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  2. 2. Front cover
  3. 3. Contents
  4. 4. Double page spread
  5. 5. 1 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Front cover• Title (Masthead)- the convention of Kerrang! Magazine is to have the main image overlaying the Masthead. I found this works as Kerrang! Is well known and they don’t need to have the masthead clear as the magazine is easily recognisable. In my magazine I found it worked particularly well as the word “SNUFF” sits in my models hair, it gives my magazine a 3D look, just like KERRANG! I did this by using the magnetic lasso tool.The word KERRANG! Is in a smashed screen style font. I chose to use a similarfont, However instead of a smashed screen it looks like grass which fits in to mytarget audience of young people who will go to festivals on large fields.I kept my Masthead short as it is easy to remember, I positioned it top leftbecause it then gave me room to include my price and feature headlines and thisis a convention of magazines. The font size is large and bold, making it jump outto the customer. I did this because KERRANG! Is a large masthead and is a verywell known, popular magazine.I chose black as my colour scheme was red, white and black. Black stands outmost off the white background.Metal Hammer also use the technique of overlaying the main image over themasthead, this has proven a popular technique in the magazines I have looked at.
  6. 6. Here I have used a plug as I got the idea from a KERRANG! Front cover.I used the words “HOT NEWS” because the shape almost looks like it has burnt throughthe page. Although the plug can be interpreted in different ways as it alsolooks like a blood or paint splat. This could either link with the metal music as beingaggressive and bloody, or the paint could symbolise UV paint, which people would useat festivals. In order to make it look like this I used a gradient overlay effect on it.Because is says “HOT NEWS” this implies that my magazine will be sharing brand newnews, which will persuade the reader to buy the magazine as it doesn’t actually saywhat the news is so therefore they will have to buy the magazine to find out what thenews is..I have replicated the banner convention from a KERRANG!Magazine as I found it was an effective way to draw theaudience in as they will see the word “WIN” right at the top ofthe page. ExampleI have mirrored the use of extra images to the front cover. This is aconvention commonly used to help draw in the attention of readers whomay not necessarily be interested in the main cover artist. I have placedthe image outside of the box to make it look 3D as I found that this was apopular convention. This could also imply that the singers stand out fromthe crowd and that is passed on the reader, trying to influence confidenceand being different.
  7. 7. • For my main image I had my model looking straight at the camera so the reader will lock eye contact with the model on the magazine. This instantly draws the attention to the magazine. Also because her hair is bright coloured it stands out off the page.•The colour of the title matches in with the colour of the models hair.I used the lightest and darkest shade of her hair and used a techniqueto combine the two which I found worked well in convention withother magazines. Also the font is pointy and looks torn, this effectworked the best after trying several different fonts as it is edgy andfits in with the attitude and style of my magazine.•The title is overlaying the image, I made my model wear a black t-shirt but with different shades of green and white on it as it fits in tothe colour scheme of my front page. When looking at othermagazines I found that over laying the image with the title was apopular convention, also having a brief summary of what it so appearin the magazine about that band.•I also spaced out the “Duality Of Woman” to fit the length of the title“DUALITY” I did this because it looks neat and is a popular conventionin magazines such as “Metal Hammer”.I also included a barcode as this is an essential convention when creating amagazine because when the reader wishes to purchase the magazine it willneed to be scanned.I also included a banner at the bottom as this is a popular convention, asfrom, my research I found that many magazines use a banner mentioningother bands that will be appearing in the magazine. This promotes themagazine and persuades the reader to buy it if they are well knownfamous bands
  8. 8. Contents• Here in my contents page right at the top I included the masthead of my magazine just to emphasise the name.• The magazine “Metal Hammer” influenced me in the way of laying out my contents page as I wanted it to be neat but effective. I liked the conventions of the way the “Contents” was clear and bold but also included the date and issue number for those whom are regular buyers and wish to order them chronologically. Where I included the word “CONTENTS” I used Photoshop where I applied the effects Bevel & emboss, stroke and a colour overlay to give it a professional magazine look because it looks 3D, bold and shiny as it is looks like it has light shining on the word.• I included an editorial in the magazine because from my research I found it was a popular convention to use in magazines. This gives the editor of the magazine an opportunity to talk directing to the reader. The editorial is a friendly description of what to expect in the magazine. This lets the reader feel welcomed to the magazine as the editorial includes questions and informal language. I also included an image of the ‘Editor’ because other magazines have done this in order for them to recognise and know who the editor is.• I also included the colour scheme of my magazine to make it stand out from off the white background. Therefore if it stands out and has its own box it looks like something different and interesting, persuading the customer to read the editorial. I positioned it in the top right of the page as it is right at the top it will be one of Example the first things to read. magazines• Around the box I used a drop shadow effect to make it stand out off the page to give it a more professional look, rather than having it flat and stuck on to the page.
  9. 9. • When looking at the conventions of contents pages I found there was a wide variety of different layouts and styles, the first I looked at was KERRANG! I didn’t particularly like the way it was laid out because it looked messy and jumbled up. Although it suits the style and convention of KERRANG! It didn’t with my magazine. As I wanted mine to be easy to read and convenient for my audience.• After looking at many front covers and conventions I found that “Metal Hammer” better. I split the page in half with “Features” on one side and “Regulars” on the other, this way the reader can see what is brand new news in the magazine and what to normally expect in the regulars. This way there will be surprises and expected articles so my magazine is consistent but with the addition of new and upcoming bands and news.• To really make the numbers of the pages clear and stand out I used a stroke, colour overlay and a drop shadow.• The font for the title pages is simple and easy to read as I want to appeal to my audience of younger people who don’t particularly like reading lots.• I also included subscription information as it has proven popular with various other magazines such as KERRANG!, Metal Hammer and Big cheese. This way my audience has a chance to grab themselves a bargain. This is a part of the consideration in a contract because they will be getting magazines cheaper and I will receive guaranteed sales.
  10. 10. On the contents page I have also included an image of the main Examplesarticle and the page number. I used this convention in order tomake my contents page stand out and be varied with a 50:50 textto picture ratio because from my survey results I found that thiswas the preferred choice. Also from looking at other contentspages from several other magazines this helped me to developthe magazine in to looking professional.The page number and title are clearly marked out at the bottomof the image again for ease for the reader as they will knowexactly where to go.Also on my contents page I included a small image of a posterthat will feature in the magazine, again this helped develop mymagazine because of the professional looks it gives because I putthe image in to black and white but kept the guitar in its originalelectric blue colour to really make it stand out to make it lookmore like the magazine is all about music.Towards the bottom of the page I have also included a plug,where I used effects such as Bevel & Emboss, colour overlay, dropshadow and a gradient overlay to really make it stand out in orderfor my magazine to develop I found that using these effects gavemy magazine that professional look. Here I mention another wellknown band who will appear in the magazine, I did the because itlooks different and catches the readers eye.
  11. 11. Double page spread• For the main title I used a bold text with Bevel & Emboss, stroke. Colour overlay and a drop shadow effects. This made the page look edgy, like the singer. Also because it says “Uprising” I chose to position the title diagonally as it also looks like it is rising. I also included the colour scheme of black, white and red on this title to give it a professional look as the effects make it look to crumbled or not quite finished. Just like the band has the foundations now all they have to do is build on their skills and fill in any imperfections they have.• I have also used another convention on my double page spread which I found popular amongst other top magazines such as KERRANG!, Metal Hammer and NME which is to include a small box advertising the website for that magazine. In mine I included what to expect on the website “ more news on your favourite bands” I did this to develop my magazine more people who go online the more popular my magazine will become. The magazine is also fitting in with the current social views of my audience, as they are always stereotypically seen to be using the latest technology and being on the internet.• I included pictures in my double page spread because from my research and survey results I found that my target audience preferred a 50:50 picture to text ratio. It is a popular convention because a lot of magazines I looked at used images to break up the text and make the page look a lot more professional and interesting for the reader.• I also used columns of three when creating my double page spread because from looking at magazines I found this was a popular convention. It makes the page look structured easy to read and organised.
  12. 12. • I have also included another picture of the “singer” in the band where she is posing with lots of attitude. The style of the photography is fairly similar to NME and Kerrang! And others I have researched. It looks like she is pushing the camera out of her face or focusing the shot on her particularly. This fits in with the style of my magazine, as this is a stereotypical rock attitude. This develops my magazine as it looks edgy and fits the chosen genre. When looking at other magazines I found that the more I looked at, the clearer it became of how I wanted my magazine to look. This helped me develop my flat plans, style sheet and pitch.• From looking at the conventions of other magazines I found that putting a large quote or phrase from the text and placing is in the middle was popular. This separates the lengthy text to make it look more interesting. By including this my magazine looks of a high quality.
  13. 13. How does your media product represent particular 2 social groups?• The first convention I used to represent social groups is the banner at the top of the magazine. I also used the abbreviation of the band My Chemical Romance to ‘MCR’ because the social group who will buy this magazine will be aware of the bands Examples name and that they are referred to as the abbreviation rather than the full name, this shows the fan base are loyal and aware of all kinds of bands. This represents young people as being quite knowledgeable about the rock side of the music industry.• I have included competitions to win free things as the audience of young people aged between 16-25 are mainly a class of ABC1 with a small amount of disposable income, however with the current economy money is becoming a lot less disposable and by giving away free gifts this helps them to be able to save their money.• The prizes such as a guitar represents young males and females to be quite talented in the sense that many can play instruments in the social groups of rockers, punks and Goths. Therefore they will appreciate the gift a lot more than some other groups who are not interested in musical instruments. Also the guitar is signed by a well known singer, so even if the winner can not play guitar it will have extra value if it is signed by a celebrity making it worth wining.• also represented the young social group by including a plug, this represents young people as they are always seen to have the latest news and gossip. Also younger people tend to always be on the internet therefore they can share all of the “HOT NEWS” with friends on social networking sites.
  14. 14. I used this girl on my front cover because I wanted to represent girls of a young age between 16-25in the rock genre. They challenge the stereotype of being ‘girly’ as they are not caught up on looksand appearance for looking girly. For example the model is not wearing make up, this is because shewon’t feel the need to ‘doll’ herself up. It shows she is comfortable and confident with the way shelooks and doesn’t need to cover herself in make up. Therefore when girls look at this magazine theysee that they don’t have to wear make up to look good and be famous (Role model).Also many young females in the rock genre like to express themselves and to stand out, I foundthere was no better way to show this then to have a young female with brightly coloured hair, whichis blue. This challenges the typical stereotype of girls having to wear pink and boys to wear blue.This image really does represent young females as being confident, independent and have lots ofattitude.One example of someone who represents young girls is “Hayley Williams” she is extremelysuccessful and has lots of girl power.As for male gaze the magazine does not sexualize women but sees them as equals. This also showsmales that females can be attractive without having to show themselves in a sexual way. Althoughmy magazine challenges stereotypes it also reinforces the stereotype of the rock genre. Themagazine is all about standing out and being different and by representing young social groups asbeing different and to show it is okay to be different it gives them a sense of confidence. This alsorepresents the social groups of punks and Goths, the magazine shows that these groups belong tothis magazine and that they are a part of a group where they can be themselves. Class is alsorepresented in the magazine as the audience will proportionately be ABC1. It is evident in the mainimage that this represents them because the girl has piercings, showing that she has a disposableincome in order to buy piercings.As my magazine is all about challenging stereotypes the cover headline is a male who is supposedlygoing to share his secrets, this is stereotypically a female thing as young females are known to gossipand share secrets. However this is seen to be normal for the young social groups of punks, Gothsand rock fans as there is more of an equality of genders in these groups. He is also purposefullyposing and looking in to the camera this also shows males that it is okay to be confident and to beable to pose shows the attitude of young rock males as being cheeky, carefree, confident and notafraid to have fun.
  15. 15. I also included an advertisement for a subscription to the magazine as it showsthat younger people aged between 16-25 are mature enough to sign up to acontract between them and the magazine.It also represents them as being loyal to the magazine as they are committed tobuying it every two weeks. This goes against the stereotype of young people asbeen lazy, unreliable and uncommitted as the magazine is giving them the chanceto go against that stereotype, which is exactly what the magazine is about;challenging stereotypes.In the magazine I have included festival survival guides, I am not trying torepresent young people to be uneducated but if it is the individuals first festival itis important for them to get the correct information. I have included festivalinformation and line ups and this year is the year for festivals and from mysurveys and questionnaires, I found that a lot of young rockers, Goths and punksenjoy going to festivals. I have also mentioned them because a large percentageof the audience are of An ABC1 class they can afford to go to festivals as they willhave part time jobs with a disposable income as festivals can be quite expensiveranging from £90 - £250. However this shows that young people can beresponsible with money as they need to have the ability to be able to save theirearnings.Here in the contents page I have included a male singer poster. He is holdinga guitar but looking as if he is about to smash it on the ground. Those whodo not understand the attitude of punks, rockers and Goths will see this asbeing aggressive in a negative way. However this is a representation ofrockers, emos, punks and Goths as having positive aggression where theycan take it out in the music. This image really captures that as he is taking itout on the guitar, it is not a literal meaning of smashing the guitar up butmore of an expression which is exactly what the social groups I amrepresenting are all about.
  16. 16. On the double page spread there is a large image of the female whoappears on the front cover. This is to emphasize that young femaleshave just as much confidence, character, and potential to be famous asmales.She is in the position of focusing the shot on herself to show that sheis in the spotlight and it is all about her. This represents young femalesas being edgy, proud and confident in their looks.Her hair is bright and quite messy giving the feel that she isn’t selfconscious about her looks and it is all about the music.Which is a good representation of young rockers, punks and emosbecause they wear what is comfy and have their own individual look astheir group is all about being themselves, relaxed and just having fun.She also looks to be screaming, which represents expression andletting steam out through music which is exactly what rock is about.on the double page spread there is an advertisement for themagazine’s website. This was included due to the age range and socialgroup of the magazine as being young. 16-25 year old like to know allof the latest news, gossip and information on their favourite bands asthey like to be knowledgeable on their music.On the double page spread I have included a quote from the singer of theband being interviewed. It says that the band are extremely grateful for allof their support. Again the magazine is all about challenging stereotypes asyoung punks are seen to be negative. Whereas my magazine is showingyoung people in a positive way and that they have manners as they arethanking all of their new fans for helping them achieve success. Also thisshows that younger people of both sexes group together and are extremelysupportive of those who are on the rise to fame.
  17. 17. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and3 why? • I think that Bauer media group would most likely be the best media institution to publish my magazine as I have done my magazine in the styles of their current magazines that they publish. My magazine has attitude, a professional look and a wide coverage of the Rock genre. • Bauer media group publish magazines such as kerrang, angling times, Mojo, empire, FHM, heat and many others. • Bauer has a good reputation for publishing high quality, successful magazines which run for many years. • My image styles are similar and I have used bold colours and fonts to really grab the readers attention. The language tone used is quite similar to Kerrang! And others as it is quite informal easy to read and talks directly to the audience by asking rhetorical questions and providing all the latest news on the music industry. Although my magazine is similar to some others it still have its own style and attitude. Will cover a wide variety of rock genres and it will be something new and fresh, so it wont be in direct competition with magazines such as KERRANG! Therefore Bauer will make more money as they will have profits from both magazines.
  18. 18. • I have also included the chance to win free gifts by the reader entering a competition. This way it persuades the reader to buy the magazine, as they have a chance to win a unique prize, such as a signed guitar.• I found that a lot of Bauer’s magazines use this technique in order to build a good reputation of the magazine and to sell many copies.• Bauer has a well established distribution network.I did look at Future as a possible media institution to publish my magazine as their typicalgenre for magazines is rock. However they tend to focus on old rock as some of theirmagazines are Metal Hammer and Classic rock. It would be good for them to publish mymagazine as it is specifically targeted at the younger generation whereas Metal Hammerand Classic rock are for the more mature experienced rock fans. If my magazine waspublished by Future then it would financially benefit them because they are opening up toa completely new audience. My magazine also includes lots of information to educate theyounger people. Furthermore, instead of Future’s magazines competing with each other,they will work together as the more mature rock fans can learn about newer rock and thenthe younger generation can learn about classical older rock. Meaning Future will benefitgreatly from this.Although the disadvantages of this is that it isnot certain that the more mature audiencewill be attracted to my new magazine as theyknow the older magazines well as they have agood reputation already. However, if Futuredid publish my magazine it would prove thatmy magazine is of a high quality but it wouldhave to compete with the leading rockmagazines.
  19. 19. 4 Who would be the audience for your media product?• The audience for my media product would They will have particular interests in festivals, junk food, be aged between 16-25 and more of a male clothing and hair products as for young people it’s all percentage buying the magazine as I found about the appearance and expressing themselves. out in my survey that more males than The audience will be interested in certain brands. This females buy magazines. way I could charge these companies to advertise their• They would have a strong interest in the merchandise In my magazine. Also this way I can Rock genre. They would most likely go to understand the audience better as I will know their likes college and have a part time job in order to and dislikes and what will appeal to them. Some have a disposable income in order to be magazines charge thousands of pounds to be able to able to buy a magazine (ABC1). advertise in the magazine. This is a good way of getting• A typical reader would have tattoos your magazine well known. Plus the more popular the because stereotypically people of a rock magazine is the higher the prizes will be to advertise genre have tattoos as a way of expressing because everyone will want to promote their goods in a themselves. Also piercings and stretchers well known magazine. because it is all about experimenting and experience and having the freedom to do those kinds of things whilst they are young.
  20. 20. 5 How did you attract/address your audience?• The first convention I used to attract my audience was the banner at the top of the magazine. My target audience is between the ages of 16-25 therefore the prizes the magazine is giving away are suitable for that age group. The prizes are “free gig tickets” because from my interview results I found that my audience like to go to gigs and therefore this prize would appeal to them. I got the idea to do this from KERRANG! Magazine as I like their style of layout and ideas of attract an audience.• The next prize is a signed guitar. I chose this because it would be a good souvenir for a reader to have, Especially if the reader is a big fan of the mentioned singer “Biffy Clyro” it will be a one of a kind, which is well worth entering a competition for. I found when looking at magazine that this is a good way to interest readers in to buying the magazine regularly if the prizes are of a high quality.• I also included a plug in to my magazine that says “HOT NEWS” I did this because I know from my research that my audience are involved in social networking sites . Therefore they can spread the news as younger people are stereotypically known for gossiping and having all the latest news. If my magazine gives away brand new news and the readers of the magazines share it, this will give my magazine a good reputation for having all the latest news.
  21. 21. • At the bottom of the magazine I have included other bands that will feature in the magazine because if the reader is not a huge fan of who is the main article or the cover line then the others who are Examples mentioned at the bottom, in the banner might be of interest. I used a stroke effect on the text in order to make it stand out from off of the red background, this also helped me to include my colour scheme.• I used a female on the front cover as from my survey the majority would prefer to see a female on the front rather than a male. By listening to the feedback of what my typical reader would prefer it will attract them to buy my magazine. There was still a high percentage of those who would like to see a male on the front cover, so I also included a feature headline of a male. This way both sexes are happy with the equal amount of gender representation In the magazine. The hair of the female in the main image is bright and instantly catches the readers eye, it is clear that it is a rock magazine as the expression on her face is aggressive and it also includes well known famous rock bands on the front cover; appealing to the reader.
  22. 22. I included an editors corner on the contents page because this is a friendly facefor the readers to get to know. It tells the reader what to expect in this issue ofthe magazine. The tone and language used is friendly and casual as this willattract the audience as they will feel like a part of a group or club. Themagazine is a place where they can relax feel comfortable and feel like they arewelcome to the magazine.Here in the contents page I have included many bands and festivals to fit allrock types. This way there is a wide audience buying the magazine for certainbands that will feature in the magazine.The layout is clear and understandable, this is for ease of the reader as theycan clearly see which pages their favourite bands will appear on.I have included a few articles on festivals as this year festivals are huge and lineups for the festivals have only just been released. Therefore many people willbe buying festival tickets .To attract the audience I have included “survival guides” this will ensure a dutyof care to the readers and it will be useful for the readers who are first timersto go to festivals.Also to attract the audience I have included pages of posters as from myresearch I found that 16-25 year olds like to receive posters of their favouritebands.There is also a column for “Features” as the audience will always expectsomething new. It implies there is new news and topics trending for theaudience to talk about.By including a brief description underneath the title, this is a teaser on whatthe article will be about. It only says a brief fact on the article making themwant to go to the page to read about why certain bands are featuring in themagazine and what gossip and information they can get.
  23. 23. On the double page spread I included a small box at the top right hand side of the page.This included the magazine’s website as my audience of young people arestereotypically seen to always be on the internet and have smart phone where they areable to go online at anytime. This makes it easier and cheaper for the reader to be ableto get the latest news on their favourite bands. This will attract my audience as theycan get news on the go, and they are then able to share with friends. They can also getthe same news that is in the magazine if they do not have enough money to buy themagazine. However in order for my magazine to sell I will not put posters andcompetitions online.On the double page spread I have separated both pages in to columns of three making it easier for the reader to read. Ihave also included images as the majority of those I asked preferred a 50:50 text to picture ratio. I have also included aquote from the interviewed singer in the middle of the text, this breaks it up and makes it look like there isn’t as muchtext as they think. This will also attract the because if they read the quote first whilst skimming through the magazinethey will wonder what she is on about and want to read all about this new band. Example
  24. 24. What have you learnt about technologies from the6 process of constructing this product? I have learnt a lot about different technologies when creating my magazine. I have used many different websites in order to receive feedback, survey results and promoting my magazine via a blog. I have learnt that many technologies have to be used to create a professional looking magazine from editing photos to researching to organising and planning layouts.
  25. 25. • I started out using Microsoft PowerPoint to record all of my research and to order it accordingly, this way I could go through the slides step by step and this way all of the information was all together. This way if I needed it then it was in one PowerPoint for example I did a magazine analysis, I had to analyse 3 front covers, 3 contents pages and 3 double page spreads of popular music magazines sold in the UK. I did this in one PowerPoint as it was together and when I uploaded it to my blog it was their in one piece for people to see easily.• I also had to create a blog in order for me to be able to post my work for people to see and for my work to be marked. I chose to use blogger because it had been recommended to me as being reliable and a sufficient way to upload my work. My work was neatly planned out for those to see.
  26. 26. • Blogger gives you different options in order to view my work. This is helpful as different people prefer different layouts.• I learnt that blogger was an ideal source to submit my work. However, I soon found that as I was using PowerPoints’ to do my work, blogger would not let me up load a PowerPoint.• I then had to sign up to a free site called ‘Slideshare’ where I would upload the PowerPoint then copy the hyperlink to post on my blog as a HTML.
  27. 27. • I found that slideshare was particularly easy to use and well set out in order for me to be able to upload my work as I had never used it before.• When I was researching magazines I conducted a survey using a website called “Survey Monkey.” this gave me a free trial to ask 10 questions which was a perfect amount for me to be able to find out all I needed to know about my target audience and how I would use my magazine to appeal to a specific audience.• From the results I received cancelling out any anomalies I then put my results in to a PowerPoint where I ordered them in to graphs and charts which I later uploaded to my blog.• To get people to answer my survey I shared the link via ‘Facebook’ as I have many friends on there, giving me more results to work from.
  28. 28. • Photoshop was definitely the most challenging technology to use because I had never used it before and I was unaware of the tools I was able to use and how far i cold edit images and produce my magazine.• First of all for my preliminary task I began to pick up the basics by sampling different effects and playing around with different tools.• By the times I had finished that task I was a lot more confident and knowledgeable about how to use certain things on Photoshop such as effects.• When I had moved on to my final product I began to use more complex and professional tools such as the Lasso tool which helped me to put my main image over the top of the Masthead.• After playing around with different fonts; which I had gotten from Dafont.com, I managed to start putting bits together. By adding effects to the font such as Bevel & Emboss, stroke, gradient overlay, colour overlay and drop shadows my magazine was starting to look professional and how I envisioned it to look like.• When using these effects I started to move away from my original flat plans a little bit because certain fonts and effects changed the original planned layout. However, this made the magazine look better as it came together nicely.
  29. 29. I also learnt how to use cameras in a professional way when taking the photos for my magazine.When taking the images I got the model to pose in various positions and I used different locations to get the right shot for my magazine. When I had gone through the images I had a choice of different poses and lighting. I chose a photo that had plenty of space around the model as I would have to include a masthead and cover headlines on the front page.When working with camera I learnt how to work with natural and artificial light. I found that natural light in a large white open space worked best. As the lighting was perfect giving it a professional studio look.From this you can see I took several of the same posebecause they all varied slightly and I wanted to get the perfect image to put on the front cover.
  30. 30. 7 Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? • When comparing the preliminary task to the final product it is evident that I have progressed greatly. • I have learnt about how much research and preparation that goes in to making and designing a magazine. I also learnt that photos need to be edited in order to achieve a professional look. I have learnt how to appeal to a specific audience by using thing such as a plug, effects, feature headlines, attitude, style, language and many others. Preliminary task Final product
  31. 31. There are obvious differences between the two. Firstly, I had learnt from the preliminarytask that I need to have a clearer idea of how I wanted my magazine to look. When I lookedat the preliminary task I criticised it harshly and from doing research and looking at othermagazines I found that I should include a banner at the top to draw the reader in as they willlook at the banner to see what other bands will feature in the magazine.I also learned that for my photography I had to clearly plan where and who I wouldphotograph. In the preliminary task I did not use a light enough space when taking thephoto, which meant that the background was a greyish colour; looking unprofessional. Also Idid not leave enough space around the model to include other features of the magazine. when I started my final product I carefully planned how I wanted my main image to look. I specifically chose a female with bright coloured hair, mainly from surveys I had conducted and Information I collected from my research in to popular magazines. I also progressed in how I wanted my magazine to look because from looking at the preliminary task it didn’t look eye popping or appealing as the colour scheme and theme was not evident.When conducting the final product I carefully research what my target audience would likeon a magazine and what colour schemes would appeal to them, I found that the majoritywould prefer a red, white and black colour scheme.
  32. 32. When looking at the two mastheads they differ quite significantly because with the preliminary task Iplaced the Masthead in a box as at the time I though it’d be a good idea to keep it separate. HoweverI found that this was not a good idea as from looking at other magazines they tend to make theMasthead large filling the top of the page with the main image overlaying the masthead to give itmore of a 3D depth look.I also used too many effects on the Masthead on the preliminary task as I thought these would beneeded to make the magazine look professional. However, in this instance less is more as I found withthe Masthead in the final product it was more about font rather than effects. I learnt that a large boldcrackly font worked a lot better as it stands out and is easy to recognise.In addition I included a banner where on the font I did include some effects such as Bevel & Emboss,stroke and a colour overlay as I found that smaller text needs some effects in order to stand out andto make the page look less flat. Although I did not use all of the effects available like I did on thepreliminary task as I found it looked to much and unprofessional. for feature headlines I included an image on the final product because looking back at the preliminary task it looked basic and amateur just having plain writing. Having images stands out and shows the reader what the story will be about rather than having to read the headline. The picture catches the readers attention, then they will go on to read the brief summary of the story underneath the image as they may recognise who is in the image first rather than the name in the writing.
  33. 33. When comparing the two contents pages it is clear that I have progressed greatly. Firstly thebackground colour in the preliminary task is very basic where you take two colours andmerge them. Looking at it now it looks very basic and unprofessional. I found that whenlooking at other magazines that a plain background is needed in order to make the storiesand photos stand out from off of the page as these are more important than a colourfulbackground. I also learnt that layout in very important when it comes to contents pages as they need tobe clearly set out for the readers to find a required page. However I learned that I had toinclude certain conventions such as subscription information, an editorial and images ofstories that will appear in the magazine. I also included the masthead on the contents pageas I wanted the final product to like a professional magazine.