers Criteria” (12 RTC) of another Kiyaana member --- You do not need to know the teacher
    • Complete a Folder of Evidence demonstrating how your teaching practice meets each of the Individual “Registered Teachers Criteria” (12 RTC)
    • ----- specific support provided
    • Participate monthly on the Online CONECTR site ---
  • 13. Things You Need to Know:
    • The advice and guidance supervisor / mentor works with the registering teacher.
    • Although Kiyaana may negotiate and hold discussions with centre owners and / or managers regarding a teacher’s practice and need for support ---- the Kiyaana Teacher Registration Programme is a contract between the individual teacher and Kiyaana.
    • With the centre manager taking responsibility for payment of Kiyaana programme fees on behalf of the teacher.
    • The Kiyaana programme is based on supporting the teacher to enhance their teaching practice and provide evidence as to how they meet the Registered Teacher Criteria requirement by Teachers Council
    • Kiyaana does NOT become involved in employment issues. If a teacher is perceived to be not fulfilling their job description or employment contract by centre management, it is the centre’s responsibility to address this through their own communications, staff appraisal and professional development systems with the teacher concerned.
  • 14.
    • FEES
    • The Kiyaana Link – to – Learning ECE Teacher Registration Programme costs a one off enrolment fee of $295
    • and $1500 per Year. GST inclusive To be paid 3 x per Year @ $480
    • To be paid by direct credit 4 th March, 4 th July, and 4 th November in line with Bulk Funding
    • A realistic cost of only $3175 per teacher for two years. GST inclusive
    • The total MoE Provisional Support Grant per teacher is $8442 over two years GST inclusive --- Leaving the centre a further $5282 per teacher
    • for further professional development and resources. GST inclusive
    • Teachers need to negotiate with centre owner/manager re support fund available to them and how it may be used to support their professional development
    • Payment is required for all teachers whether or not individual teachers complete requirements.
    • An apology is expected prior to the observation / meeting for any non-attendance. A new time will be negotiated.
    • Teachers receive written documentation of the programme each year with an evaluation form to support Kiyaana in continual improvement of the programme.
  • 15. MoE Provisional Registration Support Grant
    • The MoE provides an individual Provisional Registration Support Grant of $351.75 per month (gst incl) for each individually named Provisionally Registered Teacher.
    • Centres take responsibility for claiming the Support Grant when teacher is eligible. It is paid with Bulk Funding on past months (in arrears) and totals $4221 per year per teacher. (gst incl)
    • A total of $8442 over two years. (gst incl)
    • If a teacher leaves a centre, the new employer needs to claim for the Provisional Support Grant for the teacher. The teacher is then eligible for a further 2 years funding support – or until Full Registration – whichever comes first
    • Kiyaana will follow the teacher to the new centre - (this is one advantage of an independent support /mentor) Check with new employer first, some centres have in house support.
    • Kiyaana takes no part in decisions for how a centre spends the support grant. Teachers are advised to negotiate with their centre manager personally to find the best ways of accessing and using funds in a win, win situation. Ask me how.
  • 16. Optional Extras
    • Regional Centre Visits will be negotiated and planned through teacher interest (additional cost – group travel and accommodation will limit costs )
    • Professional Development Workshops for whole centre (realistic additional cost per centre)
    • Practical participation in hosting or presenting at our own CONECTR conference – (reasonable conference fees apply)
  • 17. Please Complete an Enrolment Contract to JOIN NOW I look forward to working WITH and supporting YOU