CQC Beginners 05/08/2012


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Movie Quiz by Kavin Ayyapparaj.

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CQC Beginners 05/08/2012

  1. 1. The Movie Begins!!
  2. 2. About the Director• I’m Kavin Ayyapparaj of S B O A Mat Hr Sec School studying 10th.• Big fan of Scorsese, Nolan, Cristiano Ronaldo and Christian Bale 
  3. 3. QUIZ IT ////:)
  4. 4. Rules• 7 Questions on Infi-Bounce • Clockwise• On bounce +10 and no negatives
  5. 5. F I T B ????• Vintery, mintery, cutery, corn, Apple seed and apple thorn, Wire, briar, limber lock Three geese in a flock One flew East One flew West And ___ ____ ___ ___ ______ ____.
  6. 6. Id X• X had his first starring role in the soft core pornography feature film ”The Party at Kitty and Studs” (1970). He was paid US $200 for two days work. X later explained that he had done the film out of desperation after being evicted from his apartment and finding himself homeless for several days. He has also said that he slept three weeks in the New York City Port Authority bus station prior to seeing a casting notice for the film. In the actors words, "it was either do that movie or rob someone, because I was at the end – the very end – of my rope".
  7. 7. The Italian Stallion
  8. 8. Put Funda• 2
  9. 9. The Kings Speech“When God couldnt save The King,The Queen turned to someone who could”.
  10. 10. X Y Z ???• X is an international assassin whose ultimate goal is a world in perfect environmental balance. He believes that the best way to achieve this balance is to eliminate most of humanity. X usually tries to assault the worlds human populace with a biological weapon, such as a genetically- engineered virus.• He regards Y (He addresses as "Detective") as his most worthy opponent. He is one of the few criminals in Ys rogues gallery to have deduced his secret identity as Z.
  11. 11. X – Ra’s Al Ghul
  12. 12. Y – Batman
  13. 13. Z – Bruce Wayne
  14. 14. A B C D ??• The name ABCD was proposed by Vinnie Chieco, a freelance copywriter, who was called by the company to figure out how to introduce this to the public. After Chieco saw a prototype, he thought of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and the phrase "Open the BCD bay door, Hal!", which refers to the white Eva BCDs of the Discovery One spaceship. He named it. What am I talking about?
  15. 15. iPod
  16. 16. ???• Who is the only person to win 30 acting awards Posthumously for one character???
  17. 17. Heath Ledger
  18. 18. ?????• "I do wish we could chat longer, but Im having an old friend for dinner." X
  19. 19. Dr.Hannibal Lecter
  21. 21. • 6 Question on Infi Bounce.
  22. 22. “When you aregood atsomething neverdo it for free” - Joker
  23. 23. Nervous Accountant: Are you going to shoot me?Anton Chigurh: That depends. Do you see me?
  24. 24. A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beansand a nice chianti.
  25. 25. SVC
  26. 26. Rules• 8 Slides• Not according to the list• 80 on the 1st• 70 on the 2nd and so on• Any no of guesses per team• But 1 guess per slide
  27. 27. 1st
  28. 28. 2 nd
  29. 29. 3rd
  30. 30. 4th
  31. 31. 5th
  32. 32. 6rd
  33. 33. 7th
  34. 34. Last Slide - - - - >
  35. 35. 8 th
  36. 36. The Bond Girls
  37. 37. QUIZ IT
  38. 38. Rules• 7 Questions on Infi-Bounce • Anti Clockwise• On bounce +10 and no negatives
  39. 39. XYZ?• X is a 1997 biographical film directed by Y. The film is based on Dalai Lama. X is a title by which Dalai Lama is addressed. Y is listed as one of 50 people barred from entering Tibet. Disney clashed with Chinese officials over X as they were not allowed to distribute the film in Tibet. X is rated by Imdb as 7.0/10.0
  40. 40. X?• X alias Yusuf Khan was born on 1725 in the village of Panaiyur, in Rammnad in a Hindu farming family of the Illathu Pillaimar caste. Being too restless in his youth, he left his native village, and converted to Islam. To make a living, he served as a domestic hand at the residence of the French Governor Jacques Law in Pondicherry.
  41. 41. • It was here he befriended another French, the successor of Jacques Law , who later became captain of the French force under Yusuf Khan in Madurai. Whether Yusuf Khan was dismissed from this job or left on his own is unclear now. He left Pondicherry, for Tanjore and joined the Tanjorean army as a sepoy.
  42. 42. Marudhanayagam
  43. 43. What does this mean ?Deshi! (Deshi!) Basara! (Basara!)Deshi! (Deshi!) Basara! (Basara!)Deshi! (Deshi!) Basara! (Basara!)Deshi! (Deshi!) Basara! (Basara!)Deshi, Deshi, Basara, Basara!Deshi, Deshi, Basara, Basara!
  44. 44. RISE
  45. 45. X and Y pls ?• Towards the end of the 18th century, reports appeared of children begging for money with the mask of X, and 5 November gradually became known as X Night.• The main character in the comic book series Y, which started in 1982, and its 2006 film adaptation, wore a X mask.• Y is written by Alan Moore and is being illustrated by David Lloyd.
  46. 46. • David Lloyd, the illustrator and co-creator of Y, is quoted as saying, "The X mask has now become a common brand and a convenient placard to use in protest against tyranny – and Im happy with people using it, it seems quite unique, an icon of popular culture being used this way. The book is about one man bringing down the state…”
  47. 47. X – Guy FawkesY – V for Vendetta
  48. 48. Ad for whom?
  49. 49. The Great Danton• The Great Danton i.e. Hugh Jackman of The Prestige performing the The New Transported Man.
  50. 50. Id X & Y Critics found out the resemblance betweenX(2008) & Y(1994) , both of which werewritten by Eric Roth. Y is considered to bethe Epic Comedy-Drama Film of all times 
  51. 51. Sitter Among the similarities are a hero who:• narrates the story starting with the words "My name is...";• is born in the South without a father and has difficulty walking;• has a mother who gives him pearls of wisdom and helps him walk;• meets the love of his life as a child and then sporadically throughout his life - they have one long stint of being together but are unable to make their relationship last despite conceiving a child together;• works for a long time on a boat;• serves in a wartime battle in which a friend of his is killed;• travels the world on his own for an extended period of time;
  52. 52. Inspirationfor whichfilm??
  53. 53. Nandalala
  54. 54. SITTER SVC
  55. 55. • 8 Slides• 80 on the 1st• 70 on the 2nd and so on• Any no of guesses per team• But only 1 guess per slide
  56. 56. Last Slide _ _ _ _
  57. 57. Answers• Rope• Lifeboat• Number 17• Ring• Birds• Champagne• Vertigo Effect• American Psycho
  58. 58. Alfred Hitchcock Movies • Rope (1948)• Lifeboat (1944)• Number 17 (1932)• Ring (1927)• Birds (1963)• Champagne (1928)• Vertigo (1958)• Psycho (1960)
  59. 59. That’s All Folks