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Glen Koskela, Future of workplace computing, 23.10.2012

Glen Koskela, Future of workplace computing, 23.10.2012



Glen Koskela presentatsioon Eesti Kaubandus-Tööstuskoja visiooniseminaril "Tehnoloogia areng a tuleviku töökoht" 23.10.2012

Glen Koskela presentatsioon Eesti Kaubandus-Tööstuskoja visiooniseminaril "Tehnoloogia areng a tuleviku töökoht" 23.10.2012



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  • Visiooniseminar: Tehnoloogiaarengjatulevikutöökoht (Teknologian kehitys ja tulevaisuuden työpaikka)Viron kauppa-ja teollisuuskamari45 min, 11.15-12.00Trends like social collaboration, mobile devices, cloud applications, and public data stores shift the nature of end user computing irrevocably. Consumerization entails a use-case cross-over for work purposes; people don’t want artificial barriers to stop them from adding value. Objective is to shorten cycles and lead from front, to get things done.
  • Value Is UX Rather Than Any One DeviceScatteredcontent, contacts, media, email, services, identities, OSs, data, messages,…The personal cloud is the equivalent of what we might once have called personal productivity – the consumption of office applications, file storage and collaboration tools in a cloud-like manner (-David Gentle)Personal clouds become really important when you work with multiple devices. The experience of interacting and sharing between devices has real value. The value is the user experience, rather than any one device-specific solution.It becomes more beneficial to you that your software and personal information are virtualized and accessibleDevices are as varied as they are disposable.
  • Increasingly loose ties.Dunbar's number: useful limit on number of social connections = 150 Real value from weak ties. Connect when interests and attention coincideDefining boundaries (people, process, technology) is a challenge
  • Gartner: The personal cloud is the next wave of transformation in the end user computing experience and will shift the battleground from devices and platforms to connected services and applications. The personal cloud has no clear, all encompassing dominant player today.Consumerization of IT has less to do with the worker and more to do with changes in the way that people work.Butwetoldthemnot to!The execsaresetting a badexample!Stop contaminating my network!Can I at leastcharge a fee?!Whatwillhappen to IT? Ithas to makesense to the businessHow much would 5 minutes of a business user time cost the company?“Bypass Your Overhead Of Device-ownership”Federated identity? Security envelopes? Workstation-Workplace-Workspace? “Best Yield On any Device”Tablets, Smartphones, Storage?Collaboration? Multi-device abstraction?Federated identity management (think single centralized sign-on across on-premise enterprise apps, corporate SaaS portals and personal cloud services)Effective end-point device abstraction (think floating virtualized "webtop / desktop" in the cloud)Overlay of various security envelopes (think remote kill switches and encrypted partitioned logical file partitions which secure corporate data on personal devices) Ultrabook €1500 + Smartphone €500 + Tablet €500 = 3X HW costs per user = BYOInternalapps + virtualizedapps + cloudapps + appsstores = good-enoughEmails + filestorage + USB-sticks + cloudstorage = goodluck
  • Private,public, hybridcloud… personalcloud.Withoutenterprtiseappsstore, personalcloudsleads to enterprisevoyerism!The personal cloud isn't a single offering, rather it is a series of functions and services thatoverlap between the consumer and business.The personal cloud is made up of three elements: consumer, business and government that offer both distinct as well as overlapping features available to the user. Many will overlap and offer similar features such as storage, synchronization and streaming.The center of users’ digital lives in relation to consuming and creating content.In the user’s world, there is effectively no difference between cloud, Web and Internet. To the user, it's all the same.UsersarealreadybuildingtheirownpersonalcloudsLeightweightemailPersonal productivityappsSocial ”something”Storage capacityTheywant to receiveenterpriseappsstoreapps into theircloudAccess to enterpriseappsdesktop virtualizationapplicationvirtualizationsession virtualizationMorethan a remote access with a “cloud” moniker!
  • US electronics retailer Best Buy claims that average productivity increased 35% through flexible work programs. Dow Chemicals puts the productivity gain at around 33%. Telecoms company BT says its flexible workers are 20% more productive than their office-based colleagues. Within American Express’s customer sales and service teams, teleworkers handle 26% more calls and produce 43% more business than their office-based counterparts.OutcomesenabledbytechnologyValue fromdiversityvse2e design”Content is king. Sharingcontent is a royal pain.” Mark Templeton, CEO CitrixNeed to capture, integrate & interpret informationEmbraceschange, fosters new ideas – influentialCollaboration, Data analysis, Customer interfaceConsumption of activitiesManageschange, knows the answers – authoritarianDevolved to business units (PLM), Consolidated with other central functions (HR), Externally sourced (CRM), Continued to be provided by IT (voice, comms, integration)CA: mobile economictimeis significant for the user and presents a growing opportunity for businesses to tap into this new time zone by offering a first class online customer experience via a mobile device application or browser. Annual MET expressed as working days (as per OECD Average working hours): (279.77/7.38) = 37.91
  • Users are selective catalysts, not controllers, of technology evolution.Uncertainty of the value/cost equationStruggle to articulate exactly where it delivers advantage
  • Increasing the frequency and intensity of ties.Virtualworkspace:application publishingsmartdeviceaccessBYOD/Not-only-PCprofile managementself-servicereal-timeNew dilemmas:keepingprivategoingofflinePhoto by Glen Koskela
  • Future of “workplaces” is about experience – creating a better experience for people through technology and giving people the choice to use these technologiesFocus on the user, not the device– everything else is about managing standard elements.

Glen Koskela, Future of workplace computing, 23.10.2012 Glen Koskela, Future of workplace computing, 23.10.2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Future of Workplace Computing Glen Koskela Tehnoloogia areng ja tuleviku töökoht CTO Nordic Eesti Kaubandus-Tööstuskojas October 23rd, 2012, TallinnGlen Koskela, CTO Nordic 0 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • The World is Changing. Fast. What if our most basic assumptions no longer hold true? Irresistible forces – mobile, cloud, social, and analytics – are bringing a change. This is profound, rule-breaking change.Glen Koskela, CTO Nordic 1 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • New Permanent Dimensions New work style experiences Shadow IT Social payoff Information over process Good is enough Cloud IT Service defines supplyGlen Koskela, CTO Nordic 2 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • PC Experience Is Broken Many devices Synchronization Social Collaboration Apps stores Self-service Mix of services Multiple contextsGlen Koskela, CTO Nordic 3 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • Users Today ≠ Users Tomorrow ”I should not waste company time” ”Company should not waste my time” (We invented human resources) (Try calling me a resource...) Predestined hierarchy. Role description. Networking in real-time. Always personal.Glen Koskela, CTO Nordic 4 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • What Your Users Try To Solve? Up to 80% of IT enablement opportunities relate to… knowledge collaboration customer front market intelligenceGlen Koskela, CTO Nordic 5 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • Information Over Process (Change Driver) Routine, predictable and repeatable processes; hierarchy, reporting Disrupting lines, responsibility and accountability traditional business = old school. processes.Glen Koskela, CTO Nordic 6 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • Increasingly Loose Ties (Change Driver) Born analogue, Born digital, taught digital taught social Grooming Relationships Speaking Networks Willingness and 6 degrees of desire to be separation Strong ties Weak ties hyperconnectedGlen Koskela, CTO Nordic 7 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • “Outsider” Applications (Change Driver) Expense reporting and free printing most valuable IT services? Where could we improve process? Can we reduce development cost by 10%? How to drive down cost of sales by 5%? Or sales cycle by 1 day?Glen Koskela, CTO Nordic 8 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • Battleground Shifts To Connected Services Consumerization of The ITization of the enterprise IT consumer Huge implications for IT service deliveryGlen Koskela, CTO Nordic 9 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • What About The End-Users And Cloud? IaaS PaaS SaaS http://www.flickr.com/photos/pagedooley/3202879297/Glen Koskela, CTO Nordic 10 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • Enterprise Voyerism Personal cloud Enterprise apps store? Process Process centric BPaaS Application Application centric SaaS Development centric Toolset PaaS Resource centric Resource IaaSGlen Koskela, CTO Nordic 11 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • Expectations of What Technology Can Devices Networks Use-case Applications cross-over for Communication Collaboration work purposes.Glen Koskela, CTO Nordic 12 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • Desire To Get Meaningful Work Done Over the last 3 years user IT added more … to productivity than corporate IT. From end-user point of view, consumerization has less to do with IT and more to do with changes in the way people work.Glen Koskela, CTO Nordic 13 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • A New Time Zone, A New ”Normal”*) Annual time over +35 working days Controlled by users: Value from Non-linear, user-driven workflows diversity Collaboration, Data analysis, Customer interface Influential Productivity. Adaptive. Contextual. Social. Control. Cost. Devolved to Consolidated with Externally sourced Continued to be business units (PLM) other central functions (HR) (CRM) provided by IT (voice, comms, integration) Authoritarian Controlled by IT: Value from Process driven, linear workflows e2e designGlen Koskela, CTO Nordic 14 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • “Stress test” Capability overlap in consumer and business markets for end-user technologies How much user IT can you cope with?Glen Koskela, CTO Nordic 15 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • Transforming Our Understanding Of IT Bring your own device Seeing End-user IT needs something to augment, in a new way not manage knowledge Understanding work from different perspective Bring out your data http://www.flickr.com/photos/harshlight/3235469361Glen Koskela, CTO Nordic 16 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • The Reals Gains The ability to have a dialogue – a conversation, Doing things people can connect, not previously exchange information. possible.Glen Koskela, CTO Nordic 17 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • Not Just A Migration From Local To Online Client-server Enterprise portal architecture architecture (2012-) (2003-) Shared remote Document platform Well-managed PCs desktop Active web parts with Windows architecture (2008-) Customized portlets Native applications Thin-client terminals A mix of productivity connected to server and collaboration based computing tools Application and profile Social enterprise architecture (2015-) virtualization Social office, enterprise personal cloud VDI Universal document library Tablet Enterprise apps catalogue access Workflow build toolsGlen Koskela, CTO Nordic 18 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • Context, Not Technology, Defines You Workspaces for individuals, projects, Apps teams, expert networks store Workflow build tools Hosted shared Enterprise Personal apps & desktops Public cloud personal cloud cloud App storage Universal Social office repositories Virtual profiles library platform Active Multi-tier Virtual desktops App Reverse Synch. local content search virt. apps VM cache publishing Locked & well managed PCs 2010 2012 2014 2016Glen Koskela, CTO Nordic 19 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • So What Technology Trends Do We See? Accessible to all Commoditised On-demand StatelessGlen Koskela, CTO Nordic 20 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • Increasing the Frequency & Intensity of Ties User focused Always on Any device Connected Application publishing Real-time Smart device access Self-service BYOD/Not-only-PC Profile mgmtGlen Koskela, CTO Nordic 21 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • Making Apps And Data “Follow” Employees Thinking and acting differently to create value for our clientsGlen Koskela, CTO Nordic 22 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • Creating A Better Experience For People We are the last generation to know how IT works. (Bruce Scheier)Glen Koskela, CTO Nordic 23 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU
  • Glen Koskela, CTO Nordic 24 Copyright 2012 FUJITSU