Album deconstructions


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Album deconstructions

  2. 2. The artists’ name is The colours that have been used in this is quite different as you don’t normally see a black album cover.positioned in the top right There is also yellow/orange and pink artificial lights that have been used. This is quite unusual andof the album cover. It is in different, the lights help to make the band members each stand out more.white font, contrasting itfrom the black background The band members are all inand helping to make it stand different positions, doingout a lot. different thing. This helps to make the cover varied andThe title of the album/single interesting. They are all pullingis written underneath the different facialband name. Again it is in a expressions, and it looks as ifwhite font, it stand out a lot they are playing live. They lookand is really clear to read. very passionate about their music and look as if they are enjoying what they are doing.The inclusion of instrumentsis something that stood out They are all wearing black andto me in this album cover. I white clothing, a shirt and tie.think it looks good, and This helps to link the bandhelps to show what they do members together. Also, theas a band. From this people white shirt contrasts againstcan tell what each members the black background andpart in the band is. really helps to make this band member stand out.I like the fact the drums takeup a fair bit of the cover. It I like how the majority of theclearly shows viewers that it cover is taken up by the bandis a music album and from it and their instruments and howyou know that in the music the rest is this black lit up, kindvideo there will be people of distorted background.playing the instruments. Ithink that the inclusion ofinstruments is quite a good From looking at this cover, I feel that I may consider using I like how their faces have been lit up by theidea and I may consider the guitar as a prop in my album cover. Also, I think I may lighting, it draws viewers into looking at them. Thisgetting Jonny to hold the try experiment with making the background slightly especially is through the top two band members withguitar for my album cover. distorted/blurred to make the people stand out more. the yellow light shinning down directly onto them.
  3. 3. The image has been taken so that the majority of the shot is of the The image used for this album cover is quite unique and different.ground, and the top third is of the band walking. I like this works It is of the artists legs as they are walking along. They are all inwell and it allows room for the album name to clearly be written. different positions helping to make it more varied rather thanWhen taking my images, I must take into consideration where I them being all just stood along next to each other.want the text to me positioned. They are all wearing darkI like the inclusion of the jeans, helping to show theirstones and I think it works connection with one another.well to help portray the They look quitenatural environment. When fashionable, making themtaking images for my appeal to the target audience.album, I am going to usethe environmentaround, like bricks, stones The location is very natural, youand trees for example. can see grass, leaves and stones. This makes the albumThe artist name and name have a very natural feel to it, aof album is written in this conventions that manyblack circle. It is positioned alternative rock covers have inin the centre, making it common.very eye catching. Thecircle is sort of The image as a sort of sepiatransparent, you can see effect to it, I really like it andthe image in the think it looks good. By usingbackground behind slightly. different coloured filters, I think it helps to make the imageThe artist name is written in appear more interesting.white font, it contrasts fromthe black circle and is clearand easy to read. The name The cover has a white borderof the album is written in around it, I think it works wellbrown, this makes it link to and makes the cover more eyethe sepia tone of the image. I like the simplicity of this cover, it shows that a simple cover can be just catching. I may consider using aThey are written in the same as successful. I really like the sepia tone of the cover and may experiment border around my product.font, creating a sense of using a sepia tone on my image. I also like the font consistency and thinkconsistency. that this work well to make the cover look consistent and professional.