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The beginner's guide to Engagement Marketing for a small business. This handbook will walk you through the changing landscape of coplanning process, evaluation, and determining ROI that's appropriate for your business. It also arms you with a 1, 2, 3 approach for claiming your business (map), online social media, and going mobile. This was a hand out during a live presentation, so a new reader may have to connect the dots just a bit and answer the questions for their own business. Contact info is on each page though for further assistance. Happy engaging!

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Sm biz getting started social media handbook

  1. 1. The Conversation is NOW. Is your business present? Want to play Social Media Trivia on your phone? Text LOCAL to 30364. Handbook for Small Business and Social Media.Presented at Frontier Communications on March 24, 2011by Kay-Tee Franke
  2. 2. Who’s Driving Today’s Conversation? Why Should My Business Be in the Conversation? How do I Get My Business in the Conversation? What’s it Going to Cost and is There ROI? When Will This be a Necessity? What are Some Basic Steps I Can Implement?Engaging Results Communications 608.837.5270 Sun Prairie, WI 2011
  3. 3. Traditional communication tools to convey one’s message.Engaging Results Communications 608.837.5270 Sun Prairie, WI 2011
  4. 4. Impressions vs. Depth of Engagement • Measuring standards used to involve # of impressions or % of market reached. • Now? – Marketers are still reaching for the market, but placing a higher value on “depth of engagement”. Answer this for your business: What has been more effective for my business? A. 1,000 people seeing my logo B. 100 people interacting with my productEngaging Results Communications 608.837.5270 Sun Prairie, WI 2011
  5. 5. Interactive communication that is created and shared by many. Social MediaEngaging Results Communications 608.837.5270 Sun Prairie, WI 2011
  6. 6. Communicate with Intent5 theories to say and forget:• Social Media is only meant to foster fun conversations, not ever to sell. • This is a balancing act, but here are two questions to ask yourself on a weekly basis to stay on track. 1. Are users interacting with the content to build their conversations? 2. Will my fans/followers remember my USP? (remember that media doesn’t produce the sale, it is a tool to help you make the sale)• My business is ______________________ so everyone will talk about it. • This would imply that your business is always on the very top of its customer minds and appropriate for every conversation. Word of mouth can be powerful if the referral is made. • Are your fans engaged enough that they’ll mention you (eyewear retailer) when their friend mentions shopping for glasses?• “Social Media will get the word out there” even if we don’t have fans/followers yet. • Social media is permission based. If you provide a reason for fans to follow and let them know that reason exists, then they may invite you to be in their conversation. Then it becomes a marketing tool. • Where are my customers? When and how are they open to communication? (traditional, social, mobile, etc)• Social Media can be a last minute thought. • This is a commonly practiced mistake. Even though, some involvement is reactive by nature, the “driver” can still set the tone and lead towards goals. • Question to ask yourself when planning a week’s messages: What questions/info would guide them toward finding the ___________________________ (event, sale, sample, referral, time commitment, etc)• If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. • Not true, not true. Because many of the social media tools are permission based, marketers must rely on their current communication methods to convert the conversation before the current tool is obsolete. Engaging Results Communications 608.837.5270 Sun Prairie, WI 2011
  7. 7. True Cost of Social Media Planning Questions Social Media costs may not all appear as hard, fixed costs on a bottom line, but • What are 5 separate they do exist and should be evaluated elements of the business? when planning. • Which will be the focus and for how long? Social Media or Marketing Strategist • What is the story behind its (salary or billable hour) importance? Community or Promotions Manager • How can I tell the story Incentives for participation (prizes, while leading from behind? discounts, content, etc) • Where are my customers? Dashboards or company to manage media • Who is going to manage my new media and who is Mobile application or mini-site for going to be accountable? easy user access (over 70% of social browsing is mobile) • What resources are we willing to devote to this? Promotional space in advertising, in- store, product labels to mention the • What do we want to social tools to potential fans/users accomplish? Risk of market position loss • How will we measure? (especially if managed by the non- • When will we move to Plan experienced) B or C? Engaging Results Communications 608.837.5270 Sun Prairie, WI 2011
  8. 8. 1,2,3 of Claiming Your BusinessDirectory Submission SitesGet Listed! Google, Yahoo, Bing...It is not always enough to have a website, a social media plan and internet marketing strategies, if people cannot find you and yourbusiness easily. A simple way to get noticed is to submit you or your company to directories such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and letthem do some work for you. These directories allow a simple method of creating links to your website and social media accounts.Here is a list of a few directory submission Here you can list with Google Maps, Yahoo Local and more in one step!2.Google Places: Google Places allows you to "claim" your business online and ensure that when people search on Google Mapsand Google they can find you and your correct business listing. You can promote offers, post photos and more!3.Bing Local: Just as with Yahoo and Google, Bing also offers localized listings and the opportunity to verify your businessinformation.Directory Submission websites and listing services allow you to "claim" your business and ensure customers can find YOU! Allowyourself to reach your customers and attract new ones.Start small, and continue to take baby steps along the way to grow, engage, and reach your target market throughout 2011!Directory Submissions Sites instruction provided by: Jodi Fisher Impact Virtual Services 608.279.3949 Engaging Results Communications 608.837.5270 Sun Prairie, WI 2011
  9. 9. Online Social Media ActionsFacebook….Start fan page (need personal profile first), get more than 25 fans (suggest to friends), secure a unique domain (……Create a company profile, connect it to your personal profile, post a status updateTwitter……Create an account, select people/businesses to follow, tweet about being a newcomer Going MobileMobile Website or App…..Check your website from a mobile device. How does it look? Even thoughmany smart phones are now able to show the site as it would on a computer, it doesn’t mean that they cannavigate it. Is your contact info on the home page? How about your address?Text Message Marketing…..The average adult now sends 4x as many text messages than phonecalls! Are you speaking their language? Speak with Engaging Results Communications to determine a plan that’sright for your customers’ needs.Video….Your mobile device can help you capture video and pictures to post to your other social media in realtime. Speak with your carrier for details. Be sure to tag potential fans/followers when posting online to encourage itto go viral. Engaging Results Communications 608.837.5270 Sun Prairie, WI 2011