One National Plan - for non-professional football in Scotland 2013-2015


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Football is the National Sport of Scotland and the People’s Game. It contributes to
the health of our nation and has the power to make a positive impact in our local
communities. Football is intrinsic to Scotland’s culture and can create a sense of pride,
having the capacity to lift the spirits of our nation and provide a sense of purpose.

The beating heart of our game lies within grassroots football. Through the participation,
passion, energy and dedication of players, coaches, volunteers and officials our game
is enjoyed the length and breadth of our country, providing extensive benefits to all

For the good of our nation and for the good of our game, non-professional football
needs to be vibrant. For all ages, for all abilities and for people across all walks of life, our aim should be to make the game available, attractive and rewarding, widening its impact and the obvious benefits such as citizenship and health.

This plan has been developed during a challenging but exciting time in our game and
with the willingness of all major partners to collaborate and work collectively towards an
agreed vision for football.

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One National Plan - for non-professional football in Scotland 2013-2015

  2. 2. SCOTLAND UNITED: Scottish Football’s Disability Future 2012-2017““Football will alwaysbe a part of my life. Itreally is my passion.ROB
  4. 4. ONE NATIONAL PLAN For Non-Professional Football in Scotland 2013-2015Page // 4Football is the National Sport of Scotland and the People’s Game. It contributes tothe health of our nation and has the power to make a positive impact in our localcommunities. Football is intrinsic to Scotland’s culture and can create a sense of pride,having the capacity to lift the spirits of our nation and provide a sense of purpose.The beating heart of our game lies within grassroots football. Through the participation,passion, energy and dedication of players, coaches, volunteers and officials our gameis enjoyed the length and breadth of our country, providing extensive benefits to allinvolved.For the good of our nation and for the good of our game, non-professional footballneeds to be vibrant. For all ages, for all abilities and for people across all walks of life, ouraim should be to make the game available, attractive and rewarding, widening its impactand the obvious benefits such as citizenship and health.This plan has been developed during a challenging but exciting time in our game andwith the willingness of all major partners to collaborate and work collectively towards anagreed vision for football.Non-professional football in Scotland is governed and ledstrategically by the Scottish FA together with thefollowing organisations:• East of Scotland League• Scottish Amateur FA• Scottish Junior FA• Scottish Schools’ FA• Scottish Welfare FA• Scottish Women’s Football• Scottish Youth FA• South of Scotland League.SECTION 1: UNITED FOR THE GOOD OF THE GAME1
  5. 5. Page // 5Representatives of these organisations form the Non-Professional Game Board (NPGB)which governs non-professional football in Scotland. The NPGB is the strategic bodywhich will drive this plan forward.These partner organisations, in addition to the extensive work of delivering footballacross our country also promote, develop and foster the game of football, administeringleagues, competitions, clubs and schools as well as registering players from acrossScotland. In recent years, the Scottish FA and partner organisations have collaboratedmore closely and have now created this National Plan for the benefit of everyone in thenon-professional game.Working together NPGB members and the Scottish FA have developed this plan whichsets out clear aims for the future of non-professional football and builds on the good inour game at present. The basis for improvement is evident. With strong, well organisedand committed partners, coupled with a highly recognised Football Development staffingstructure the building blocks are in place to take our game forward.This plan builds on the ‘strong quality growth’ aspect of the Scottish FA’s Corporateplan ‘Scotland United - A 2020 Vision’ and incorporating the views and feedback fromthe non-professional game via consultation nationally and regionally and through themember associations. This plan also seeks to strengthen the existing partnerships andtake our game forward to 2015 and beyond.STRATEGIC FRAMEWORKPlayersOUR MISSION STRATEGIC GOALSPerform and WinStrong, Quality GrowthBetter Financial ReturnsRespected and Trusted to LeadScottishFAScoreboardOur MissionThe Scottish FAleads the nationalgame with integ-rity and innovationto foster a cultureof performanceunity and trustPage // 5ONE NATIONAL PLAN
  6. 6. Page // 6Our vision is clear; to grow our national game throughdeveloping a culture of improved performance at all levels,taking the game to a wider audience and expanding onthe benefit, enjoyment and value that football can bringto everyone across Scotland.United together behind this plan, the Scottish FA andmembers of the NPGB will deliver the best and most attractivegame possible at all levels, raising standards for those currentlyin the game and widening its appeal and reach to attract morepeople into football, ensuring opportunities for all.SECTION 2:OUR VISION2OUR PLEDGE
  7. 7. ONE NATIONAL PLANPage // 7The role of the NPGB will be to lead the delivery of this new plan through a culture ofunity and collaboration, bringing together and working more closely with a range ofpartners and people who share in the passion for improving and growing our game.The approach will be to share the value of improved provision and raised standards whilstpromoting the value of football to a wider audience.Whilst leading this plan, our approach will be to engage with the wider game as a wholeand establish this ambitious plan at the heart of football, partner organisations andvolunteers across the country.The Scottish FA and NPGB members are committed to this plan and will provide a rangeof expertise and investment as well as seeking to attract new resources into the gamethrough engaging with new partners. This will be achieved by demonstrating the powerand impact of football at national level.SECTION 3: OUR ROLEProfessionalGame BoardFacilitiesForumRegionalCommitteesEast of ScotlandScottish Amateur FAScottish FAScottish Junior FAScottish Schools FAScottish Welfare FAScottish Women’s FootballScottish Youth FASouth of ScotlandRegional andlocal plansNon-ProfessionalGame BoardOne Plan for theNon-ProfessionalGame3Scottish FAMain BoardScottish FA Corporate PlanScotland UnitedA 2020 Vision“Whilst leading on the implementation ofthis plan, our approach will be to engagewith the wider game as a whole and ensureall partner organisations remain focussed ona common set of priority areas”Stewart Regan. Scottish FAChief Executive
  8. 8. ONE NATIONAL PLAN For Non-Professional Football in Scotland 2013-2015Page // 8Through the six Scottish FA regions (see below) and at a local level football will work together to presenta strong, collaborative approach and by demonstrating the impact our game can have for the people ofScotland, we will establish a more influential and co-ordinated approach with all relevant stakeholders.Regional Committees with representatives from across football, reflecting the makeup of the new Non-Professional Game Board, will work together in order to deliver on this plan. The role of the RegionalCommittees will be to assist in the delivery of the plan and provide local knowledge to ensure projects andprogrammes are relevant to the area. This will also create and develop a culture of shared best practice andcollaborative working, vital to allow us to maximise resources and impact.1 Aberdeen City2 Aberdeenshire3 Angus4 Argyll & Bute5 Clackmannanshire6 Dumfries & Galloway7 Dundee City8 East Ayrshire9 East Dunbartonshire10 East Lothian11 East Renfrewshire12 Edinburgh, City of13 Eilean Siar14 Falkirk15 Fife16 Glasgow City17 Highland18 Inverclyde19 Midlothian20 Moray21 North Ayrshire22 North Lanarkshire23 Orkney Islands24 Perth & Kinross25 Renfrewshire26 Scottish Borders27 Shetland Islands28 South Ayrshire29 South Lanarkshire30 Stirling31 West Dunbartonshire32 West Lothian1720232 13247154 30312511218286262922321910121459161832 Local Authorities within our 6 regions.Shetland172023272 13247154 303125112182862629223219101214591618NORTHEASTWESTCENTRALSOUTH WESTSOUTH EAST27
  9. 9. ONE NATIONAL PLANPage // 9Working together our game will……• Establish a culture of improvement where standards are continually raised acrossthe board• Increase participation with ‘football for all’ and an emphasis on fun and enjoyment atthe heart of provision• Thrive in our communities with excellent people leading and growing the playingcommunity through a pathway which inspires participation from school to club andfrom childhood through to adulthood• Be modern and attractive, inspiring players and volunteers to ensure the positivevalues of our game are central to the way we behave in football and in life• Establish strong, vibrant, well run clubs and schools at the heart of their community• Work with government and local authorities to provide good access to more andhigher quality facilities• Provide innovative and sustainable financial models to clubs with empowered andskilled leaders to take forward continued improvements to our game• Support a valued and passionate volunteer and coachworkforce who shape a culture across our game ofintegrity, trust and respectSECTION 4: HOW SHOULD OUR GAME LOOK IN 2015?4
  10. 10. ONE NATIONAL PLAN For Non-Professional Football in Scotland 2013-2015Page // 10Working together we will create a game we are all proud to be a part of. With thesupport and direction of everyone involved in the game and uniting behind these agreedobjectives we will ensure we have a game fit for the future:• INCREASED PARTICIPATION IN OUR GAMEo Particular attention must be paid to attracting young people into football as well ascreating better and more connected pathways to minimise drop out. Work will bedone to link youth and adult football more effectively as well as to develop focusedprogrammes for groups such as the over 35 and masters ageso Through more focussed and better connected community programmes thegame will provide an increase in high quality opportunities for people to play ournational game at all levels, with a focus on giving everyone who wants to play, thechance to play football regardless of age, gender, ability, ethnicity and social ordemographic circumstanceo An expanded provision of programmes and expertise will further promote diversityand equity and the ‘football for all’ culture in our game. Recently, the Scottish FAthrough Scottish Government ‘CashBack’ funding has employed staff to focus theirwork in the areas of Girl’s and Women’s football and staff to provide more footballfor black and ethnic communities. By reaching out to these groups, being moreproactive and inclusive we will further grow our gameo Through better connected schools and clubs we will direct more young players intothe non-professional game. Schools and clubs will be encouraged and supportedto work more closely on providing suitable pathways into existing clubs, leaguesand affiliated associations for lifelong involvemento Developing alongside this there will be a modernised and integrated system tounderstand better the trends of participation in football across Scotland.• DEVELOPING CLUBS AND SCHOOLSo The Scottish FA will work more closely with affiliated national associations, clubs,schools and local leaders in the game to raise standards through the Quality MarkAccreditation Scheme and Schools Awards Scheme to further develop strong,sustainable, well run community models with increased capacities and improvedprovision. Regional staff with a specific responsibility for this area will provideexpertise and support to clubs and schools at all levels of the non-professionalgameo The continued development of school to club links will be a feature of our ongoingwork, with the aim of working closely with local authorities, education and ActiveSchools to ensure players have local opportunities to progress into the pathwaySECTION 5: OUR OBJECTIVES5
  11. 11. ONE NATIONAL PLANPage // 11Meeting my friends andlearning new things arebrilliant. I love football.JENSON““
  12. 12. ONE NATIONAL PLAN For Non-Professional Football in Scotland 2013-2015Page // 12o Clubs and schools will also benefit from National and Regional Development Forums wherebest practice will be shared and where ideas on developing the game can be exploredand allowed to flourish. This will include a greater degree of ‘Project Based Support’ andpastoral care for clubs in particular for those working on larger scale projects. Developing abusiness approach to club development and recognising the potential in areas such as socialenterprise will be other areas of work undertakeno The Scottish FA will provide a more modern, interactive website with a rangeof information to support the non-professional game.• VIBRANT VOLUNTEER WORKFORCEo People will be at the heart of the plan. Initiatives will be establishedto attract new volunteers into football from parents, ex-players,further and higher education students to people simply with apassion for the game. We will also look at developing relationshipswith business, commercial and financial institutions to recruit skilledvolunteers in these critical areaso To ensure the quality of our game is strong, we will work with a rangeof partners to develop the skills of volunteers in football, giving ongoingguidance and support in areas of finance, facility development, governance andleadershipo Volunteers will be better valued and recognised for their work through increased resourcesand focus to highlight their importance to our gameo An increase in quality and quantity of officials go hand in hand with the increase inparticipation. National and regional schemes including referee SVQ programmes inconjunction with schools and further education will be delivered to enhance this area alongwith the creation of a new referee short course.• COACH EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENTo Coaches are central to providing good quality activity and establishing a positive culturefor all players to flourish in. Through improved quality of courses, improved resources andbetter access to coach education courses we will engage with more coaches more often.The comprehensive coach education structure will provide a range of courses suitable forvolunteers just starting out in the game through to those looking to continually develop andimprove their knowledgeo A vibrant In-Service programme for coaches will be established and delivered across thecountry to ensure coaches at all levels are up to date with modern progressive techniqueso Through an improved and updated website, ‘Coach World’ will provide access to the latestinformation on coaching, allowing best practice to be promoted and shared instantly to thewhole coaching community
  13. 13. ONE NATIONAL PLANPage // 13• MORE ATTRACTIVE MODERN GAMEo Having established national and regional facility forums, the Scottish FA will publish andpromote our first Facilities Strategy. The core aim of the strategy is to improve the quality,quantity, access to and availability of facilities for all of non-professional football. It willbe used as a point of reference to engage more closely with Scottish Government, localauthorities and private providers and will drive forward the need to work more collaborativelywith all partners to develop new and improve existing facilities across Scotlando Whilst the Women’s game and children’s football have taken the step to move to a changeof season, playing and training from March to November and making use of better weatherconditions, there is a need to fully explore the potential benefits this would have for the wholeof the non-professional game. A comprehensive study into the feasibility of this will take placeconsidering all aspects and involving all relevant partnerso Our game when delivered well can be both a joy to participate in and can have such a positiveimpact on the lives of those involved. To ensure this, volunteers, coaches, officials, leaders,parents and players will be asked to unite behind the ‘Positive Coaching Scotland’ programmewhich will integrate key messages into all aspects of the plan. This project seeks to establishthe right culture of respect and improved touchline behaviour through ‘Honouring the Game’.The programme also seeks to address the ‘win at all cost’ culture and put the developmentof confidence and self-esteem at its core. We must all work together to deliver a game whichis fun and enjoyable to play in and which, for parents, displays the benefits and merits offootball beyond just health and happiness. Attention will also be given to limit drop out inparticular at key stages such as at 14 years into adult football.• MORE TALENTED YOUNG PLAYERSo Contributing to ‘Perform and Win’ within the ‘Scottish United A 2020 Vision’, this plan will seethe implementation of a network of Development Centres across the country. This programmewill support the best young grassroots players to improve and develop,helping ambitious young players to meet the target of 10,000hours of quality practice and developmento In addition the Scottish FA will provide coaches, clubs,schools, volunteers, parents and most importantly playerswith a series of resources and online support. This willbe aimed at stimulating progressive practice in orderto help improve the technical, tactical, physical andpsychological qualities of our future top young players.STRONG EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCEo We will underpin the delivery of the plan through growing astrong national, regional and local infrastructure that includesgood people and supportive partners. This will be governedthrough the Scottish FA, NPGB and regional committees. It will alsoinvolve the ongoing input from affiliated national associations and member leagues and willbe delivered through the football development department, regional teams.
  14. 14. ONE NATIONAL PLAN For Non-Professional Football in Scotland 2013-2015Page // 14The diagram below shows the objectives and related initiatives which have been agreedand when combined will help achieve Strong Quality Growth within non-professionalfootball across Scotland.Increasedparticipation inour gameDeveloping Clubsand schoolsMore talentedyoung playersAn attractivemodern gameCoach Education &DevelopmentVibrant VolunteerWorkforceONE NATIONAL PLAN - STRONG QUALITY GROWTHVibrantCommunityProgrammesQuality Mark ClubAccreditationSchemeFacilitiesDevelopmentForum andStrategyImproved &modernised coacheducation coursesVolunteerRecruitmentInitiativesDiversity & Equityinitiatives‘Football for All’Regional Forums &Project SupportExplore a‘Change of Season’for the non-professional gameProvision ofregular CoachIn-ServiceVolunteerDevelopmentProgramme -Finance, governanceand leadershipRefereerecruitmentinitiativesDevelopmentCentresInitiativeNew PlayerDevelopmentinitiatives andresourcesImproved onlineresources andcommunicationfor clubsGrassroots Awards- Recognising andvaluing volunteersImprovedschools toclubs linksEnhancedand integratedplayer registrationsystemA modernNationalPlayer PathwayImprovedbehaviour& footballculture through‘Positive CoachingScotland’Coach World -An online hubwith improvedresourcesand guidancefor coachesSTRONG EFFECTIVE GOVERNANCE(Scottish FA Non-Professional Game Board, Affiliated National Associations, East and South of Scotland Leagues,Regional Committees, Football Development Department, Scottish FA Regions and Community Scheme)Supported and led by a modern and robust national, regional and local governance &delivery infrastructure.OBJECTIVESPROJECTS&INITIATIVES
  15. 15. Page // 15Page // 15A GAME FOR EVERYONEIt’s true ... Football.Fitness. Fun.MICHELLE“
  16. 16. ONE NATIONAL PLAN For Non-Professional Football in Scotland 2013-2015Page // 16THE NATIONAL PLAYER PATHWAYThe National Player Pathway developed from the Scottish FA ‘Developing Talent Plan’, is an agreedlong-term approach to the development of players at each age and stage of the game fromchildhood through to adulthood which may evolve based upon best practice from across theworld as well as research into the development and retention of players. At each of the stagesthere are agreed principles of practice set out to ensure there is a modern and attractive gamefor all to participate in and with the development and welfare of the player at its centre. Fromthe first stage of the pathway of 3 to 5 years where we encourage basic fundamental activity anddiscovery through play onto the adult game there are a series of progressions which allow thegame to grow with the player. Crucially during the Primary School stages of 6 to 8 and 9 to 12years, the pathway follows the small-sided game formats of 4 v 4 and 7 v 7 on a developmentaland trophy free basis, focussing on effort, learning and fun rather than match results. The 4 v 4games are based around festival formats with multiple games to maximise activity and the 7 v 7stage can be more structured towards the provision of home and away fixtures, always followingthe developmental philosophy. Later at youth and adult level the 11-a-side game becomes thefavoured match format, although small-sided football should remain an option which offers varietyto the different levels of ability and the varying commitment people have to football.The player pathway diagram opposite shows the various stages of development in thegame and the role of the various non-professional game members in its delivery.
  17. 17. ONE NATIONAL PLANPage // 17PLAY AND DISCOVER3 to 5 yearsPlay/fundamental activityDESIRE TO PLAY6 to 8 years (4-a-side)DevelopmentalLEARNINGTO PLAY9 to 12 years(7-a-side)DevelopmentalDEVELOPING THE PLAYER13 to 16 years11-a-sidePREPARING TOCOMPETE16 to 18 yearsPLAYING THE GAMEAdult footballCOACHINGOFFICIATINGVOLUNTEERINGScottish FAScottish Women’s FootballScottish Youth FAScottish Schools FAEast of Scotland LeagueScottish Amateur FAScottish Junior FAScottish Welfare FASouth of Scotland League
  18. 18. ONE NATIONAL PLAN For Non-Professional Football in Scotland 2013-2015Page // 18This plan sets out a series of ambitious, challenging but realistic targets for our game toachieve by 2015:SECTION 6: TARGETS6PROJECT 2012 2015 TARGETRegistered Players in 103,682 130,000non-professional footballQuality Mark Awards 402 600Registered Volunteers 15,000 20,000Coach Development 10,000 14,000Referees 3,100 3,300Facility Strategy Publish season 2012/13 70% of Strategy goals deliveredFacilities Manager appointedPositive Coaching 3 Year Plan created Fully integrated in our gameDevelopment Centres 27 Centres, 663 Players 36 Centres, 1,152 Players
  19. 19. Page // 19It’s fair to say that I putin lots of hours, butseeing those kids witha smile on their face isworth every minute ofit! So Rewarding.ROBERT““
  20. 20. ONE NATIONAL PLAN For Non-Professional Football in Scotland 2013-2015Page // 20The passion, time and energy of volunteers in our game is critical and through this planour aim must be to work together, to unite and harness this commitment into our gamethrough embedding the philosophy of this plan across Scottish football.Beyond the thousands of volunteers, Scottish Football is made up of the commitment,support and resources of many partners who we must work with and unite behind thisplan, agreeing roles and responsibilities which combined will help us achieve a bettergame for everyone.The player pathway shows the opportunities available to play the game and be involvedas a volunteer, coach, club leader or official there are projects and initiatives which makesyour involvement in the game easier and more rewarding than ever. Regardless of age,ability, gender or ethnicity the game is waiting for you to get involved!Play your part in creating a long, healthy and successful period for non-professionalfootball leading the way in Scotland and Europe.For more information on the national plan and the related projects or to find out how toget into football visit: 7: PLAY YOUR PART7
  21. 21. ONE NATIONAL PLANPage // 218• East of Scotland League• Scottish Amateur FA• Scottish FA• Scottish Junior FA• Scottish Schools FA• Scottish Women’s Football• Scottish Welfare FA• Scottish Youth FA• South of Scotland LeagueSECTION 8: PARTNERSThose involved and whatthey can contribute tothe plan.Scottish FAPlayersNon-ProfessionalGame BoardMembersVolunteersLocal Authorities(Schools &Leisure TrustsScottishGovernment &SportscotlandOne Plan forNon-ProfessionalFootballTaking the strategic lead in this plan,The Scottish FA will provide an improvedinfrastructure through the FootballDevelopment Department, the six Regionsand increased resource towards the gameNPGB members will workwith the Scottish FA to leadthis plan, contributing tokey areas such as increasedparticipation, improvedstandards, touchlinebehaviour, volunteeringand club development. Theautonomy of the NPGBmembers is unnafected bytheir involvement in thisplan.The majority of our gametakes place within facilitiesowned or operated bylocal government andleisure trusts and providesignificant funding tocommunity initiatives andmust remain major partnersgoing forward.Scottish Government lead on nationalpolicy and the provision of resourceswith Sportscotland acting as key deliveryand strategy partner providing guidanceand support for sportVolunteers remain thelifeblood of our gameand will play a critical partin delivering this plan asvolunteers, coaches, leadersand officialsPlayers are at the heartof football and this plan.The aim will be to makethe game attractive andavailable for everyone.The Scottish FA would like to thank the following partners for their contribution tothe game and to the development and implementation of this plan.Other key partners include:• Scottish Government• Sportscotland• CashBack• Scotland’s 32 Local Authorities• Leisure Trusts• Scottish Student Sport• Bemis• Scottish Disability Sport
  22. 22. ONE NATIONAL PLAN For Non-Professional Football in Scotland 2013-2015Page // 22I’ve been involved withthe club for just over10 years now. Yes it canbe demanding, but thesense of belonging youget is well worth it.WILLIAM““
  23. 23. ONE NATIONAL PLANPage // 23© THE SCOTTISH FA 2013AssociationEast of Scotland LeagueScottish Amateur FAScottish FAScottish Junior FAScottish Schools FAScottish Women’s FootballScottish Welfare FAScottish Youth FASouth of Scotland LeagueMission StatementThe East of Scotland League fosters an all inclusive and enjoyableenvironment for players, coaches, administrators and spectators toparticipate in football.The League strives for continual improvementand leads with integrity.To promote, foster and develop, throughout its membership withoutdiscrimination against any organisation or person for reason of race,religion or politics, the game of Association Football, and to take allsuch steps as may be deemed necessary or advisable for preventinginfringements of the rules of the game or other improper methods orpractices in the game and for protecting it from abuses.To lead the national game with integrity and innovation to breed aculture of performance, unity and trust.The Junior FA aims to ensure that everyone, regardless of age ,gender, ability or background, has the opportunity to enjoy the gameof Junior football and to maximise their potential whether as a player,coach, administrator or volunteerThe object of the Association shall be to foster the mental, moraland physical development and improvement of pupils through themedium of association football and to help charitable funds andpurposes.Scottish Womens Football is a vibrant and innovative Associationwhich administers and promotes football for women and girlsthrough its affiliated leagues and clubs.We are committed tocreating and sustaining opportunities for players, coaches, officials,administrators and volunteers.A fully inclusive organisation, cateringfor those who wish to play for recreation and fun, whilst providingpathways for those wishing to be involved at the highest level.Scottish Welfare FA To benefit present and future members of thecommunity served by the Association promoting, encouraging andfurthering the game of welfare football as a recreational facility,sporting activity and focus for community involvement.Provide football for children of all ages throughout Scotland toenable them to develop and flourish in the game of associationfootball. Support every volunteer to enable them to develop withinSYFA. Lead the way in modernising approaches to the provisionof football ensuring the continued growth of grassroots footballthroughout Scotland.To Develop, Foster, Co-Ordinate and Sustain Association Football.Atthe Club and League level throughout South West Scotland.Contact InformationGeneral Enquiries:Tel (M): 07740680904E-mail: Enquiries:Tel: 0141 620 4550Email Enquiries: SAFA@scottish-football.comWebsite: 0141 620 4551General Enquiries:Tel: 0141-616-6000Website: Enquiries:Tel: 0141 620 4560Email Enquiries: scottishjuniorfa@scottish-football.comWebsite: www.scottishjuniorfa.comFax: 0141 620 4561General Enquiries:Tel: 0141 620 4570Website: jcwatson@scottish-football.comGeneral Enquiries:Tel: 0141 620 4580Website: www.scottishwomensfootball.comEmail Enquiries: swf@scottish-football.comGeneral Enquiries:Tel (M): 07815103973E-mail: Enquiries:Tel: 0141 620 4590Email Enquiries: syfa@scottish-football.comWebsite: 0141 620 4591General Enquiries:Tel: 01556 504369E-mail: colinbluebell@btinternet.comWebsite: // 23ONE NATIONAL PLANSCOTTISHASSOCIATIONWELFARE FOOTBALLEAST OFSCOTLANDFOOTBALL LEAGUE
  24. 24. @ScottishFATHE SCOTTISH FAHampden Park Glasgow G42 9AYT: 0141 616 6000 • F: 0141 616