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Question 6

  1. 1. Question 6 What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. Here are images of the technologies I used...
  3. 3. Camera and Tripod...I used my Pentax K-r and a tripod to take my images. I was able to learn new featureson the camera, like how to alter the shutter speed, aperture and flash. I learnt moreabout how to take a successful front cover photo and how important a front cover imageis. I decided to use a tripod to ensure my images are exactly straight on, and to avoid itfrom being blurry. I used a dslr so my images are of good quality and aren’t
  4. 4. Apple Mac...I carried out all my media coursework on the Apple Macs at school. I carried out mycreation of pages, research and blogging all on the Macs. At first, I did find them quitedifficult to use as I was only used to working on Microsoft computers. However, I learntlots of new skills on it quickly and was successfully able to use all the features on the Macsthat I required.
  5. 5. Photoshop...I created all 3 of my pages on Photoshop. On Photoshop, there are loads of different toolsand features available to use. Some of the tools I used include, an eraser tool, magicwand, quick selection, marquee tool, shapes and text. There is also different editingtools, like brightness/contrast, vibrancy, colour filter, hue and saturation and lots more. Atthe start of the year I had never used Photoshop ever before so everything wascompletely new to me, however after some time I managed to get the hang of it. I foundthe creation of my pages quite fun and I think Photoshop was a good programme tocreated it on. I had all the features/tools I required, and personally feel that I havecreated three successful pop magazine pages.
  6. 6. Blogger...I used blogger to display all my media coursework. I uploaded all myresearch, development, and progress through my pages. I tried to posts new blog updatesquite regularly so viewers can clearly see the step-by-step progression of my magazinepages. Blogger was also completely new to me, so I had to spend a bit of time learninghow to use it. I was able to change the style, add a background, create polls, and ‘follow’my peers blogs. I think that using blogger for our media coursework was quite good andoverall I am quite pleased with my blog.
  7. 7. Google...I used the search engine, Google throughout the creation of my magazine. On Google, Iwas able to look up existing pages and look at images of them, in order to initially carryout research on the forms and conventions of magazines. I also carried out generalresearch on some information that I required, for example information about the ‘bigfour’ and information on magazine distributors. On Google, I also went on YouTube whenlooking at which pop artists I could include in my magazine.
  8. 8. Slideshare...I used slideshare to present some PowerPoints within my blog. I used slideshare in mymagazine deconstructions and in some of my evaluation questions. I think slideshare is agood way to display information, it is interactive and really clear. It helps to make myblog more varied and doesn’t take up as much space as if I were to have it all written outin paragraphs.
  9. 9. Photobucket...I used photobucket as a way of displaying my images. I showed all my images I took formy cover, contents and double page spread and also included all my images that I tookat concerts I have been to. I think that photbucket was a good way to present myimages, it takes up less room than having all the images displayed one by oneunderneath each other. Photobucket put the images together like a slideshow goesthrough all the images.
  10. 10. Prezi...I used Prezi and bubbl to make mind maps. I think they look quite good and it makesmy blog more interesting and varied. It helps my blog to appeal more to people who arelooking at it and is more interactable for them. If my blog was just full with text, it wouldbe rather boring and people wouldn’t really want to view it.
  11. 11. Word and Excel...I used Word and Excel at some stages during carrying out my coursework. On Word, Imade my questionnaire in which I was able to gain lots of market research from mytarget audience. I then used Excel to create pie charts to show the results that I hadgathered. I think the pie charts made the results very clear and it is easy to analyse themand see which result was the most popular.
  12. 12. Memory Stick...Throughout the course, I used my memory stick to store my work on to as a back-up andto transfer data from one place to another. I was able to put all my images from mycomputer onto my memory stick, so I could edit them on the Mac’s at school.Also, because I had all the my pages in Photoshop format stored on my memory stick, itallowed my to work at home to continue with my work too.