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Images to consider for magazine

  1. 1. Different Poses.... If I decided to have a guy on the front cover of my magazine, here are a few poses I could consider... In this pose, Olly is Direct eye pulling down his top contact is vital and revealing his and has been chest. I could used in all consider revealing a these images. bit of skin in order to help persuade myI like the fact Max is in a vest, which is revealing his target audience toarms and chest. I could consider getting a guy to wear buy my magazine.a vest as this will help to draw the attention of my He is also in a shirt,target audience of teenage girls. He is looking very which I couldrelaxed and staring directly at the camera, and we are possibly consider.automatically wanting to find out more. I quite like this pose, and think it could work well as aI like the fact he is in a hoody as this sort of reflects my front cover image. Aston is wearing a ‘v’ neck, slightlytarget audience of teenagers. I like the positioning, showing off his chest and this could also be a subtlyand think that I could possible have someone stood way of being able to attract some teenage girls. He issimilar to Justin, like holding headphones against their positioned in the centre, so cover lines can easily fitears possibly. around the outside. I think this pose is I think this pose may quite good, and by be quite good, it sort having his finger of gives readers the pointing directly at impression, that if the camera, it could they read on, they help draw the will find out more and readers attention Liam will be more, and makes it ‘revealed’. I could a bit more personal. also possibly Justin also has consider getting the direct eye contact guy to wear chinos, with the camera, as they are very which makes this popular amongst quite a persuasive teenagers. pose.
  2. 2. Different Poses.... If I decided to have a girl on the front cover of my magazine, here are a few poses I could consider... I like the fact her body is at a slant, with her arms positioned different places on her body. In this image, kelly is revealing some of her stomach, which helps to appeal to guys. I like the contrasting colour clothing of black and white, and may consider this for when I come to taking my images. I quite like this pose and could possibly do somethingI like the pose and like the fact her hand is similar but interpret a microphone into it instead of araised to her face. I could possibly have necklace. I would need it to be not as close up, but Isomeone doing a similar pose but with a quite like the fact of having her arms raised, it couldmicrophone in their hand possibly. I also like make it look more symmetrical and organised.the fact her hair is blowing backwards, andcould experiment with doing something similarif I decide to have a girl on my front cover. I like the positioning of tulisa, with her hand on her hips and think that this could work quite well as a front cover image. Her dress is very revealing, and if I did something similar it could help to draw males as well as my target audience to my magazine. I like the fact the colour of her clothing, nail varnish, lipstick and eyes are all matching, and will consider this if I decide to have a girl on my cover. I think the pose is quite good, however it would need it to be zoomed out slightly in order to have cover lines around it.
  3. 3. Different Fonts....Here are some fonts that I found on, these are the few that stood out the most to me. I want my masthead to stand out so wanta bold, strong font. I like the sort of ‘curly’ and rounded fonts, and think these would work well with the genre of my magazine being pop. Iquite like the top, right hand side font, this is similar to the masthead on ‘paper’ magazine, I think this one could work quite well. I alsoquite like the third one down in the centre, it is very bold and clear, and would be able to stand out against the image and cover lines.When I come to making my front cover, I am going to experiment with using a variation of these different fonts.
  4. 4. Lures.... Here are some of the lures I found on a variation of different music magazines. Most of which I found mention ‘free things’, I think this is quite persuasive and even if readers don’t like the bands featured they are still able to buy the magazine to get free gifts/music downloads. I also think that by mentioning free posters on my cover, it could help persuade my target audience of teenage girls to buy the magazine as some of them may wish to cover their bedroom walls with them. I also think that by mentioning the word ‘exclusive’ on the cover, readers automatically know that it is new, never seen before gossip, which could be helpful in persuading them to buy it. Finally, by having competitions where you can win something, readers are persuaded to buy the magazine to enter the competitions and win some amazing prizes.
  5. 5. Covers... I like the colour scheme of this magazine cover, and am I like the masthead of this considering using black, magazine, it is very white and pink on my cover. I colourful, easy to read and like the fact that the main bits stands out a lot. I like the of the cover lines have been fact that there is only a little done in pink, making them amount of cover lines, stand out more, and showing making it look organised the audience the main and not overcrowded. I features. I don’t really like the don’t want my cover to fact that her head is covering look crowded and really the masthead, and when I busy. I also like the fact it’s come to making my cover I a medium-close-up shot. don’t really want anything over or under my masthead as I feel it makes it less eye catching and harder to read.I like the colour scheme ofthis cover, and could do I think this magazine is quitesomething similar for my eye catching, and I like themagazine cover. I like the fact that the colour of her hairfact that her clothing is matching the colour of thematches the colour main cover line. I don’t likescheme and am going to the fact that the masthead isconsider this when I come over the image though, as itto making my magazine. I makes it more difficult to readalso quite like the position from a distance. There arethat taylor swift is in, I like only a few cover lines which Ithe slanted body position think makes it look moreand if I decide to have a organised and I prefer it togirl on my cover could there being lots of cover linesconsider a pose similar to all crowded onto a page.this.
  6. 6. Covers... I like how the colour of the masthead is matching the colour of the kiss marks I like the positioning of and think this looks quite taylor lautner in this good. I like the white cover, and could background, and the consider doing contrasting black and white something similar if I tie. I think the cover lines were to have a guy on are slightly too long, which my front cover. I like the makes it seem a bit fact the masthead crowded. The fact he is matches the colour of pulling on his tie, helps to the main cover line. I attract females, so if I have also quite like the image a guy on my cover, I need being set at the sea, as to find a way to get them to it is very unique and appeal to the female target different, which I could audience. also consider. I like how this cover isI like the colour scheme really simple with only aof this cover, and think it few cover lines. I also likelooks quite good. I also the fact he is wearing alike the positioning of the hoody, and could considerman, it gives the sense this if I choose to have athat by reading on, more guy on my cover. He iswill be ‘revealed’ as he is revealing his chest whichkind of covering himself helps to appeal to females,with his arm. I think the so if I get the person on myfact that he is in a vest cover to reveal a bit of skinwith skin being shown it could be a good way inmakes the cover more attracting people to theattracting and appeals magazine. I don’t like themore to the girls, so I fact that in this cover, hisneed to consider this if I head is covering theend up having a guy on masthead as it makes itmy cover. difficult to read.
  7. 7. Mastheads... This masthead is very colourful, reflecting the genre of pop. It is very bold, however I don’t think it really stands out that much. I don’t like the fact that there is an image underneath the masthead and will consider this for when I think that this masthead is okay. I think that I come to creating my magazine. all the colours work well together, and it is overall quite eye catching. I like the sort of bubble writing effect of the masthead and think it makes it stand out more.This masthead is very iconic,and well known. It stands outand people easily know the I like this masthead, it is very bright and you can easilymagazine name. I want my tell it is reflecting the genre of pop. The font is quite curlymagazine masthead to be and kind of childish. The bright pink helps to highlight theable to become well known, I like this masthead and think it stands out yellow writing and makes it stand out more. However, onand want my audience to a lot. I like the fact that the masthead is in most of the totp magazine covers, there are images eitherautomatically know that it is a a separate box, which divides it from the underneath or on top of the masthead which I don’t like.pop magazine. image. It is very clear and easily read. It is in capital letter, is very bold and sharp. This masthead is very iconic and it stands out a This masthead is okay, lot. It is very bold, and but I do think it looks sharp, reflecting the genre quite plain and boring. I of rock. The red is very want my masthead to bright, which is then be colourful, simple, outlined with a white and and easy to read. This black which contrast font is very bold, and against each other and really easy to read. look quite good.
  8. 8. Props/ clothing I could consider... If I were to have a guy, I could have them wearing some big headphones. The audience then will automatically know that it is a music magazine, and hopefully my colour scheme and masthead will easily show that its a pop magazine. If I were to have a girl, I could interpret a microphone in the image somewhere. I want to make it obvious to the reader that its a music magazine and I think that by having either headphones or a microphone, this will easily show that it is a music magazine. Guy... Girl...Here is some of the clothing that I could consider if I were to have Here is some of the clothing that I could consider if I were to have a girla guy on my front cover. I quite like the ‘fabulous’ cover on the on the front cover. I think that I want my clothing to match my colourprevious slide with harry posing with his hood up and this gave me scheme so could have my model in black shorts or skirt, with a brightthe idea of the hoody. In the first slide, liam is wearing chinos in his crop top, the colour dependant on the colour scheme I decide toimage, and this gave me the idea that I could possibly get my choose. I could possibly have my model in a smart dress. This wouldmodel to wear them. Also, in some of the magazine covers, they also have to match my chosen colour scheme and could help to makeare in white tops/shirts, so I could have my model posing in a shirt. my magazine come across as more realistic and sophisticated.