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Qu2 Evaluation

  1. 1. Qu2. How does your media productrepresent particular social groups?
  2. 2. What is representation?Representation is basically how something has been re-presented. It is the description or portrayal ofsomeone or something in a particular way or as being of a certain nature. In the following slides I haveanalysed my 3 pages and have shown the different representations of the different people within myproducts. I have explored the different stereotypes of groups of people, gender, age, clothing, mise-en-scene and mode of address. Here is a quick overall summary of the representation of social groups in my 3 documents:-The gender of all the people in my pages are males.-They all wear quite fashionable, bright clothing.-The age range ranges from about 15-30.-The images are all positive and ‘fun’.-The images portray the stereotype of guys in the pop music industry.
  3. 3. Who is being represented?My media products are representing the pop genre. Throughout my 3 products I have used my brotheras the main model. I have also used some of my images of some male pop artists that I have seen. This ishelping to attract to my target audience more, and clearly shows that it is a pop magazine. Throughoutthe 3 documents, I have got my model to wear quite boyband style clothing. This could be quitestereotypical, but I think the clothing I have used throughout my three documents is suitable for mymagazine. I carried out research on what people in boybands and males in the pop industry wear, Ihave gone with the ordinary stereotype, and think that it make my magazine documents have anoverall positive feel to them.I have got my model wearing a cardigan, v-neck, jumpers, polo shirt and skinny jeans, making him suitmore and helping to attract my target audience of female teenagers. All of the images I have used, theages of the people range from about 15-30. Some of the male pop artists I have included images of are:Olly Murs, Jason Derulo, Chipmunk, Tom from The Wanted and Aston from JLS. All the clothing is quitecolourful, making each of the images more ‘fun’ and eye catching to the reader.I have cut round most of my images that I have included, making them have a clear white background.One image I left as a small thumbnail and you can clearly see it is taken at a concert by all theequipment in the background. I think by including some of my images from concerts I have been to ithelps to make my documents more varied and interesting as they are real music celebrities. All of theimages that I have included are of males, which makes my magazine appeal more to girls. All theimages are quite ‘fun’ and overall are quite positive.
  4. 4. Representation within my front cover… My model is represented as being quite ‘fun’ and happy, by his facial expression. He is represented as being quite laid back by his positioning. The image has a positive feel to it, which helps to encourage people to pick up my magazine. My model is dressed fairly smartly, he is wearing jeans, polo shirt and cardigan, which help to connote the pop genre as he is dressed like in boyband style clothing. He is seen as being very relaxed and I think the blue stripes on the cardigan work really well. These are some of my pictures from t4otb 2011. In two of the pictures the guys are topless, this is represented them as being quite revealing, and is helping to attract my target audience more. They are all holding microphones, which shows that it has been taken at a concert. Jason Derulo is ripping his vest of, representing him as being quite revealing and confident.
  5. 5. Representation within my contents page…This image is of Aston This image is of Chipmunk.from JLS, it was taken He is also holding aat Escot Park. He is microphone, showing thatwearing a low cut top, the image has been takenshowing off his chest. In at a concert. His clothing isthe image, he is seen as quite bright so it stands outbeing quite revealing a lot. He is a different race,and relaxed. showing the diversity between all the pop artists.This image is of OllyMurs, his clothing isquite colourful,representing him as This image is of Tom frombeing ‘fun’ and The Wanted. I really likeinteresting. It has a this image. It representsreally positive feel to it him as being like veryand I really like this passionate about music byimage. his position and facialThis image is of my expression. I think that thebrother again. He is in colour blue is a verydifferent boyband like common colour within theclothing and again is clothing of the pop artists.smiling and happy.
  6. 6. Representation within my DPS…In this image my model issmiling and again is beingrepresented as being ‘fun’and interesting. In this image,he is wearing a v-neckjumper, it is more revealing,and the fact he is pullingdown his top slightly shows adifferent side to him. Mymodel has brown flicky hair, Ithink this as well as theclothing I have usedrepresents pop and boybands.Many boy in pop boybandsseem to hair long fringes with flicky fringes, so I think thatmy model works well in mymagazine. He suits well withall the other male pop artists Overall, throughout all 3 of my documents, I have used images of allI have included and doesn’t males of a variation of different ages. They all have a positive, ‘fun’,stand out as not fitting in. interesting feel to them and suit well to the pop genre. The clothing of each person is all very stereotypical as to what guys in boybands and the pop industry would wear, like v-necks, shirts, cardigans, skinny jeans etc.