A Strategy for the Arts in Singapore 2011-2014


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A Strategy for the Arts in Singapore 2011-2014: Ideas for Today and Tomorrow

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A Strategy for the Arts in Singapore 2011-2014

  1. 1. A Strategy for the Arts in Singapore 2011-2014 Ideas for Today and Tomorrow
  2. 2. Vision •  To increase global impact by bringing new art and artists together Global with new audiences and new environments •  To create international opportunities for the people of Singapore and Singapore build trust in the UK as a leader in arts management and education
  3. 3. Summary What •  We provide international opportunities to engage with UK thought-leaders working in the creative industries. Who •  We target arts managers, practitioners, administrators, critics and people involved in the creative industries in Singapore. How •  We co-create platforms and residencies for thought-leaders with our partners, offer seed-funding for large-scale arts projects and build networks for creative individuals and organisations in the UK and Singapore. Why •  We are the UK’s cultural relations organisation and a key focus for us is finding new ways of connecting with and seeing each other through the arts.
  4. 4. Target Audience Leaders • Ministers & Policymakers • Senior Management of Government & Non- Government Organisations Aspirants Influencers • Students and • Arts Managers, Graduates of Arts Practitioners, disciplines Administrators, • General Public with Critics and people an interest in the involved in the arts creative industries
  5. 5. Roles Co-presenter Co-producer/curator Creative director Broker/Facilitator Consultant/advisor Tour manager Promoter
  6. 6. Opportunities • “Singaporeans are not • “Singaporeans are as close to their good at execution but traditional art forms as lacking in creative is evident in many thinking.” 2 other countries in the East Asia region.” 1 Cross- Thought- disciplinary leadership collaborations Digital Ideas technologies economy and creative practice • “More Singaporeans • “Singapore needs to are needed who are keep pace with prepared for the risks emerging technologies and rewards of to stay ahead of the bringing ideas to the game.” 4 market.” 3 1. Lim Yu Beng, one of the Singapore actors in Lear, quoted in the Renaissance City Report (2000) 2,3 Lee Boon Yang, Minister for Manpower quoted in ‘Singapore: trade, investment and economic performance’ by Ramkishen S. Rajan, Shandre Thangavelu (2009). 4. Minister Mentor Lee – speaking at Hewlett-Packard’s 40th anniversary event (2010)
  7. 7. Strategic Direction Bring thought- Showcase new leaders from the UK INSPIRING ideas, talent and to share knowledge emerging practice and expertise Create platforms to Build a strong facilitate cross- network between CONNECTING the UK and disciplinary and international Singapore collaborations Identify CO- Broker strategic partnerships with organisations that wish to share CREATING key organisations expertise, networks and resources
  8. 8. Key Focus Chance to showcase UK thought-leaders Use of digital Strong media to potential for co- promote dialogue and creation partnerships extend reach Smaller number of high impact projects Identifiable Wherever sources of possible, income to build projects should on our seed be regional funding Human resources and capital requirements are sustainable
  9. 9. Key Outcomes • Policy on arts management and education influenced by the UK • Increase in UK arts being Cultural Policy shown in Singapore and Leadership • Improved contribution to solving global challenges through the arts Collaboration and Exchange • Facilitation of international collaborations leads to new work being co-produced between the UK and Singapore • Arts influencers look to the UK for innovation in arts Presentation management and education • Arts influencers see the UK as a leader in new forms of artistic presentation • Improved understanding of the UK as creative, innovative and relevant
  10. 10. Key Partners Singapore International Foundation Platforms and Non-governmental residencies for thought- organisations National Book leaders Development Council National Arts Council Co-creation of projects Government across all art forms organisations Media Development that inspire and Authority nurture local talent Members of British and Commercial Sponsorship and co- Singapore Chambers of organisations creation of arts projects Commerce Philanthropic Shaw Foundation Sponsorship of arts organisations Lee Foundation projects
  11. 11. Resources Director, Arts Manager, Arts Executive, Arts •  Assess •  Manage and •  Support the project deliver Director and proposals project Manager to against key proposals deliver focus criteria against project and budget. specific proposals. •  Build project •  Administer relationships objectives the agreed with partners and agreed budget and for co- budget. maintain the creation and •  Build contacts funding. relationships database. •  Deliver key with target outcomes. audience.
  12. 12. Questions kay.vasey@britishcouncil.org.sg +65 6470 7147
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