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As 11 fixed draft 7   pat 2 As 11 fixed draft 7 pat 2 Presentation Transcript

  • Inspirational Films INSIDUOUS The girl drops the phone as she hears noises that frighten her. This inspired us to include this in our own opening sequence.PARANORMAL ACTIVITY We were inspired by the ghosts and the haunted house aspect of the film as it kept us as an audience interested in the film
  • Kaya & Sanel Theme and Concept F Previously, our Theme was Haunted and our Concept was Murder What Went Well • The titles were very good • The sound and editing was proficient • Narrative greatly improved Even Better If • Better continuity • Better focus
  • Kaya & Sanel Theme and Concept F • To come up with out new Theme and Concept we all decided to keep the same idea of the opening sequence, but change the cause of seeing delusions to suit the psychological thriller genre more • We all wanted an idea that could relate to our audience, making it seem more real to them however at the same time frightening them with the characters situation Theme: Concept: Haunted Murder
  • What does it mean to be haunted?There are many definitions:• Having or showing excessive or compulsive concern with something• Showing emotional affliction or disquiet• Inhabited by or as if by apparitions
  • Sanel Why Do Spirit Haunt People? G•Some spirits haunt their previous home. They feel comfortable existing inthe same house that it once inhabited. Some spirits choose to follow afamiliar person or a family member.•The spirit may now exist with the feeling of fear because it doesnt knowwhat to do. It usually doesnt intend to scare the living, it is just haunted byfear of the unknown.•A spirit who feels it was had lived an evil life when it was alive, may seekout like-minded evil living people because it feels a kinship to the negativefeeling.•Even though those spirits may appear evil, they are just frightened. Theyoften scare the living in order to get attention. They are seeking help, askingsomeone to rescue them and guide them to the light.•The transition that follows physical death is not final until the thoughtpattern that holds them earthbound is released and they can see the Godlight.
  • Sanel What type of things can happen to you G when your haunted? • You may feel cold • They might watch what your doing • They can leave marks on your body • They can play around with things e.g. Switching on the light or opening the tele. • They can play tricks on you. • They can throw things at you. • Might make freaky noises • They can touch you • Sudden changes in mood or behaviour
  • GIA Research of theme/concept.• What do ghost/sprits look like. spirits Ghosts
  • Kaya The different types of sprits!Sprits are generally put down into 9 types in correlation to reasons forstill being on the earth. Here are those 9 types… • Guardian angels • Lost souls • Are we dead yet? • Unfinished business • Self-appointed guardian angels • Wasting time between lives • Messengers • Still living
  • Kaya Guardian angels It is know that everyone has at least one guardian angel. They are your own ‘Guard’ throughout your whole life. They are usually some kind of relation to you that died before you were born. Most of the time you wont know who they are or were. They watch over your entire life and help you out through the rough and dangerous times. For example, theyre the little voice telling you not to take your usual route the day a huge pile-up happens on the motorway.
  • Kaya Lost Souls These are spirits who know theyre dead but dont know where to go. They can also fear moving on and are afraid to leave whats known to them. They linger around until the day comes when theyre ready to leave.
  • Kaya Are we dead yet? These spirits walk around, going about their lives not knowing that theyve passed on. They wonder why people ignore them and why nobody comes to visit anymore. This happens more often with old people whove spent their later years by themselves. Example from ‘The others’ the Example from ‘the sixth sense’ old man and woman
  • Kaya Unfinished business There can be a number of reasons why certain beings stick around after death. It is simple that the sprit that has died, did not complete something in life and once the work is finished, the deceased usually moves on in peace.
  • Kaya Self-appointed guardian angel These are loved ones who stick around after death to watch over someone. It can be a deceased husband watching over his elderly wife during the last of her days. It can be a young mother who died before her time watching over her children as they grow up.
  • Kaya Wasting time between lives As in reincarnation. Theyre waiting for the next life to come around. What better way to waste some time than being a ghost. Coming and going from the planes as you please, enjoying yourself during your sightseeing, visiting old friends to see how theyre doing, and the list goes on. Theyre not here and not there - there just waiting in between.
  • Kaya Messenger These are usually in the form of a loved one. It can be a warning of certain danger or future events. It can also be a spirit coming to ease the pain from a grieving loved one. With messengers, the spirit is not always deceased.
  • Kaya Still Living These people can be dreaming or having an out-of-body experience (obe). In the case of dreams, the person doesnt usually know theyre walking around in the form of a ghost. With intentional obes, the projector knows whats going on but their intentions are generally harmless.
  • Slide not improvedSanel H Idea Development draft 1 We are now improving our opening sequence from our last one completely by changing our old idea to a new one. We went from thriller to drama and now we are doing a physiological thriller . It is about a girl who has schizophrenia and she was put in care as her parents died when she was two. We fully researched and revised schizophrenia so we improved our understanding and knowledge making sure we make an effective opening sequence. How are we contributingSanel and Kaya are contributing by meeting up on the Holidays to fully research and carefullythink about our new ideas making sure that everything make sense for our audience. Alsowe made sure what effects schizophrenia has on people so we could make it realistic as possible.
  • Slide not improvedSanel and Kaya H Idea Development Previously our idea for our whole film was about a girl who got introduced to a drug called LSD. She got addicted to it and starts to ruin her life and blocks herself out from a social life. What went well? • Creative • Interesting • Scary Even better if? • Less complicated • Don’t give away the ending Previously our opening sequence was showing the girls journey to the forest while she starts to have hallucination. What went well? • Creative idea’s of the hallucination • the audience can watch her journey to the forest Even better if? • Change the ending as it’s too confusing
  • Slide not improvedSanel and Kaya Whole Film H (Laura’s life from the beginning) Draft 1 (Drama) • Her friends introduce her to the drugs, she likes it and carries on taking it • Laura takes it daily, gets addicted, partys, stops going school-messes her life up • She steals, does prostitution to try and get money for LSD • Her and her friends get into a big fight over money for the drug and she becomes lonely and depresses • She keeps self harming, taking the drugs and ends up getting so intoxicated she doesn’t know what shes ding and just goes to the forest while hallucination • He has heart failure and dies alone.
  • Slide not improvedSanel and Kaya Opening Sequence H Draft 1 (Drama) • We follow Laura walking out of her home ( on the way to the forest and cut from different shots of her journey • Throughout the journey we see short flash backs • We then show CCTV of her walking into the park/forest gates • Point of view of what she can see and hear (hallucination) which cuts from real life and her point of view. • Laura stops quickly holds her chest and falls to the ground breathing slowly • Front her point of view we see characters dance together
  • Sanel and Kaya Slide not improved Idea development H How the idea was improved from draft 1 to draft 2 • We took out mental illness schizophrenia and just made her actually be possessed by demons who wanted to let the world know about her cult scaring the world so the demons can possess them too from watching the video. • Doing deeper research of the reason of possession that demons can be related into the real world and why the certain people get possessed because they’re venerable. • We also changed the location to somewhere more flexible as the room was small and we couldn’t move things around. Therefore we changed the to one of the group members basement as it is spacious and reliable.
  • Slide not improvedSanel H Idea development How the idea was improved from draft 2 to draft 3• We changed our genre completely from Drama to physiological Thriller.• We have changed our whole film and only changed the flashback of our opening sequence and the ending.• We revised a new topic on Schizophrenia and what effect Schizophrenia can have on people.
  • Sanel and Kaya Slide not improved Whole Film H Draft 2 (Psychological Thriller)• Main girl (Laura) parents die when she’s 2 years old- she gets put in care.• She gets adopted at 14 by a couple.• They make her bury the toys she keeps talking to –she carries on doing this they put her back in care• She obviously emotional so her schizophrenia gets wore and her delusional become more bizarre and dangerous• She burns the forest where her toys were buried and gets sent to a mental hospital
  • Sanel and Kaya Slide not improved Opening Sequence H Draft 2 (Psychological Thriller) FB-Flashbacks • Laura walks from her foster home (to the forest) (throughout this journey we see 3 flashbacks) • FB1- Laura aged 13 blowing candles off her cake (delusional characters behind her) her foster parents discuss her behaviour • FB2- The foster parents take picture of Laura with a box with the delusional characters next to her • FB3- Laura looking in the mirror to the reflection of the delusional characters telling her to get them back and talk about her real parents • When she gets to the forest she will start to dig with her hands and retrieving a box with 2 toys inside and a picture of her (from before), of her real parents, and the doll and clown while it zooms out in shots jumps to them walking up from behind her.
  • Sanel HWhat went well about the film…• Creative• Interesting• Understandable• DifferentEven better if…….• We did either a drama or a thriller• To do either about schizophrenia or about how she feels about losing her parents.
  • Sanel and Kaya Whole Film H Draft 3 (Thriller)• Laura moves into a new house to find its haunted by 2 girls• Her life is disturbed by these two girls and two dolls that don’t go away• She researches the house history to find they died in the closet in her room• She tries to free the spirits• She moves house thinking the sprits are free and she moves our but they are still there
  • Sanel and Kaya Opening Sequence H Draft 3 (Thriller) • Laura walks into her room and puts 2 dolls into closet • She calls someone and starts hearing noises from the closet and opens it to nothing inside as something runs behind her • She runs to the sofa and hides under blanket when closet doors open in a sudden • She sees the dolls hanging inside and takes them down • She gets trapped inside the closet and lights a lighter to 2 girls behind her
  • Sanel How we have improved from our last H opening sequence to our new one• We have improved our opening sequence by actually building up tension towards the end and creating a thriller and scary vibe for the audience to make sure they have some kind of reaction and to get them off the edge of their seats.• We fully researched and revised about spirits and how to thrill people so we improved our understanding and knowledge making sure we make an effective opening sequence.
  • Sanel H How are we contributing?• We are all contributing by meeting up every Thursday and Friday to discuss our ideas and making sure our idea’s match up and make sense to us and to our target audience so everything won’t be confusing.
  • Kaya Whole Film H Draft 4 (Thriller)• Laura moves into a new house to find its haunted by 2 girl maids• Her life is disturbed by these two maids who threaten her• She researches the house history to find they died in the closet in her room and the film goes into the past• She tries to free the spirits• She moves house thinking the sprits are free and she moves our but they are still there
  • Kaya Opening Sequence H Draft 4 (Thriller) • Laura walk home from purchasing a ghost book • She sets up table for possession • She hears noises and goes through paranormal phenomena throughout • They push her into the closet • Screen goes black to sudden when the ghost are behind her
  • Kaya Whole Film H Draft 5 (Thriller)• Laura moves into a new house to find its haunted by 2 girl maids• Her life is disturbed by these two maids who threaten her• She researches the house history to find they died in the closet in her room and the film goes into the past• She tries to free the spirits• She moves house thinking the sprits are free and she moves our but they are still there