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Media publishers

  1. 1. KerrangBauer media group publish magazines such askerrang, angling times, Mojo, empire, FHM, heat andmany others.Kerrang! is a UK-based magazine devoted to rockmusic published by Bauer Media Group. It was firstpublished on 6 June 1981. Named after theonomatopoeic word that derives from the soundmade when playing a power chord on an electricguitar. Kerrang! was initially devoted to the New Wave ofBritish Heavy Metal and the rise of hard rock acts. Inthe early 2000s it became the best-selling Britishmusic newspaper.
  2. 2. Spin• Spin is a music magazine founded in 1985 by publisher Bob Guccione Jr.• In its early years, the magazine was noted for its broad music coverage with an emphasis on college-oriented rock music and on the on going emergence of hip-hop.
  3. 3. Rocksound• Rock Sound is a British magazine which champions rock music.• The magazine aims at being more "underground" and less commercial, whilst also giving coverage to more well known acts.• It generally focuses on the pop, punk, pop- punk, emo, hard-core, heavy metal and extreme metal genres of rock music.• The tag-line "For those who like their music loud, extreme and non-conformist" is sometimes used.• Although primarily aimed at the British market, the magazine is also sold in Australia, Canada and the United States.• Publisher- Freeway Press Inc.
  4. 4. Q• Much of the magazine is devoted to interviews with popular musical artists.• This magazine is also published by Bauer media group.• Every other month, Q — and its sister magazine, Mojo (also owned by Bauer) — have a special edition. These have been about musical times, genres, or a very important/influential musicians.
  5. 5. Big cheese• Big Cheese is an independent music magazine published in the United Kingdom which covers alternative music including rock, punk, and metal. It is circulated monthly.• The magazine is self publishing, Publisher Big Cheese Publishing Ltd.• One of the very first magazines to offer a downloadable compilation CD to its readers completely free
  6. 6. Metal hammer• Metal Hammer is a monthly heavy metal music magazine published in the United Kingdom by Future Publishing, Metal Hammer articles feature both mainstream bands and more unusual acts from the whole spectrum of heavy metal music.• Metal Hammer UK changed hands several times, being bought first by Dennis Publishing and is now with Future Publishing.
  7. 7. NME• The New Musical Express, popularly known by the initialism NME, is a music publication in the United Kingdom, published weekly since March 1952. It started as a music newspaper, and gradually moved toward a magazine format during the 1980s, changing from newsprint in 1998. It was the first British paper to include a singles chart, in the 14 November 1952 edition.• IPC Media (Time Inc.)
  8. 8. Clash• Clash is a popular music and fashion magazine based in the United Kingdom. Its magazine title is published monthly.• It concentrates on music and fashion, and often their effect on surrounding culture, as well as film and technology.• Clash Magazine Ltd. This Is owned by Simon harper who is the founder and own of clash magazine ltd.
  9. 9. Vibe• Vibe is a music and entertainment magazine founded by producer Quincy Jones. The publication predominantly features R&B and hip-hop music artists, actors and other entertainers.• Vibe was purchased by the private equity investment fund InterMedia Partners and is now issued every- other month.• Quincy Jones launched Vibe in 1993, in partnership with Time Inc.• Miller Publishing bought Vibe in 1996, and shortly afterward bought Spin. Private equity firm, The Wicks Group, bought the magazine in 2006.