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  • 1. In order to help me gain ideas for my ancillary tasks, I havedecided to have a look at how Lawson promoted their debut album‘Chapman Square’. Lawson are in the same genre as A Rocket tothe Moon, this will enable me to gain ideas for how I am going topromote our music video. They have inspired me a lot for thisproject, as some of their songs have a similar storyline to ourchosen song. It is important that I look at bands who are in thesame genre so that my products will fit the codes and conventionsof Alternative Rock and so that it suits people expectations. I amgoing to go through each ofLawsons promotion productsand deconstruct features thatthey have used.
  • 2. I like the mise-en-scene The use of lighting isof the image. It has been good, I like the fact it istaken in the woods, which shinning from the rightconnotes that it is very through the window. Thenatural. I like the trees in reflection of the lightingthe background and like is quite different, I think ithow the light is shinning works well and creates athrough them. good atmosphere for the cover.I like the use of the props,such as the sofas and I like the eye contact ofobject on the floor. This is Andy Brown, he is thequite unusual, it makes main person in the band.the cover more interesting It really helps to drawsand unique. viewers in and persuadesI really like the bold band you to pick up and viewtitle, the white font stand the album.out a lot and contrastsagainst the image. The Their clothing is veryfont is also quite different, casual, in black jeans andwith the A underlining the shirts. The clothingfont, which I think looks colours work well withinquite good. the album and help to show the naturalThe name of the album atmosphere of the cover.also stands out, it is in thesame font style and The colours users in thecolour, making the cover piece are all very natural,look consistent and there are no bright neonprofessional looking. colours used. All the Their facial expressions are very natural, colours blend in well they are not smiling at the camera. They together, which I think is are all positioned in different places, this an important aspect. makes it varied and more interesting.
  • 3. Each of the tracks are The image is takenwritten in the same in a similar locationfont, making it to the front cover, asconsistent and helping you can see lots ofto link them all. trees around. ThisAgain, they are written helps to make thein white, making a album consistentconnection with the and shows that itfront cover. All the has a linking houseletters are in capitals, style.helps it to stand outmore again the imagebackground. The band are walking away from the cover, I thinkThere is a web this works welladdress to allow users considering it is onto access some bonus the back. They arecontent, and also all in the samesome information and clothing which againthe record label that shows there is aLawson are signed to. house style running throughout theHere is their official address, thisis helping to promote Similarily to thethem more and front, the colours onencourages fans to the image are allview the website. very natural. I like the sand that they are walking alond and think that both Also included here is an image of Here is a barcode, a this and the tress their record label, which is features that I need help to connote the something I need to think about to include on my natural environment. when creating my digipak. digipak.
  • 4. The colours used in the posterThe same image has been used are all very natural, linking backon the tour poster of which was to the album. The purple colourused on their album. This helps that has been used at theto show that they connect and bottom works well and thethat the tour is to promote the album image like fades into album.Lawson is written in the same The tour dates are also writtenwhite font, it stand out a lot as in a white font with capitalisedit is in the centre of the page. letters. This links all the fontsWhen looking at the poster it is and shows that the promotionthe first thing you see, which has a consistent house style toautomatically makes it it.successful in promotingLawson. It has been laid out in columns, making it very clear and simpleIt is called the Chapman Square to read. The numbering is clearTour, linking it to the album and simple too.well, it has been underlined soagain stand out well to viewers. There is information and web addresses about how toBolder font has been used for purchase the tickets, which isthe months of the tour, this important because otherwisehelps to clearly divide up the people wouldn’t know wheretour dates and is a way viewers they can get the tickets from.can easily see the date that theyare looking for. Here there is a bit included about the new album, this encourages fans to buy it and shows how they use cross- promotion on the products.
  • 5. This is a limited edition album that fans are able to purchase. It comes with more products other thanjust a CD, which attracts people to buy it. As I am creating a digipak, this will help me gain more ideasas to the type of thing that I could include in that. It all comes in a box,This image here so everything can belinks to the album, stored in it nicely. Theit is set in the same same font has beenlocation, with the used on the box,member wearing helping to show howthe same clothing. important a consistentThe lighting is also house style is.very similar to thealbum cover. Which ever band member you prefer,The main factor that fans are able to getwould attract fans to individual images ofbuy this is the fact them all. In theyou get lots more images, the bandexclusive images. It members are sat oncontains individual sofas, helping to showimages of each of a connection to thethe band members, album front they can accessmore images of theirfavourite bandmember. Fans may feel that by getting this they are getting more for You get the limited edition album which their money. They get more contains a couple more tracks on it. For the images and songs and a box to limited edition album, gold font has been store it all in. By creating a used instead of white making it look more digipak, it’ll helpful create the special and appealing. same affect and people would be encourages to buy it.
  • 6. They are all wearing similar clothing, of darkThis poster is successful shirts/tshirts. This helps toin both promoting the show that the band membersband and their album. themselves have a connection with each other.Their is an image witheach of the band The image has been takenmembers in. They are all against a brick wall, I thinklooking directly at the that this looks quite good,camera. This helps to and it shows how the aredraw viewers in and using the naturalpersuades them to read environment as a resourcethe poster. for their images.Here is says each of the This is the official websiteband members names address, which encouragesand the part the play in fans to check find out morethe band about them.(drum/guitar/sing). Thishelps to briefly give Here is an image of thepeople more of an idea album cover, this shows howas to who they are and they are using cross-what they do. promotion and successfully promoting their albumThe same font has been across a number of theirused for ‘Lawson’ which other products.has used in the album Their names are written in acover, helping to show a blue banner with a whiteconnection and a that capitalised font. It stand outthere products have a a lot against the dark imagehouse style running and is clear and easy to read.throughout. Here is a little iTunes image, this shows users where they can purchase the album
  • 7. When a single/album is released for real, then billboard promotions are used to promote it. Althoughmy single is not being released, it is important that I look at billboard promotions to see how the realmedia industry would successful promote singles and albums.Located near a bus ‘Lawson’ stands out astop which is a prime lot, clearly showingspot as lots of people viewers immediatelywill be passing by this how they are. Againpoint a lot, whether the same font showthey are waiting for a the connection andbus or just travelling link between thepast. products. This states when theAgain, the same album is released,image has been used this is important asfor the promotion. viewers will need toThis really helps to know when they canshow the connection purchase it. Thisbetween all of their stand out because ofproducts and shows the large capital letterhow their house style and the white fontis very strong and linking well to theconsistent. rest of the text. There is a brief mention about the top well-known singles that are in the Also included is their official album. This website address. This encourages encourages people to people to visit the address to find purchase the album if out more about the band and they enjoyed those their music. particular tracks.
  • 8. Here is their official website, where they are able to promote their album and also where fans can findout more about them. By including the website address on each of the products, it encourage fans tovisit it. They are able to purchase merchandise, access news, videos and photos etc. Links to social networking sites, helpingYou can see the them to easily connect with their fans.use of the housestyle again.‘Lawson’ is writtenin the same fontthroughout alltheir products.The same imagehas been usedagain, helping toshow theconnection andhow each productis promoting thealbum.Fans can find outmore about eachof the bandmembers, find outmore exclusiveinformation.
  • 9. These are screen shots of Lawsons Facebook andTwitter pages. It shows how artists nowadays canuse social networking sites to interact with theirfans and to globally promote their music. Manypeople nowadays use social networking sites, so itis an incredibly easy way for artists to reach theirtarget audience. If I was to release the single forreal, I would ensure I made social networkingpages as they are a very successful way for artiststo easily and cheaply promote themselves.